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Thread: Hero (K+; Pokeshipping)

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    Talking Hero (K+; Pokeshipping)

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    Hi, I'm new here and I'm hoping this fic that I recently started is good enough for you reviewers. Please, judge it but not too harshly, I'm only fifteen and this is my first Pokefic!
    Author’s Note: I don’t own Pokemon, I’m not trying to keep track of the way Pokemon on television is going even though Ash’s final gym battle will be against Wallace, I think, (it says it on my sister’s sapphire game). This is my own thing so if something happens on TV in the battle that didn’t happen here or happened to happen here, it’s not my fault! This is my first Pokemon fic ever (even though I’ve wrote my own personal bloopers) so please be nice!
    Thanks and here you have it;

    Chapter 1 – The Rain Badge

    "Because you are a guest here, you may go first," Wallace smiled softly, "Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town."

    “Pikachu I choose you!” The spunky yellow electric Pokemon jumped down from its trainer’s shoulder and stood on one of the square platforms; the only surfaces in the battle dome.

    “Go, Luvy!” Wallace, leader of the Sootopolis gym and Ash Ketchum’s last obstacle before reaching the Hoenn League exclaimed, releasing a Luvdisc.

    “Luvdisc, Luv Luv, Luvdisc, Luv!” the heart-shaped Pokemon splashed into the pool the battle stadium was made up of.

    Ash and Wallace stood on opposite sides of this gigantic mass of water, Wallace on a high, green diving board while Ash stood near the border of the pool with nothing but a platform around him.

    “Luvdisc, eh?” Ash smirked and took out his Pokedex.

    “Luvdisc, the rendezvous water Pokemon; because of Luvdisc’s agility, its attacks are twice as swift as a regular water type. Luvdisc's speed is instantly raised when rain dance is in effect,” the Pokedex recited matter-of-factly.

    “Luvdisc may be fast, but not fast enough for,” Ash stood up straight and exclaimed, “Pikachu, tackle!”

    Pikachu hopped from platform to platform quickly and went to tackle Luvdisc and—

    “Luvy, dodge it!” Luvdisc moved to the left at the speed of light just as Pikachu reached it and was at the other side of the pool in a second.

    Pikachu stopped and spun around, facing Luvdisc. Ash smirked then grinned brightly, ordering Pikachu to use thundershock on the entire pool. If he won this last round, Ash could participate in the long awaited Hoenn League. In the last two rounds, Ash had won with Torkoal once until Wallace’s Milotic had used recover without being ordered and then used water pulse to knock out Torkoal; making the battle 1-1.
    Pikachu zapped the water with a tremendous blast and without the need of orders, Luvdisc ducked underwater.

    “That finished it,” Ash’s smile grew wider as he saw that Luvdisc didn’t come back up.

    “Are you sure Ash?” Wallace gave him a white smile and flipped his hair, “Now, Luvy, GO!”

    Ash felt a jolt of panic and Luvdisc swam right under Pikachu’s platform in the middle of the arena and knocked its head against the bottom of the platform.
    Pikachu yelped and with the force Luvdisc had used, was toppled into the water, where it floated, searching for a sight of the opponent.

    Ash gasped and leaned over to see if he could spot Luvdisc as it dove into the darkness of the still waters, “but… electricity should have done something!”

    “Just like a glamorous beauty queen reclaims her prize, Luvdisc will claim her opponent,” Wallace giggled, flipped his vibrant blue hair once more and chuckled, "Luvdisc tackle!"

    “Oh no,” May and Max exclaimed from the stands, where they were sitting with Brock, watching the battle intently.

    Luvdisc zoomed under Pikachu and knocked him right out of the water at full force before returning under the water.

    “This is bad,” Brock crossed his arms and nodded sternly, “since Ash can’t see where Luvdisc is in that dark water, he doesn’t know where to send Pikachu’s attack.”

    “What about the thundershock? We saw it course through all the pool, how could Luvdisc have avoided it?” May questioned.

    Max knew that one, “Luvdisc must’ve known from experience that an electric Pokemon would do that, so it took the hit underwater and then used safeguard. It’s hurt but just barely; obviously Wallace has strengthened its power to protect itself. That’s why it took so long to surface…”

    They continued watching the battle, contemplating Ash’s next possible move. Ash grimaced and pondered what Pikachu could do.

    “If Pikachu couldn’t affect Luvdisc in the water…” Ash murmured, “then maybe he can outside of it! That’s it! Pikachu, look underwater and find Luvdisc!”

    Pikachu nodded and dived, exclaiming a gurgled “pika,” underwater when it had found the gym leader's Pokemon.

    “Ok,” Ash smirked, “Pikachu, use Irontail on Luvdisc and knock it out of the water!”

    Everything was silent until they heard a giant splash and Luvdisc was sent flying out of the water and onto one of the platforms where it coughed softly and tried to regain power.

    “Luvy!” Wallace exclaimed, thinking up a move, “use—”

    “Pikachu,” Ash cut him off, “thundershock Luvdisc now!”

    A giant lightning shot of the water and hit Luvdisc at full power. The heart-shaped Pokemon cried out and coughed smoke before it fainted.

    “Luvdisc is unable to battle, Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town is the winner of a Rain Badge!” the referee signaled and Ash jumped up and down happily.

    “Yeah, we won Pikachu!” Pikachu zoomed out of the water and into Ash’s arms happily with a squeaky “cha!”

    “Yes! Hoenn League here I come!” Ash Ketchum, turned his Pokecap backwards and held his newly earned badge in the air, “Yes I got a Rain Badge!”

    “Pika!” Pikachu exclaimed happily, hopping on Ash’s shoulder.

    “Congratulations Ash,” Wallace walked up to him and shook hands proudly, flipping his blue hair, “Glad to battle such a skilled trainer as yourself, you deserved it!”

    “I know I did,” Ash replied proudly, “and I will be the champion of the Hoenn League no matter what!”

    “Now Ash,” Brock reminded knowingly, “don’t get ahead of yourself just yet, you don’t know who you’re going against!”

    “Oh cheer up mate!” Wallace laughed his British laugh, “Ash won fair and square, you should celebrate his victory... the lovely island; Pacifidlog, near here, is just a few miles away… You can rest there before going to the Tournament; that’s where it takes place I’m told… They have wonderful food and the Pokemon Center is offering free rooms for groups!”

    “Cool,” Ash, May, and Max commented while a dreamy look overcame Brock.

    “Oh, where there’s a Pokemon Center there’s a Nurse Joy,” he said romantically, “and where there’s Nurse Joy there’s Officer Jenny and where they are; there, I must be!”

    “Whatever Romeo, chill out,” Max pull Brock's ear until he was back to normal.
    Ash smiled nervously and turned back to Wallace, “So Pacifidlog huh? I guess that’s where we’ll be!”

    “There’s a ferry traveling there in about half an hour so you’d better hurry before it leaves!” Wallace warned, “it was wonderful battling you Ash!”
    “Same to you Wallace,” Ash returned his warm gesture and turned toward the door with May, Max, and Brock on his trail.

    “Bye!” Wallace jumped up and down gaily and flipped his blue hair one last time before he was out of their sight.

    “A bit weird isn’t he?” May questioned to the group, “I mean the way he does that flip thingy all the time…”

    “Well, it doesn’t really matter anyway May,” Brock pointed out, “if he’s strong in battle, that’s all that should matter.”

    “Besides,” Ash cut in, “I beat him so if he was a strong gym leader I must be a pretty great trainer!”

    “Great my butt, you wouldn’t know great,” May countered sarcastically, “if it danced the hockey pokey naked in front of you wearing a Nurse hat.”

    “Wanna bet,” Ash growled angrily.

    “Doesn’t this remind me of something?” Brock said thoughtfully, more to himself than the others, “yep it does.”

    “Of what?” Max asked, while the other two bickered.

    “Of when Misty was here,” Brock said satisfied.

    “You mean Misty? The gym leader who used to travel with you guys?” Max asked, “She is so cool, especially when we were a Mirage Kingdom with her and Togepi--or should I say, Togetic!”

    “Yeah, she is cool, when it comes to battling,” Brock smiled and caught Ash’s eye, “but she wasn’t so cool when her temper got the better of her and Ash; all they did most of the time was argue.”

    “Really? Kind of like Ash and May?” Max gestured to Ash and May who had stopped fighting and were now listening to the others’ conversation.

    “Kind of, but not exactly,” Brock said loudly enough for Ash to hear, “there was something different about Misty…”

    “What do you mean?” Ash said angrily, “what’s so different?”

    Brock chuckled and shook his head, “You’ll find out someday!”

    "Why do I seem to hear that alot?" Ash protested, "From you, the Trovita Island gym leader in the Orange Islands and-"

    May and Max scratched their heads but nothing more was said until they reached the ferryport.
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    Talking Chapter 2 is up!

    Lovely--Misty--Fan –Thanks so much for your review… I know no ones probably interested in this fic yet because I’m not known or haven’t gotten started, but this is just how I’m planning to start .

    Chapter 2 – Just to Bother Ash

    “Azurill, go!” the girl watched her Pokemon step on one of the platforms and cry out its name confidently.

    “I choose you, Sparky!” the boy grinned and watched the Pokemon step forward.

    “Oh yeah, I remember you,” the gym leader smirked and folded her arms, “same Pokemon your exact twin would’ve chosen against me…”

    “So you remember Ash too huh?” the challenger pulled his hat backwards and said, “ready?”

    “Begin!” the gym leader’s sisters announced.

    “Sparky, quick attack!” the brown haired boy yelled and the Pikachu was off.

    “Dodge it,” Azurill moved to the right, but the Pikachu continued following it until Azurill was toppled into the water.

    “Wow, you’re good,” the gym leader smiled brightly, “too bad this isn’t an official battle, otherwise I’d go easy on you, Richie!”

    “I don’t need your badge Misty,” Richie replied politely, “I got it a long time ago against all three of your sisters.”

    “Well they are pretty easy to beat,” Misty grinned jokingly as her sisters exclaimed, “Like, hey!”

    “Sparky, thundershock!”

    “Azurill use ice beam to protect yourself,” Misty remembered the attack she rarely used.

    As the thundershock was reaching its target, Azurill quickly made a barrier in front of it that the shock quickly broke but left Azurill unharmed.

    “I see your Azurill is strong,” Richie commented and dropped his gaze to the ground before him, analyzing possible moves, “let’s see, this is a water field and Azurill can protect itself instantly if it wants… but not that quickly!”

    “Huh?” Misty looked puzzled as Richie ordered his Pikachu to use double team and advance on Azurill.

    Misty quickly said to Azurill, “Do exactly what you did before but all around yourself.”

