It starts off with the sun setting, Ash is looking at the sun from a hill with a serious expression. A new girl character known as Hikari is walking along side the hill, she's holding the paper bags and the winds start blowing hard and blows the bags away from her. Ash see's Hikari in distress and goes running towards her;

Ash: Don't worry I'm here to help you!
He slides down the hill and grabs the bags before they can get away.
Hikari: Thank you
Hikari looks up at Ash into his eye's and begins to blush a little.
Ash: No problem, glad I could help. Do you have every thing now?
Hikari : Well yes, but I'm lost kind of.
Ash:Well, will just have to find a road map, hold on a second.
Ash runs to get a road map. Hikari looks in the direction of Ash, blushing slightly.
Hikari: who is that boy?
Ash returns with a road map and opens it to read it.
Ash: Now where do you live?
Hikari points a place on the map, still looking at Ash slightly shocked.
Ash: I'll walk with you and point you in the direction that you need to be.
Hikari: Oh thank you for helping me.
Ash: Really its not problem I like to help when I can.
Ash smiles, Hikari just stairs at Ash with amazment.
Hikari's thouhts: Could such a boy like him be a live?
Ash: What's wrong doesn't any one like to help you where you live?
Hikari: Hu? Well not without being paid first.
Ash laughs and says: Well don't worry, this is one person you don't have to pay to get help.
It starts to rain a bit;
Hikari: Oh no, the rain. Ugh, why did it have to rain now?
Ash: No problem, we have an umbrella!
Hikari: Wow, your pretty much Mr.perfect.
Ash: Mr.Perfect? I wish {He laughs a bit and opens the umbrella}
Ash puts the umbrella over there heads.
Hikari: Well there should be a nice little rainbowe at least at the end of the rain.
Ash: Yup, now all we have to do is get threw this rain.
Both Hikari and Ash laugh a bit. They get to a giant house with a gate in front of the yard.
Ash: Is this your place?
Hikari: Sure is.
She pushes a read button on the side, the gate opens letting them both in. They get to the stairs in front of the door, Ash closes the umbrella, Hikari opens the door and looks at Ash with a smile.
Ash: You mean you want me to come in too?
Hikari nods yes with a smile, Ash smiles as well and enters. The rain finally stops and a rain bowe shows across from Hikari's house to random tree's. Hikari looks out the window smiling and sees the rainbowe.
Hikari: Look Ash, a rainbowe!
Ash comes to the window smiling.
Ash: Guess its a good thing we ran into each other.
Hikari: How come? {Blushing}
Ash: Becuase than we would have never seen this rainbowe together.
Hikari's smile widens more.
Hikari: That's true.
They both laugh. Ash goes outside.
Ash: Well, guess this is good bye.
Hikari begins to tear and nods yes. Ash walks ouside to the gate and wives bye. Suddenly Team Galxy, a new Team girl and boy attack Ash.
Hikari: Who are you? And what do you want with Ash?
Team Galxy: We are the team Galxy, we have come to capter this boy. Team Rocket has offered us money for him. We don't know why but as long as we get money from them we don't care.
Ash yells from inside the net;
Ash: You don't understand, Team Rocket will trick any one into getting what they want. So you won't get paid, you mine as well go!
Team Galxy just laugh evily.
Hikari: Is there any thing I can do Ash?
Ash: Try and get Officar Jenny, they'll know what to do!
Hikari: Right!
Hikari runs fast and looks back worried with tears in her eye's.
Hikaris thoughts: No I'm no running away I'm going to help!
Hikari grabs one of her pokeballs from the side of her and calls out Richue.
Hikari: Richue, Thunder Shock!
Richue sends a thunder blast at Team Galxy, they drop Ash into Hikari's arms and get sent blasted off.
Ash: You saved me!
Hikari: I wasn't going to let you have all the fun {She smiles}
Ash laughs. Both Ash and Hikari travel together

Announcer: What strange new Pokemon will Ash and his new friend Hikari meet, will have to wait and see.
To becontinued....

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