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    Desert of Illusion - Please reply in darkorange

    You’ve lost one star for self-updating, among other things. If you have questions about this, PM me.

    Deciding to apply a Potion to Wind’s injured wing, both birds give you the strangest look, a look which can’t help but make you feel slightly uncomfortable. Wind then looks at his wing, feeling a slight numbing sensation, but it’s still as limp as before, if not a little more, which doesn’t boost his spirits at all. Spearow watches with a gleam in it’s eye, obviously feeling it has this battle in the bag, and doesn’t even wait for Wind to attack, hopping in to Peck him right between the eyes before turning tail and flying off in the opposite direction. Wind, his eyes watering heavily, flaps his good wing fast and hard enough to unleash a special move taught to him and causing small thorn-like projectiles to zip through the air after Spearow, hitting it in the behind as it flies away. Spearow releases a shocked screech, and though the combined factors of Thorns being a Grass Type Move with Wind’s injured wing has caused the move to be far less effective than it would be when used by a Grass Type Pokémon, the burning sensation in Spearow’s butt has caught it’s attention. Turning around and streaking back toward Wind full speed, Spearow Growls ferociously, and although Spearow has scared Wind slightly, Wind is too focused upon winning this battle to shy away from the angry bird. Waiting for the last possible moment before making his move, Wind uses Faint Attack, disappearing before Spearow makes contact, only to reappear a moment later with his good wing glinting brightly with a metallic sheen before whacking it down onto Spearow’s skull as hard as he can. Spearow takes a dive for the ground, landing face-first in the sand, while Wind appears pleased to have at last been able to prove he’s not as incompetent as it first appeared. It’s hardly his fault he was injured, he had only been following instructions…
    Oops, thanks for the explaination (Better to lean these things now(I never knew you couldn't choose the weather, but I understand the thing with the Spearow), and I didn't know I was so controvesial.

    When Dragon got a strange look he knew he did something wrong. He ruined the chance for a fair fight between them, and the numbing even made it harder for Wind to move! But he is distracted by the Spearow who had come in and Pecked Wind before fleeing. With that, the Pidgey clicked. And flapping his wings and focusing on his wing used the move acidently taught to him by a magic rose, Thorns. With a flap of his wings, dozens off thorns shot at the fleeing Spearow. With this, the Spearow came flying back, unleashing a Growl, but Wind is concintrating on its good wing. At the last second Wind used Faint Attack behind the Spearow then uses all the power he had tranfered into his good wing for a Steel Wing knocking his opponent into the sand.

    "Revenge is sweet," mummbled Wind, "we should do that again sometime."
    Dragon who only vaguely knew what Wind meant from body languange countered, "Don't get ahead of yourself, its not over yet. When it gets up use wait for it to attack first then Faint Attack behind it and Tackle its right wing, then try to get another Steel Wing in. If it doesn't get up, leave it to me." With that, he gripped the Pokeball harder and backed up a few feet, and saw Wind do the same, but with more difficulty giving Dragon another guilt trip. "I'll take them to the PokeCenter back in Meddi Ville," he promised himself, trying to hide his guilt for both pokemon, "The Spearow did attack first," he added.

    Wind wasn't having any guilt, it was hard to get him in a rage but it was even harder to get him out. He was tempted to hit the Spearow, but wanted to finish it off fair. But he was determined to finish this battle next turn.
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