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Thread: Band of Thieves (An Original Story) [PG-13]

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    Been a while since I posted a story here. I decided I would start posting an original story I created a couple months ago, but never got around to continuing due to real-life matters.

    Basically, Band of Thieves is a story I made with loose inspiration from One Piece and King of Bandit Jing, which may be noticeable in the first chapter. It tells the story of a boy named Kit who unexpectedly befriended the King of Thieves when he was younger. However, due to a mistake he made, the King of Thieves was arrested while saving him and sent to the most secure prison in the land. In order to rescue him, Kit makes a vow to become the new King of Thieves and break his friend out of prison. Under the guise of the "Kitsune Bandit", Kit uses tactics and trickery to form his own band of the world's best thieves and increase his skill enough so he may accomplish such a task.

    This story takes place in an alternate universe. Although electricity and things like guns do exist, they are more of a luxury that only the rich can afford. Ships and hot-air balloons also exist, but cars and planes do not.

    Band of Thieves

    Rated PG-13 for violence, language, alcohol and underage drinking!

    Heist 1: Recollection - The Jewel of Nature

    The hour was late as the crescent-shaped moon shined high in the sky over a town resembling one from the old days. Although the streets were dirt and the sidewalks were cobblestones, the buildings seemed fairly well structured. Said buildings were made out of sturdy wood, while the roofs appeared to be made out of some kind of futuristic clay.

    The sound of laughter filled the local bar as a group of five men sat positioned behind a table. Candles illuminated the overhead rafters and the tables below, as well as the bar counter. Although the bar was filled with at least ten other customers, the five men at the sing table seemed to be enjoying themselves the most.

    The man in the center was approximately 25 years in age, and wore a black open trench-like coat over an ordinary white shirt. He also wore long tan-colored pants, topping it off with black shoes. His black hair was medium-length with long spikes, and his eyes were a bluish color. Of course, one couldn’t tell that because they were closed due to his constant laughing. The man’s name was Kenichi “Ken” Sohma, leader of the Sohma Bandits and known best as the King of Thieves.

    The man on the far left was about a year younger than Ken, sporting a red short-sleeved open jacket over a white T-shirt. He wore long black pants as well, and his hair was brown, short and bowl-shaped. His brown eyes were open, the man looking at a mug of beer in his right hand. His name was Shinji Akihiro, another member of the Sohma Bandits.

    The person next to him was a man with long red hair that drooped over his shoulder. The 26 year-old man was very handsome, his gorgeous blue eyes adding to his enchanting smile and bulging muscles. He wore a sleeveless black top to show off his features, as well as a pair of blue jeans. He was Taichi Masato of the Sohma Bandits.

    On the far right was Akito Hajime of the Sohma Bandits, a 28 year-old man with brown hazel eyes and blue hair cut in an army-style fashion. He wore his outfit the same way Shinji did his, but his jacket was blue, and his pants, although blue, weren’t jeans. Strapped to his side was a katana.

    The final member of the Sohma Bandits was also a 25 year-old man, but with short and messy black hair. Nero Shimori wore an ascot around his black collared-T-shirt, as well as blue shorts. One thing he and the other Soma Bandit members shared was that they all wore black shoes.

    As a beautiful young woman passed by, Shinji stood up and began speaking with her. A couple minutes later, he returned to the others with a red cheek, resulting in a laugh from the rest of the group.

    “I must say, Shinji, your skills at thievery are second only to Ken,” Nero stated, flicking a pair of rounded glasses over his brown eyes. “However, your skills at womanizing are far below the norm!”

    “In other words, you suck when it comes to getting a date!” Akito chuckled, taking a sip of beer from his mug. “What is that, your tenth rejection this month?”

    “Ah, leave him alone, guys,” said Taichi.

    “Tch, these heists are getting easier and easier,” Akito complained. “They’re no fun anymore!”

    “What do you expect?” Taichi retorted, taking a seat and rubbing his face. “Ken is the King of Thieves. There isn’t really anything he can do to raise his bounty.”

    “Yes,” Nero agreed. “After all, 10 million gold coins is an amazing feat itself.”

    In this world, currency was divided as follows: bronze coins were the smallest amount of currency one could have without being broke. 100 bronze coins were equivalent to one silver coin, and 100 silver coins were equal to one gold coin. Compared to American currency in our world, 10 million gold coins would be about $1 billion.

    “Hey, bar keep!” shouted Ken, trying not to dampen the mood as he slammed an empty mug on the table. “Another round over here!”