    Azurill began forming the barrier as 2 dozen “Sparkys” advanced on it from all sides. As Azurill was nearly finished, Richie exclaimed, “Sparky, now, tackle and then you know what to do!”

    The Pikachu shot out of the bunch at full speed and got into Azurill’s barrier just as the iced wall closed. Sparky knocked the water Pokemon against the wall, nodded to its master, and hit Azurill with its most powerful thundershock.

    “Azurill!” Misty exclaimed watching as her Pokemon fainted.

    She hopped from one platform to the other and took Azurill into her arms as Sparky scampered back onto Richie’s shoulder proudly with a “Pikachu!”

    “Good job Sparky,” Richie laughed as his Pikachu licked his cheek lovingly.
    He hopped toward Misty and helped her back to the land area of the giant arena, “Azurill was really good too, the way you two communicated so quickly!”

    “Thanks, but you weren’t half bad either,” Misty handed her Azurill to her sister Lily and turned to Richie, shaking hands, “obviously, since you beat me!”

    “Yeah I guess,” Richie blushed and thanked her, “So how’s my “twin” doing?”

    “You mean Ash?” Misty smiled, “well I haven’t spoken to him for a while but Professor Oak tells me it’s because they’re traveling to more islands than they’re supposed to.”

    “Why’s that?” Richie asked.

    “Well, first off May is a Coordinator and wants to earn five contest ribbons so she can compete in this big festival contest,” Misty answered, “and knowing Ash, he’s probably getting lost too much without my help!”

    “I’m sure he’s fine,” Richie said, “hey, I heard they’re giving the Hoenn League soon, you think Ash is competing in this one?”

    “Actually, I’m not so sure,” Misty said, “I’m thinking he’s probably gonna do next season’s one—I honestly don’t think he’d get all of his badges yet! Plus May—”

    “Forget May,” Richie smiled, “have alittle more confidence in Ash, he’s a really good trainer!”

    “I know, but since he’s carrying so much weight around,” she meant people, “I don’t think he’d make it this quickly!”

    “Hey, I’ll tell you what, you’ve been working way too hard,” Richie said, “I’m inviting you to come with me to the Hoenn League tournament, it doesn’t matter if Ash is there or not because if he’s not—”

    “Then we can tell him the kind of competition he may be facing,” Misty caught on.

    “Plus you’ll get a break from all of this training, if you want, you can invite Tracey to come, I’m sure he’d love sketching all the battles!”

    “That’s a great idea,” Misty said, “C’mon, let’s go call him.”

    Misty led him to the Pokephone and as they called up Tracey, there was a voice behind them, “Hey Misty.”

    Misty turned around and saw a blushing brown haired teenager holding a bouquet of flowers, “Hello, Georgio! What are you doing here?”

    Before Georgio could answer, Richie asked, “Who are you?”

    “Oh, we met when, well,” Misty and Georgio both blushed, “well Georgio wanted to take me out on a date to an Electabuzz game but I said no.”

    “Oh,” Richie looked from Georgio to Misty and back to Georgio, “so what do you want, er, Georgio?”

    “Well, umm, well M-Misty,” Georgio handed Misty the rose bouquet and continued stuttering, “I er, well I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to, you know, there’s this big Hoenn League and I have tickets and you know, um…”

    “You want me to go with you?” Misty concluded.

    “Well, in a sense, yes,” Georgio sighed from all the frustration and stuck out the tickets shyly, “do I have to battle you this time too? Because I really trained my Delcatty and I know you’ve never been to that tournament and you love Pokemon—”

    “It’s fine,” Misty smiled and glanced at Richie, “I was wondering, do you happen to have an extra ticket too?”

    “Yeah, I have a lot, you see,” Georgio explained in a breath, “my dad is friends with Professor Oak and Oak is going to be a guest announcer and I was wondering if you wanted to accompany us…”

    Misty brightened up, “that would be great, even Professor Oak’s coming!”
    “Yeah, he invited this kid Tracey to come with us,” Georgio smiled, “So you’re saying you’ll come?”

    “Yes! We both are,” Misty linked arms with Richie happily, “well, let’s get ready!”

    “Wait one minute!” Misty’s sisters Violet, Lily, and Daisy stood behind Georgio, “Like, Misty, we need you to stay here since you’re our 'substitute gym leader' and you’re totally raising our gym status, you can’t leave for that long!”

    “But guys,” Misty complained, “I’ve been here for too long and you know I really want to be the best water Pokemon trainer! I want to watch matches live!”

    “You can watch them right here,” Violet stated.

    “Please, I’d really like to go,” Misty pleaded, “We got free tickets and besides you said I’m only a ‘substitute’, you guys can take over now!”

    “Well, like, Misty we mean you were substitute because,” all three of them posed gracefully, “the three sensational sisters are the only true gym leaders, you’re just here to win our battles!”

    “Fine,” Misty said, “then I’ll battle all three of you for permission to go!”

    “Misty, are you, like sure?” Daisy asked unsurely, “I mean, we’re pretty good together!”

    “I’m positive,” Misty smiled cunningly, “I’ll pick three Pokemon and you all each pick one, when two of our Pokemon are unable to battle, the other one wins.”

    “Like, fine,” the sisters chanted and grabbed three Pokeballs.

    Misty did the same and headed to the opposite side of the pool, throwing out Gyarados, Horsea, and as she called out Starmie; Psyduck popped into the water.

    “Psyduck!” Misty exclaimed annoyed.

    “Psy, Psy!” it cried, trying as hard as it could to sustain itself above the water.

    Gyarados came up right in time and swooped the confused Pokemon onto one of the colored platforms.

    “Wait, Psyduck can’t swim?” Richie and Georgio exclaimed.

    All three of the sensational sisters began laughing at Misty, nodding their heads.

    “Psyduck re—” Misty was just about to say when her sisters quickly told her she wasn’t allowed to recall her Pokemon when it was already on the battle area, “What, but you know Psyduck can never do anything!”

    “We know,” they chanted calling out Staru, Goldeen, and Seel.

    “Ugh!” Misty slapped her forehead then remembered something and thought hey I don’t think my sisters know Psyduck can do Confusion and Disable! Well, I know how to win now!

    “Goldeen, use horn attack against Horsea!” Lily commanded and Goldeen shot its way at the small seahorse.

    “Horsea,” Misty smirked, “hide behind Psyduck!”

    Horsea looked at her confused but obeyed and just like Misty wanted, Goldeen attacked the panicky Psyduck. Psyduck was knocked down but still good to battle. Then Misty ordered Gyarados to use Hyperbeam on Staru, but just as it started forming, Daisy and Lily ordered Goldeen and Seel to tackle Gyarados from both sides. Gyarados was hurt but shot its Hyperbeam anyway. Unfortunately the angle was wrong and it hit a distressed Psyduck, who wailed and took the hit.

    “Oh no, that wasn’t supposed to happen,” Misty said unsurely, if Psyduck gets hit and not bitten or grabbed at its head then it won’t be able to do its special attacks, “Wait, I know! Gyarados wrap yourself around Psyduck’s body and squish it really hard!”

    Gyarados had just recovered slightly from the hit and wondered what Misty had in plan, but reluctantly did as she said.

    “PSY, psy, psy, DUCK!” Psyduck became anxious and squirmed in Gyarados’ grasp.

    “Like, Misty, are you out of your mind?” her sisters asked nervously, “what are you doing to your Pokemon?”

    Even the Pokemon seemed confused, but since the sensational sisters were so puzzled, they chose to watch rather than attack. No one knew what Misty was doing.

    “Psyduck!” Misty exclaimed confidently as Psyduck froze and its eyes began to glow white, “Use confusion on Staru, Goldeen, and Seel!”

    Suddenly the three Pokemon were levitated off the ground and began squirming around like crazy.

    “Hey, Seel/Goldeen/Staru, what are you, like doing?!?” the girls yelled.

    “Yes,” Misty whispered and looked up yelling, “Now, Psyduck, DISABLE!”
    Psyduck moved the Pokemon in midair and slammed them, hard, against the platforms.

    “All three of Lily, Violet, and Daisy’s Pokemon are unable to battle, Misty is the winner!” Richie declared, holding up his left arm indicating Misty.

    “Yes! Good job Psyduck!” Misty ran over and hugged the still distressed Pokemon.

    “Psy,” it had no idea what had happened.

    “Wow, that was like pretty good,” her sisters had to admit and returned all of their fainted Pokemon.

    “So that means I can go right?” Misty smiled and winked, “I am definitely taking Psyduck with me to the tournament—just in case!”

    Lily, Daisy, and Violet nodded and walked over to Misty, “Yes you are but whatever! This will just help us practice against other little trainers and when you come back, we’ll be ready for a rematch!”

    “That would be great,” it was good to agree with her sisters for once, “So as soon as Azurill has recovered, we can go.”

    Georgio blushed and Richie nodded, “we’ll go ahead and you can meet up with us at Oak’s laboratory and then we’ll go, how about that?”

    “Sure,” Misty nodded and bid her friends farewell, going to her room to pack her new pink bag and wear her new clothes.

    I hope Ash won’t be there, otherwise he might think, she blushed, that I’m dating Richie or Georgio—Because they are kind of cute.
    Maybe I should date them,
    Misty's frown turned into a smirk instantly,
    Just to bother Ash.
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    Default Chapter 3

    I'd really like it if at leasy some reviewed with somethign rather than nothing. But whatever, this is all for fun anyway

    Chapter 3 – Path to Pacifidlog

    Ash and friends reached the port just as the ferry blew its horn for final passengers to hop on.

    “Who knew,” May gasped, breathing and exhaling puffs of air slowly so she could keep up with Brock and Ash, “that the Sootopolis gym would be so far from the Sootopolis Port!”

    “Yeah,” Max agreed, jogging at May’s exact speed.

    “C’mon you guys, hurry up!” Ash and Brock were already close enough to the ferry to signal them to wait a few more seconds.

    The man helping the ferry out of the port nodded sympathetically and signaled for it to move slower. The ferry was just about to pull out when Ash, May, Brock, and Max made a jump for it and landed inside the ship just in time. They continued lying on the floor of the ferry to catch their breath.

    “Well, well, well,” a male voice chuckled maliciously, “look who it is; May.”
    May looked up and had to squint her eyes and cup her face with her hands to be able to distinguish the person standing before them in the white hot sun.

    “Drew?” the green-haired boy smirked down at the girl below him, smelling the rose in his hand.

    “Nice to see you still know who I am,” he reached out his hand to help her up and she gladly accepted.

    “Gee thanks,” she smiled at him, “Drew, what are you doing here?”

