Hasn't been exactly a month since the last post...but I guess this still counts as bumping a topic. :/

Anyway, I just re-watched this movie a couple of days ago. This happens to be my second favorite Pokemon movie of all time (first being Pokemon Heroes: Latios and Latias; third being Giratina and the Sky Warrior) mostly because of the music used in this movie! Some were pretty calm and catchy while others sounded pretty epic. :] My favorite songs would happen to be Pokemon Ranger - Mission of EOP (where Jackie saves the Manaphy egg and escapes from Phantom's ship), Opening ~Water Tricks~ (uh yeah...you know, the Marine Water Pokemon Show that was shown in the beginning after the title sequence), and lastly, As Long As I Can Hold My Breath... / Iki no Tsuduku Kagiri... (where Ash restores the Sea Crown). Today, I just managed to get all the mp3s of the OST.