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Thread: Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea (M09)

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    I give fair warning, incredibly biased fanboy review of this beautiful movie coming right up. <3....
    Okay first of all, I have never experienced a movie that I've preferred the english version until now. I finally managed to download the japanese version and watch it. WOW. Its not really the voices, the people did fine with their roles. its everything else. Well I guess one voice, manaphy's sounds the same, but much lighter here, I preferred it louder. But that's just a small nitpick, mostly because i can't hear any of the japanese people say their lines without hearing the english version's lines echo in the backround. This goes for EVERY CHARACTER. God I've watched this movie too much in english...

    other nitpicks...the guy singing "Dudodododo" completely ruined the scene of jackie's reason for becoming a ranger for me. (well not completely, I still felt sad...but I liked the english instrumental of together we make a promise alot more. <3...)
    /bias. XD

    YES I know it was a japanese pun that I never got...but I still loved vitamins so much more.
    "Man you're strong take vitamins ._...?" XDD

    Okay, enough complaining. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. So freaken much. this is like my pokemon the first movie for a lot of noglistic fans. I will defend it come hell or high water. XD
    I still love the sound track in both versions, I loved manaphy and May together. they were so cute. <3...
    Jackie's still my favorite pokemon anime character ever. ever. xD I admired rangers when I was a kid (kinda like ash did), and i loved playing the games as one. then we get a very badass one over here, one that has very witty/cute lines that make you think "He's so god forsaken awesome. ". Especially at the beginning, where he escapes.
    Phantom was pretty cool, I always loved his english voice, and his little saying "There are two types of men on the is planet" was kinda funny.
    oh yes...BODY SWAPPING. Yes it was short, but it was still so funny to see. I wanted May to be in it too (I really thought manaphy was aiming for may but hit ash instead cause he was in front. but whatev's.) XD

    THis is like my classic movie...don't you dare diss it. /killed.
    10/10 XD
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    Such a sexy song. Urgh.

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    this was the first pokemon dvd i ever purchased, and thats saying something.
    as water was always my favorite element, i wanted the sea crown soooo bad when i saw this.
    i actually tried to make myself have a dream like the one may had, so i could say i was one of the people of the water. XD
    id give it a 9/10.
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    What has happened to the Rayquaza in the movie "Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea"? Is it alive or incapacitated or killed off by the Team Rocket operatives somewhere at the Team Rocket Base or was it alive in the Ozone Layer?

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    This was a great movie. I liked all the May and Manaphy moments, they were so cute. The Phantom guy was a hilarious villain.

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    Amazing how bad voice acting can truly ruin something for you that you otherwise would've enjoyed. I can't think of a better example of a Pokemon film like that but this one.

    Honestly, I can say with full confidence the only good voices were Michele Knotz as May and Bill Rogers as Brock. This movie is a special treat in that this is probably THE only time Michele Knotz truly nailed May's character and did a superb performance as the character. This is the only time I felt she was putting her heart into the role, and I enjoyed her performance her as a result of that.

    On that note, everyone besides Brock and May, Sarah Natochenny in particular as Ash, sounded just awful and it pretty much ruined the overall enjoyment factor for me. The mostly bad voice acting made the otherwise solid plot and decent storyline lose its enjoyment factor for me.

    Still I enjoyed Manaphy's character and it was overall a good film. I'm sad its decent writing and enjoyable story line was really overshadowed by the voice actor overhaul.
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    Overlooking some of the voices and conspicuous CGI (there was an awful amount), I was pleasantly surprised by the movie. I guess I avoided it as long as I have because of the voices (I believe this was one of their first projects?), but now I wish I really did give it a chance back then. The story was pretty good, it flows nicely while being very straightforward, yet it had character development, which I notice isn't that common in the movies when it comes to the main cast. They usually are the same as they are in the series, but May grew as a character here than I last remember of her. I think she had the most improvement out of the cast, though Ash actually did something by himself without much outside help. That was nice to see, and I wish he was like that more. Sure, "Rise of Darkrai" had him do stuff, but it wasn't as epic as it was here.

    I was hoping Phantom would get his comeuppance (like a karmic death), but him going to jail works for me. And speaking of him, even though he's not the best villain, he's rather realistic to me. He didn't do anything fancy, he didn't use Pokémon to do his bidding--he did it hands-on. And though he is extremely persistent, he isn't as strong as he makes himself out to be, as his encounter with Jackie in the Sea Temple proved. It was a nice change of pace when it comes to Pokémon movie villains, but I wish there was a bit more threatening moments from him.

