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Thread: Rate my Water/ Psychic Deck

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    Default Rate my Water/ Psychic Deck

    Rate My deck

    Basic Pokemon
    1x Latios (Holon Phantoms 22 / 110)
    4x Oddish (Holon Phantoms 73 / 110)
    4x Staryu (Hidden Legends 75 / 101)
    3x Clampearl (Hidden Legends 58/ 101)
    2x Team Aqua Carvanha (Team Aqua VS Team Magma 47/95)
    1x Team Aqua Carvanha (Team Aqua VS Team Magma 25/95)
    1x Wobbuffet (EX Holon Phantoms 56/ 110)
    1x Mewto (Movie Promo Mewto VS Mew)
    3x Corphish (Holon Phantoms 62 / 110)
    4x Mysterious Fossil Hp 50 (Holon Phantoms 92 / 110)


    2x Starmie (Hidden Legends 49/ 101)
    1x Gorebyss (Hidden Legends 18 / 101 )
    2x Team Aqua Sharpedo (Team Aqua VS Team Magma 18 / 95)
    2x Gloom (Holon Phantoms 42 / 110)
    1x Bellossom (Holon Phantoms 19 / 110)
    3x Omanyte (Holon Phantoms 74 / 110)
    2x Omastar (Holon Phantoms 13 / 110)

    1x Scott
    2x Professor Cozmo’s Discovery
    1x Holon Lake
    2x Master Ball
    4x Holon Adventurer
    1x Pokë Ball
    2x Potion
    1x Steven’s Advice
    2x Energy Search

    12x Water Energy
    11x Psychic Energy

    14x Psychic Energy
    12x Water energy
    2x Live Herb
    2x Stevens Advice
    1x Super Rod
    4x Beldum
    2x Metang
    1x Mettacross
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    This deck isn't modified for this year or next year. if you want to play modified, use next year's format DX-on. It is somewhat good, but you might need to test it at a nearby Poke'mon TCG league.

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    TRUNK? What is that? There is no side deck thing in pokemon. Only put 17 or less energy in a deck and at least 20 trainers.

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