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Thread: Unfaithful - Pokeshipping, Indigoshipping and Contestshipping. One-shot

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    Post Unfaithful - Pokeshipping, Indigoshipping and Contestshipping. One-shot

    Unfaithful. Rated PG-13 or R. depending on how sensitive you are.

    This is a fic that is really based around the song Unfaithful by Rhianna. Indigoshipping, Pokeshipping and a little Contestshipping. It is kind of sad really, which I don’t usually put in my stories, but I loved the song and decided to make a fic about it. By the way, I don’t want you to think I have unintentionally gone way off the character’s personalities, because they are really different to reality in this story, they are also quite a few years older.

    Misty: 18
    Richie: 18
    Ash: 17
    May: 16
    Drew: 17

    And to him I just can’t be true,
    And I know that he knows I’m unfaithful and it kills him inside,
    To know that I am happy with some other guy,
    I can see him dying.

    ‘Morning honey,’ said Misty smiling at Ash.
    ‘Hi, are you going to the gym today?’ asked Ash.
    ‘I don’t know maybe. It depends if I can get my sister’s to look after it for me,’ muttered Misty, pouring herself some water.
    ‘I have to go to the Battle Tent today to instruct some people,’ muttered Ash, sipping his tea slowly.
    ‘Yeah, didn’t you have to go yesterday,’ asked Misty, leaning against the worktop.
    ‘Yes, did you have fun with May?’ asked Ash, not looking into her eyes.
    ‘Sure did. She and Drew treated me like royalty,’ lied Misty laughing.
    Of course she hadn’t gone to May and Drew’s house yesterday. She went to the place she did whenever she told one of her usual lies. She looked at Ash and smiled, tossing her long red hair from her face.
    ‘What are your plans for today apart from the Battle Tent?’ asked Misty.
    ‘I think that will take up my whole day. What about you?’
    ‘Probably just get some friends to hang out in town. I am not sure if May will come, because she likes to spend all her time with Drew. I will ask her anyway though,’ Misty lied, smiling and taking a sip of her water.

    I say I won’t be long,
    Just hanging with the girls,
    A lie I didn’t have to tell,
    Because we both know,
    Where I’m about to go,
    And we know it very well…

    ‘Okay. See you tonight love,’ said Ash getting to his feet.
    He walked over and pecked Misty on the cheek and she smiled as usual. Pikachu didn’t look to happy when Misty stroked his head as he jumped onto Ash’s shoulder. He was obviously aware of what she doing as much as Ash was. Misty heaved a sigh once Ash had closed the door behind him. She could not help but do what she was doing, but she felt so guilty because she knew that she was destroying Ash in the process.
    Misty suddenly thought of the boy that was causing her mind to falter and all her feelings of guilt disappeared as she grabbed her jacket and ran out of the door, her glossy red hair flowing behind her. She reached the house on the edge of Cerulean City where he had recently moved and knocked on the door excitedly.
    A young man of eighteen years answered the door. He had spiky brown hair that was covered by a blue cap, and was wearing a Green combat jacket and matching baggy trousers.
    ‘Misty,’ he said, smiling down at her and allowing her in.
    ‘Thanks,’ said Misty kissing him longingly once he had closed the door, ‘I missed you Richie.’
    ‘We have only been away from each other since last night,’ said Richie laughing.
    ‘Yes I know, but I couldn’t stop thinking about you when I got home,’ said Misty kissing him again.
    Richie didn’t answer, he just kissed her back and pulled her closer to him passionately. Misty never thought about Ash when she was in these positions, but deep in her mind that she, herself, could not find, there was still a trace of guilt as she pulled Richie down onto the sofa when they reached the living room…

    Ash walked into the Battle Tent unhappily. He tried to convince himself that Misty was in town with May and some of the other girls having fun with them, but he couldn’t. He could not bear to think about what she could be doing right now, so he blocked it out as best he could.

    I don’t do this anymore,
    I don’t wanna be the reason why, every time I walk out the door,
    I see him die a little more inside,
    I don’t wanna be…a murderer.

