Another Contest Shippy! I originally planned for this to be a one-shot, but the idea was just too much, it was meant to be a few chapters long! Yeah, this one won't be really long, but I hope you enjoy the chapters.

Dark Storm: Chapter 1
Rating: PG

A young brown haired girl was leaning against an off-white fence, watching what was happening before her through her pretty sapphire blue eyes. She had nothing better to do than just sit there, her arms folded over her knees.

Many workers, and a few Machoke, were busily carrying around wood, and other supplies they needed. Here, in front of the young girl, was the base for the new Contest Hall, to be specific, the very first contest hall in all of Kanto. It was to be placed here, on an empty lot of Vermillion City.

A gentle ocean breeze blew through the medium sized town, causing one of the workers to look up. “A storm? No way, not here!” He suddenly yelled, noticing the cottony, large, clouds that filled the baby-blue sky.

“Great, not again, this Contest Hall is never going to get built with all the bad weather lately, eh Joey!” Yelled a burly-looking co-worker, who walked up to his side.

Joey sighed. “Gather up the Pokemon, we’re just going to have to wait until the storm clears…”

“Dude, it will be okay, I’m sure it’s only a little storm, we’ll get right back to work the instant it’s over, okay?” Asked Joey’s co-worker, brushing his hand back through his messy blond hair. He tried to grin at Joey, but it apparently hadn’t worked.

The young coordinator also noticed the sky that was now gradually getting darker and darker. She stared at it, as if she were in a trance.

Suddenly, Joey’s voice broke through her daze. “Hey little girl, you gonna sit there all day? There’s a storm coming!” He held his hand out to her.

“My name is May, not little girl…” She mumbled bitterly, but she put her gloved hand into his, and allowed him to pull her up from her sitting position.

“Thanks!” She exclaimed, trying to forget what she had been thinking about before.

“No problem, you should probably head to the Pokemon Center for the time being,” Advised Joey. He stared at May hard with his hazel eyes, and then he grinned, turning his back and heading to wherever he was staying.

May forced a smile, but as soon as the teenage worker turned his back, the frown returned to her face. The wind was kicking up a bit more, it started to make May’s bandanna wave.

Taking Joey’s advice, May headed to the Pokemon Center, which was only a few feet away. But, she didn’t want to go there, he was there…

“There you are!” Exclaimed her little brother Max as she entered the center through the glass sliding doors. He ran up to his sister, hugging her lovingly, but it caused his large glasses to suddenly fall off.

Max giggled nervously, letting go of May and grabbing his glasses again. May stared at his jet-black hair, a sudden surge of fear pierced through her body.

“May, listen, he said he was sorry! He wanted to talk to you, please? I’m begging you, just talk to him, I promise you’ll feel better!” Said her older, spiky-haired friend, Brock, in a stern voice.

“No! I’m not talking to him!” May yelled.

“Well he told me to tell you, that he’s really sorry!” Argued Brock.

“Tell him that I hate him and I never want to talk to him again!” Yelled May, angrily stomping off to her rented room of the Pokemon Center.

Brock sighed, but Max looked worried. “With the way she’s acting, I don’t think they’ll ever make up!”

“We’ll keep trying, I’d like to seem them as friends again, if not, well, you know, boyfriend and girlfriend,” Replied Brock.

“But May doesn’t like him! You can’t force her to be his girlfriend, it isn’t fair! Especially after what happened!” Yelled Max. He glared at Brock for a second, then left the room to go find May.

May lie on her bed, her eyes were red, most likely from crying. The door slowly opened, causing May to bolt up.

“Oh, it’s you…” She said with a sigh.

Max smiled gently and sat on the bed next to is sister. “I’m sorry,” He said, wrapping his arm around her slender waist.

May let out another tear. “Thanks Max, you’re the best brother ever…”

The two talked for a while, exchanging thoughts on poor May’s situation.

Meanwhile, on the edge of town, a boy May’s age was standing under a tree branch, staring at the ocean, that had turned at dark gray, like the sky, from the fierce storm. His green hair was drenched, but still shining as always. His emerald eyes seemed to be clouded with thought. A purple jacket was slung over his shoulder, while he was wearing a black turtleneck and plain blue jeans.
“It was all my fault, I’m sorry, May…but now I have to finish the job” He muttered, tucking a hand into his pocket, then started walking towards the Pokemon Center…

“Well I’m going to find that jerk and pay him back for what he did!” Max yelled. May gently put a hand on his shoulder, ruffling his green shirt a little.

“No, don’t. Even though he did….”May paused. “Well, you know, I don’t want you to hurt him. And besides, I think there’s someone else who will take care of him for me….”

Max sat back down, a little stunned. “But why?”

“I-I-I don’t want you to get hurt like I did! He’s dangerous, and I already told you! He will get what he deserves soon enough!” May said, stuttering at first.

The siblings hugged again, this one was more loving than ever. Although they had fought a lot, Max and May truly cared for each other, and shared feelings often.

Max pulled away, nodding to May, and leaving the room.

“I will get my revenge, I’m sorry May, but I feel I’m the one who should do it,” Said Max quietly, walking through a dark hallway.

As he walked by a random door, it saw it open, and the next thing he knew, a hand was clapped over his mouth, and another arm dragged him through the doorway. He tried to scream, but with the mysterious hand over his mouth, it was useless. The door pulled shut, and Max found himself sitting in darkness, unable to breathe, or move…

When he regained some sight, he turned his head around and gasped. The shady figure punched him in the cheek, knocking him unconscious…

“Hey Brock, have you seen Max anywhere?” Asked May. An hour passed by and May was feeling a little better, that is, until she found her brother missing.

“Um, sorry, I haven’t seen him since he went to go comfort you,” Said Brock, looking up from a newspaper he was reading.

“Damn it! If it’s was him again I swear…” But May was unable to finish her sentence, the doors of the Pokemon Center were thrown open.

A soaked little yellow electric rodent ran in, jumping into May’s arms. It started to cry, although it looked angry.

“Pikachu?” Said May, confused about Ash’s little companion. He jumped down from May’s arms, its cheeks suddenly sparking with energy, but giving itself a little shock due to the water that so delicately lined its golden fur.

“Pikachu? What’s wrong? Is it Ash?” May asked frantically.

Pikachu nodded, but then shook its head. He suddenly bolted back outside, May determined to follow, even if the rain was coming down harder and harder.

“I have a bad feeling about this…” She muttered, following Pikachu into a small clearing.


OMGZ, who is this 'he'? I never said, and hah, you'll never guess -_-

This time, it won't be May and Drew going on a journey together, I went for a different plot this time. Really, the story will take place over a week or so.

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