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Thread: Forget Me Not~♥ (A Contestshipping fanfic, re-started by Vy Low) PG 13

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    Default Forget Me Not~♥ (A Contestshipping fanfic, re-started by Vy Low) PG 13

    Wheee~I'm sure a lot of people read and reviewed my past work, Forget Me Not...and I do apologize for failing to continue the stuff got hectic and started to slip my mind.

    However, now I have decided to revive the fic and finish what I started. XD As you all know, this is the summer....meaning LOTS of time to work on the fic. XD Hecticness is ebil...I apologize to those...who were fans of my work. =/

    AND NOW~THE MOMENT YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! XDD Forget Me Not~fixed and better than ever. XDD Hopefully~Updated everyday. ;D

    Expect Chapter 3 later on in the evening~XDD

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________

    “Love untold weighs heavy in the heart.”

    A cold breeze swept past her. The chilling touch of the wind forced the young girl to sit down in exhaustion, tired from walking for days. She was alone. Feeling hunger, May grunted in pain. She has not eaten for days. Knowing that her hunger can’t be salved, she simply tried to satisfy her other problem. She was freezing. Seeking warmth, May curled up into a tiny ball, using her own body heat to warm herself. Yet, soon enough, she discovered that her efforts were futile.

    She decided to walk some more. She must find a town nearby or she’ll surely freeze to death. With bated breath, May stood up, sighed, and continued walking.

    The sun was setting, yet the young girl was lost. She was frightened; the whole world is now being engulfed by a thick blanket of darkness. By this time, hunger, fatigue, and pain simply caught up with the young lass. Suddenly May collapsed, crying and wishing for warmth. She was simply too cold and too hungry to continue. What she wouldn’t do for a nice warm blanket now, what she wouldn’t do for a large piece of steak now. May knew that she was going to die. She knew deep down that this was a humiliating way to perish. Death because she got lost in the middle of nowhere, hungry, tired, crying and cold. She knew it was inevitable. Everyone dies someday. Everyone fades away into dust. Everyone forgets about you, you become insignificant after death. You stoop down to lower levels, you become the prey. Worms shall devour your flesh; plants will feed on your nutrients. Quite simply, you disappear from this world forever.

    The thought of impending death frightened May. She knew she was going to die someday, but she refused to die now. She grabbed a branch, eager to stand right back up, and continue walking. Perhaps, walking would warm her up.

    It was no use. Her hands were numb. As she grabbed the branch, a powerful stinging feeling swept through her whole arm. A spurt of blood gashed through her hand. This was it, she has given up.

    “Please…please…let me see him again…just one more time…please…”

    The tears wouldn’t stop falling, her heart was heavy. All those wasted opportunities, all those shattered moments. She had all those time…to tell him that she loved him above anything else. She had those opportunities in the past, yet she was frightened. She was terrified about the fact that he might distance himself from her, once he finds out the truth. She was frightened that he would simply laugh at her emotions; after all, he never showed any affection for her in the past. Quiet the contrary, he has shown the opposite to her. But even after all those things he could she explain the emotion she feels whenever they speak to one another? His voice is like a switch for her heart. Whenever he speaks, her heart listens. Whenever he walks, her heart follows.

    She was in love.

    The blood is now like a river. She was fading, she was cold. Her life was nothing but a blurry glimmer of light.

    It started snowing. It was cold white snow, pure and innocent. Just like her love.

    As she faded into the light, a hand reached out and hugged her tight. She felt tears drop into her cheeks. She heard whimpering and sobs; she heard a very familiar voice.

    The switch for her heart has been pulled. The last thing she remembered was seeing green hair…a blurry face…

    Yet, as she closed her eyes…she was smiling. Tears fell into her face; tears came out of her eyes. She opened her lips, eager to say one final message to her love:

    “Drew…I…Love you.”

    The sun rose up, she smelled soup. She arose from her tent, only to find Ash and Max in peaceful slumber, whilst Brock is cooking their breakfast on open fire.

    “Good morning! Gee…you woke up early today huh? Is something the matter?”