    Ken tossed a bag of silver coins over the man across the counter several feet away from the table.

    As Ken did his best to cheer everyone up, the front saloon-style doors flew open. A young boy no older than 10 years of age burst into the bar, panting heavily. He was almost completely out of breath as he glanced around the bar, finally setting his eyes upon Kenichi and the others.

    “Hey, Kit!” the bartender called from across the room as he looked up from his duty.

    Ken and the others looked up at the mention of the boy’s name, noticing him at the front.

    “You really are back,” the boy said in a low voice.

    The boy’s name was Kit Shiratori, the adopted son of richest couple in town. He wore a typical short-sleeved silver shirt with black linings around the collar, sleeves, and bottom of the shirt. He also wore long brown pants and white tennis shoes. His eyes were an unusual yellow color, and he had short brown hair spiked in all directions. Kit slowly approached the table.

    “Hey, kid! We thought you’d be in bed by now,” said Ken, reaching out and placing his hand on the boy’s head in a fatherly-like manner.

    “It’s only 8:30,” Kit scowled, knocking the hand away from his head. “Damn it, Ken! Stop treating me like a little kid!”

    The whole group began laughing and Akito performed the same action Ken had just pulled, rubbing Kit’s head and mussing his hair. “You are little, and you are a kid!”

    Kit pouted as the whole group seemingly began picking on the poor boy, all except for Nero, whom watched from the sidelines.

    “He’s something else, that Kit,” the man said to himself, smirking and using his middle finger to push his glasses up.

    Ten minutes had passed and Kit was now sitting at the table with Ken and Akito, drinking soda from a mug since he was too young to drink. The others were sitting at an unoccupied table, playing some awkward version of Poker and betting silver coins.

    “So how long are you guys staying here this time?” the young boy asked.

    “Don’t know,” answered Ken, taking another sip of beer. “We just need to lay low for a few days before our next heist.”

    “Could I come and watch you this time?” Kit wondered.

    “Sorry, kid,” Ken replied. “This one’s too dangerous. Besides, we’ve already taken you on one.”

    “That one was so boring though!” Nero whined, finishing off the last of drink. “You didn’t even have to use any of your abilities.”

    “Any heist where Ken actually has to do anything is far too dangerous for a kid to be tagging along on,” Nero stated.

    “I just want to see him use his Vision Eye for something other than cheap parlor tricks,” Kit pouted, placing his head on the ground. His voice had changed, as if he were drunk. The two men weren’t worried though, since Kit always faked things like that.

    “That’s not something I can just use whenever I want,” reminded Ken with a sigh. “And nice try at stealing my pocket watch.”

    Kit perked his head up and seemed somewhat surprised, holding up his right hand and revealing a silver pocket watch on a long chain.

    “How did you know?” he questioned.

    “Your actions are far too predictable, Kit,” informed Nero. “You try and steal something every time we come here. Also, Ken’s the King of Thieves, so there’s no way he’d allow a kid like you to steal from him.”

    “Enough with the ‘kid’ stuff, damn it!” Kit grumbled. “I’m just as good a thief as the lot of you! And someday I’ll be the King of Thieves!”

    Although the other three members of the Sohma Bandits were at another table, they still overheard Kit’s declaration. They began laughing hysterically at his statement, momentarily distracted from their game.

    “It’s still about 15 years too early for you to make such a declaration!” Taichi shouted from across the room.

    “I’ll show you!” yelled Kit. “I’ll steal something so great before you leave that you’ll be begging me to join you guys on your next job!”

    “Nothing you steal here would count,” Shinji chuckled. “Because of your parents’ status, you can get away with anything here.”

    The whole gang began laughing after Shinji mentioned that, causing Kit to become greatly annoyed. Kit began feeling really woozy, despite the fact that it was only about 9 PM at this point, and suddenly passed out at the table. At first Ken and Nero thought he was just sleepy because of his age, but closer inspection revealed something else.

    “Uh, Ken, I think he really is drunk,” Nero observed.

    “How the hell did he get drunk from soda?!” Ken exclaimed.

    Curious, Nero walked over to his still fairly full mug and sniffed it before taking a few sips. He then looked over at Ken and nodded his head.

    “When did he…?” thought Ken, looking at the boy. He had never expected Kit to swap his soda with Nero’s beer, since he’d never even tried such a thing before.

    The man sighed and picked up the boy, wrapping his arms around his neck and placing him on his back. He told the rest of his men to stay put while he took Kit home. The men had no problem with the request, with Nero going to join the others’ game.

