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Forest of Adventure - Please reply in limegreen

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Spurred on by her success so far Helen zips into action while Roy watches on from the sidelines, jumping up and down excitedly while the battle continues. Helen makes a flying leap for one of the lowest tree branches, narrowly evading a Night Shade which strikes the tree behind her and almost knocking her off balance. This game of cat and mouse continues for half a minute or so, Helen looking for just the right angle from which to launch her attack, and Duskull trying to knock her out of the trees each time it looks like it's about to come under fire. Eventually though, Helen sees her opening and leaps for a branch directly above Duskull. Looking straight down, she shoots out a concentrated stream of Embers which completely engulf her spectral foe and doing a higher than usual amount of damage due to intensity of the flames. To add insult to injury Duskull sustains a burn from the attack which only serves to infuriate the ghost type who lets loose with another Night Shade, knocking Helen out of the tree. Helen lands with a thud, slightly winded from the fall, before regaining her feet and facing off against Duskull whose eyes begin to glow as it traps Helen in its deathly Leer...

Mediville - Please reply in lemonchiffon

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Knowing that Meditite's use of Bide could very well be your undoing you go for the strategic course of action, deciding not to give it the kind of energy it requires to hurl a large attack back at you. Chu listens to your instructions, nodding her understanding before returning her attention to her opponent. Meditite is sitting quietly, its eyes locked on Chu while a smug smile plays at the corners of its mouth. Chu isn't quite sure what to make of this and moseys on up to the little fighter as there doesn't seem any real point in rushing her attack, striking Meditite with Tail Whip. Meditite stares back at her, its smile becoming larger while she Growls at it. Meditite continues to Bide while Chu is becoming more and more annoyed, but before this battle has a chance to go any further a huge explosion from somewhere nearby causes chaos amongst the crowd.

Confused, you look around searching for the source of the explosion only to find fire and smoke coming from the Pokémon Centre down the street. While you're watching, two people in vaguely familiar clothing come running out of the Pokémon carrying sacks over their shoulders. The large red "R" on their white shirts identifies the two as Team Rocket members accompanied by a Meowth and Rattata, and considering the rumours of trouble that tend to follow them then you're fairly certain that they're up to no good. Tod is enraged, and begins running toward the Pokémon Centre to help the nurse who has run into the street screaming, "Help! Please stop them! They're stealing the Pokémon!"

"Come Meditite!" Tod yells, calling for his teammate. Looking back at you, he says, "Sorry to run off like this, but she needs our help. Let's join forces and fight them together!"