Here's the place to talk about everything for the RPG. I know I'll probably be in here asking for a refresher on the places in ToS x.x I haven't played the game in a bit, so I might be alittle rusty. I guess a couple of questions that might be asked right away that I will answer now:

Yes, Relationships will be allowed, but maybe keep kissing as the maximum for showing of love. Holding hands, cuddling, etc. are fine.

Yes, I will allow swearing, but trying to keep it to a minimum.

I like to allow these because I think it allows people to show more feeling. Also, as I stated in the Sign Up somewhere, the Basic RPG Rules will apply. No bunnying without permission, no godmodding etc. Need I remind people that we do have two mods in this RPG. =P

Enjoy and Have Fun. ^_^