    Misty slowly opened her eyes and they captured her surroundings. She went to sit up and noticed Richie still had his arm around her. They had moved up from the living room into Richie’s bedroom.
    ‘Oh no,’ Misty cried shrilly.
    ‘What?’ gasped Richie, sitting up in bed.
    ‘Look at the time! I told Ash I would be home an hour ago,’ Misty said, jumping out of bed and throwing her clothes on.
    ‘Misty, why do you stay with him?’ asked Richie suddenly, not moving out of the bed.
    ‘I…’ started Misty, and then stopped.
    Why did she stay with him? She obviously didn’t love him enough not to cheat on him. She just didn’t know.
    ‘I…I have to go Richie,’ said Misty, quickly brushing her hair which had become tousled.
    ‘Whatever,’ muttered Richie.
    ‘Please don’t be like that babe,’ said Misty, walking around to his side of the bed.
    ‘I just don’t see why you stay with Ash, when you spend nearly every day with me,’ said Richie.
    Misty felt upset, even though his voice wasn’t angry. This was the first time he had ever mentioned Ash. They never spoke of him.
    ‘Listen babe, I will sort it out, I promise,’ said Misty quietly.
    Misty leaned over and kissed him and didn’t resist as he pulled her closer to him. Eventually, Misty pulled away and hurried out of the house.
    Just as she rounded the corner, she smacked into someone.
    ‘Ow,’ groaned Misty, as she fell on the floor.
    ‘Hey Misty,’ she heard the person say.
    She looked up to see Drew.
    ‘Drew, what are you doing here?’ asked Misty as he helped her to her feet.
    ‘I am not on my own, May is just coming,’ he said smiling.
    Sure enough, a minute later, May popped up next to Drew, carrying a shopping bag.
    ‘Drew, I found a totally cool jacket, want to see?’ said May excitedly, before noticing Misty, ‘Oh hi Misty. Where have you been?’
    ‘With Melody!’ said Misty quickly.
    She was so good at lying now, she wasn’t even phased by doing it to her best friend. May looked confused.
    ‘I thought Melody still lived on Sheruti Island,’ said May, remembering what she had been told about the legend ceremony.
    ‘No she has been in Kanto for a while,’ Misty said.
    This was half-true. Though the down-side of this lie was Drew knew that Melody had left Kanto the previous day.
    Misty felt Drew staring at her, and she avoided his eyes and smiled at May.
    ‘So, what have you two been doing today?’ asked Misty.
    ‘Oh, the usual. We went to lunch, and then I dragged Drew around lots of shops. Then we had dinner, we have just this second come out of town,’ said May happily, holding onto Drew’s hand.
    Drew smiled affectionately at her, and then brought his eyes back up to Misty’s suspiciously.
    ‘What did you and Melody do?’ asked Drew in a sarcastic tone that only Misty managed to catch.
    ‘Oh, nothing much,’ said Misty nervously.
    She could tell Drew knew she was lying, but she didn’t know how.
    ‘We better go anyway Misty, and I am sure Ash is missing you. We saw him earlier, he told us you were out shopping. I guess you and Melody changed you plans though,’ said May, smiling clueless.
    ‘Yeah, see you guys tomorrow probably,’ said Misty sweetly, still only looking at May.
    ‘Bye,’ muttered Drew, putting his arm around May after letting go of her hand.
    ‘Yeah see you Misty,’ said May, who was blushing slightly and smiling happily.
    Misty walked past them smiling, and then frowned miserably. It was so simple for them. She envied them so much, the way May blushed when Drew put his arm around her, and the way Drew smiled at May when she was talking. It was all so perfect and real. Unlike her relationship with both Richie and Ash.
    She took out her key as she approached the house and let herself in. Ash was sat at the kitchen table as she walked quietly in there. She stood in the doorway and watched him, he hadn’t seen her yet. His eyes were blank, and his head was bowed. His hands were clutching a cup of tea that Misty could tell had gone cold.
    ‘Hi Ash,’ said Misty in a high voice.
    Ash looked up abruptly.
    ‘Oh, hello love,’ he said in a hoarse voice, ‘how was your day?’
    ‘Fine thanks. I went to see Melody, she has been staying near cerulean,’ said Misty, ‘we decided not to go to town.’
    Yes! She had helped her story, through what May and Drew had told her.
    ‘Yes, that is strange. Has Melody changed her plans or something?’ asked Ash, not looking at her.
    ‘Well, Drew and I were talking about Melody today because he had seen her, and he said that she went home yesterday.’
    Misty’s stomach jolted. That’s why drew had been looking at her like that.
    ‘Yes, she changed her plans,’ Misty replied hastily.
    ‘Oh, ok,’ said Ash, pushing his seat away from the table.
    Misty could tell from Ash’s eyes that he was exhausted, and she could tell at night that he wasn’t asleep when he was pretending to be.