    “Well, I heard this famous Pokemon Expert was going to be at Pacifidlog Town,” Drew’s smile brightened, “and I just felt I needed to go see him and ask him for tips on Pokemon attacks to help my Coordinating—if the old man has any of course.”

    “Oh, you mean at the Hoenn League?” Ash jumped in before May could say anything, “What’s his name?”

    “Well, first off, yes he will be the guest announcer at the Hoenn League and…” he looked Ash up and down, “Why would you care?”

    “Well first off,” Ash responded, mimicking Drew, “I happen to be competing in the Hoenn League…”

    Ash showed him the badges, “and second, I know a lot of Pokemon experts and I was just wondering.”

    “Oh well,” Drew crossed his arms and looked around aimlessly, “I don’t know what his name was; Pine, Palm, Bark, Wood—”

    “Oak?” Ash and May chimed and looked at each other surprised, “wow!”

    Max and Brock, who were standing behind them quietly, chuckled and nodded.

    “As a matter of fact,” Drew said softly, “that WAS his name; you must really know your experts, Ash!”

    “Thanks,” Ash stood proudly until he noticed Drew was being sarcastic, “hey!”

    Drew and May laughed and May continued, “cool, so I guess we’ll see you there?”

    “I guess so,” Drew nodded to May, stood there gazing at her for five seconds and handed her the rose, “I’ll always be the better Coordinator.”

    Then he disappeared into the crowd of people on the ferry, “Why does he always do that?”

    “I have no idea,” Ash shook his head.

    “Maybe he’s giving you the rose as a sign hat he has a burning desire to be with you, but doesn’t want to sound like a loser so he says something slick instead,” Brock pointed out.

    Everyone in the group was silent until they all burst out laughing, including Brock.

    “Good one Brock,” May giggled and put the rose in her waist bag, “but I sure like the roses.”

    “I know, sorry, May, stupid theory,” Brock wiped a joyful tear from his eye and the gang decided to walk around and tour the ferry for a while, not knowing someone was watching from the shadows.

    “This is a perfect plan Jessie,” James grinned, “now we’ll really get Pikachu!”

    “Yeah, da boss will so proud,” Meowth cheered.

    “I know it is,” Jessie grinned and they all chimed with a maniac laugh, “Pikachu, we’ll get you!”

    Misty rode her bike to Pallet Town where she was meeting Richie, Tracey, Georgio, and Oak at the lab. When at her gym, Misty usually sported a yellow shirt and some shorts, but when she was going somewhere, she chose a combination consisting of a tight ruby undershirt, a yellow vest that reached just above her navel, and a matching yellow pair of shorts that reached just below her thighs. To match this ensemble she wore a pair of orange converse. On the front of her bike, in between the handles, sat Azurill in a khaki-colored basket.

    “It’s great to finally go out somewhere, eh Azurill?” Misty smiled down at her mouse Pokemon.

    “Rill, rill,” Azurill hopped up and down happily in the carrier basket.

    “I’m glad you agree,” Misty looked straight ahead as they reached the hill leading to Pallet Town, “finally. I feel like we’ve been traveling for hours!”

    Suddenly her PokeNav began ringing and Misty stopped to answer it, “oh, it’s Tracey. Hello?”

    “Hey Misty,” Tracey’s voice could be heard, “Richie, Georgio, and I have been trying to think of things to talk about and I think the only conversation left is about makeup and hair products!”

    Misty laughed at Tracey’s joke, “that’s very nice, but I’m sorry to say you won’t be able to talk much longer, I’m already at the hill over viewing Pallet!”

    “About time too, we’ll be waiting for you outside Oak’s lab, bye,” and with that, Tracey ended the connection.

    “Bye,” Misty said to her PokeNav and got back onto her bike, “Come on Azurill, in day’s time we’ll be in Pacifidlog!”

    She hopped on and continued pedaling as fast as she could to the lab with Azurill’s loud voice fading as they drew further and further away from the hill overseeing Pallet Town.

    “I wonder why this ferry is taking so long,” Max asked, pushing up his glasses and squinting down at the map of Hoenn, “We’ve already been on this ferry for at least an hour!”

    “Goodness Max,” May said, “Give the ferry a break!”

    “Yeah, but it’s not exactly getting there as quickly as possible either,” Ash pointed out.

    “Although Ash,” Brock took May’s side, “It doesn’t have to.”

    Max sighed and stood up from the bench they were sitting on, “I think I’m going to go to the bathroom…”

    “Yeah, and I’ll go get some drinks,” May took the money they had and the siblings left.

    It was silent between Brock and Ash for a minute until Brock broke the silence with an outburst, “You know it was different with you and Misty…”

    “Really, how so?” Ash looked at Brock confused, “if you mean we’ve known each other longer, then you’re right—”

    “No, I mean in your fights and discussions, it’s different,” Ash didn’t catch on, “I don’t know, forget it, it’s nothing important; just a thought.”

    “Oh, you mean like it’s a different kind of bond,” Ash actually gave a suitable response to his and Brock’s surprise.

    “Yeah,” Brock said, “it’s like you and Misty—”

    Too late. Brock spotted a tall blond haired woman his age walking past them, “Brock please don’t…”

    But Brock was already scampering to yet another “lost love” and introducing himself.

    “Hello fair maiden,” he pranced around her, “I am you knight in shining armor here to sweep you off your feet!”

    But this lady was prepared when she yelled, “Get away you freak!” and took out a bottle of perfume. She sprayed it right in his eyes and continued walking, muttering, “Loser.”

    “Ow, ow, it burns!” Brock pulled and scratched at his eyes in order to get the Eau de Toilette out but it was no use.

    Ash sighed and stood up, “better go take Brock to a bathroom sink, where he can wash off the stinging and his millionth rejection.”

    Richie, Georgio, and Tracey were already standing outside the door as Misty reached the lab.


    I know this one wasn't very length and I left it at a cliffhanger but hopefully someone will read this.
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    Wonderful story so far. Misty is rather sneaky. And I loved Brock's subtle hints about Ash and Misty. Shame Ash is too dense to get what he's actually saying.

    Now this made me laugh:

    “Goodness Max,” May said, “Give the ferry a break!”
    LOL! Seriously.

    Looking forward to more chapters. ^^


    Credit to Blue_Rakuen from LJ. <3~ you. ^^

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    Omygoodness! Someone actually replied! I thought no one would like this fic! Because no one was repling, do you want me to PM you when I have a new chappy up?
    you have so made my day! Want to be included in my fic just tell me!
    I thought I was working my butt off for nothing!
    Reviews make my day:
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    No problem Misty, I'm simply and truthfully returning the favour.
    I'd love to be on your PM list. ^^


    Credit to Blue_Rakuen from LJ. <3~ you. ^^

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    Exclamation Chapter 4 is coming up later today!

    You are now! Can I be on your PM list too? IF you happen to write another fic? Hey you wanna be shipping buddies?
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    Exclamation Chapter 4 Is Up!

    Thank you to everyone reviewing! This means alot! The chapter took alittle long to type up because it's the longest one yet so have patience! If you want me to add you to me PM list let me know!

    Chapter 4 – The Voice

    Misty stopped in front of the group of boys waiting for her and she got off the bike.

    “Phew,” Misty sighed and took Azurill in her arms, “that was hard, my legs hurt so bad!”

    Misty stretched her arms and legs before walking past the group into the lab, “I wonder where the professor is…”

    “He’s inside choosing what Pokemon and information to bring with him,” Tracey immediately responded following her with Georgio and Richie trailing behind.

    “You look very nice, er, Misty,” Georgio looked at his shoes and blushed.
    Misty blushed and sat down on a red couch in the laboratory’s main room, “Why thank you Georgio.”

    All three boys sat down on the couch across form Misty when Tracey yelled, “Professor we’re ready!”

    “Coming,” Professor Oak appeared in a white lab coat from a door at the top of a large staircase leading to his dormitory, “Why, hello Misty, how’s your gym going?”

    “Just wonderfully, my sisters are in charge right now so that I could take this break,” Misty walked over to him, “how have you been?”

    “Absolutely splendid,” Professor Oak walked with Misty down the steps and stood before the group, “the helicopter will be arriving shortly to take us to the tournament so—Tracey, would you mind getting my bags from the bedroom; it’s quite a lot for an old man like me…”

    “Sure Professor,” Tracey smiled humbly and disappeared behind the door.
    In a few seconds he reappeared with at least five bags and suitcases, “Umm, guys, alittle help?”

    “Sure,” Georgio ran to up to aid him and Richie asked, “Why so many things professor?”

    “Well Richie,” Professor Oak reached over to pet Sparky who sat on Richie’s shoulder, “I just think I need enough information about Pokemon and battle strategies since I’m going to be the guest announcer. I’d prefer to be prepared for anything.”

    “Oh, well I’m sure nothing will get past you now!” Misty agreed.

    “RRRRRINGGG!” There was a loud ringing coming from the room across from them.

    “Oh, someone’s calling,” Professor Oak smiled and excused himself.

    “I wonder who it is,” Misty pondered, straining her ears to listen for any sound coming from the room but was unsuccessful.

    “Maybe it’s the helicopter pilot,” Richie said, “or maybe someone from Hoenn…”

    “I don’t know, but I think we’d better go help Tracey and Georgio,” Misty grabbed Richie’s arm, “we’d better hurry before they trip down the stairs with all that luggage!”

    "Ladies and gentlemen, please make your way to the front of the ferry,” the loud speaker boomed, “we will arrive in a time range of fifteen minutes!”
    Max and May had long returned and the gang stood up with drinks in the hands.

    “Man that soda was good,” Ash smiled satisfied and threw it into a garbage can they had passed.

    “I can’t believe I’m going to get to see the Hoenn League live!” Max jumped up and down happily, “I’ve been waiting for this moment forever!”

    “I know,” May smiled down at her little brother, “I’m excited too!”

    “Don’t worry, it’s not something completely awesome,” Brock reassured.
    “Yeah we’ve been to over 3 already,” Ash smiled triumphantly, “it’s not such a big deal… unless I become THE winner!”

    “Well, then it’s not a big deal,” there was a voice behind them.

    Ash turned around and looked surprised, “Gary?”

    “Hello Ash,” Gary and Ash eyed each other, “We haven’t seen each other in a while…and look who it is… my two favorite cousins!”

    May and Max glared at Gary, “What do you want?”

    “Well, you know, since I’m competing for the League, I might as well meet my competition; Ash, I’m thinking you’re my future opponent?”

    “More than an opponent,” Ash smirked, “I’ll be the victor.”

    “Really?” Gary took out a Pokeball, “Then why don’t we have a mini battle, battle stops when the ferry reaches port… whoever’s Pokemon is most damaged loses!”

