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    Hello, I'm not an artist myself, but I've been given permission to share this comic from my friend Luky, titled "Elys". It's a fan-comic set in the Pokemon Anime wherein Lysandre gains control of Ash as a puppet messiah, and what follows.

    I apologize if this isn't the right place to put this in advance!

    You can find the comic here: Elys
    Dare to Be Silly!

    Ancienverse AU Fanfiction

    Love in the Time of Teamwork
    Once every seven years there was a tournament celebrating the bonds between people and Pokemon. Of course, Serena expected Ash to want to take part, but she had no idea the ways in which it would change their lives for good or ill. She was confident, however, that by the end of that week, something between herself and Ash would be different. Amourshipping.

    Remaining stories can be found in this community here.

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    I checked out your friend's comic and it looks very nice. Keep up the good work! Sounds exciting!! Ash looks like Goku. I think it's the hair.
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    Pikachu deserves the main character treatment he rightfully earned!

    (Credit goes to Satomine Night)
    Introducing Ash's next traveling companions: The enigmatic Bookworm & insightful Daydreamer
    Mallow-Lillie friendship duo; a bond so close, even the butler ships it!
    -Lady Lana: Full time big sister, part time kickasser
    -Queen Lillie and her duchess Vulpix will stick together, even without the initial intimacy
    -SM Ash will get character development and strives to be the best Ash like no Ash ever was...

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    Hi ! I'm the real Author of the fan comic, thank to my friend Epicocity for sharing

    Also, I'm here for saying, the first 9 panels of the chapter 1 is online, you can see this here

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    Hi, sorry for double post, so here is the new page for Elys (10 panels for this )

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