    Speaking of Jackie, he was alright. He's snarky and had cool moments, but it was apparent he was there to advertise Pokémon Ranger, nothing else. I'll give them props, though, for giving him a personality, and that he actually did stuff. The side characters aren't too memorable, but Elizabeth at least was involved in some ways, so kudos to them as well. It's not often side characters get as much screentime as they did.

    So yeah, it's a good movie. It wasn't as good as "Lucario and the Mystery of Mew", but it was better than "Destiny Deoxys". It was along the same vein as "Jirachi: Wish Maker", but I think it was handled better, even though the farewell was more emotional in "Wish Maker" because Jirachi came and went with a beautiful song. Though Manaphy telling May "I love you, May" was sweet, maybe it would've been better if he said "Mama" instead or something like that. Just a personal opinion. The song in the end credits was a nice way to lead us out, though it sadly gets cut off a bit abruptly. I'm sure the actual song itself ends smoothly.

    Since it's a harmless movie with a pretty good climax, chances are likely I'll get an actual copy of the movie one of these days. It's not something I'd watch multiple times, but if it's ever on, I'd probably sit down and watch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kutie Pie View Post
    Overlooking some of the voices and conspicuous CGI (there was an awful amount), I was pleasantly surprised by the movie. I guess I avoided it as long as I have because of the voices (I believe this was one of their first projects?),
    This was dubbed during the Battle Frontier season, so it wasn't one of their first projects. PUSA started the Mastermind special first, then Battle Frontier, and then this.

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    Did not like the movie that much... Poor voice acting and way too much unnecessary and badly done CGI ruined it for me. I never cared for Manaphy, so that didn't help either. This movie did help make me like Manaphy a little better, but I still think it has the worst design of the cute legendaries. The only thing I liked about this movie was May's relationship with Manaphy, that was handled pretty well I think.
    I think if the voice acting had been better, and if there had been a massive cutdown on CGI use, I would have appreciated the movie a lot better than I did.

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    Default Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea!

    This is the first movie dubbed by TPCI. . .and they kept almost all of the original BGM in the movie, which was great. As for the voices, I didn't like some of the dub (Ash, Captain Phantom)voices....but the other voices were pretty good, especially May's voice.

    As for the movie, I liked seeing the cameo appearances from Brandon(from the games), Hitomi, Marina and Pokémon Ranger Hinata in the "Pokémon World" intro.
    It's cool when Pokémon Ranger Jackie stole the Manaphy egg from Captain (pirate)Phantom and managed to get away from him, Captain Phantom's facial expressions were both funny and creepy at the same time.

    I liked Lizabeth, she was both cute and hot at the same time. It's funny when Brock grabbed Lizabeth's hands and started hitting on her, her confused expression was a little funny.
    I liked the movie opening with the "Marina Group" performing their show, too bad there's no opening song. I think TPCI should've composed a song for the movie opening. Oh least they played the instrumental of "Together We'll make a Promise" during the scene where Ash and May were swimming together.

    Captain Phantom's first encounter with Ash and co. was cool, I liked how the Manaphy egg hatched right into May's arms.great to see the Manaphy Egg featured, and Manaphy hatching from the egg. Afterwards, the movie was focused on May's bond with Manaphy, which was nice. The movie got really interesting towards the end. I liked how Ash put May, Manaphy and Pikachu in the water-capsule and ran off to put the last crystal on the sea crown......all by himself! It's awesome when Ash was trying to put the last crystal on the see crown, the BGM("As long as I hold my breath") was cool too. It was quite intense when Ash ran out of air and almost fainted in underwater, but thankfully May's prayers brought him back to his senses(I understand see why Advanceshippers like this movie so much). Ash finally managed to put the crystal back on the crown, causing the Temple of sea to float to the surface and the flooding drains. Just when May thought Ash died, Captain Phantom snached Manaphy. It's so cool when Ash emerged from the sea-temple in a yellow beam to take Manaphy back from Captain PiratePhantom. Ash rescuing Manaphy from Captain Phantom and Kyogre destroying his ship was cool as well.

