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Thread: May is growing up-(contestshipping) This is my first one...

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    Red face May is growing up-(contestshipping) This is my first one...

    One shot-May is growing up
    It's PG!
    it is short....
    if you want to say something about it... do so. PG!

    I felt my legs growing heavier as I dragged myself over to a bench. I was depressed. I had many things on my mind when I found out that I lost again, in the Pokemon Contest. It was because I was indolent and casusal. I was a complete amatuer.
    “I was so…stupid!” I lectured myself. I was criticizing myself again.

    “Good battle,” He said.

    I looked up at him with an astonished look. A boy about my age, with light green hair and lovely emerald eyes looked at me in a concerned way. He approached and flipped one of his bangs of his forehead to show how poise he was. “Show off,” I whispered to myself.

    It was Drew; he was smiling at me with a rose clasped around his fingers. “May, I know you tried hard. But I got to admit this, I’m way better than you.” I snickered at me waiting for me to reply.

    He won this time at the Pokemon Contest. My rival, Drew, he was boasting about how great he did. And I agreed on that, he did put on a show out there. And I did too. But…something was changing.

    Drew shoved the rose close to my face. Close enough to tickle my nose with. I smelled the faint smell of the rose blow onto my side, when I felt a breeze enter the waiting room. But I choose not to accept it.

    “Not today,” I sighed and walked off. Something bothered me today. Something I couldn’t explain.

    I had to ignore Drew, something was up. I wasn’t my usual self, there was a difference. It was like a magical spell that gave me a different taste of things. But I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

    I was outside the Pokemon Contest Stadium after the whole thing ended. But I was alone. I was traveling alone now. I was honored to be alone now, because, I took care of my brother most of the time while I was traveling with Ash and Brock.
    But that was more than two years ago…It’s different now.

    Why? I wondered. Why is it different?

    I began walking towards a steep path uphill facing the sun going down. Then I heard him. I heard Drew.

    “You don’t seem very happy.” He replied.

    “Well, I just lost in a Contest! Mr. Nice-Guy!”

    “Here, try to accept this instead of a ribbon.”

    Drew walked towards me in a slow pace. “Open your hands,” he said in a kind toned voice. Then I did. Then he pulled out the rose from before, out of his back pocket of his light green jeans.
    He placed the rose gently on my palm, and he curled his hands over mine and closed my hand.

    It was like he said, “you deserve it.” And he backed away and waved goodbye before I even spoke another word to him. He smiled when he left. He smiled for me to cheer me up… I thought.

    Drew was a kind person if I hated to admit it. He was annoying sometimes, but deep down he is a very kind person. And I knew that ever since I met him…Maybe I’m changing because of him.

    Ok that is my one-shot! I hope you liked it. If it’s that good, I might continue it… And I really will appreciate it if you would rate this. I might need to fix a lot of things though…. But, I just want to know if you enjoyed it!
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    I love how that was put! Short but sweet.Sorry fpr posting twice. I double clicked the button and it put two up. Please delete the other one please.
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    aww that fic was sooo cute and sweet. You ended a short one-shot with a sense of mystery but not just a dead end which is great! Brilliant fic!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Haruka Kinomiya View Post
    I love how that was put! Short but sweet.Sorry fpr posting twice. I double clicked the button and it put two up. Please delete the other one please.
    You can delete the post yourself. Please don't SPAM up my friend's thread.

    It's a major improvement from before, and the scene wasn't cheesey! (I've written and read way too many cheesey scenes before, so this is a relief)


    It was because I was indolent and causal. I was a complete amutuer.
    Indolent= ?!
    Causal= casual (say it out aloud as you read. Its Ca-su-al)
    Amuteur= Amateur

    May's thoughts on Drew seems IC. Kudoes to ya for that!
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    Thanks! I'm glad that you folks liked it!

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    It's sweet and cute, but short. Longer will be better... I think
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    eeeee!!!!! kawaii!! it was short but sweet!!! -dies from hyperness-

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