    Our love, is trust,
    I might as well take a gun and put it to his head,
    Get it over with,
    I don’t wanna do this anymore.

    Misty walked over and hugged him.
    ‘I’m sorry,’ she whispered.
    ‘For what?’ asked Ash, putting his hands on her back.
    Misty didn’t say anything. She just put her head on Ash’s shoulder and sighed.
    ‘I am really tired, I am going to go to bed babe, are you coming?’ asked Misty.
    ‘No, you go ahead.’
    Misty turned away and didn’t look into his eyes. She walked into their bedroom and changed into her night clothes and climbed into the double bed.

    Misty awoke feeling refreshed the next morning. She walked into the kitchen and saw Ash sitting at the table as usual.
    ‘Morning darling,’ Misty said cheerfully.
    She walked into the open plan dining room and brushed her hair in the mirror.
    ‘Battle Tent again today?’ asked Misty, brushing her hair.
    ‘Yes,’ said Ash quietly.
    ‘Cool, I am going to head over to the gym,’ said Misty.
    ‘Okay,’ mumbled Ash.
    He walked over and kissed her on the cheek. Misty smiled, hoping it was the same sort of smile May had when she looked at Drew. Though she knew deep down inside, it wasn’t.

    I feel it in the air,
    As I’m doing my hair,
    Preparing for another day,
    A kiss upon my cheek,
    As he reluctantly,
    Asks if I’m gonna be out late…

    ~Two hours later~

    ‘Misty, what’s wrong,’ asked Richie.
    Misty stayed silent. Once again, she was next to Richie in his bed, after sleeping with him. Richie pulled her across so she was against him and smiled down at her.
    ‘Come on Mist’, be happy babe,’ Richie said soothingly.
    Misty didn’t know what to believe. She couldn’t help but melt under Richie’s gaze. He was soo handsome! No matter how hard she tried to deny it though, she had a rising guilt in her chest that, this time, wasn’t going away. Richie sighed.
    ‘It’s Ash, isn’t it,’ he said, looking a little irritated.
    ‘No, I am just not feeling well,’ said Misty.
    ‘I bet I can make you feel better,’ said Richie in a sexy voice, and before Misty knew it, her guilt had vanished.

    ~Scene Change~

    ‘Drew, you are quiet,’ muttered Ash.
    Drew jumped and looked up from the table.
    ‘Is everything okay babe?’ asked May, putting her hand on his shoulder.
    ‘Yeah, I’m fine. May can I talk to you outside a second, sorry Ash I will just be a minute.’
    Drew pulled May out of Ash’s kitchen and into the hall.
    ‘What?’ asked May, looking confused.
    ‘Misty wasn’t with Melody yesterday?’ hissed Drew quickly.
    ‘Of course she was, that’s what she said,’ said May.
    ‘No, I spoke to Melody a few days ago and she told me she was going home the day before yesterday, so Misty couldn’t have possibly been with her.’
    ‘Drew, what are you saying?’ asked May slowly.
    ‘I don’t know, but Misty was obviously somewhere that she didn’t want Ash to know. Seeing someone perhaps? Why else would she lie to him?’
    ‘Drew, you can’t be serious! Misty would never do that,’ said May shrilly.
    Drew shrugged and shook his head blankly.
    ‘Come on, we better go back in.’
    Ash was sitting at the table with his head in his hands when the young couple walked back in. Drew coughed discreetly and Ash looked up.
    ‘Oh, everything alright guys?’
    ‘Yeah just fine Ash. When will Misty be back?’
    ‘I don’t know,’ said Ash in a dull voice.
    ‘Where is she? I will go and meet her,’ said May cheerfully, obviously refusing to believe the truth in what Drew had told her.
    ‘She said she was going to the Gym this morning.’
    ‘Cool, back in a bit guys.’
    She kissed Drew and then skipped out the door with an ecstatic expression on her face.
    ‘Weird,’ muttered Drew, but there was a faint smile on his face.
    ‘She just loves you,’ said Ash, with an unreadable expression on her face.
    ‘Yeah,’ said Drew absently, obviously in thought, ‘but hey, Misty loves you.’
    ‘I guess,’ muttered Ash, ‘she acts different to May though.’