    It's nice when Manaphy hugged May and gave her a kiss on the cheek, before saying "I love you" to her and parting away. The scene was kinda cheesy, but sweet at the same time. The ending song "Together We'll make a Promise" was good.

    Overall, I think this movie is the best out of all AG movies. Jackie's role at the beginning and Ash saving the Temple of sea temple were the best parts of this movie, May's bond Manaphy was nice too. There were some nice shipping moments throughout the movie. Unlike Pokémon 2000: Power of One.....the shipping moments didn't feel forced in this movie, In fact, the shipping moments made this movie even better.

    Even though I liked this movie, I didn't like the overuse of CGI effects here. the movieThere was way too much CGI effects in this movie, which was awful to be honest......The CGI water looked bad in the movie.
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    Well, don't get me wrong. This movie had a very good first half where everything was being done nicely (though again the main quartet is unable to use their HUGE list of Pokemon to do a damn thing, even against the main villain..). The pirate's name is pretty stupid and poorly conceived. Phantom? That's what you name a pirate? Why not Chucky Beard O'Evil or something more marine related?

    Then we have the second half where clearly the writers started running out of ideas for May to be useful other than clutching that Manaphy the entire time...

    1) The temple starts to flood, and absolutely NO ONE tries to stop the Phantom from taking the jewels. Oh nooooooooo! Why not have Jackie do that, even though he wasn't there with them yet? He needed to look badass one last time before the writers made him look redundant for the finale.
    2) Ash suddenly goes all badass, but not before freakin' stuffing May, Pikachu, and Manaphy inside a tank. How the hell did they NOT suffocate in there for the whole time they were there? Of course May doesn't complain because she's too busy taking care of the baby.
    3) Ash himself suddenly taking the focus on May for himself after that for the rest of the movie, until Manaphy wised up.
    4) Ooh, AshxMay Shipping hints through Manaphy!
    5) The worst offender? Flying Ash stream, where he just played tag with the Phantom until the Water Pokemon attacked with Manaphy.
    6) Then everyone flies around in said streams.

    Well... The movie could've been more enjoyable if there were more Pokemon from the team doing relevant stuff other than fooling around with Manaphy. After the Lucario movie, I expected this movie to top that, but... Oh well.

    It didn't bother me how this was PUSA's first movie with the new voice actors, though that little scene with Jack and Ash changing bodies gave me a glimpse of what Ash would sound like being a young adult. Too bad that didn't last long. (I bet someone made a fanfic about that). The only thing I enjoyed from the movie was the focus May got, until Ash had to take it for himself and nearly do nothing of consequence after restoring power to the temple.

    And, by the way, my DISH service once again gave a weird description like the previous movie (with the EVIL Mew kidnapping Pikachu and the Pokemon having to rescue him with no word of Lucario or even the humans). What's the description they used for this movie? "Ash and Lizabeth must help a Ranger protect the Manaphy egg from a pirate."

    So, yes, Lucario's movie is still the better one of Gen III, despite not having a Gen III have the focus. I have yet to watch Destiny Deoxys; the only movie I have yet to watch to claim I've watched all Pokemon movies.
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    What a cheap way to promote Pokemon Ranger. Worst of the Pokemon movies as of yet. This movie is a total mess, boring when it's supposed to be climatic, while climatic when it's supposed to further Haruka's character development. Don't get me started with the lousiest animation I've seen in Pokemon history, let alone that cheap-*** cel-animation.

    5/10, and I'm being lenient.

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    I guess I'm the only one who liked the cgi Pokemon and water animations. I thought they looked beautiful, they stood out from the rest of the cartoony animation but I didn't think they were poorly done. Anyway, a part from the animation and the music, I didn't really like this movie very much. It's my least favourite of the AG movies and very low on my list of 17 Pokemon movies currently released.

    I agree with one of the above poster that said the voice acting ruined this movie, especially Ash's. The movie went on too long with not much happening. I usually love water themed movies but this one bored me, Pokemon Heroes did the water thing a lot better. Phantom was a funny character but a boring villain. I noticed that this movie was May focused, Jirachi was Max focused and Lucario was Ash focused but too bad Brock didn't get one focused on him - it should've been the Deoxys one.

    This movie was watchable but not very interesting.
    To Be Continued

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    Great movie, Team Rocket was actually funny here as well as Phantom the Pirate being both hilarious and threatening. I loved all the May and Manaphy bonding scenes; they had great emotional moments. 10/10

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