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Thread: Once Together...[Advanceshipping One-Shot] Rated G

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    Smile Once Together...[Advanceshipping One-Shot] Rated G

    Well...Hi! ^^ I'm a Contest and Pokeshipper, but why not try a Advanceshipping fic? xD Here's a go...

    Don't blame me if the charactors are a bit OOC, and that the fic does not make sense at all. :/ I swiped this up during Midnight, and I'm too lazy to check for Spelling mistakes. xD

    I have Contestshipping inside too, but only a minor one. :/ Oh and keep in mind, the first few parts are in Satoshi's POV. The last part if just uh...normal. xD

    Once Together...Rated G ~ One-Shot


    I and Shuu were in the mall, waiting for Haruka to come. She had brought us here to go for a shopping spree, and since Shuu was her boyfriend, of course he agreed. Well, I had nothing else to do anyway. So I just went ahead, since Shuu was my best friend. Suddenly, Haruka came running towards us. She was dressed in a short white dress, and I have to admit she was pretty.

    “Hey Shuu!” Haruka called out, running towards him.

    She was acting completely oblivious to me. I shrugged, and looked around the mall. Nothing much was fascinating, just some old boring shops with flashing lights to decorate them, some people giving out pamphlets to advertise their shops, and the normal things they always do when you come to the mall. I shifted my hat a bit, and looked at Shuu and Haruka.

    Their hands were locked together and they were smiling and chatting among themselves, I sighed. I always thought Haruka was pretty…Well, she always was anyway. She’s a kind, helpful, sweet girl. It was just then I thought of the past…I shrugged. Who cares about the past anyway? We should concentrate on the future. I put my hands inside the pockets of my long blue pants I’m wearing, and sat down on a chair nearby that wasn’t occupied. It was just then Haruka turned and called out,

    “Oops! I forgot you were here, Satoshi. Come on, Shuu and I are heading to the restaurant and get something to eat first. Want to come with us?”

    I nodded, staring at her blue eyes. “Sure.”

    She then turned back and looked at Shuu, talking with him again as I saw them kissed on the lips. I sighed and stared at the wide empty ground floor. It showed a reflection of a person frowning, looking a little depressed. I looked up again, and saw Shuu and Haruka long gone. I shook my head and looked around, finally spotting them. I walked faster to catch up with them, and soon entered the restaurant they wanted to go.


    “Satoshi!” Shuu called, as I looked around the restaurant to search where they were sitting.

    I turned around, and saw Shuu and Haruka sitting on a table, and hurried towards them.

    “So, Satoshi, how have you been these days?” Haruka asked, scooping up a spoon of soup to drink.

    “Fine…” I murmured, as a waiter walked towards me and placed food in front of me on the table.

    I picked up the spoon and drank some water, and started to see Shuu and Haruka talking again. Shuu was teasing Haruka, while she was smiling happily. I frowned. I felt left out. I laid my head on the table and continued to eat the food, with some waiters staring at me and the couple.

    “I’ve had enough.” I said, pushing the plate away. “Thanks.”

    Shuu started to say, “Well…Are you sure you don’t want to stay any longer?”

    “No thanks. I’ll be going now.” I said, faking a smile as I got up and walked away, carelessly leaving my phone on the table.


    Haruka and Shuu were about to leave when they noticed a phone on the table.

    “Who’s is it?” Haruka asked Shuu.

    “It’s Satoshi’s.” Shuu said. “Why not you give it to him? You are passing by his house when you head home, anyway.”

    “Alright.” Haruka said, taking the phone.


    It started to rain heavily, as Haruka took out an umbrella and sheltered herself. Haruka walked passed Satoshi’s house, when she stopped as she remembered Satoshi’s phone. She walked towards the door and was about to open it, when she paused. Then suddenly, the door opened and she saw Satoshi.

    “Oh, uh…Hi.” Haruka said, smiling.

    “Well, hi…Haruka.” Satoshi said.

    “Satoshi, you left your phone on the table in the restaurant, so I’m just coming here to return it to you.” Haruka said, showing Satoshi his phone.