    “Fine,” Ash looked at Pikachu and it jumped down from his shoulder.

    “Pikachu huh? You still have that rat?” Gary smiled and threw his Pokeball as a pack of cheerleaders came up behind him.

    “Gary, Gary, he’s our man,” they jumped up and down, “if he can’t do it, no one can!”

    “Dragonair!” Gary called as a giant flying snake-like Pokemon appeared.

    “Dra!” Cried the long blue Pokemon with white wings for ears and an alabaster horn on its forehead.

    "Dragonair?" Ash and May puleld out their PokeDexs.

    "Dragonair, the dragon Pokemon," the Dex recited, "the evolution of Dratini and Pre-evolution of Dragonite; it's beauty is used to attract prey and it's long slim body is used to wrap their prey in a tight embrace to squish to life out of them."

    “Think your Pikachu can handle that?” Gary stood behind his Dragonair and put his hands on his hips confidently.

    “Pikachu can handle anything,” Ash said, “right Pikachu?”

    “Pika!” The small yellow Pokemon growled and stood before the giant creature.

    “Begin!” Brock exclaimed, holding up both his arms and dropping them quickly, moving out of the way of the two opponents.

    “Dragonair, thunderwave!” Gary commanded.

    Dragonair gave a piercing yell and out of its mouth shot a giant ball of thunder.

    “Pikachu, give it your strongest thundershock!” Ash yelled at his best friend.

    “Pika-” and Pikachu let out a large bolt of lightning that collided with Dragonair’s, “CHUUUUUU!”

    There was a large explosion and smoke went everywhere. Gary, Ash, and everyone on the ferry was thrown backwards.

    “Wow, I didn’t expect it to be that strong,” Ash muttered, blushing nervously, “now we’re in trouble!”

    “What is going on here?” the captain quickly ran up to the trainers lying on the ground when there was a loud laughing floating into the ferry.

    “Prepare for a blasting trouble!”

    “And make it explosively double!”

    “Team Rocket!” Ash exclaimed, “I knew the Pokemon didn’t make that huge explosion!”

    “To protect the world from devastation!”

    “To unite all peoples within our nation!”

    “To denounce the evils of truth and love!”

    “To extend our reach to the stars above!”

    “Jessie!” a large Meowth shaped balloon was floating above the ferry.

    “James!” Two tall figures were inside.

    “Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!”

    “Surrender now or prepare to fight, fight, fight!”

    “Meowth that’s right!” a Pokemon appeared next to them.

    “Wobbuffet!” And another.

    “Chy, Chy!” And another.

    “What are you guys doing here?” May asked angrily, “have you come to ruin everything again?”

    “You know we’ll just beat you again!” Max said.

    “Hahaha, that’s what you think!” the purple haired woman laughed and the group in the giant balloon smiled down at the panicking crowd, “we’re here for Pikachu!”

    “And we’re not leaving without it!” James said maliciously.

    “You’re not getting Pikachu,” Ash warned as Pikachu hopped back on his shoulder, “so you might as well leave now!”

    “Oh, the twerp is so foolish,” Meowth grinned and pointed to the black air-conditioning-looking machine that made rumbling noises and shot out bombs of smoke, “the Bombing-Suck-O-Matic Version XVL 739 is our best plan yet!”

    Team Rocket quickly took out a long tube and laughed. Jessie and James asked Meowth to plug it in. Meowth froze and laughed nervously.

    “Umm… plug it in?” Meowth grinned.

    “Yes plug it in, hurry up!” Jessie yelled irritated.

    “The box didn’t say anything about plugging in…”

    “Uh oh,” Team Rocket got scared.

    “Pikachu, use thundershock on Team Rocket!” Ash commanded.

    “Pika…CHUUUU!” The balloon exploded and Team Rocket were sent flying into the air.

    “We’re blasting off again!”

    “That was great Pikachu,” Ash smiled and turned to Gary, “I think I see Pacifidlog, I don’t think we’ll be able to finish our battle…”

    “Yeah, yeah,” Gary blew it away and returned Dragonair to its Pokeball, “we’ll have a rematch tomorrow… Loser.”

    There was a sudden halt and a happy voice came on the intercom, "Welcome to Pacifidlog Town! Enjoy your stay, please be aware the Hoenn League will be commencing tomorrow night; to purchase tickets please…”

    Ash watched Gary smirk and walk down and out of the ferry with his cheerleaders right behind.

    “Show off,” Ash muttered.

    “Aw, Ash,” May laughed, “lighten up, you can always show him up at the tournament!”

    “You’re right,” Ash smiled, “thanks May, c’mon you guys, let’s go register!”
    May, Max, Ash, and Brock hopped off the ferry and were approached by a group of sailors.

    “Hello, we saw your amazing performance with your Pikachu on board,” one of them complimented, “please accept our gratitude for sending Team Rocket away!”

    “No problem,” Ash put a hand behind his head and laughed, “We’re used to Team Rocket!”

    “Please allow us to show you to the Pokemon Center,” another announced, “I take it one of you is here for the Hoenn League?”

    “Yes, I am,” Ash responded proudly, “we were just on our way to register!”

    “Perfect, we’ll take you there,” and the band of sailors led them to what looked like a large camouflage-painted golf cart, “it’s a lot quicker this way!”

    “Thanks,” Ash and friends chanted, sitting in the cart.

    And it took off.

    “Oh Jessie!” James complained, getting up from the grassy floor bed in the middle of Pacifidlog Forest, rubbing his head, “why are our plans always ruined?”

    “I don’t know,” Jessie touched her aching back and returned Wobbuffet and Chimecho to their respective Pokeballs, “how about you Meowth?”

    “I got notin,” Meowth bowed his head sadly and Team Rocket sighed, falling back on the ground hopelessly, “we’ll never get Pikachu!”

    I may know a way, a dark voice from the shadows of the trees whispered.

    “What was that?” Team Rocket clung onto each other desperately, looking back and forth in search of the owner of the voice, “who are you?”

    I’ll tell you who I am, the voice continued, if you’re willing to help me…

    Team Rocket continued shaking and James murmured softly, “w-why should w-we help y-you?”

    Like I said, I can get you Pikachu.

    “And what do you want?” Meowth called out.

    The voice chuckled maliciously, Ash Ketchum.

    “How long has Professor Oak been on the Pokephone?” Misty sighed and laid down, staring at the wall, “I’m bored and the helicopter should have been here by now!”

    “I know what you mean,” Richie agreed and sat next to her, “it’s been more than thirty minutes!”

    “Oh guys, don’t get so unhappy,” Tracey put down the last piece of luggage into the hallway, “he’s probably just making arrangement for a bigger helicopter!”

    Richie and Misty sweatdropped as they saw the piles and piles of bags the professor was bringing.

    “Georgio,” Misty turned to him, “you’re so quiet, what’s the matter?”

    Georgio blushed and glanced at Misty, “Nothing.”

    “Aw, c’mon, loosen up buddy!” Richie smiled at the awfully shy boy and Sparky ran over to Georgio.

    “Pika,” it hopped on his head and ruffled up his hair.

    Georgio laughed and took the Pikachu off his head, “I guess you’re right, but I can’t help—well, Richie could I talk to you for a second?”

    “Sure,” Richie followed him out of the room and Misty sighed again.

    “Great!” she looked at Tracey wearily, “so… what have you been up to?”

    “Oh you know, sketching,” Tracey grinned, “running errands—how’s Azurill? You like the little guy?”

    Misty nodded feverently and looked down at her Pokemon who was taking a nap on her lap, “Azurill is so sweet, thanks again Tracey!”

    “No problem,” Tracey walked over and took Azurill in his arms, “That’s what friends are for!”

    Suddenly the door to their left cracked opened and Professor Oak stepped out, smiling.

    “I just got done making the arrangements for a bigger copter, it will be here in 5, 4, 3, 2…”

    And there was a rushing sound outside as a giant helicopter landed by Oak’s lab.

    “I’d better go get Richie and Georgio,” Misty got up.

    “I’d better go pick up the bags,” Tracey remembered.

    “I’d better go,” Professor Oak heard the phone ringing, “get the phone!”

    And the three ran in separate directions.

    “Hello,” Nurse Joy smiled at Ash as he told her his name, “so you’re Ash Ketchum… there’s someone expecting you!”

    “Oh Nurse Joy!” Brock floated toward the pink haired lady, “how our paths continue crossing throughout every Center! I feel like I’ve seen a hundred of you and you’re the most beautiful one!”

    “Okay, okay,” May and Max pulled his ears and May said, “So who is it?”

    “Yeah, who?” Ash asked expectantly, “Professor Oak?”

    “No, it was a girl, I don’t know her name, she just smiled at me and wrote down ‘Ash’,” Joy showed him the sheet of paper that had his name scribbled on it, “somehow, I knew it was you!”

    “Where is she?” May asked.

    “She left but I expect she’ll come back in a little while,” Nurse Joy finished completing the registration, “okay Ash come to me tonight and I’ll tell you who you’ll be battling in two days.”

    “Two day?” Max was confused, “I thought it started tomorrow!”

    “No that’s just the opening ceremony,” Joy corrected, “the morning after is the start of the first battle… and tonight is just to relax and check out the Island.”

    “Okay,” the gang affirmed her response.

    “Oh yeah, I almost forgot!” Ash slapped his forehead and began walking to a Pokephone, “I wanted to call Professor Oak and I completely forgot, do you think he’s still at the lab?”

    “Actually,” Nurse Joy cut into their conversation, “he called a minute ago to check himself and his guests into a special suite at the hotel across the street; The Gilmaxter! If you want to still contact him I suggest you do it now!”

    “Okay,” Ash rushed over to the phone and dialed Oak’s number, “hello?”

    “Why hello Ash!” Professor Oak looked very rushed, “how are you? This isn’t a very good time right now!”

    “Well I’m at the Hoenn League, I heard you were a guest announcer, how did that happen?” Ash asked.

    “Well, I don’t really have time to tell you right now!” Professor Oak yelled over the noise, “My helicopter is here, I will get to Pacifidlog Town in a few hours, can’t wait!”

    “Okay, bye,” Ash hung up and just as he turned around, a girl knocked him over in a tight embrace, “Whoa—Bianca?”

    The brunette with the green shirt and white skirt let go and stood up, smiling at him. She shook her head and handed him a letter.


