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    Old thread was closed. Reason being that Zephyr Flare explained it was actually against the rules to have all the opening chapters bundled together. So, if you'd like to repost any of your origional comments here from the old thread, you're welcome to do so without facing any harm from the moderators.

    I'd also like to apologise to anyone who has been reading this from the old thread; this is simply a result of my own ignorance, and I greatly apologise for any inconvenience this shift might have caused.

    I guess I better make this clear right now, to save me some hassle.

    This story isn't for people who get offended easily.
    -Profane language.
    -Minor drug themes.
    -Likely racist/blasphemous comments.
    -Other things little children don't like.

    So don't read this if you plan on whining, and if you read it and whine anyway, I'm going to tell you in advance to be quiet, you were warned, that's that. Thanks.

    A review would probably make me pleased. We all like reviews. I like cake too, but a review would probably be better for the time being. Thanks for all readers and reviewers alike.

    And of course, with the modifications to the thread, I'm now enabled to make a little contents table for each chapter.
    (Each link will open in a new window).

    ~Chapter 001: Welcome to the Metropolis.
    ~Chapter 002: Kill Game.
    ~Chapter 003: Peppered Steak.
    ~Chapter 004: Doesn’t get any better than this.
    ~Chapter 005: The beginning of a truth.
    ~Chapter 006: Altercation.
    ~Chapter 007: The 99th Floor.
    ~Chapter 008: Caring is creepy.
    ~Chapter 009: (The girl that had) Stockholm syndrome I.
    ~Chapter 010: Vendettas.
    ~Chapter 011: High Charity. ~ High Charity Pt. II
    ~Chapter 012: Be just or be dead.
    ~Chapter 013: Black Holes and the Revelation of things to come. ~ Black Holes and the Revelation of things to come Pt. II
    ~Chapter 014: The secrets of Solar and the silent earth. ~ The secrets of Solar and the silent earth Pt. II
    ~Chapter 015: Set the world on fire.




    Filtering through the barely lit window, the light of the moon shone across Reunion. It was just after 5am, and the music club had been shut for an hour. Outside, Solar remained as full of life as it did at any other time. It was the city that never slept, and there was always something going on, all night gambling, strip bars, seedy taverns, clubs. If after dark fun was what a tourist or resident of Solar wanted, they had never been in a better place. Police influence was minimal, and crime influence was seconded only to the influence of the Planetists.

    The Planetists were the leading religious faction of the world. They barely had any competition. For centuries there had been undeniable proof of their belief. Every decade a Guardian Angel would appear within the city of Solar and expect gifts and sacrifice, for bestowing the planet of Charity unto the human race. It came to be that the Planetists ruled Charity, and that Solar was dubbed the Holy City. For it was there that the angels appeared. People came from thousands of miles away to witness the angels, and left feeling a better person within themselves. The turn of the decade was less than one month away. And the guardian angel that would appear was set to change the world of Charity forever.

    Sage sat in his chair, looking out over the neon glow. His pipe smoked lightly, and the room held a lingering smell of sweet tobacco. His thoughts were of thought, and he was rarely seen outside of Reunion. His world was the music club, and the two small rooms above it that he called his home. A small window looking over all of Solar, a kettle placed upon a stove, a small bathroom, the age old rocking chair Sage loved dearly, and a bed, draped with crimson sheets, and fashioned out of the finest Redwood. His history stretched nine centuries, and yet was clouded in mystery. Nobody knew of who Sage was, or how he had managed to live up until he was Nine Hundred and Twenty Three. His smile was that of knowledge, and his eyes burned with a resolve of justice. His knowledge extended past the known cosmos, as did his intelligence. He was the bright star on a stormy night, and the guiding light to Reach.

    Reach sat around a large table underneath reunion. Their headquarters were a small room, which led off to seven separate rooms. They were a group of Mercenaries, who took missions that only their leader deemed justified under her own morality. Beatrix, the merciless assassin, with her perfectly balanced sword, Eve, and her group of Mercenaries. They were the scourge of many, and the saviour of few, but Reach did what they were asked flawlessly, and were renowned throughout the deepest Underground sects of Solar.

    The sound of ringing broke the awkward silence around the table. Beatrix reached into her pocket and pulled out a small, metallic object, and flipped up the cover, before bringing the phone to her ear.


    “I have a request of you, this is Reach is it not?”

    “Yes, this is Beatrix. Who is calling, what is the pay, and what is the mission?”

    “Who this is, is not important. The pay is Sixty Million, and the mission is to find and eradicate Leonardo Ronston, from the Red Light District downtown.”

    Beatrix paused for a moment, Sixty Million? Absurd!

    “How can I be sure I’ll be getting the payment?”

    “Because it is right outside your door.”

    Beatrix narrowed her eyes and looked at the trapdoor at the top of the staircase leading into the backroom of the bar in Reunion. Sure enough, a faint sound could be heard. She leapt up, still clutching the phone to her ear and jumped to the top of the stairs, opening the trapdoor and looking around to see who it was that had been there. A black briefcase was left to the left of the trapdoor.

    “Do we have a deal, Beatrix?”

    “Yes, yes we do.”

    Beatrix closed the lid of the phone and returned it into her pocket, before pulling the briefcase over. She slid back down the staircase, closing the trapdoor behind her, and placed the case onto the table. Opening it up revealed that there was indeed, cash, plenty of it, all unmarked, One Hundred Solar Bills. The other members of Reach looked at her and then back to the money they were witnessing.

    “We’re to find and eliminate Leonardo Ronston. We’ll go now. I don’t want to upset our client, especially since they seem to know where we live. Let’s go.”

    End prologue.
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