I have a question to ask. I'm doing OK with my responses as long as you don't say anything about them, right? But even if that's true, I was wondering if you see any ways in that I could improve my responses. It's just that I don't like to do a job that's merely satisfactory, and would prefer to aim for something that's a little higher.

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Mediville - Please reply in lemonchiffon

Rakurai: "Plan?" the man responds. "We have no plan. All of our Pokémon are too ill to battle the creature or to even draw it out of the sewers. Perhaps if you can at least lead it out into the daylight we may be able to catch it with something."

Suddenly realising he hasn't even introduced himself yet, the man introduces himself as Harris before pointing to an old wooden door at the end of the alley.

"The stairs leading into the sewers are behind that door. I know it's asking a lot lad, but if you think you can handle the job we're willing to reward you..."
"A trap... That sounds like something that might be more up our alley. Though, I'm not so sure if whatever is down there will be very willing to come out, even with a bit of provocation, on Kiba's part. I guess there's only one way to find out..."

Those were Katsushige's words as he and Kiba began to move down the narrow alley, in the direction of the door that would eventually lead them into the sewers. Both were feeling neither confident, nor very calm about the matter, but their desire to help the people and Pokemon of Mediville spurred them on.

Katsushige put his hand around the rusted handle of the door (That seemed to be seldom used by the townsfolk, given the poor condition it was in), but hesitated before opening it, turning his head towards Harris to tell him exactly what he planned on doing.

"For now, we'll just try to determine the exact location of the Pokemon causing the problem. Unless you can come up with a way to catch it on such short notice, in which case, we can try luring it up here right away. Hopefully, it won't take us too long to find it..."

After he spoke, Katsushige opened the door, and the moment he did so, the odor seemed to double in strength, which was enough to make both the trainer and his Pokemon recoil, and take a few quick steps backwards.

"I hope I don't regret this..."

That was all Katsushige thought as he gazed at the stairs that led down into the darkness of the sewers, and then at Kiba, noticing he had a frightened look on his face. He was waiting to hear what Harris had to say before taking any further actions...