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    Sorry if this has already been done, but i didnt se it anywhere else...

    Where is your secret base? What kind of furniture do you have? Does it follow some kind of ...Theme? Like one time i had a playground, with slides and stuff from the roof of the store. And a freind once had like a forest, totally filled with plants and everything...

    And also, how often do you use Secret Base Battling? I use it all the time, if your freinds are as good as you are, then its the perfect way to train...thats how i got 14 lv 100's.

    EDIT: Sorry, this should be in the R/S/E discussion thread. OK mods you can move it now.
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    Well, there is another thread that discusses Secret Bases.

    Since it's not too old, it can still be posted in. Refer to that thread for more discussion.

    Matt the Drat!

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