    Kenichi later stood outside a large and luxurious white home about three stories high. The home wasn’t as large as what was expected for the richest couple in a town, but compared to all of the other living corridors in the small town, it was a mansion.

    Ken continued knocking at the front door until it finally opened, revealing a beautiful woman wearing a lovely and expensive red dress. Her blonde hair was long and gorgeous, reaching her mid-back section. Her hair had been cut in the front so as not to hide her face and lovely blue eyes.

    “Oh, Kenichi!” the woman said in surprise. “Kit went out looking for you a while ago.”

    “Yeah, I noticed,” replied Ken, revealing Kit on his back to the woman. “Forgive me, Lady Hiruka! I should’ve kept a closer eye on the kid.”

    Moments later, Ken was sitting in a highly furnished room on a white, cushiony sofa. Unlike the bar he had been in early, the Shiratori family household had electricity, negating the need for anything such as candles. Ken glanced around the room, looking at all of the expensive-looking figures. Ken could easily steal quite a fortune from them, but the Shiratori family was one family he would rob from.

    Lady Hiruka, Kit’s foster mother, walked back into the room and sat down on a couch opposite Ken.

    “Thanks for bringing him home, Kenichi,” she told him. “I’m sorry if he’s been a hassle for you.”

    “Something tells me that he’s been causing you guys even more trouble,” laughed Ken, receiving a small giggle from the woman in response.

    “Well, you know how he is,” Hiruka responded. “My husband is always away on business, and I’m also quite busy to spend the necessary time with him. He looks up to you like a father, or even an older brother; that’s why he’s always hanging around you whenever you show up.”

    “Something tells me that wouldn’t be the case if it wasn’t for that day,” replied Ken.

    Ken recalled a day four years ago, when he and his partners first came to the small town. The town was surrounded by a forest. They originally were headed to the town with the full intention of stealing from Shiratori family, until they crossed a raging stream that was much higher than usual due to a recent rain storm.

    After crossing the river, the group had stopped to rest and go over their plan for the next few days, when they would lay low before beginning their heist. As the five thieves went over their plan, they could hear the sounds of wild animals in distress, and they were getting closer. Ken and the others looked up and a group of wolves, several birds, and deer approached them. Several different animals together were definitely a rare sight for the area. At first the humans thought the animals were going to attack them, but their cries sounded more like cries for help.

    The five looked at each other curiously before deciding to follow them and see what the problem was. They were shocked when they finally discovered the problem. There was a young boy hanging onto a branch for dear life over the river, and the tree limb was breaking apart.

    With no time to waste, Shinji reached into his jacket and took out a ball of thick and heavy twine. Akito tied one of the twine to his sword and handed it to Nero, who conveniently had a large crossbow on his back. Nero placed the sword on the crossbow and aimed at a limb higher than the one the boy was on. He pulled the trigger and sent the sword flying over the branch and landing on the ground below. Before that happened, Ken grabbed the other end of the twine. When the sword was fired, he was pulled upward by the force. Ken grabbed hold of the boy and pulled him up to the sturdier branch, where he jumped down to the ground on the other side of the river and set the boy down gently.

    “I had no idea that he was your son at the time. Because of that incident, you guys pulled some strings and made it so we would never be pursued here.”

    “Hey, we didn’t know you were the infamous King of Thieves at the time either,” Hiruka stated. “I still find it hard to believe that you came out and told us who you were and what you intended to do.”

    “He’s an unusual kid, that Kit,” said Ken with a nod of his head. “I just couldn’t bring myself to want to steal from you guys after meeting him. Tell me, since I‘ve never gotten a real chance to talk to you and your husband, is it true that you guys really just found Kit in the middle of the forest?”

    “Yes it is,” the woman answered. “The thing is, he was actually pretty healthy, and he wasn’t exactly wild either. We were coming home from an event in the next town when our stagecoach stopped suddenly. Our driver made a statement about seeing a young boy unattended on the side of the road. We got out to take a look, and a bit more inward, we discovered Kit. He was surrounded by a small family of foxes, which is why we named him Kit. He was no older than four or five years of age. To this day, we have still been unable to locate anything on his real parents.”

    “I see…” Ken said in a low voice, seemingly deep in thought. “Well, I should get going now. Thanks for the information.” As Ken headed out the front door, Lady Hiruka right behind him, he turned back to the woman with one last thing to say. “Make sure that kid makes something great of himself, so he doesn’t end up with a career like mine!”

