I'd replace HEal Bell with Dragon Dance. It's an innovative idea that:

-Ensure's you'll be outspeeding Milotic
-At +2ish, maybe even +1, Blissey will fall to Brick Break
-Allows you to lure in things like Skarmory, assuming its regular DD
Yeah, I was going to use Heal Bell to Restore itself and its teamates, seeing Brick Break with 2HK0 Blissey (Yes.) and in Blissey's 2 Moves, it will probably use Thunder Wave, so I thought Heal Bell.. Funny, apparently Milotic is faster than Dragonite.. great.. so even though Thunder will 2HKO it, Milotic's Ice Beam (when it hits the second time) will kill it... ergh. Yeah.. I'm going to change Heal Bell with Dragon Dance so I can out-speed pokemon, and at that, power up Brick Break...
Well, Thanks Since Heal Bell was only supposed to heal Will-O-Wisp, Toxics, and Paralysis, should I give Dragonite Lum Berry over Leftovers?

Sigh. I should have said that I used that Hariyama with a Heal Bell Miltank in Colosseum so Rest wouldn't be an issue.

And for the record. I am a girl.
So you are using Rest? Wooh. And your a girl? Wow, I know nothing...