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Calling for Wind to bring the battle closer, he quickly obeys your orders, taking a dive and darting for the ground with Spearow close on his tail, pulling up at the last minute to come zooming past you at waist level. Spearow completely ignores you, more focused upon Wind who arcs up and around, performing a kind or aerial somersault before crashing into Spearow’s back with a powerful Tackle. Spearow drops like a brick, crashing into the ground with an almighty thud before picking itself up and zooming straight toward Wind to Peck him hard in the belly. The two are then locked in a midair battle of wills, flapping their wings wildly in one another’s faces to try and blind the other before Wind lowers his head and rams into Spearow with another Tackle then darting around behind it to give himself a chance to regain his breath. This has certainly turned into an ugly fight, though a rather interesting one. Both Pokémon have taken some damage, but Wind has the advantage for the time being…
Dragon was amused with the maneuver. He thought of a way to attack the Spearow's head. He needed a distraction. Then he thought of it. “Use its aggressiveness to make it go after you. Then swoop low and stir up the dust cloud to confuse it. Then with your Keen Eye ability spot it out in the dirt devil, if it is moving, go after its wings. Stopping its wings stops its flight. If its still or you make it still, give it a head shot with a tackle. Got it?” Wind nodded, and gave a half-hearted smile. He was usually a pacifist, but he was enjoying this, it was fun. His thoughts were interupted by Dragon.

"So, you want a permanent aerial sparring partner?" Pidgey nodded. "Good, lets end this!" Dragon said merrily.