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Thread: Duels of the Jungle! (461)

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    The female Sneasel here was a cutie, so I wish she had been caught. Weavile would've been a good option too.

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    The plot idea wasn't TOO bad, the problem however is that these sort of episodes where it's a Pokemon solving it's own dilemma always just have the cast left giving pointless commentary to the situation, and it's especially bad in the dub which usually makes it sound so cheesy and forced. After a while I just wanted the twerps to shut up and let it play out like a Pikachu short.

    Funny how the Weaville that pillaged the main one's squad and brutally scarred and exiled him got more mercy than TR did. And they weren't even trying to steal him this episode, just Jessie was being what can be best described as an annoying fangirl. :P Late Hoenn seemed the pinnacle of the trio just being annoying losers who needed a good smack every episode.

    I have to admit this is probably the one instance I've seen a Sneasel that was a total cutie pie rather than taking the species cliche of being a vicious devious little SOB.

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