    Brock’s question made May think. Smiling she told him:

    “No…but make sure the soup’s nice and tasty! I sure am hungry today!”

    May looked up into the sky, reminiscing, remembering the dream she had last night.

    She was frightened, she was scared. What if she can’t control this feeling? What if she started screaming her emotions out? What would she do?

    With a long sigh, May entered her tent, she grew drowsy. Tears started to fall from her eyes.

    It started to snow.

    Chapter 1

    Tears of Sadness... Tears of Joy... They're far from the same.

    Whoever decided that birds are free? Sure they can soar higher than we can; sure they can go anywhere as they please. But…as they fly away, into places unknown, isn’t that the same as being caged? Without a home, without anywhere to truly stay forever, forced to roam forever, isn’t that the same as being caged?

    Walking side by side with her friends, with Eevee securely in her arms, the young bird once again roams. Lagging behind, May’s brother, Max started to complain. Hunger had stepped in. No one can argue with him though. They were all hungry. After all, they had their last meal quite some time ago. The flock decided that rest was in order.

    It has been snowing for several days now. The bird’s wings were frozen. Unable to fly further, the young lass decided that she must perch and rest for now.

    Night was also looming over them, and now they decided to spend the night in that particular area.

    It has been several days since May first had the dream. Strangely though, she’s been having the exact same dream for several nights now.

    “There’s got to be a reason…I just know it…”

    An open fire was made, warming up the frigid companions.

    “Thank you Combusken.”

    It has been quite some time since the friends shared a hearty meal with each other. The dish prepared by Brock, was truly magnificent. Munchlax, obviously feeling hunger, released itself from its Pokeball. The young glutton then pushed off Eevee from its bowl and started to devour its food. Eevee started to cry. With a sigh, Brock decided that a new meal was in order. He turned his back as he made new batches of Poke-blocks.

    Walking, falling, bleeding, and crying. The same dream over and over, the same sight, the same feelings. May grunted in pain as the blood overflowed, as the blood numbed her arm. However, the pain quickly vanished…when he came…and then, great relief and satisfaction was felt when she uttered those four words:

    “Drew…I Love You.”

    Awaking from her slumber, May could not help it. Burying her face into her hands, she began to sob quietly. This was too much. She can’t understand it. Why is this happening? Why can’t she sleep in peace? Why is he always in her mind?

    Hearing her brother turn in bed frightened May.

    “I…can’t…I won’t let them see me like this…”

    May, left the tent all alone, leaving all her trusted Pokemons behind. Quietly walking, she grew guilty about leaving her beloved friends behind. She just wanted some time for herself. She wanted to find a quiet place to think, a place where no one would bother her. She doesn’t mind company, and she trusts her friends above anything else…but she knew this was something that she had to figure out on her own, that this was something that only she can solve. Quietly, May left the safety of company as she walked into the woods all alone.

    She just needed to find a secluded quiet place, where she can cry her eyes out. The pain was too much. She felt heavy and weary just thinking about it.

    This feeling she feels for him…this emotion she had. This desire, this love…it was hurting her. Her quiet walk suddenly turned to long, quick strides. She begun to run, she started sprinting towards nowhere. She was frustrated, she was angry, she was lonely.

    Tripping on a buried Pineco, May staggered for a moment, before falling into the snow.

    The ground crumbled. The flat surface started to break away. She shrieked as she realized that she fell into a low cliff.

    Realizing she was still alive, she sighed in thanks. The thin layer of snow cushioned her fall nonetheless; however she did fall on solid ground. As she started to position herself vertically, her leg started to hurt.

    The pain was nothing, she thought. She tried to stand up, however her leg felt different.

    As she stood up, a powerful surge of pain rattled her entire frame. She wobbled, before she fell again.

    The Pineco stared at her, before it casually hopped away.

    Her leg was hurt. The fall must have been bad.

    “Darn it….”

    The snow continued to drop.

    May, with much effort, managed to crawl all the way under a large tree.

    “At least…this’ll be better than sitting down in the middle of snow right?”