    As Kenichi walked away, he couldn’t help but wonder about why animals were so fond of Kit. It was a unique ability that only he seemed to possess, much like his own Vision Eye.

    The next morning, close to noon, Kit could be seen climbing into a carriage pulled by a horse and its rider. Near him was a boy about the same age. The boy had had short and messy black hair, wearing a tan-colored top and gray, baggy pants. The attire was common among most of the children, since the majority could not afford nicer clothes like Kit.

    “Come on, Kit,” said the boy. “You can’t be serious about this.”

    “I have to do this,” Kit replied. “Those guys were right last night when they said that nothing I steal here would count. That’s why I’m going over to the next town, where the only thing my parents could do is bail me out if I were to get caught. I’ve been there a couple times, so I know the layout of the town, and who the best target is.”

    “They’re going to be mad,” the boy pointed out.

    “Perhaps, but it’ll be worth it,” Kit told him. “Anyway, can you please cover me? I promise I’ll give you a cut when I get back.”

    “Just come back, okay?” the boy said in a low voice, receiving a nod from Kit. The boy could only look on as Kit set off towards the next town.

    It was about noon when Kenichi and the others emerged from an old inn that looked as if it were barely standing.

    “I can’t remember the last time I slept like that,” said Taichi as he stretched himself out with a yawn.

    “Well we certainly didn’t sleep well,” mumbled Akito. “Your snoring kept the entire inn awake all night.”

    The other thieves began snickering at Akito’s comment, all except for Taichi, who gave his own little sarcastic chuckle. “Eh he he… You can all go to-”

    “Hey, anyone seen Kit?” interrupted Shinji, looking around. “He’s usually waiting for us. Not that I’m complaining, it’s just that he does it every single time we come here.”

    “I doubt we’ll be seeing him today, at least not until late this afternoon,” Nero answered, realigning his glasses. “After what happened last night, he’s probably still in bed and not feeling too great.”

    “I’ve gotta say, Nero, you really screwed up,” Akito laughed. “If you had paid closer attention to what was going on, you would have noticed that your and Kit’s orders were screwed up.” Akito continued his statement, resulting in a sigh of embarrassment from Nero. “After all, that’s the only reason why not even Ken noticed it.”

    “Actually, guys, there’s something I should tell you,” Ken announced, drawing the attention of everyone. As Ken was about to mention something important, his irises suddenly flashed red for a brief second as the carriage carrying Kit rode past. Although nobody knew Kit was inside, nor could they see him, Ken suddenly felt very worried about something.

    “What’s wrong?” Shinji wondered, having noticed Ken’s eyes flash red. “Your eyes… They…”

    “Ken, what did you see?” asked Taichi. “I thought your Vision Eye didn’t act involuntarily anymore.”

    “I didn’t see anything,” Ken replied, placing his right hand over his eyes for a short while. “It came so fast and suddenly that I couldn’t make it out. And you’re right… My Vision Eye doesn’t act on its own anymore. At least, it hasn’t since 13 years ago when my brother…”

    Ken’s eyes widened as he thought of something. His Vision Eye only activated against his will when something bad was about to happen; and only if it involved someone close to him. Ken immediately ordered that Shinji and Akito go to Kit’s house and make sure he was safe. They returned approximately 20 minutes later and informed him that Kit wasn’t there, and that he was apparently going to spend the night with his friend. Upon hearing the news, Ken instantly became worried and old everyone that they were going to pay Kit’s friend a visit.

    It was about four to five hours before Kit arrived at the next town, a place known as Noyama. Noyama rested on the other side of the forest and was at the base of some snow-covered mountains. The elevation of the town was much higher than Kit’s hometown, but not high enough to receive snow except during the winter. Noyama wasn’t much different from his hometown. He looked off in the distance at a large mansion seemingly secluded from the rest of the town. That was his target.

    The mansion was much larger than the Shiratori family household, and was surrounded by a large brick wall on all sides, except for the main entry gate. The top of the mansion was equipped with gun-like weapons aimed towards the sky to defend against aerial foes. Such high tech weapons were only available to those who culd afford them, and the owner of the mansion was quite rich. He was an old, but highly fit man by the name of Marshall. Marshall became bent on security after getting his hands on a highly valuable jewel know as the Jewel of Nature. Said jewel was an unbreakable large green emerald that sparkled with the beauty of nature itself. As valuable as it was, it was not something that Ken found worthwhile. He had stolen things twice as valuable on a monthly basis. He had also decided against stealing it because he wouldn’t want to give Kit’s family any trouble if Marshall discovered that he was hiding out in Kit’s town.

