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Thread: The Arcane Realm's Recorded History

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    Alrighty, Jonouchi and Dragon 11, you're both free to move out of the Training Zone and into regular FB Zones. Unfortunately they're all capped at the moment, but that will be sorted out by the end of the month. Good luck to you both.

    Jonouchi, you've improved a great deal since you started here, especially recently. Keep it up, and you'll be doing well in no time.

    Dragon 11, you're taking far too much for granted. You could have done a lot more with that last reply, but chose not to. Remember not to create anything your updator hasn't mentioned, whether it be weather conditions or time of day. I'm tempted to keep you here a little longer, but I have a lot of work to get through in the next two weeks so I'd like this zone free ASAP. Try to keep in mind the points I mentioned via PM and you should be ok.

    Note to ZA's and ZO's: I'm scrapping the star system in this zone but adding something else. If any updatees are not replying as they should be, you will have the option to send them into this zone. If you do this, the updatee in question will be restricted to this zone and this zone only until I say otherwise. This will be a last resort though, but I know of a few members who could end up here if they don't begin trying to put a little more effort into their replies.

    EDIT: Pearl's Perap, you were replying well enough to move out of the training zone before you left. Now that you've returned, you may also move into regular zones. The Christmas break has delayed the work we've been doing in regards to getting our current zones sorted out, but we're in the final stages of development of the new system so you'll have active (and uncapped) zones to reply to before long.
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