    The pain was growing. It must be because of the cold. Her breath reminded her of fog. Her gloved hands, felt numb. She grew drowsy but she refused to sleep. She feared sleeping. What if she didn’t wake up? She was freezing. She was sleepy, she was tired and hurt. She feared impending death.

    May cried as she grew guilty out of her own weakness. She hated herself now more than ever because of her own weakness. She wanted nothing more than to tell him how she felt, nothing more than to see his face again and hug him tight. She wanted that to happen, but she knew, right now, that it was almost impossible.

    This was no dream. This was reality. Night has fallen, and she was sure that her friends are still sleeping. Would she survive? She began to fear for the worst. She grew drowsy.

    “I’m so sorry….everyone…”

    She closed her eyes, and with one final breath, she smiled as she remembered the sweet face of the man she loves.

    She ceased to feel pain afterwards. She no longer dreamt. Finally, she was at peace.

    Chapter 2
    You should cry if you feel like it.
    If you have nothing to cry for, then you have nothing to live for as well

    “The snow’s…really piling up….”

    Days…weeks….and maybe even years passed since they last saw each other. Reminiscing…the young man couldn’t help feeling otiose about the situation. He misses her…he misses her smile.

    The young man has his long green hair tied back. He allowed his hair to grow recently, deciding that the look fitted him more. On his waist, securely fastened, are his trusted companions. Drew, has been trekking the thick snow, atop a savage mountain, for days now. Determined to reach the next town, the next contest, the young lad braved the terrible weather ahead. Good thing he brought several supplies, food, blankets, jackets and other necessities.

    He felt bad. He felt like…all those days he spent with her, were fruitless. The moment he gazed into her eyes, when they first met. The moment he heard her sweet voice, Drew fell in love with her.

    “A fragment of me that exists somewhere... I wonder if you'll love me.”

    The blizzard finally subsided. His Pokemons weren’t suited to roam in such a weather so he decided not to release them. He was in this alone. Braving the forces of nature, braving the frigid wind, was all part of his quest to be an awesome coordinator. It was his dream. It was his future. He believed in that fact.

    But…somehow he knew deep down, that entering that next contest hall…there was a hidden desire in his heart.

    Gazing up at the cloudy sky, Drew wondered how May was doing.

    “Is she still….as cheerful…as ever?”

    Drew stared off into the distance. He felt hot tears roll down his cheeks. The tears felt awfully warm—and comforting. He then knew that hidden desire. He wished, with all his might…he wished to see her again at the next contest hall.

    All those words he told her in the past—they were all just something to mask his love. He was afraid…he was afraid that May might distance herself from him if she ever found out.

    “I’m…such a coward…”

    Staring off into the distance, his eyes caught something peculiar. A red spot. A red thing was sprawled down into the distant snow.

    “A Pokemon?”

    Drew stood up and decided to approach the thing.

    To him, this was certainly peculiar. Pokemons that live in this frigid weather…most of them possess a different colored fur or skin to act as camouflage or protection in this weather.

    “Is it a Delibird?”

    As he grew nearer, his steady walks suddenly became long strides—then suddenly they became fast, frantic sprints. It looked familiar.


    Hugging her tightly, Drew shouted in horror. She was freezing. Her whole visage radiated a bluish hue. However, he could still feel warm breath being exhaled from her. She was still alive.

    There wasn’t much time.

    “GO! Flygon!”

    He was desperate. He was frightened. He was angry.

    “FLYGON!! FASTER!!!”

    The bright green dragon dashed into the sky, flying in search of shelter, somewhere warm.

    Far off into the distance, Drew spotted a cave.

    Laying May down Drew decided that the first thing he should do is to provide heat, or warmth. He unpacked his backpack, and from there he obtained some firewood, and some bits of charcoal.

    Soon, a fire was made. The cold wind was still blowing inside though, the cave opening was far too wide. Drew looked at May’s face. She was shivering.

    Drew took off his jacket, and wrapped it around May to serve as an extra blanket. She was still cold, even with the blanket wrapped around her, May's face, bluish and hurt. Drew decided that she needed extra warmth.