    ~May’s PoV~

    I smile widely as I skip out of Ash’s house. Oh, I love Drew so much. It almost seems like forever since he first shocked me at the Jhoto Grand Festival…
    Even though I finally managed to beat him in the Kanto Festival, Drew beat me in Jhoto, and ended up winning the whole thing. Earning himself the title of Top Coordinator. Later that day, when I was sat on the bench outside (I was a little sad about losing), he came outside to me and well…after comforting me, he ended up kissing me.
    I blush slightly thinking about it, which is silly really.
    ‘Excuse me, are you, like, going to the Gym?’ I hear a voice behind me say.
    I look to see a tall, beautiful girl with long wavy locks of blonde hair.
    ‘Yes, to see Misty,’ I say.
    ‘I’m her sister Daisy, like, Misty isn’t here now, no one is at this time of night. She, like, came in this morning to drop her Corsola off and she hasn’t been back since,’ Daisy says in a very superficial voice.
    ‘Well, do you know where she went?’ I ask.
    ‘Like yeah. My little sister can’t do anything without me knowing. You see that little house at the end of that road,’ she says, pointing down the road to a detached, bungalow-house, ‘she, like, goes there every day.’
    ‘Oh, thank you.’
    I hurry off down the road towards the house she told me about. I feel almost nervous as I walk up the path and knock on the door. There’s no answer, but I can see the lights on throughout the house. I sigh and walk around to the side of the house where I can see the window to the bedroom is. I peer in a gasp.
    ‘Misty and…Richie,’ I say, my eyes wide.
    I run back away from the house without a second glance and back to Ash’s.

    ~Back to Normal PoV~

    ‘Did you find her?’ asked Drew as May re-entered the house.
    May made sure Ash was still in the kitchen and nodded slowly.
    ‘She…she was…sleeping…Richie,’ May stuttered.
    Drew swore under his breath and led May back into the kitchen.
    ‘Ash, mate,’ said Drew, and May gasped and shook her head at him.
    ‘What?’ asked Ash.
    ‘I…I really think you need to talk to Misty,’ said Drew, not being able to tell him about what May had seen.
    ‘Yeah I know.’
    Drew didn’t know what to say. May was clutching his hand so tightly he was sure she was cutting off the bloody circulation.
    ‘We better go Ash. I am getting tired,’ said May, leaning her head against Drew’s shoulder.
    ‘Ok, see you guys,’ said Ash, getting up and showing them to the door.
    He watched as Drew and May walked down the path, Drew with his arm around May’s shoulder, and May with her arm around his waist. Ash felt his breath catch in his throat. He longed for he and Misty to have that kind of relationship, but he knew it was impossible.

