Hi! This is Mysteria Pearl (yes again! XD) and this *motions around to the story* is my sequel to Cape of The Ninetails! Here’s the link if you haven’t already read it: http://serebiiforums.com/showthread....light=Mysteria


This, just let me warn you, is Pokeshippy, Contestshippy, and many other ships that I have evilly created! Muahah!

Yes, this is a repost. I drastically needed to fix it. enough has been stated.

BTW: I'm not one of those evil people who will break up Misty and Ash just before their wedding. XD

EDIT: I forgot, this one is rated just like the last one, pg-pg13. I'm not one to swear, so I have my eyes on those with the dirtier mouthes. muaha!

Here’s the characters from the last story that you should remember

The Vertipalgia family
Keu V. (son)
Sheathie V. (daughter)
Missute V. (mother)
Rollfcof (father)

The Ketchum Family
Delia K. (mother)
Ashdon K. (father)
Keshi K. (daughter)
Ash k. (son.)
(Misty Waters will also soon be added to this family; since she is now engaged to Ash)

The Waters family
Daisy W.
Lily W.
Misty W. (soon to join the Ketchum family)
Violet W. (soon to join the Haetaka Family)

The Haetaka Family
Matuke H.
(Keshi was presumptuously taken in by the Haetaka family, but she is really a Ketchum)
Sliat and Tails H.
Teef and Feet H.
(Presumptuously Yolanda)

Jesse (Grunt)
James (grunt)
Mewoth (Pokemon)
Cassidy (Grunt)
Botch... er... Butch XD (Grunt)
Giovanni (The big man himself)
(I suppose you could FORMERLY put Missute, Rollfcof, Matuke and Keshi in this, but not anymore)

May & Max
Tracey Sketchit
Nurse Joy

Mysterious Beings
(Sliat, Tails, Teef and Feet can also sometimes be put under this category)

Chapter 1-The Calming Lull Before The Storm

Warning: This document was translated for your personal viewing. It is top-secret and must never be seen by the likes of mankind. This must not reach certain beings, or the results may be catastrophic. You’ve been warned. Now, please, without further interruption, please do read on.
There is legend that some day, we may actually be able to find those that were foretold. It has not occurred yet, but soon we will capture the two who will otherwise bring our worlds as we know them to ruin. They are two of the far most evil and they are very successful, for they work with corresponding elements.
The Master of Electricity and the Mistress of Water.
Never have our worlds been in such peril as when we will find them, or perhaps they will find us… nothing can be certain, except their appearance and motives.
The Master of Electricity is not to be recklessly messed with. He will be a strong man, one that could survive on his own for months. He has dark features, not unlike his personality.
The Mistress of Water is very powerful. She is female and resembles that of the merfolk of Koikskala (pronounced Koi-iks-kah-la) with flaming hair and eyes of sapphire. She is not to be reckoned with.
Beware; they will destroy all we know if we do not put a stop to their evil deeds.
Signed, Judge of Peace of the world Gtenvotia,
~ Lieutenant Baldgewald ~

“Where did we go wrooooooong!?” Jessie cried to James and Meowth as they clung to the hot air balloon

“I don’t know but I haven’t been mentioned since chapter 17!” Meowth cried (he’s speaking of chappie 17 of COTN)

“Yeah! And I thought you were in a cage in that chapter! How did we get into a hot air balloon!?” James cried.

“I have no Idea, but this time I hope Mysteria Pearl doesn’t forget about us!!!” Jesse screamed as they blew above the clouds.

“It looks like we’re blasting off again!!”
Ash was beginning to turn blue. Misty had challenged him to a breath-holding contest in Keuyu’s pool. Of course, Ash accepted. Stupid mistake. XD Misty sat with her legs crossed staring up at him,
*Man!* Ash thought,
*She’s cheating somehow! She must have gills!!*

Misty giggled at her fiancé’s antics. She could hold her breath for a good four and a half minutes.

All of a sudden,. Ash’s body went limp. Misty swam over to him
*Oh no! Is he okay!? What if he’s drowning! WHAT IF HE DIES!?* She wrapped her arms around his body and began dragging him up towards the surface. Her lungs began to burn as she herself was running out of air and as their bodies broke the surface, she gasped for air.

“Brock Help!!!” Brock looked up from the swimsuit magazine he was reading (XD),
“What could possible so important as to tear me away from my.. Er.. studies--?”


Brock stood up,
“What? You win again?”

“I think Ash passed out underwater! Help! Hurry!” Brock helped Misty pull the so called carcass and laid Ash on his back.

“Ash! Ash!!” Misty cried as she pulled herself out of the pool,
“Brock! What do we do!? Find somebody or something! Help!” Brock snapped to and began hysterically giggling.

“Brock! This is no time for this! Get help!”

“You have to give him mouth to mouth.” He broke out into full laughter. Never before did he think he would see the day when they would actually get engaged-- or anything for that matter. Well, he had done all In his power, so now it was time for him to skidoo!

“What?” Misty said as her eyebrow twitched.

“I’ll go find somebody else to help!” Brock said as he ran out of the room. Misty’s face reddened as she prepared to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. As her lips were about to touch his, his eyes suddenly flew open and he spit a whole mouthful of water in her face,
“Gotcha!” He said as he turned the tabled on her, pinning her to the ground, Misty’s face an obvious red,
“Ash! That’s not funny! You could’ve been drowning!!!”