    Drew was shaking. He didn’t bring anything extra. He used his normal shirt as a pillow for May. He was topless, and he was freezing.

    “Damn it…the things I do for….”

    Looking at May’s hurt face broke Drew’s heart. He never wanted to see her like this. May stopped shaking.

    Concerned, Drew approached her slowly. He couldn’t see straight. Human flesh can never protect him from this frigid weather. He gasped in horror.

    May wasn’t breathing.

    Drew was crying. His tears falling like rain.

    “Don’t die…don’t leave me…please….You know, this kind of work, making people happy, goes much better when the person who's doing it is happy. And you are essential to my happiness…so don’t die…I’m begging you…I love you May…I love you…please….”

    Deciding that she needed more warmth, Drew hugged her tightly. His tears were now falling on her cheeks.

    “Please…forgive me….”

    Drew kissed her. The passionate touch of their lips made Drew feel…relieved.

    Her lips were awfully warm…

    “Please…don’t die…”

    Drew felt tears fall in his bare chest. He opened his eyes to see May…crying. However she didn’t look hurt anymore.

    May was smiling. Although unconscious, May had a warm smile in her face.

    May started to breath.
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    As promised, Chapter 3. ;D

    Chapter 3

    Sometimes, the best way to love someone, is not to love them at all.


    She was awake now. Clutching her blanket tightly so as to spread more warmth on herself, May blushed as she tried to recount the events that happened the day before.

    Trying to deny the inevitable truth, Drew showed his affections the only way he knew how.

    "So...what were you doing freezing yourself to death in this I bet?"

    Drew looked away as he felt his face grow warm.

    Get a grip of yourself!

    That was the only thing playing through Drew's mind as he patiently awaited for a reply.

    However, instead of words, Drew heard whimpers. He soon heard controlled sobs...and soon there after it released itself in the form of wailing.

    "I....I....was..DREW!!! I...I...."

    Finding no courage in her heart, words seemed to form randomly for May. She started to sob even more, hurt and angered that even after what happened...she could not find the courage to speak out her voice...her true emotions...her love for this boy.

    "'s...okay. I...was so worried about know?"

    Feeling his face grow even more hotter as he spoke those words, Drew stood firmly up as he scratched his nose in embarassment. Turning around he saw a face he has only seen in his dreams.

    May was smiling. However, this smile...he has never seen it before.

    As the frozen snow melted, the dripping water gently flowed through her cheeks, curving slightly as it reached her chin.

    Her clear, blue eyes, sparkling as they gazed upon the embers of the cracking flame in which the two found their warmth.

    She started to curl her lip as she tried to form the words she wanted to say.

    She opened her mouth as wide as she could. She then stuck her tounge out slightly and quickly, as she ended the word by touching her tounge with her teeth. Soon her lips felt the slight tremble of her teeth as she ended her confession by forming her mouth into a wide O.

    "I...LOVE YOU!"

    She inadvertently shouted her confession.

    Her voice, echoing through the cave, caused snow to fall and drip towards the surface. The crackle of the flame, seemingly danced as May looked up towards the face of the boy.

    His reaction broke her heart.

    "You really are...annoying...aren't you?"

    May wanted to perish. Tears rolled down her face as she watched the young man, depart from the cave, leaving her in tears.

    The wind howled seemingly mocking the rejected lover.
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    ____behind you :OO


    I read this story before! =O But somehow, that fic died since no one was updating it... D: Oh well.

    Anyway, since I read Chapter 1 and 2 before, I read Chapter 3. Shuu didn't like her? >:O How dare he leave Haruka crying...HOW DARE HE! >:O

    I can't wait for the next chapter...And hope Shuu goes together with Haruka. ^^ started to slip my mind.
    You even forgot your own fic? *le gasp* ;_;
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    I love this fic. But why make Drew pretend to be nice and then make him reject May?

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    We see Drew as an arsehole! w00tness all around! j/k

    But, srsly, why did he leave May like that after saying that he did love her when she was unconscious...Drew's such a player. -_-

    Can't wait until the next chapter, Christian! ^_^
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    Whee~Chapter 4. ;D

    Chapter 4

    Love is both bitter and sweet.
    Loving someone however, is always filled with pain and misery.