    Later that night, Kit stealthily approached the large mansion and hopped the wall. The moment he did so, an alarm went off somewhere inside the mansion. Marshall was sitting in a large control room with several men dressed in white uniforms and wearing police-like helmets and visors. Marshall could be as wrinkled old man with long white hair and a fairly fit physique. He wore a white polo shirt and a pair of black shorts, his eyes covered with black shades.

    “Sir, we’ve detected an intruder coming over the north wall!” one man announced.

    “Too bad for them,” cackled the old man. “My pets haven’t had dinner tonight, and the fool just entered their pen.”

    When Kit turned around after setting foot on the grass behind the wall, he saw approximately 30 black, mutant dog-like creatures surrounding him. They were poised to attack, fangs dripping with saliva, and Kit backed up against the wall. The creatures approached him, continuing to growl, and Kit realized that this had been a bad idea. Someone like Ken would have studied the place before entering. Kit was frozen in fear and closed his eyes, when he suddenly felt a gentle lick across his face. He opened his eyes to see the creatures all sitting down around him, whining as if asking for forgiveness. Kit reached out and pet the one that had been licking him, and Kit suddenly began to read it’s thoughts, although he wasn’t aware of how unique that ability was. It was something Kit knew how to do from being raised by wild animals.

    “You poor things,” said Kit softly. “You were all subjected to horrible experiments and bred to become fighting machines bent on killing on command.”

    Kit got to his feet and approached the mansion, the dog-like creatures now leaving him alone. Kit noticed a small ventilation chamber leading inside, but was unable to reach it. One of the creatures approached him and helped give him the extra boost he need. Kit offered a “Thanks!” before climbing into the chamber.

    Unbeknownst to Kit, Ken and the others causally approached the front gate of the mansion, knowing that Kit was inside.

    “Excuse me sir, but do you have a pass?” one of the guards asked, a rifle-like weapon in his hands.

    “I’m sorry, but we don’t,” Ken answered on behalf of the group. “However, we really need to see Sir Marshall!”

    “I’m afraid that we can’t allow passage without one,” the guard replied. “It’s late, so I cannot call him and ask about you either.”

    “That wasn’t a request!” Ken stated, glaring at the guard and punching him in the face before he could react, knocking him out in one swoop. The other guard at the entrance took aim at Ken and prepared to fire, but Akito cut the weapon in half with his sword and sent a kick into his jaw, knocking him out as well.

    When the gate was forcibly opened, an alarm once again went off in the main room.

    “More?!” growled Marshall angrily as he ordered that his pets be released.

    Ken and the others proceeded towards the mansion’s front door when they suddenly found themselves surrounded by the creatures Kit encountered earlier. Shinji pulled out five daggers, each one connected to a piece of twine. He and Akito stepped in front of the others.

    “You guys go on ahead! We’ll handle this!” Akito told them.

    By controlling the daggers with the twine, Shinji was able to force the creatures away from the center and give the others a straight path through. Once inside, the three remaining bandits found the walls aligned with mounted guns. Nero took out his crossbow, which he had retrieved before heading out, and began firing at the guns to take care of them and give Ken and Taichi the chance to continue on.

    Meanwhile, Kit, after traversing all over the mansion through the ventilation, arrived in the room where the jewel was being held. As he touched the floor, an alarm was sent throughout the room, and a swarm of guards surrounded him, all pointing guns at him. Kit was helpless and made no effort to escape as Marshall entered the room.

    “A kid?!” he roared. “Damn them! They’re mocking me by sending a kid in while they kept everything else occupied!” Kit had no idea what he was talking about as Marshall pointed fingers at the boy, guessing that he was the one who hopped the wall. “I don’t know how you got past my pets, little brat, but a thief is a thief! And this is as far as you go!”

    Marshall held out a rusted sword he drew from a sheath at his side and pointed it at Kit’s throat, suggesting that if he moved, he would die. Marshall grabbed Kit’s arm and lifted him to his feet, planning to punish the boy himself before heading to the police. Just then, the door to the room burst open as Ken and Taichi emerged.

    “Sorry, Ken,” Taichi apologized. “I think I went overboard with the explosives.”

    “Ken! Taichi!” Kit gasped. “How did you…?”

    “We forced the information out of your friend,” Ken informed. “Damn it, Kit! You idiot! I thought that was just the booze speaking!”

    Marshall wondered what the guards were standing around for and ordered them to attack. Ken smirked and took his pocket watch out form his coat pocket. He began swinging it around by the chain, hitting various guards and knocking them back. Several of them began to open fire, but Ken dodged all of the bullets as if he was warping around the room.