He looked at her curiously,
“You were actually worried for me?” Misty flushed,
“Of course I was, you big dweeb. I don’t wanna be a widow before I’m even married…” Ash brought his face very near to her flaming one,
“You really are something.” Ash said, his eyes narrowed mischievously,
“But you have to admit, that was pretty good.” Misty smirked,
“I’ll show you ‘good,’ you big dufus!” She kissed his cheek and hen, using all her strength built up by her sudden adrenaline rush, heaved him, as well as herself into the pool.
“Keu?” Keshi asked from the edge of the balcony. The group-- Ash, Misty, Keshi, Keu, Brock, Max, Jane, Sheath, Missute, Rollfcof, Nurse Joy, Drew, May and Tracey-- had returned from their... Um… expedition that morning and were all completely bushed. Delia and Ashdon Ketchum had returned home, accompanied by Daisy and Lily.

All the little injuries that nipped at the “adventurers” were currently being taken care of by Janie and all the injured pokemon were receiving therapy from Nurse Joy.
Of course, Ash had been the quickest to recover. His muscles had quickly begun to heal and scar tissue began covering his arms and legs. Even that afternoon, Ash had been finally allowed to enjoy himself and take a swim with his fiancé. Not that he was currently swimming… he was being tickled... And ooh... Recovering people should be dragged under water so roughly… heh…

“What is it?” Keu asked as he wrapped his arms timidly around Keshi’s wait and set his chin lightly on her shoulder. She leaned her head against his,
“Keu-kun… what’s that?” Keu directed his gaze to where she was pointing.

There was a large circle where the trees were all broken down, and trailing off from it was a long, v-shaped path; it looked as something had skidded to a stop there. There was little whiffs of smoke coming up from a large object in the middle. No-- the object was definitely smoldering. It seemed to have a mossy-type covering and they could see a glimmer of what seemed to be metal.

“I don’t know. It looks like a spaceship from a science-fiction movie.”

“Oh… Keu?”

“Hmmn?” Keu asked as he closed his eyes and soaked in the sweet scent of her new shampoo.
“Um… what’s a spade-hip and a sky-inch-fic-on moo-vee?” Keu chuckled at her naďve-ness,

“You’re adorable,” Keuyu said as Keshi face reddened into a light strawberry shade to match her scent.
“And I promise we’ll watch a science-fiction movie tonight.”

“Thank you, Keu-kun…”

“You’re welcome. Anything for you, sweetie.”
May laid her head on Drew’s shoulder. At that time, Janie was taking a look at Drew’s injured hand and May was patiently waiting at his side. Nurse Joy was in the next room, attending currently to Pikachu and Yolanda, after all, their little bodies had taken the battle more roughly than anyone expected. (Plus, Nurse Joy was just making sure that the blue ten-tailed Ninetails was no longer to be considered a Dark Pokemon)

“Well,” Janie said,
“Thanks to May, your hand is almost fully healed. You should be okay. It hasn’t been infected or anything, so you’re lucky. Just be glad that those chains weren’t a bit rusty or you could be in trouble.”

“What kind of trouble?” May asked thoughtfully (Thoughtfully? Since when? XD)
“Lockjaw or other blood-related problems,” Jane said as she opened her mini doctors bag,
“Now, I’m going to apply some rubbing alcohol. This may sting a little bit, but it’s just to ensure that no germs are anywhere near the scars.” She dabbed a cotton dabber in the clear liquid,
“Feel free to scream in pain,” Joy said. Drew snickered.

“No. I’m serious.” Jane said as she began to dab on the liquid. At first, Drew tried to ignore the pain but after awhile he gave in and screamed some very colourful things that I’d rather not put on here. XD

When Jane was done, she began to laugh as Drew held his hand with tears in his eyes.

“So, would you like a lollipop for being such a good little boy?”
“TRACEY! ASH DROWNED!” Tracey looked up from his book,
“Very funny. So, did Ash’s little plan work?” Brock nodded,
“Yep. I gave them their privacy.”

“Do you think she figured it out yet?”
Brock paused,
“I don’t know... You wanna go see?”
“Sure.” The two rose and snuck into the room marked “Indoor Pool” With the sight of Ash and Misty wrestling (Misty seemed to be winning) they ducked back out,
“How come it’s always the handsome, mature guy that falls in love last?” Brock said overdramatically.

“Dude, I’m outta luck too.” Tracey said.

“Yeah…” Brock said,
“But the starving artist is always without love.”



“Don’t tell me that you weren’t making googley eyes at Daisy, Brock!” Tracey argued,
“Fine! Maybe I was! But don’t tell me you weren’t drooling over Lily!!”
Rollfcof and Missute watched as Max took Janie by the hand and began to show her lots of things-- basically everything. A little girl who’s been locked up for most of her life doesn’t usually remember what things like flowers or little baby pokemon look like.

They were outside in the backyard, out by the second swimming pool and Max was just bursting with excitement, showing his new friend what everything felt like and what kind of sound it made. And Sheath was very curious. She would carefully kneel down, as to not get any grass stains on her adorable poofy little white dress, and stare at the grass, at the flowers, at everything Max showed her. It was like being able to see for the first time; her eyes explored everything and her tiny hands touched everything.

“Be careful, princess!” Rollfcof called whenever she would get to close to anything in particular. But, while his eyes were away from his daughter (his wife wanted to show him something in a magazine) Sheathie stumbled upon something almost unexplainable.

An Unown.

I know what you’re thinking,
“What the heck does an Unown have to do with anything? Oh. I got it, Mysteria Pearl’s crazy!” Well, you’re right about me being crazy. Now you’re probably saying,
“And what the heck does the title have to do with anything?” That, you’ll see later. Muahaha! I ish evil! yay! Anyway, I tried to be serious so far... I hope I was at least a little bit... oh well, next time, I promise to be back to my regular self, that is, unless you like this Mysteria Pearl better? XD!

Yep! It's short and sweet! Hope it's not too short though, but I needed to get the first chappie out (or else there would be very many angry reviewers after me!)

~ Mysteria Pearl ~