    It was an hour later when Misty came home. She walked into the kitchen, expecting to see Ash sitting at the table waiting for her like he usually was. He wasn’t.
    ‘Ash,’ she called.
    ‘I’m in here.’
    Misty walked into the living room. Ash was sat on the sofa watching May’s Expeditions.
    ‘Oh, I love that show,’ said Misty awkwardly, trying to make conversation, ‘May has done really well with it.’
    ‘Yeah, she and Drew were here earlier.’
    ‘Cool. I have left Corsola at the Gym. Daisy and I looked after it today.’
    ‘Really? Why weren’t you there an hour ago?’
    Ash put the television on mute and turned to look at Misty.
    ‘May went to get you from the Gym because you were late and she came back alone, which means that either you refused to go with her, or you were somewhere else.’
    ‘Ash, I-’
    ‘I don’t need to hear any more of your lies!’ shouted Ash standing up and Misty flinched.
    ‘I- I’m not lying.’
    ‘Whatever Misty.’
    Ash walked passed her and into the bedroom and shut the door behind him. Misty tried to take deep breaths, but they were choked with tears. Her eyes brimmed with tears and they started to spill down her face and fall onto the floor.

    Story of my life,
    Searching for the right,
    But it keeps avoiding me,
    Sorrow in my soul,
    Cause it seems that wrong,
    Really loves my company.

    It was over and she knew it. How had she got herself into this mess? Why couldn’t she be like May, and be faithful and loving? Misty sank to the floor in a flood of tears.
    As she fell into an uncomfortable sleep half an hour later, she hoped she would dream of a way to get herself out of this. She knew one thing though, all those times she convinced herself Ash believed her, he didn’t. It was inevitable that sooner or later, he would tell her that he knew she was unfaithful.

    A/N That is the first fic like that which I have done, so I hope it is ok. Please R+R!


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    Wow it was great and it had such awesome detail! Keep up the good work!

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    yay! Finally a comment, thank you so much Swampert

    Samantha Jane

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    Very good, CD667! (Forget it, I'm just gonna call you CD) I re-read through for mistakes, didn't see any. Very good job!


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    Aww! Thanks Mudkip Kitteh. Yes, CD sounds good! lol

    Samantha Jane

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    This was an awesome fic CD(can I call you that too?) I have seen many amvs with the Song "Unfaithful" and am happy that someone finally got in a fic for it.
    All I can say is... wow, Misty cheating on Ash, this is the first fic I've actually seen with that with it, but I guess I should have expected it.
    And with Ritchie of all people.
    And what's Drew and May doing there? But, you made them look like a really cute couple. =D
    *sniffs* I feel so sorry for Ash, he should have confronted Misty a long time ago, good thing (or maybe bad thing?) that May saw Misty with Ritchie, but for Misty to cheat, you really made her seem like a bad character, and although she did cheat, I still feel sorry for her. D= Poor Misty, poor Ash.
    I blame this all on...RITCHIE! He shouldn't have done it! But it was Misty's fault too!
    Ahh, sorry for my insanity(?), it's a little late right now. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I really felt sorry for Ash and Misty but was happy you put in some cute contestshipping parts in the fic! <3 <3
    Of course it did help that you used my faves of all faves of songs, Unfaithful, love the song and love all of the amvs and now, fic that comes with it! I give this a 5/5! Good one-shot CD, I enjoyed reading it, tearfully.
    ~*Uza-chan's Good bye*~


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    lol! Your comment was very flattering but also very funny UH (that is what I am calling you lol).
    I know I made misty back *shots*. I just thought it would be a good idea for a fic lol.
    I am glad you liked the CS moments, of course whenever I write a fic there has to be contestshipping in it somehwere lol
    Thanks again for the comment

    Aw, wow another comment.

    Thank you very much Kaega-luv, that is really nice of you to say!

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    lol! Your comment was very flattering but also very funny UH (that is what I am calling you lol).
    ah hah, kay, call me that if you want. Your welcome for the comment, y'know? I'm gonna go check out some of your other fics, hope their as good as this one is! ^^
    ~*Uza-chan's Good bye*~


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    wow thank you. I hope you like my other fics, though they asre very different

    Samantha Jane

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    I read this fic a while ago and loved it. As I always say, drama makes a good fic.
    Under construction ^_^;;

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    I read this fic a while ago and loved it. As I always say, drama makes a good fic.
    wow thank you! You are right, Drama is good hehe

    Samantha Jane

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