This is a deck i made rate me on it. I dont do tourneys though

Mew x1 (Promo 47)
Lunatone x1 (Sandstorm)
Clefa x1 (Neo 20/111)
Clefairy x2 (Base Set)
Clefable x2 (Jungle)
Abra x1 (Skyridge)
Abra x1 (Rockets Base)
Kadabra x1 (Base Set)
Kadabra x1 (Expeditoin)
Alakazam x1 (Base Set 2)
Mewtwo x1 (Promo 3)
Mr.Mime x1 (Jungle)
Mew x1 (Promo 8)
Chansey x1 (Base Set)
Blissey x1 (Neo Revelatoin)
Kecleon x1 (Sandstorm)
Wobbuffet x1 ( Sandstorm)
Mewtwo x1 (Expeditoin)
Ditto x1 (Base Set)

Time Capsule x1
Bill x 1
Recycle x 1
TV Reporter x1
Bills Teleporter x1
Miracle Berry x1
Item Finder x1
Super Potion x2
Sabrina's Psychic Control x1
Switch x1
Lt. Surges Secret Plan x1
Proffesor Elm x1
Pokeball x1

Ecogym x1

Psychic x21
Crystal Energyx1 (Aquapolis)
Boost Energy x1

What i do is take Chansey move all Damage counters to it use Blisseys Softboiled and remove the damage and the deevolve when i want to use it again