    “Oh, thanks. Why not come to my house and stay for a while? The rain hasn’t stopped yet, and you wouldn’t want to get drenched in the rain, do you?” Satoshi said.

    “Sure.” Haruka replied.


    “Well uh…I’ll just go and get some drinks.” Satoshi said, as he and Haruka walked in the house.

    Haruka nodded, and sat down at a chair. She looked around the house, it was just plain. On the table in front of her, there was a vase of flowers inside it, and she smelled the fragrance. She then decided to take a tour around the house, and walked into different rooms. Then she went into this room, and what she saw shocked her. There were pictures of her and Satoshi everywhere. Pasted everywhere on the wall. She looked at one picture, and suddenly the flashbacks came back into her mind…

    “Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you!” Haruka sang, clapping her hands as she sat on Satoshi’s lap.

    She then turned to Satoshi and said, “Come on! Make a wish!”

    Satoshi chuckled, and said, “Well, I wish you wouldn’t be so playful.”

    “Come on Satoshi!” Haruka said giggling.

    “Fine.” Satoshi said, closing his eyes as he clasped his hands.

    After a few seconds, he opened them and blew the candles.

    “So, what wish did you make?” Haruka whispered.

    “It wouldn’t be a wish then, right?” Satoshi teased.

    “Come on! Tell me!” Haruka said, hitting him playfully on the shoulder.

    “No way.” Satoshi said ”Come on, let’s cut the cake. We wouldn’t want you to starve, do we?.”

    Haruka giggled and touched his hand, holding the knife and cutting the cake.

    Haruka’s tears came running down as looked at the pictures. “Satoshi…” She murmured. She turned her focus to another picture.

    “Come on, Satosh!” Haruka yelled out as she ride a bike around the park. ”Bet you can’t catch me!”

    “Oh yes I can!” Satoshi said, hopping onto another bike.

    They raced each other, until Haruka stopped for a rest. Satoshi jumped down from his bike and walked over to Haruka.

    “Why, tired already?” Satosho teased.

    “As if you aren’t tired.” Haruka said, sticking out her tongue.

    “I’m not.” Satoshi said, as he carried her on his arms.

    “Wait! Satoshi, let me down!” Haruka said, giggling.

    Satoshi carried Haruka onto his bike as the couple cycled along the park, laughing and giggling at the same time.

    She furiously wiped her tears away, but more tears came running down her cheeks.

    “H-Haruka…” A voice called behind her.

    Haruka turned around to see Satoshi, who was horrified and nervous. Haruka ran over to Satoshi, and collapsed in his arms.

    “Satoshi…” Haruka murmured. "I'm...So sorry..."

    All Satoshi could do was nod his head, and sigh.


    Yay! It's finished! xD [/shot

    Nah, kidding. I might make a sequel, anyway. O___o We woudn't want Haruka and Satoshi to have a sad ending, do we? xD

    But anyway, please Comment and Review! ;D (I know it's rushed. -.-
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    aww. that is ultra super kawaii.

    I and Shuu were in the mall
    I think that is the only error, as it should be Shuu and I were in the mall lol. I don't usually correct people as I am not the best at that sorta thing lol.

    aw, I wish it wasn't a one-shot and you could find out if Haruka goes back to Satoshi or stays with Shuu. I would be rooting for Shuu, but there is my mad contestshippyness for you lol.
    Great job hun!

    Samantha Jane

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    This was so sweet and sad,I hope you make a sequel cause I realy wanna find out what happens next!

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    Thumbs up

    Yay! Advanceshipping fic! Okay now, time to review!

    I picked up the spoon and drank some water, and started to see Shuu and Haruka talking again. Shuu was teasing Haruka, while she was smiling happily. I frowned. I felt left out. I laid my head on the table and continued to eat the food, with some waiters staring at me and the couple.
    I felt so sorry for Ash there and even if it was abit ooc, it was still cute. Although you did say it was a one-shot, it felt more like the first chapter/part of a story. I hope you do write a sequel. The ending was so sad D=

    And it's not rushed(believe me I know rushed XD)
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    That was pretty good. I'm hoping for a sequel, too.

    The ending was sad and sweet.....*thumbs up*
    (more admirable sig coming soon, k?)

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