Chapter 011 Cont.

“Is it almost ready Creed?”

“The soul army will be able to initialise as planned in eight hours.”

“Excellent work, I trust you’ll make me proud as the general.”

“I wouldn’t vouch for anything less Carbine.”

The angel walked out of the room, leaving Creed to look over the large underground military base that stretched to its own horizons. Below, thousands of soldiers were marching in large formation, and loading themselves into huge airships. Engines blared and the smell of burning fuel was in the air. The soul army had entered constant production, and the first fifteen thousand super soldiers of Solar were ready. Creed smiled, overlooking the army he had been elected to lead. He and Andromeda were set to depart to High Charity in less than eight hours, and secure the Grand Palace, before the second wave of soldiers arrived with Carbine. Caroll was to stay at home and overlook the production of new soldiers. Creed turned away from the observation platform and walked towards his own ship, he smiled.

They won’t even see this coming… the idiots still think they have a week. This is enough to show them how wrong they are for trying to talk down to us. In less than a day the city of High Charity will fall, and at the top of it all, will be me. Things couldn’t be sweeter, and everything is falling into place exactly as we planned.

Down in the streets of North Solar, in the upstairs of a familiar nightclub, Sage sat at his familiar space, like a statue overlooking a monument. His eyes were cast towards the centre of the city, and the Divinity headquarters. His thoughts were veiled by a large cloud, even he wasn’t sure of the coming events.

I wonder how Beatrix is doing now…


Mikoto awoke to the sun shining from the High Charity skies. She looked at the clock; she had been asleep for eleven hours. Walking out of the room, she noticed Gala and Edge both sat at the centre of the room, watching the television set. Over in the kitchen area, Beatrix had almost finished cooking what looked like eggs and some toast. She smiled at her companions and sat down, looking at the television set. There was some black and white movie on, which she paid no attention to. The room was very silent, aside from the sound of the cutlery being used by Beatrix, and that of the television set.

Several minutes passed, before the room rumbled slightly, and then was a silence that seemed to last an eternity. A moment later the room exploded into a flash of red light, and then the voice of the computer in the Grand Palace resonated into their ears.


“What the fuck is going on?!” Gala shouted, jumping out of his seat and looking around at his companions.

“Looks like it’s showtime!” Mikoto cried back, a huge smile spreading across her face and adrenaline rushing through her body.

uck yeah, lets roll!” Gala shouted back, a similar feeling creeping through his body. Beatrix and Edge simply looked at each other and nodded. The group each ran into their room, and a few moments later, emerged fully suited up for battle.

“Looks like Solar attacked a lot sooner than we expected.” Beatrix mused, before running over to the exit of the room, followed by her companions. The door to the room opened and a large number of soldiers rushed by, heading towards the end of the hallway.

“I guess we’ll just go with that lot and see what happens.” Beatrix said, before running after the soldiers. Gala and Mikoto simply smiled at each other and gave chase, followed by Edge. It was clear that the battle of High Charity had finally begun.

End of Chapter 011.