    Thank you to all my faithful readers! Continue reviewing!
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    Ok, here's some advice^^:

    1.) PARAGRAPH! I don't want to seem harsh because I know it's your first story and a lot of beggining writers do this. what you want to do is make sure there's space between dialouge so its not all in one big block. It just makes things easier for the reader that's all^^

    2.) I noticed that after a lot of your quotes you end it in a comma before the description. Examples:

    “Oh you know, sketching,”
    Since the comma's are at the end before the quote you don't need them. The quote would be fine without comma's at the end. If you don't quite get what I mean you can pm me and I'll try explaining better XD

    Well, the story does seem nice and I'll keep reading it but those are some things you can improve on. Good luck with your next chapters^^ and can you pm me when they're up?^^
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    Thanks so much for your advice, okay you're on my pm list! I really want to improve on writing lol (I work for my school newspaper and I plan on becoming an author someday! I love to write )
    I'll pm you when i update!
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    Yet another great chapter, but I do agree with the paragraphs. I was going to tell you yesterday, but it slipped my mind. XD

    I'd love to be shipping buddies with you. ^^

    Can't wait to see the next chapter.


    Credit to Blue_Rakuen from LJ. <3~ you. ^^

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    Hey do you mind if I make a banner for both of us called pokeshipping buddies? I'll make it today and email it to you! k?
    Ps: I'm posting up a chappy later tonight
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    Talking Chapter 5 is FINALLY UP!!!!

    I ahve been at this for like a week now, hope you like it, very grateful for reviews!!!! Rate my fic! Once again, if you want to be added to my PM list let me know!!

    Chapter 5 – Latias and Letters

    Misty, Tracey, Richie, Georgio, and his father were already seated in the Hoenn League Helicopter when Professor Oak joined them.

    “So who was it this time?” Misty called, trying to make herself heard.

    “No one important.” Oak smiled at her and put on his seat belt, shutting the door behind him.
    Then Oak turned around and gave the pilot a thumbs up signal to go, go, go! Misty was already prepared for the loud noise and handed everyone a pair of earplugs, including Sparky and Azurill. They thanked her and gazed out the window; admiring the vast landscape of the Pokemon World.
    After an hour’s time, Georgio was sleeping on his father’s shoulder and Richie was dozing off every ten minutes or so. Tracey yawned and drifted off into sleep, his head leaning dangerously over Oak’s body until…

    “Ow!” Tracey fell asleep and his head knocked into Professor Oak’s.
    Richie shook himself awake and with Misty, they chuckled at Tracey and Oak’s red faces.

    ‘Sorry Professor.’ Tracey mouthed.
    Misty caught Richie’s eye and they both blushed and smiled at each other. Georgio noticed this and jabbed Richie on the side.

    “Ow!” Richie nearly yelled, rubbing his side, “what did you do that for?”

    Georgio continued glaring at him and pointed to his ears, indicating he was still wearing earplugs. Misty looked at them both strangely and shrugged. She looked down at her Azurill and brought it up to her face.

    ‘Azu!’ Azurill mouthed happily and Misty hugged her cute Pokemon.

    ‘You are so cute.’ Misty mouthed back.

    Richie and Georgio glanced at her with a weird look in their eyes.
    Ash reread the letter the brunette had given to him.
    Dear ASH,
    How have you been? Latias just felt she HAD to see you again and I guess she disguised herself as well, me! I don’t know why, but she really wanted to watch the Hoenn League. Grandpa and I are doing great! How are Misty and Brock? I heard Misty left and is a gym leader now… When the Hoenn League is over, send a letter back with Latias.
    Good Luck!


    “So you’re Latias, not Bianca?” Ash smiled at the shy girl next to him, “good to see you again!”

    “Wait-you’re a Latias?” Max stared at her in amazement and May observed her curiously.

    “I like your ensemble.” Latias giggled.

    “This is actually Bianca’s outfit.” Brock said, “Latias usually turns into her in order to hide from danger or walk around outside her secret garden.”

    “Her garden?’ Max’s eyes widened, “she has her own secret garden?”

    “Well, kind of.” Ash put down the letter, “Latias and Latios guard over Altamar and have this garden behind a museum where they are safe-we went through this huge adventure with them because these bad guys wanted a crystal that can control the world!”

    May and Max nodded unsurely, “so Bianca huh? This is what she looks like?”

    Brock and Ash nodded. Suddenly, Latias stood up and grabbed Ash’s arm, pulling him out of the Pokemon Center. The rest of the gang were right on their tails.
    “So what do you want us to do?” Team Rocket stared in awe at the giant creature.

    Attack them.

    “But how are we supposed to win with this?” Meowth held up a small object.

    You’re not. The deep voice grinned evilly at them, you’ll try to, but you won’t.

    “Why?” Jessie looked at it crazily, “if you want the twerp, how are we supposed to work that out?”

    Easy. I come and save them… Now leave, I’m expecting someone!

    “Huh?” Reluctantly, they left.
    “Latias, where are you taking me?” Ash exclaimed, trying to keep up to Latias’ rapid speed and forceful tugging.

    Latias just looked back at him and smiled.

    “Ash!” he could hear May, Max, and Brock crying from afar, chasing after them.

    Suddenly Latias turned a sharp corner and Ash cried out, knocking into the corner wall from the speed.

    “Ow.” He twitched a fell backwards, twitching and wincing from the pain, “ow.”

    Latias appeared and giggled down at his painful form, “hehe.”

    “Hehe your butt!” Ash sat up, rubbing his side, “that hurt, what’s up with you Latias?”

    Latias just circled him interestedly, then, noticing that he was okay, pulled him up and yanked him around the same corner again, before the gang could reach them, “ASH?!?!”

    Latias speeded up and Ash’s feet were raised off the ground, he was literally flying behind her. He looked behind him and noticed he could no longer hear the rest of his friends’ cries and as he looked back his eyes widened. Latias had turned back into a Pokemon and was flying up in the air. Ash noticed this and grabbed onto its wing tightly, watching the things below them disappear.

    “Er, Latias?” Ash looked at the concentrated Pokemon that smiled at him.

    “La!” it cried confidently, assuring him that nothing was wrong.

    Ash continued staring at the Pokemon, but calmed down slightly, looked in awe at the splendor below them, “Ok, Latias… I trust you.”

    Latias let out a happy cry and sped up happily, until they reached the other side of Pacifidlog Town. Latias landed in a dark alleyway where no one would see them. Then she stood before Ash and turned back into an imitation form of Bianca. She stuck her hand in her back pocket and took out what looked like a yellow parchment.

    “What’s this?” Ash took it from her and looked at it intently, looking perplexed at the strange writing.

    --&asd* dsj^ sdkj@ df/\.><~````kdsl dfglk dsflkdzf erlk sdfgl rg ((edf345*& dlfj ds hij tyop we fgl;we qw gh dfjlfd $$#wjs! dfhjfd dfklj dfrljjtd trlj ****^% dflkjlszfd #@!+ ldksjh++ ={-_? sldfgj dfrj rekhk dfg tf gsfdlkh gfd stljhlersty klojgrl fdg m kj 3249n 56,m 654 lknh +-*/df fdihu. sdfi34589htu8b 564 89hg kih;fdj--

    The rest was splotched.

    “And this is supposed to be…?” Ash looked at Latias strangely and the Pokemon’s smile widened.

    “La!” Latias put her finger to her mouth and ordered him to be silent as he heard a loud noise in the darkness near them.

    Latias took his hand and led him the darkest part of the alley.

    Ash’s eyes widened and he yelled in surprise.
    “Yes! We’re almost here!” Misty yelled, forgetting that no one could hear her.

    Richie smiled at her even though he had no idea what she had said, but he knew it was something good. He just continued staring at her and nodded. They were already over Pacifidlog and that’s why she must’ve been so happy. Misty looked back at him and her smile widened, pointing down at the land and clapping her hands happily. Azurill jumped up and down on Misty’s lap, as did Sparky. Richie then caught Georgio eye and winked at him hopefully. Richie just continued smiling and reached his hand over to clap it in Georgio’s, making a pact. Then he nodded.

    Misty then noticed that Professor Oak was looking concerned out the window. Misty leaned over and tapped him on the shoulder unsurely. Professor Oak just continued frowning and pointed down to what he was looking at. Misty noticed what he was looking at and saw smoke coming from a small section of Pacifidlog and squinted her eyes. She thought she saw a flash of gold from the dust but ignored it. After all, they were so high up; it couldn’t have been what she thought it had been. Professor Oak seemed to be thinking the same thing because he smiled and shook his head, turning to the pilot who gave him a thumbs up and yelled something. They were landing.
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    Default R&r

    'Elllo! Lovely to meet ya! How's life?

    I've got to say, this is surprisingly keeping me on the edge of my seat! WHO'S THE VOICE, DANGIT!!!??? Is it Ho-oh? Latios? YOU??!!! XD Juuuust kiddin'. Maybe.

    “But how are we supposed to win with this?” Meowth held up a small object.

    I'm very excitable today. But, nayway, (that's how I spell "anyway" now. 8D) you've got a wonderful story goin' on here so far. Makes me laugh at how strange they all are and keeeps me on the edge at the same time.

    Maybe I should date them, Misty's frown turned into a smirk instantly,
    Just to bother Ash.
    XDXDXD That makes me laugh hard.

    A couple of mistakes in your newest chappie (yes, I'm only pointing out two):

    “Latias and Latios guard over Altamar and have this garden behind a museum where they are safe-we went through this huge adventure with them because these bad guys wanted a crystal that can control the world!”
    It's "Alto Mare". I know they make it sound funneh.

    Tracey yawned and drifted off into sleep, his head leaning dangerously over Oak’s body until…

    “Ow!” Tracey fell asleep and his head knocked into Professor Oak’s.
    You say he drifted off to sleep twice. Just thought I'd point those out, 'cuase I'm not your OFFICAL proofreader, but just thought I'd point out a few things. ^.^

    --&asd* dsj^ sdkj@ df/\.><~````kdsl dfglk dsflkdzf erlk sdfgl rg ((edf345*& dlfj ds hij tyop we fgl;we qw gh dfjlfd $$#wjs! dfhjfd dfklj dfrljjtd trlj ****^% dflkjlszfd #@!+ ldksjh++ ={-_? sldfgj dfrj rekhk dfg tf gsfdlkh gfd stljhlersty klojgrl fdg m kj 3249n 56,m 654 lknh +-*/df fdihu. sdfi34589htu8b 564 89hg kih;fdj--

    ~The Talking Absol, over and out~

    EDIT: Happy Belated B-day, XxM!styxX! *gives Birthday cookie*
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    Hi XxM!styxX! A friend of mine recommended this fic to me after I asked for some really good pokeshipping fics, so I had to check it out. Curiosity got the best of me.
    Okay, lets start off with.. wow. Absolutely wow. I haven't read much PS fanfics, but this one caught my eye.
    You have good discriptions for the pokemon battles, almost feels as if I'm there watching it.
    Misty thinking about dating Ritchie or Georgio? Ooh, choose Ritchie! The hints(if you intended them to be hints) are really cute(funny how one fic makes me hate indigoshipping and another makes me like it) Oh well, at least you put Ritchie in the fic, I know ppl hate the guy, but he's a good character.
    Ash doing the hoen championship? So your not going into the future for him? Wow, okay.
    I'm curious to find out who this "Voice" is, and why he wants Ash so bad.
    Yes, YOU POUT GARY IN YOUR FIC! THANK YOU!!! More ppl need to use Gary in their fics, and not as a bad guy thank you.
    Awesome, you put Latios in your fic as well, cool.
    heh heh, it took me sometime to actually remember who Bianca was, I thought it was the ditto girl.
    It's cool how you're bringing up all of these characters and how you've captured them perfectly. I say that if you are a beginner in writing fics, your writing can only get better.
    I love this fic and will rate it now, hope you update soon!
    And, can I be on your pm list? I'm curious on how you will end this fic, thank you.
    ~*Uza-chan's Good bye*~


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    Exclamation Chapter 6 Is Up!!