    The sun seemed to roar fiercely as Drew prepared to depart Pacifidlog city.

    The Wingull, seemingly dancing with the waves as Drew noticed a few Luvdisc and Goldeen splash up from below the water's surface, giving Drew a sense of nostalgia. He quickly looked up as he saw a very familiar sight.

    May laughing alongside the trainer from Pallet, Ash Ketchum.

    This caused Drew to stagger. He tried to put words into his emotions. He tried really hard to comprehend what the feeling was exactly. However, all his efforts were in vain. The best way to describe his emotion...

    He felt jealous.

    "Oh, look May, it's Drew!"

    Drew snapped back to reality upon hearing his name called.

    Ash Ketchum started waving at him, as he saw May slowly turn her head in order to gain a better view at his direction.

    "Max and Brock aren't around...", Drew thought. Perhaps they were shopping for supplies, or trying to figure out their next route. Ash and May never had a knack for direction.

    As he saw May and Ash jog towards his direction, Drew caught something which broke his heart.

    They were close to each other...too close.

    "Hey...congratulations Drew..."

    Ash, with his carefree and friendly nature congratulated Drew upon his achievements in the Hoenn Grand Festival. Extending his hand, Ash patiently awaited for an answer from Drew.


    The flames crackled as her tears fell down on the cavern floor.

    Finally...when she has gathered enough courage...when she finally voiced her emotions...she...

    May tried to stand up, she wanted a clear answer. She loves him.

    The pain was too much. As she attempted to reach a vertical position, an electric like shock swept through her entire frame causing her to fall backwards.

    The thump of her skin hitting the cavern wall echoed throughout the area. However, more deafening was the echos of her sobs as she seriously wished to perish due to her rejection.

    Curling herself up into a ball, she felt the blanket Drew placed on her.

    She was sure she heard him crying...she was sure she felt his tears fall on her face.

    "I...if only I...was awake..."

    She was sure she heard Drew wish May her health when she was unconscious.

    May, saw a bright tunnel. It was soothing and comforting...angels seemed to sing from it...the air was neither warm nor cold. The breeze seemed to embrace her as the light welcomed her to paradise.

    However, instead of accepting the wonderful bounties of this comforting light, May was in tears. She never wished to die so young. She never wished to leave this Earth without first proclaiming her love for...him.

    The alluring light of the tunnel captivated May however. Like a moth drawn to flame, May slowly walked towards the light. And as she was about to open the gates...

    "PLEASE DON'T DIE!!...."

    She was sure she heard his voice...turning around, she tried her hardest to look for him.


    "Please....don't die...."

    May saw his hand appear from above her, and without any hesitancy, she grabbed it.

    She felt something warm fall on her cheeks...and then she felt warmth on her lips.

    She opened her eyes, seeing Drew hugging her tightly as he smiled, his tears falling down upon her body.


    Extending his hand, Drew accepted the friendly handshake.


    Drew was sure May muttered those words, looking above Ash's shoulder, Drew caught May blushing, trembling in some unknown fear, even Drew was unsure of.

    As May saw Drew gaze in her direction, she quickly moved her head in the other direction, thinking...

    "HEY! Those Luvdisc are pretty cute..."

    "HAHA! You think so? Maybe we need to catch one of those..."

    Ash started laughing as May joined in unison.

    Drew looked towards the clear, blue, crystal sky as he thought...

    "She...she seems happier with him...doesn't she?"

    Quickly turning around, not giving May and Ash a chance to say a word to him, Drew departed Pacifidlog. Tears in his eyes, his heart smashed to pieces.


    The sun was rising.

    May decided to find a tall enough stick, serving as a walking aide, she decided to find Drew herself.

    "I...I'm sure he was crying...and he saved me from dieing...if he truly didn't care...if he truly dislikes me...then why...why did Drew...kiss me?"

    Deciding that this journey is hers alone, May departed the cave limping as she followed Drew's footsteps embedded upon the thick and white snow.
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    This is such a sweet and great CS fic! Please continue, it's leaving me hanging!

