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Mediville - Please reply in lemonchiffon

PikaGod: Realising you have no idea of where Main Street is located, you don't have any time to dwell on the matter when you hear an ambulance siren wailing in the distance. It's becoming steadily louder as it nears, and a moment later you hear the screech of tires outside before ambulance officers come charging through the door with a stretcher. You notice there are two Mareep laying on it, bleeding heavily. They're bleating pathetically, the sound so agonizing that you can't help but pity the poor sheep. It is then that the two boys you had overheard talking leap to their feet, the first boy who had been so upset, even paler than he'd been a few minutes ago.

"Not again!" he wails, throwing himself onto the stretcher to hug the Mareep. "And this time in broad daylight!"

"You'd better get home Danny," the ambulance officer says to the boy, whom he obviously knows. "Your dad's looking for you."

Looking to the nurse, Danny appears to be torn between leaving the sheep or returning home.

"It's ok," she says softly, "I'll take good care of them Danny, I promise."

Immediately setting to work, the nurse instructs the ambulance officers to take the injured Mareep into the emergency room, leaving Danny to stare after them. The other boy stands, placing a hand on Danny's shoulder. "We'd better go..."

Danny nods, his eyes burning with tears, before rushing out of the Pokémon Centre with his friend, leaving you standing alone in the waiting room wondering what's going on.

Walking outside, you notice the boys running up the road when a man sees you standing on the street looking a little confused. Explaining that you don't know where Main Street is and that you need to get to the Jones Farm, the man laughs.

"You're on Main Street lad, and that there boy up there is the Jones boy. Just follow him and you'll be at the Jones Farm before nightfall..."
"Thank you," said PikaGod as he took the man's advice.

But the trainer couldn't take his mind off those poor Mareeps.

What ever did that to those Mareeps must be pretty heartless, thought PikaGod, I hope to god that whatever it is, it doesn't get to my Nuzzles

Looking down at his pokemon, which was happily bouncing about, PikaGod smirked.

It won't get to him, he thought.

Attempting to put away the horrible images of the poor injured Mareeps, PikaGod lifted up his hand and returned his pokemon to its ball.

"Well, I better get this letter to the Jones' place."