    To my reviewers:
    Forbidden Lugia - You are now on my PM list, keep letting me know if I made any mistakes so I would repeat them in the future! Thank you fro reading!

    Uzamaki Hinata - Thank you for your insiteful review! Just for reference, who's this friend that recommended my fic? Really, she said it was good? I hope you continue reviewing my work!!! Be expecting more of your fav characters you mentioned (Gary, Richie, all them)!!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yey, I'm gettign this done faster than I thought! School is so much fun and I'm having my 15th birthday party tomorrow! YEYEYEY!!!
    PS: I'm getting chapter 7 done as fast as I can, keep the reviews coming!

    Chapter 6 - Flashback

    Ash looked nervously at the large shadow standing before him. He jumped behind Latias who giggled and pushed him toward the creature.

    “Uhh,” Ash tried to make a run for it but Latias grabbed a hold of his collar and kept him there, “La!”

    “Latias, let me go!” Ash was shaking, looking at the glowing red eyes scared.

    Ash Ketchum, the shadow boomed, from Pallet Town.

    Y-yes?” Ash continued quivering.

    Ash, the mighty voice shook the alleyway and stepped closer, I am honored to be in your presence.

    “W-what?” Ash stuttered and stepped alittle closer, holding Latias as if she was his shield.

    I am the great Ho-oh, Ash could make out the red and gold of the Pokemon’s wings now.

    “A Pokemon?” Ash instinctively went into his back pocket and got out his Pokedex.

    “Ho-oh, the legendary fire flying Pokemon,” the Dex said, “Ho-oh, being extremely powerful and rare, is also the most persuasive. That is, it can communicate with humans—unfortunately, more and more Ho-ohs over the years have gone the wrong evolutionary path which consists of—”

    Latias grabbed the Pokedex from Ash and closed it before he could say anything, stuffing it in her bag.

    “Hey, I was listening to—”

    We can’t have anymore interruptions, I can only speak to you for so long.

    “But I was just…”

    Ash Ketchum, I have been surveying you carefully over the years and I believe you are the one I want…

    “Why me?” Ash straightened up and looked concerned, “what can I do?”

    You can help me, the Pokemon stepped closer to Ash, careful to not make to much noise though its tremendous footsteps spoke for themselves, you can help me with my problem.

    “What’s wrong?” Ash’s curiosity got the best of him, “If you need help, I’ll do anything I can for Pokemon.”

    Ho-oh chuckled softly, I thought you would.

    “So what do you need me to help you with?”

    Not now, Ho-oh turned his giant head, we must meet somewhere else, I will send information with Latias, till later Ash Ketchum.

    “Yeah,” and before Ash knew it, the alley was covered in smoke and Ho-oh had disappeared.

    “ASH!” May, Max, and Brock ran up to him and looked at the smoke, “What happened?”

    Ash turned to Latias questioningly but she shook her head, “Nothing, Latias just wanted to show me something because she can’t speak and I’m thankful she did.”

    Latias looked at him sweetly and smiled, hugging him tightly.

    “Um, okay.” May scratched her head and they said nothing more.

    Ash and Latias just continued sharing secret smiles as they contemplated another subject with the gang.

    Misty held on tightly to Azurill and chewed the gum that had been given to her in order to avoid dizziness and watched everyone chew intently. She smiled brightly as she saw the runway surrounded by the wonderful town. She noticed Richie and Georgio also smiling and pressed their faces against the glass. Sparky let out a happy cry and hopped onto Misty’s shoulder, pointing around to different things it saw. Misty’s smile just widened as she nodded at Sparky’s eagerness to see the new town.
    Professor Oak watched Misty out of the corner of his eye, smiled softly, and then turned back to the window intently. The smoke was slowly dissipating but he had a bad feeling something was wrong, very wrong. What Misty had not seen was something Oak could not ignore. He had seen the wings, seen the creature. He couldn’t tell what it was, but it was something. Something he didn’t trust.
    A young seven year old sat by the edge of the lake, moving a branch back and forth in the water, his Squirtle bobbing around after the small stick. The brown haired child laughed softly as he poked Squirtle in the head lightly.

    “Oh Squirtle,” he said, taking it out of the water and holding him tightly, “you’re the best.”

    “Squirtle!” the water Pokemon cried, holding his owner tightly.

    “Samuel! Sam!” An older man called, “Your mother is cooking dinner, help me set the table!”

    “Okay father!” the boy named Sam stood, called Squirtle to its respective Pokeball and turned to follow his dad’s voice, “coming!”

    He began walking home, which was a five minute way off, when he saw a large tree trunk lying on its side before him.

    “This wasn’t here before,” Sam murmured, examining the large wood.

    His eyes followed the tree and saw it had been torn off its roots by something. Instead of walking around it and ignoring the incident, he began looking around the roots for a sign of what might’ve caused it. Suddenly he heard a loud screech and looked up instantly.

    “Hello?” he called, “mom, dad?”

    No one answered. Suddenly there was a yell and Sam began sprinting around the forest, searching for the person the voice belonged to. He stopped when he saw two shadows in the clearing and hid behind a tree, peeking around to see what was going on.

    “Why are you doing this?” someone screamed in horror, “I thought you said I was special and you wouldn’t do any harm!”

    You refused to follow orders, a deep voice murmured, screeching inhumanly, you didn’t want to listen.

    “I did listen, I trusted you,” the male yelled back, “besides, I’m supposed to tell you what to do, not the other way around, I TRUSTED YOU!”

    Yes you did, and now you will pay, the voice continued screeching and Sam hid his eyes in order to protect himself from a flashing bright light.

    “NO!” that was the male’s last call and he disappeared.

    Just like that he was gone. In his place was another human. Sam looked in surprise and moved closer. The human looked exactly like the one who had disappeared… but it wasn’t him.

    The person chuckled and murmured, “Fool.”

    Sam gasped softly and the person spun around, “Who’s there?”

    Sam held his breath and stepped backwards, unfortunately on a branch that cracked under his brown shoe.

    “Show yourself,” the young man stepped closer and Sam couldn’t take it.

    He ran. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He just kept running.

    And the person didn’t follow. He just laughed.
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    Ohhhhh....Vwery Mysterious...

    Only a few mistakes, small ones- here they are: (just ask if you want me to be your "official" proofreader)

    “W-what?” Ash stuttered and stepped alittle closer, holding Latias as if she was his shield.
    Small thing, a space in between a and little.

    “you’re the best.”
    Once again, small capitalization needed.

    murmured, screeching inhumanly,
    Question- Did you mean the thing *caughhoohcaugh* screeched, even though it was trying to murmur, or was that just another small mistake?

    Things I likey:

    “Ho-oh, the legendary fire flying Pokemon,” the Dex said, “Ho-oh, being extremely powerful and rare, is also the most persuasive. That is, it can communicate with humans—unfortunately, more and more Ho-ohs over the years have gone the wrong evolutionary path which consists of—”

    Latias grabbed the Pokedex from Ash and closed it before he could say anything, stuffing it in her bag.
    HO-OH'S GONE BAAAADDDD!!! HOESNOES *GASP* 8O Where are you taking this fic?! *sits on edge of seat*

    “Why are you doing this?” someone screamed in horror, “I thought you said I was special and you wouldn’t do any harm!”

    You refused to follow orders, a deep voice murmured, screeching inhumanly, you didn’t want to listen.

    “I did listen, I trusted you,” the male yelled back, “besides, I’m supposed to tell you what to do, not the other way around, I TRUSTED YOU!”

    Yes you did, and now you will pay, the voice continued screeching and Sam hid his eyes in order to protect himself from a flashing bright light.

    “NO!” that was the male’s last call and he disappeared.
    Gasp! I'm soooooo glad I discovered this! I LOVE this fic for where you're going to take the anime! Sounds a little like my own. Squee! November's coming all too soon...

    Sorry, ramblin' here. Oh well. Nayway, another great chappie. Thanks for putting me on your PM list, and have wonderful Birthday and Party!

    ~The Talking Absol, over and out~
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    Uzamaki Hinata - Thank you for your insiteful review! Just for reference, who's this friend that recommended my fic? Really, she said it was good? I hope you continue reviewing my work!!! Be expecting more of your fav characters you mentioned (Gary, Richie, all them)!!
    Your welcome!
    The friend isn't a she but a he, Ranger Registeel told me. I wanted to read a good ps fic and asked him. He named two and one of them was yours so I had to check it out.
    More Ritchie! More Gary! Yay!

    Yey, I'm gettign this done faster than I thought! School is so much fun and I'm having my 15th birthday party tomorrow! YEYEYEY!!!
    Then can I be first to say happy 15th b-day!? Man, it's like everyone is born in August.
    Oh wellz, onto the review.
    Okay, Ash learns of Ho-oh, awesome! You really do have the characters personalities intact!
    And they won't tell the others, awe.
    But, are you putting up Drew in the fic again? I hope you have more contestshipping in it!
    Misty and the others are finally landing, thats good. And, wow, Professor Oak's memory? Was what took his dad the voice who was working with TR?
    Wowz, this is getting more and more exciting! I don't want to correct you because I think other readers will take care of that, plus it isn't really major, I hardly notice them myself, don't spot for grammatical errors. Anyway, noticed that you posted this on, huh?
    Well, another awesome chap, can't wait for more! XD
    ~*Uza-chan's Good bye*~


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    Awesome chapters XxM!styxX =D You're story is great and I agree with Uzamaki, I <3 the fact that you put Gary and Richie in your story-I love those two soo much! I CANNOT wait till the next chapters so keep it up ;D.