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    ...Poor girl! I feel sad for Haruka! ;_; But Shuu kissed her, didn't she? >_> Then why did he leave her? =O ...Sad Haruka! ;_;

    And the other part of the story was in the future, right? =O So, I think that Satoshi and Haruka are together? (Wait, isn't that obvious? xD )

    Now Shuu sounds so sad. ;_;
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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Cecilia~

    ...Poor girl! I feel sad for Haruka! ;_; But Shuu kissed her, didn't she? >_> Then why did he leave her? =O ...Sad Haruka! ;_;

    And the other part of the story was in the future, right? =O So, I think that Satoshi and Haruka are together? (Wait, isn't that obvious? xD )

    Now Shuu sounds so sad. ;_;
    Actually, the other part of story happened in the past...a reminiscing side of Shuu so to say. XD I wanted to create that sorta effect...which serves some background to the story's main plot.

    Thank you all for the support. X33 Hopefully, if I work hard enough, a new chapter should be up by tonight. 8D
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    Sorry for the Double Post. D::

    As promised~Chapter 5.

    Chapter 5

    "This truly is...for the best..."


    How long has she been limping towards the frigid tundra?

    A family of Swinub appeared before her as she took a brief rest underneath a tall and old tree. The tree seemed hollow, the trunk rotting from age, leaves, falling like the tears on May's face.

    The youngest Swinub grunted softly as she pushed a thick and succulent Oran berry towards May's shaking frame. Smiling sweetly, May thanked the compassionate Pokemon as she accepted the generous offer.

    Quietly munching through the sweet berry, May looked up catching a glimpse of several Delibird playing in the snow.

    Her entire left leg was completely numb.

    After finishing the satisfying meal, May stood up shaking, using the stick she brought earlier as support.

    Staggering, May finally succeeded in standing up, although not firm in her stature, she was up and ready to continue.

    Obviously fearing her safety, the family of Swinub closely trailed May as she walked for a few yards.

    Looking back and noticing the sweet Pokemon, May gave them a reassuring smile.

    "This is something....only I could please don't worry."


    "I mean...what would she gain if she was with me?"


    She lost Drew's footsteps.

    "He probably used Flygon to depart now..."

    May saw her own tears fall into the snow, melting it.

    How could she be stupid? She probably dreamt that kiss too...May started to sob as she fell down the snow, her life meaningless without the man who gives her a reason to exist.

    Something inside of her was shouting in defiance.


    "Yes...I do...but..."

    "Why is it...that you always put second thoughts on things you are sure of?"

    "I...he...dislikes me...and--"

    "He never gave you a clear answer...are you going to stay here, die, without ever discovering how he truly feels about you?"


    "You love him don't you?"

    "More than life itself..."

    "Now...go...and look. Find him."


    "She's happier...with them..."


    The young Swinub followed May after all.

    Deciding that the Swinub wanted to assist May in her search, May graciously accepted the small Pokemon in her team.

    Quickly consulting her Pokedex, May discovered that Swinub has a very accute sense of smell.

    Discovering that amazing attribute, May asked Swinub to sniff out Drew's blanket, hoping Swinub would be able to lead her to Drew.

    Picking up the smell, Swinub started rubbing it's snout on the ground as it slowly made it's way towards the distance.

    May followed her new companion without hesitancy.


    "And...she'd only suffer with me..."


    May's heart sank as she realized she has followed Swinub to the same cavern where Drew saved her.

    Swinub jumped in glee as she thought about her feat of "accomplishment".

    Not wanting to break the young Pokemon's heart, May smiled, thanked her, before giving Swinub a tight hug.

    Her tears falling down on the pig Pokemon's soft, brown fur.


    "The best way...for me to love not to love all."
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    So.. sad and depressing. Poor Haruka! They both love each other, but Drew pushes her away thinking that he will be nothing but misery for her, and in doing that, it only makes things worse... Nice chappy though!

