Hmm, more revelations: this time regarding Sage, Mikoto, how the planet sustains itself, and Carbine’s motives. War, destruction, cool imagery (most notably the hurricane as viewed from above, and the view of the other planets); things that I do enjoy reading about. Oh, and Reich dropping another F-bomb; I always enjoy that, too.

Plus, there was Hydrus coming back, which I did not expect, and Gala getting a nasty surprise from Creed, which I did not expect either. At the same time… somehow, I keep getting this “slash and gunfire aside, haven’t seen the last of Gala” feeling. o.o Eh, but maybe I’m just in a “can’t trust what I see mode” lately. XD At any rate, guess we’ll see.

Other highlights:

“Let’s just say you can’t underestimate the limits of aggression of an animal created in the image of God himself Mary.” Sage replied. “Nor can you underestimate the feeling of attraction between the animal in question to the marvel of what he has made.”
Curiously cool quote. o.o

“Yeah, this much is true. Still, we’re going to… oh whatever I don’t need reason to get drunk. However I do need reason to go into a minefield of Black Holes.”
Heh. XD

Storm off to stop an armada?
Reminds me of a Coheed lyric. ^^

All in all, another boss chapter. Can’t believe this story is now swiftly approachng its end… seems like only yesterday that I started reading it. Well, good luck with the final pieces of this story. ^^