    “How is he doing that?” one of the men gasped.

    “You fools have no idea who you’re messing with!” Taichi bellowed. “Ken’s watch emits a special aroma that is present when he swings it around. When someone takes a whiff of it, their bodies slow down, making it look like Ken is moving faster. When you combine that with his Vision Eye, a unique trait found in a family only once every 20 generations, you get an unstoppable force! That’s why thieves everywhere agree that there is no one better fit for the title of ‘King of Thieves’ than Kenichi Sohma!”

    The Vision Eye was as Taichi stated: a unique trait that occurs in a family once every 20 generations. The Vision Eye granted the user the ability to see hours into the future for everyone other than them, but usage of it left the user vulnerable to attack while they looked into the future. In addition, the farther into the future one looked, the easier it was to change. However, Ken had mastered the ability by using it in only one eye. This reduced the amount of time he could see into the future to only about ten seconds, a severe decrease in deed. On the other hand, ten seconds made it very hard for visions to ever be wrong. Ken could dodge the bullets because he saw them coming ahead of time, so he could move out of the way before they were even fired. And because he used only one eye, not only did it conserve his energy, but Ken could see anyone and anything coming at him while the Vision Eye remained activated.

    “The King of Thieves?” Marshall grumbled, having not expected him to show up. He felt Kit trying to slip from his grip and grew very angry with the boy, raising his sword and preparing to strike. He brought the sword down fast, causing Kit to wince in fear. The boy opened his eyes when he felt no pain and looked up. He was now on the ground, and Ken was standing in front of him with a deep cut across his left eye. The wound was dripping with blood, as was Marshall’s sword.

    “Ken…! You…!” Kit stuttered, too shocked to even speak properly.

    “Taichi!” called Ken. “Get Kit out of here, now!”

    “Right!” replied the man, grabbing Kit from off the ground and running off.

    Marshall ordered the guards to pursue them, but Ken spoke out against them.

    “Wait!” Ken demanded. “Listen, Marshall! Let the kid go and never pursue him again! If you do, I’ll let you turn me in and claim the reward on me!”

    Marshall scoffed at him, not believing a word of it.

    “I swear on my life and the title of ‘King of Thieves’ that I will not resist if you agree! If you don’t believe me, then…” Ken told the man as he grabbed Marshall’s sword from him and stabbed his own stomach.

    Marshall looked into the thief’s remaining eye and could tell that he was not lying. Ken wanted to ensure that Kit would never get in trouble from the old man, since Marshall now knew Kit’s name and could easily track him down.

    “Very well, Mr. King of Thieves!” Marshall agreed, taking his sword and sheathing it. He wasn’t one to give up a free 10,000,000 pieces of gold. “You have my word that I will never pursue that boy or even mention what he did…so long as he doesn’t show his face here again! Guards! Cease your pursuit and cease fire!”

    Back outside, the young boy could be seen crying as the four thieves surround him.

    “It’s all my fault!” he cried. “This wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for me! I was never meant to be a thief! I…”

    Nero placed his hand on Kit’s shoulder in a comforting manner.

    “Listen to me, Kit,” the man said softly. “Ken knew what he was getting into. Regardless of what he knew would happen, he still went and did what he did…for you! He always thought of you like a younger brother, because you reminded him so much of his brother who died 13 years ago.”

    The speech didn’t cheer Kit up much; in fact, it made him feel worse. Nero heaved a sigh.

    “Kit, there’s something you should know. Whenever you were around, Ken was always using his Vision Eye,” Nero informed, resulting in Kit looking up at him. Nero told the boy what Ken told them on their way over, about how good of a thief Kit actually was and that Ken had forced to use it to keep track of him. The whole reason he did it was to try and convince that he wasn’t cut out to be a thief, and make him use his abilities for other purposes. “Don’t worry, we’ll rescue Ken!”

    Ken was later transferred to the most secure prison on the planet, interestingly enough named “Doroboo no Rakuen” or “Paradise of Thieves”. Ten days later, the rest of the Sohma Bandits turned themselves in. It was assumed that they would join up with Ken and escape, but, after discovering that his injury prevented him from using his Vision Eye to the same extent as he used, were unable to. After waiting for two weeks, Kit knew that the worst had come to be and that they would not escape from the prison. It was on that day that he made a vow: He would create the world’s best band of thieves, become the new King of Thieves, and steal back his friends from the prison.

    That was six years ago!
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