    Also I hope you have a great birthday^^ *hands you a cake*
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    Thanks for the review xXM!styXx! I'm glad you liked my fic!
    Your AWESOME! I love the mystery you pu into it. To be honest, I only skimmed your fic when I recommended it to Uza-chan, but I'm glad I decided to read it. Put me on the PM list!
    Keep up the good work!
    RR, Out
    Under construction ^_^;;

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    I love your fic. ^^
    Around every corner, there's mysterious twists and turns.
    Can't wait to see what happens next! =D

    <3~ Jirachi_Lily

    Credit to Blue_Rakuen from LJ. <3~ you. ^^

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    Talking thanks!

    WOaH!! *Gets blown away by reviews* WAAAAAAA! lol *sits up and brushes hair out of face* I've never seen so many reviews on this forum in like forever!
    ForbiddenLugia: I wouldn't mind if you were my official editor-- You'll be the first to see my new chappys! I hope you don't mind if I send them to you through PM so that you can revise it for me thanks!
    Uzamaki Hinata: Thank you so much! my bday party was so great, in my room we had this dance party where we turned off the lgihts and this guy brought strobe lights and we were dancing around!!! Yeah, I'll be suire to add more Drew and contestshipping, just keep reviewing
    The Red Butterfly: Gee thanks *stuffs herself with cake*
    Ranger Registeel: Nice, you skimmed it? Well it's good I reviewed yours, now you know how much on a roll i am!
    Jirachi_Lily: *bounces around with her* Hey did you get my PM about the pokeshipping buddy pic? *huggles* I <3 you because you ahve been reviewing my stuf since the beginning!
    I'll be getting the next chappy up some time this week because I have to go to church now!
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    Unhappy Read

    I am getting chapter 7 done currently so... I'll be getting that up in the next 4 days! Unfortunately... :/, Hurricane Ernesto is coming tomorrow and they have closed schools for tuesday and wednesday (yey!) BUT idk if we're going to get to kepe our power. the last two hurricanes last year were quite unfortunate so I don't know if I'll be lucky enough to have power this year!!! lol and fyi, if you haven't figured it out yet; I live in Florida! So yeah, I'll be sending my fic to my personal editor of fics (!!!) & then we'll see what we'll see! ty
    I'll be keeping you guys updated!
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    Default Chapter 7 YEY!

    Since I'm in a hurry, I'll answer reviews in tomorrow's post, okay, goodngiht evry1 wish me luck with Hurricane Ernesto *croses fingers* bye!
    Chapter 7 – Reunion

    Professor Oak was the first to undo his seatbelt and slide open the helicopter door. Georgio’s father followed him and helped everyone down the large step. The wind, caused by the propeller, was making everyone’s hair fly every which way. The professor and Georgio’s father grabbed Misty’s hands in order to let her down and Azurill followed after.

    “Whoa,” Misty shook her head and took out the ear plugs with a faint ‘pop’.

    Azurill agreed and hopped into Misty’s open arms in order to have its own ear plugs taken out, “Azu!”

    Misty picked up the blue bag she had taken with her and slung it on her shoulder lazily, yawning and looking at the crowds of people bunching up around the helicopter.

    “Well this is a nice surprise,” Richie hopped to her side and Sparky walked alongside him, “I guess when you’re as famous as Professor Oak; you get crowds of cheering fans…”

    Tracey and Georgio, who were busy unloading Oak’s luggage, agreed with a nod and Tracey added, “You get used to it, I go everywhere with Professor Oak and this is actually less than what I expected!”

    “Less?” Richie and Misty smiled nervously and backed up against the helicopter as the crowd worsened, “I wonder what the largest amount was…”

    “Alright, move it people, nothing to see here!” A dark haired police officer in a blue suit appeared and began pushing away the people with her back-up squad, “These people have something crucial to attend to…”


    Officer Jenny breathed in and out slowly, watching the crowd murmur and move aside, “You’ll get to see them all at the Hoenn League…”

    “Gee thanks.” Richie smiled at Jenny.

    Misty grinned and remembered, This is just like the times when Brock would run up and yell something romantically stupid, I really miss the other—

    “Oh Officer Jenny, how fortunate am I to be in your presence once more!”

    “…and then she says to him, ‘no, but I have Krabbies’!” the gang laughed at Max’s joke and continued on their way back to the Pokemon Center.

    “Hey, guys…?” Ash stopped and grabbed Latias’ arm, “could you guys hold on a second?”

    The gang shrugged and Ash thanked them, leading Latias quickly to a corner by the sidewalk, “Latias?”

    “La?” Latias tipped her head to the side and looked at him strangely.

    “Can I ask you something?”

    “La.” Latias agreed.

    “Okay, well, remember when you said—well, showed me that I can’t tell anyone of Ho-oh?”

    Latias nodded slowly.

    “Well, I mean, I can understand why you don’t want my friends finding out, but…” Ash looked at her with pleading eyes, “Can I at least tell Professor Oak? He’s really good with Pokemon and he can help me help Ho-oh, he won’t tell anyone, I promise!”

    “Latias, Latias!” Latias shook her head urgently and crossed her arms, “La!”

    “But why not?”


    “Fine,” Ash sighed and pulled her back to the guys, “Okay, let’s keep going…”

    “Pika!” Pikachu tried to cheer up the rather unhappy Ash by ruffling his hair lovingly and placing Ash’s hat on its head, “Chu!”

    “Oh, that is so cute!” May squealed, picking up Pikachu and holding it tightly, “You’re a Pikapal!”

    Pikapal, the word echoed in Ash’s head—Not May’s voice, but someone else’s… a long time ago…

    “I wasn’t planning on challenging you until you paid me back for my bike, but this is a good a time as any! If you want that cascade badge you’re going to have to beat me!”

    “It’ll be my pleasure!” Ash looked confidently at his best friend, “Pikachu, this is going to be a piece of cake!”

    “Pika…” Pikachu looked down unsurely.

    “So how many Pokemon?”

    “Two against two works for me!”

    “You got it! Alright then Pikachu I choose you!.. Huh?”

    Pikachu was clinging onto Ash’s shoulder tightly.

    “Chu, chu,” Pikachu shook its head.

    “Pikachu, what are you doing?”

    “Chu, chu!”

    “Oh well, are you saying you don’t want to battle with Misty?” Ash scratched his head.

    “Chu, chu,” the Pokemon shook its head sadly.

    “Well, I guess its okay if you don’t want to battle a friend…” Ash sighed.

    “Pikachu, you’re a Pikapal!” The redhead called from across the arena.

    “Pikachu?” Pikachu looked slightly happy.

    “Thanks a lot Pikachu…”Ash was strongly disappointed, but wasn’t completely let down, “Butterfree, I choose you!”

    “Well in that case, Misty calls… Staryu!” The confident girl called out her prized Pokemon.

    “Oh wow, leave it up it a girl to show off her jewelry,” Ash teased.

    “Quit stalling and let’s get this show on the road,” Misty yelled angrily, “Ash!”

    Those were the days.

    “Ash… Ash…” a voice called.

    “Misty?” he murmured.

    “Ash—” he snapped out of his daydream, “hey Ash!”

    Max and May were bonking him on the head, yelling his name, “Hey, are you okay?”

    “Ye-yeah, I just,” Ash shook his head, “I was thinking something…”

    “Thinking something?” Max laughed, “Are you seriously okay Ash?”

    “Yeah, sure, whatever…” Ash laughed nervously but continued walking with a smile on his face, Pikapal, I like that, and I should use it more often.

    “Hey, where’d Brock go?” May was looking around, “he was just here a second ago…”

    “Oh Officer Jenny, how fortunate am I to be in your presence once more!”

    “Uh oh,” the gang broke into a run, “Brock!”

    "So when do we get to attack?" Team Rocket asked, returned to where they had met the giant creature.

    Soon, have patience my friends, soon you will have Pikachu... soon. The creature whispered.

    "But, i mean, when do we attack?"

    Tonight, when they don't see it coming, the voice commanded, do it tonight.

    “Brock!” Misty looked up and her eyes lit up to see a dark skinned man prancing around Officer Jenny, “Brock!”

    He turned, snapping out of his reverie, and laughed, “Misty!”

    Misty handed Azurill to Richie and ran to her friend, hugging him tightly, “I missed you!”

    “Me too,” Brock hugged her back and let go, smiling down at the younger teen, “How did you get here?”

    “Oh, I came with professor Oak, he invited me,” Misty tried to restrain her smile but was unable and instead burst out laughing, “You’re actually here! But… Wait, if you’re here, then where is—”

    “Brock!” Several people squished their way through the crowd and appeared at their side, “Misty!”

    May and Max smiled brightly and hugged her, “It’s so great to see you!”

    “Yeah,” Misty looked around unsurely, “Where’s…?”

    “Oh, you mean Ash, he’s coming, he’s just a little out of breath…” May rolled her eyes and indicated to Brock, “THIS loon just had to say something to Jenny and we had to come over and save them…”

    “Save who? Brock?”

    “No, Jenny!”

    They laughed and Professor Oak called from the Hoenn Helicopter, “Misty, we have to go to the hotel! The police aren’t going to wait here forever!”

    “Yeah, I know,” Misty bid farewell to her friends and called, “Don’t forget to tell Ash I said hi!”

    “Yeah, I’m sure he’ll be happy that you came,” Brock waved goodbye and Misty disappeared.

    “Hey guys!” Ash pushed his way through the crowd with Pikachu running along with him, “Wait—up!”

    He jumped into the clearing just as the helicopter took off and the police disappeared with the VIPs, “Hey, who was that?”

    “Well, it was Professor Oak—” May began.

    “The Professor?!” Ash freaked out, should I tell him? I promised Latias I wouldn’t but… if I really want to help Ho-oh, I’ll need Professor Oak, he knows all about Pokemon, “I have to see him!”

    “It’s already too late, he left with his company a few seconds ago,” Max pointed out unfortunately.

    “Yeah and this Officer Jenny is the roughest one of all!” Brock rubbed his cheek, “Oh yeah and—”

    “Not now Brock, I have to find a way to see Oak,” Ash dove back into the crowd, “I have to see him!”

    “Um okay,” Brock muttered, “I was just going to say Misty was with him.”

    May and Max shrugged, “Should we follow him?”

    “Naww,” Brock grinned at the crowd, “We should wait at the Center.”

    “Hmm…” Latias suspiciously watched Ash disappear into the crowds and when she saw no one was looking, also disappeared.

    Ash was not allowed to tell anyone, it would ruin everything.


    “C’mon Pikachu!” Ash continued roaming through the crowd.

    Because he wasn’t exactly the tallest person, it was difficult to see above peoples’ heads and though he jumped as high as possible, he was unable to see.

