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But can you blame PUSA though? How could they have dubbed a main character who received close-to-zero development this season? If the kid wasn't a pain, I'd forget he was a stump next to May's leg altogether.
I don't know, but Max didn't do much in Hoenn either yet 4kids actually made him funny at times.

Some of those early/mid Hoenn episodes when Max would make fun of both Ash and May was quite funny, and that's why I didn't mind him back then. He really did seem like an amusing kid.

The writers themselves did get bored of Max in Battle Frontier, only in that Ranger/Deoxys episode did he have some sort of role, but PUSA just made it worse by giving him repetitive dialog.

I agree that it doesn't really matter since Max didn't do much in BF anyway, but at least they got his goodbye dialog with Ash right. Oh well.