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Did they keep it's japanese bootleg Noctwol 'Rururururu!', or did they stick with the squawks?
In her flashback when Chatot first ran off, when she first released it from it's Pokeball, I could've swarn it had it's japanese voice, But i'm not entirely sure.

Anyways, I did enjoy this episode alot. Yay dubbed Takeshi's Paradise (Yet they couldn't have kept the music for when Rocket-dan was on stage or the symphonic medly..>\) Chatot's voice did kinda annoy me at first but It grew on me

Chatot pecking Meowth in the original version Chatot copied "Itai Itai Itai Itai"
But I think I prefered it in the English version, and Meowth's response "Hey! I don't sound like that!" and Chatot's "Yes you do!" Made me Lol

I gave the Japanese version a 9/10
and this one a 7.5/10

Btw, Ash's voice has gotten alot better by now.