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Thread: Strategy Tomorrow - Comedy Tonight! (460)

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    Default Strategy Tomorrow - Comedy Tonight!

    I enjoyed this episode. Seeing Chatot for the first time was nice, I liked how it could imitate other peoples voice. It's good to see Chatot entertaining the sick children at the hospital. Also, Ada was really cute!

    Brock was hilarious in that costume and mustache, his 'dance' was funny. Sadly the children didn't seem to like it and thought it was awkward. Oh well, at least Ash and his Pokémon managed to make the children laugh.

    Team Rocket were annoying as always. As usual, they got blasted off AGAIN!
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    Now that it's the last 9 episodes of BF, there's a chance we'll see the occasional Sinnoh Pokemon appearing.
    Yet, I can't remember if Chatot is the first one we've seen or not...

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    Ada's Chatot was cute and all, but hearing it babble got annoying after a while tbh. I cackled when Team Rocket put Chatot in a bird cage and learning about Chatot visiting a kid's hospital was nice. Brock's performance for the kids creeped me out though, but Pikuchu and Donphan's trick and May and Eevee's appeal performance was at least tolerable.

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