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    interesting fic. I like the effect of how Haruka and Shu see each other.
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    It's so sad. ;; I feel so bad for both May and Drew. D:
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    Thanks for the reviews. X33


    Chapter 6

    People say freedom is the single most important right humans are given.

    People kill others to attain it. Blood is spilled, families broken, lives are wasted, and innocents killed...all to attain freedom.

    If you ask weighs heavier than freedom.


    May slowly woke up as she felt Swinub brushing against her leg.

    The small pig Pokemon brought her even more berries it scavenged throughout the area.

    Smiling sweetly at her new companion, May humbly accepted the food and started to hungrily devour it.

    "I guess...there's no point trying to search for is there?"

    May slowly embraced the blanket Drew placed upon her.

    "But...but...I'll see him in the next Contest hall right...? I'm sure Ash and the others are worried about me....they're probably looking for me. So..."

    Swinub shuddered as it felt a presence.

    Seeing her new companion frightened, May became wary.

    Picking up Swinub, the tired girl slowly departed the cave, seemingly skipping in order to remain as silent as possible.

    To her surprise, a large man, holding a massive axe blocked her way.

    She saw darkness afterwards.


    Flying steadily, Drew recounted the words May told him.

    "I....LOVE YOU!"

    Clutching his chest tightly, Drew shook his head as he felt sweat form on his forehead.

    "This is...for the best."

    Holding on tightly, Drew commanded Flygon to fly faster.


    May started to stir, as the sun started to rise.

    Swinub was no where to be found. And the first thing she noticed was numbness on her arms.

    After fully opening her eyes, May came upon the realization that she has been abducted, her arms tied together, her body strapped upon a wooden chair.

    Observing her surroundings carefully, May spotted the lack of hygiene of the man who abducted her. Broken glasses everywhere. Fumes from what appeared to be coming from a Koffing filled the area. Clothing, dishes filled the sink. The smell was no good either. May wanted to puke.

    She held her breathe as she tried to think up of a plan.

    Tearfully, she knew no one shall help her.

    She heard wood chopped outside as she tried to wiggle free from the abductor.


    Drew decided to return to the cave.

    Seeing May no longer there gave Drew both a sense of relief and pain.

    Smiling, he tried to hold back the tears.

    "I...could never tell you after I really felt about you..."

    Seeing the embers from the fire crackle, Drew grew suspicious.

    "May...isn't this careless."

    Inspecting the area, Drew spotted his blanket, sprawled out at the side of the cave.

    Slowly picking up, he noticed a scraggly, bloody mat of fur at the side.

    Approaching it, Drew knew exactly what had happened.



    May hollered as her abductor slowly approached her.

    The man was surely gigantic. His thick, brown beared covered up half of his face. His eyes, seemed lazy, uncaring. The gray pupils embedded upon them gave a sense of age, as is his thin and balding hair. As he scratched his cheeks, May saw a few, deep wrinkles scattered upon the man's visage.

    The man was wearing a flannel vest, his thick pants having several rips upon them gave May a sense that she was in danger.


    Slowly, the man approached May. Touching her face gently, the abductor gave off a smile that seemed uncharacteristic of his character.

    May started to scream.


    "Dammit...I shouldn't have left her!"

    Flying swiftly with Swinub in his arms, Drew breezed through the air as the wind killed off the sound of May's tired shrieks.
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    Oh my gosh... how terrible! Not the sorry, but Harika's situation. I feel so sorry for the poor girl once again!!!

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    Wow this story is awesome! Poor May though, I hate those kind of people that kidnap. But it makes a good chapter for your story. Good luck with the next chapter! =3


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    Poor Haruka! D: ABDUCTOR? >O What does he want from her? Shuu...Gr...Shouldn't have left her. >O Can't wait for the next chapter, and hope Shuu saves Haruka. ^^
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    I can't wait for the next chapter. ;; I feel so sorry for Haruka...hurry, Shuu, get to the one you love. <333
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    just out of curiousity, did swinub, dare i say, die?
    if it didnt good, if it did....WAAAHHH!!! :'(

    Great story, luved it
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    i hope the next chapter comes soon!!!! i luv this fic!
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