    “Ugh, I give up!” Ash took out his Pokeball, “Swellow! C’mon out!”

    “Swe!” it cried and immediately was forced to fly over the ever crowding bunch, “Llow?”

    “Swellow, fly around and tell me if you see Professor Oak!”

    “Swee!” the Pokemon nodded and took off.

    Ash stood, pressed up against Pikachu and some overweight man with a sunburn and ice cream, “Err, excuse me!”

    The man frowned as his ice cream fell and splotched all over the floor, “Great!”

    A few seconds later, Swellow appeared, “Low!”

    “What?” Ash called from the noise, “You see him?”

    “Ello!” The Pokemon nodded and pointed its head north.

    “Thanks Swellow,” Ash called his faithful Pokemon back and yelled to Pikachu, “Come on buddy, we’re going to find the Professor!”

    “Pika,” Pikachu skimmed ahead of him and disappeared under the people’s legs.

    “Pikachu!” Ash got carried away by the moving crowd.

    “Are we ever going to get out of here?” Misty held onto Azurill tightly and Richie, Tracey, and Georgio clung onto each other as they tried to get out of the crowd with little help from policemen, “It’s not fair, aren’t they supposed to be guarding us?”

    “No, they guard Professor Oak and my father,” Georgio said matter-of-factly, “And they are in front…”

    The group looked forward to see Professor Oak and Dr. Diloreto (Georgio’s father) walking forward easily under the protection of Officer Jenny.

    “Come on you guys,” Oak called, “we have to hurry!”

    “We’re kind of trying!” Misty, Tracey, Richie, and Georgio called.

    They quickly thought up a plan, locked arms, and pushed their way forward. The crowd didn’t disperse but continued growing, much to their disappointment. Misty heard something squeak loudly behind her and looked around but saw nothing. They continued moving and as they were feet away from the hotel entrance, where they would be safe, something came up from behind them and toppled Sparky off Richie’s head. The group looked down to see two Pikachus hugging tightly and cheering.

    “Pikachu?” the one that was not Sparky, looked up and squeaked happily, jumping into Misty’s arms.

    “Pika!” It nuzzled against her lovingly and pointed a tiny finger to the right.

    “Is Ash over there?” Misty looked in the direction that Pikachu was pointing.

    “Pika,” the Pokemon affirmed her question and hopped back down, playing joyfully with Sparky.

    Misty was about to make her way back into the crowd when Georgio called, “I don’t think that’s such a good idea…”

    “Why?” Misty looked at him strangely, “Am I not allowed to search for my best friend who I have not seen in forever?”

    “No, it’s just that…” Georgio murmured something incomprehensively.

    “He said that if you go now, we might get split up,” Richie said.

    “And plus, if you don’t go in with us now,” Tracey added, “They won’t let you in later…”

    “What?!?!” Misty slapped her forehead, “Why would they do that?”

    “Well, since The Gilmaxter is such a pricey and fancy hotel,” Georgio said, “They can’t have intruders or fans… We need to go now… or never.”

    “Well, I guess could see Ash later,” Misty’s face fell sadly and she bent down toward Pikachu, “I’m sorry, but we have to leave, Pikachu, tell Ash I said hi…”

    “Pika,” Pikachu hugged Misty and nodded gravely, bidding farewell to the group, “CHU!”

    “See you…” Misty waved and followed the gang in, “Later…”
    “Pikachu!” Ash called, finally pushing his way back through the crowd, “Ugh, I’ll never get to speak to the professor at this rate, and it seemed like Ho-oh needed the help urgently…”

    “Pika!” Pikachu suddenly appeared out of nowhere and smiled up at Ash, trying to tell him of what had happened, “Chu, chu, chu!”

    “Did you find the professor?” Ash asked hopefully.

    “Chu, chu,” Pikachu shook his head but continued trying to tell Ash he had seen Misty.

    “Oh, yeah, right,” Ash wasn’t paying attention, “Hmm, Nurse Joy said that they were at some hotel… Gil… Oh yeah, over there, The Gilmaxter!”

    Ash decided the best way through the crowd and began to crawl under the feet of people, trying to get to the entrance. As he reached it, he stood and an officer folded his arms before him.

    “What do you want?”

    “I have to go into that hotel, Professor Oak is in there and—”

    “No one can go into this hotel without proper verification so you’d better wait until the Hoenn League before you overwhelm the professor with questions, this is a PRIVATE hotel!” The Officer stood his ground, “I am sorry Sir, but you CANNOT come in.”

    Ash glared at him and turned away, sitting down on the sidewalk, feeling defeated.

    “Pika,” Pikachu hopped on Ash’s shoulder and tried to comfort him.

    “It’s okay Pikachu,” Ash took his Pokemon off his shoulder, “Buddy?”

    “Pika?” Pikachu’s ears went up in curiosity.

    “Can I tell you a secret—I know you won’t tell,” Ash laughed and began telling his best friend of what had happened, “And then we saw… and he said… and that’s why I need the Professor so…”
    “What do you mean I’m not allowed outside?” Misty exclaimed and dove for the door once more.

    “I’m sorry Miss,” Officer Jenny forced two police officers to grab hold of the frantic girl, “As long as these crowds persist; we shall be unable to let you out…”

    “And how long is that?” Misty snapped back.

    “Maybe hours, a day, perhaps until the tournament.”


    “I’m sorry, but as long as you are a guest of the professor, we are here to keep you safe!”

    “Yeah, like you did before right?” Misty muttered angrily.

    “What was that?” Jenny leaned over bossily.

    “Nothing… But how are we supposed to, well… survive, stuck in a hotel?”

    “Well,” Jenny brightened up, “We have an indoor pool, a restaurant, a training arena for people with Pokemon, the works!”

    “Oh, but I mean,” Misty continued pleading, “Officer, I really need to see someone before the tournament!”

    “I’m sorry, I’m sure they’ll understand,” Jenny continued standing in front of the door until Misty began dragging her feet the opposite way.

    She continued walking toward the waiting room, dragging her feet on the red carpeted floor. Then she looked quickly to see Jenny busy talking to another officer.

    When Misty was sure no one would notice, she sped behind a wall and made hr way to the kitchen, “I have to get out!”

    “Okay, Azurill,” Misty whispered to her Pokemon, watching the chefs through the double doors work diligently, “The only way I can get through there is if you help me…”

    “Rill!” It nearly cried, but Misty ordered it to be quiet, “Azu.”

    “Now, use Bubble,” Misty whispered and saw Azurill run into the Kitchen and without warning, expel its attack.

    “Zuuu,” Suddenly the kitchen was filled with bubbles and the cooks were desperately trying to keep their precious food from getting wet.

    “What was that?” One cried.

    “An Azurill, what is that doing here?” The whole room was chaos.

    The workers began running around like crazy, stopping the stoves, trying to catch Azurill, balancing the pots full of soup and chicken in their hands. Azurill blew more bubbles and hopped under where the chefs were unable to catch it. Quickly it dove its way to Misty’s side and hopped up and down on its tail happily.

    Misty grinned and placed Azurill on her back, “Good Work!”

    Then she began to crawl under the bubbles, avoiding the chefs’ feet. I’m almost there.
    She quickly made her way to the backdoor, reached over, stood, and opened it, walking through.
    “Pika!” Pikachu nodded as Ash ended and looked unsurely, “Pika pi?”

    “What?” Ash looked at the Pokemon, “Something fishy about this whole thing? What do you mean?”

    “Pika, pika, chu, chu,” Pikachu made fervent movements with its hands and hopped up and down, making an impersonation of Ho-oh and Latias.

    “You think they’re up to no good?” Ash shook his head, “Hey, you know Latias, she’s very nice and Ho-oh, he just, he needs help, nothing’s wrong Pikachu!”

    “Pika…” Pikachu’s ears drooped and he looked down.

    “It’s not that I don’t believe you,” Ash tried to explain, “I just—I think I know what I’m doing okay?”

    Pikachu lightened up slightly and cried, “Pika!”

    “Yeah, we should find the professor,” Ash stood and looked around, “But how are we supposed to get in? The door is jammed with police!”

    Pikachu’s ears went up and it hopped down toward an alleyway, leading to the back of the hotel. Ash quickly followed and a few minutes later they reached a dark area where you could faintly recognize the back door. There were no guards.

    “Great job Pikachu,” sh grinned and hugged his best friend, “Now we have to make sure we don’t knock into something because I can barely see…”

    Ash continued looking over his shoulder and walked forward without noticing that the backdoor creaked open.

    “I wonder where…”

    Misty looked behind her and walked out, “Don’t let anyone catch me please…”

    She heard footsteps and before she could turn around quick enough, someone knocked into her and they both fell back.

    “Ow!” They cried, “Hey, watch it—”

    The two gasped and stared at each other.



    They stood and smiled at each other, “Ash, it’s so good to see you again!”

    “Yeah, it is… Er, what are you doing here?”

    “Well, I was just trying to get out of the hotel… Looking for you…”

    “Oh, cool, you came to watch me?”

    “Actually, I didn’t know you were coming, I thought you’d still be earning badges…”

    “What do you mean?” Ash demanded, “Did I get the quicker than you thought…”

    “As a matter of fact,” Misty teased, “Yes!”

    “I’m not that slow!”

    “Are too!”

    “Are not!”

    “Are too!”

    “Okay, okay,” Ash quieted down, “I don’t think we should make so much noise… so if you didn’t come to see me, why are you here?”

    “Wait—” Misty stared at him, “Brock didn’t tell you?”

    “Brock? No, May just said the professor was here and I have to see him about something important.”

    “What about Pikachu? Didn’t he tell you?”

    “Pikachu saw you too?”

    “Pika,” Pikachu admitted lamely, “Pika…”

    “It’s okay Pikachu,” Ash smiled down at him and turned back to Misty, “It’s great to see you though…”

    “Yeah,” they continued smiling at each other, “So…”

    “Yeah I came out here trying to find you!”

    “Well I was trying to sneak in because everyone is so high on security here…”


    Suddenly they heard someone messing with the door knob, trying to get it open.

    “Uh oh,” Ash felt a yank on his collar and he and Pikachu were pulled away into the darkness while Misty continued standing there.

    “Ash…?” She looked around and went to look for them but suddenly felt someone grab a hold of your shirt.

    “So you’re the culprit!”
    (n.): Because we don't forget 5five
    seasons, 4four cameos, 3three supporters,
    2two gifts, and 1one departure worth of emotions.

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    Great chapter!
    Good luck with Ernesto. Up here in New York, we're getting hit, but not very badly. My friend Daria moved to Florida two years ago and I feel bad for her, getting hit with hurricanes all the time. I feel bad for you too! Good luck!
    Under construction ^_^;;

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