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    Hi, I'm new here and I'm hoping this fic that I recently started is good enough for you reviewers. Please, judge it but not too harshly, I'm only fifteen and this is my first Pokefic!
    Author’s Note: I don’t own Pokemon, I’m not trying to keep track of the way Pokemon on television is going even though Ash’s final gym battle will be against Wallace, I think, (it says it on my sister’s sapphire game). This is my own thing so if something happens on TV in the battle that didn’t happen here or happened to happen here, it’s not my fault! This is my first Pokemon fic ever (even though I’ve wrote my own personal bloopers) so please be nice!
    Thanks and here you have it;

    Chapter 1 – The Rain Badge

    "Because you are a guest here, you may go first," Wallace smiled softly, "Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town."

    “Pikachu I choose you!” The spunky yellow electric Pokemon jumped down from its trainer’s shoulder and stood on one of the square platforms; the only surfaces in the battle dome.

    “Go, Luvy!” Wallace, leader of the Sootopolis gym and Ash Ketchum’s last obstacle before reaching the Hoenn League exclaimed, releasing a Luvdisc.

    “Luvdisc, Luv Luv, Luvdisc, Luv!” the heart-shaped Pokemon splashed into the pool the battle stadium was made up of.

    Ash and Wallace stood on opposite sides of this gigantic mass of water, Wallace on a high, green diving board while Ash stood near the border of the pool with nothing but a platform around him.

    “Luvdisc, eh?” Ash smirked and took out his Pokedex.

    “Luvdisc, the rendezvous water Pokemon; because of Luvdisc’s agility, its attacks are twice as swift as a regular water type. Luvdisc's speed is instantly raised when rain dance is in effect,” the Pokedex recited matter-of-factly.

    “Luvdisc may be fast, but not fast enough for,” Ash stood up straight and exclaimed, “Pikachu, tackle!”

    Pikachu hopped from platform to platform quickly and went to tackle Luvdisc and—

    “Luvy, dodge it!” Luvdisc moved to the left at the speed of light just as Pikachu reached it and was at the other side of the pool in a second.

    Pikachu stopped and spun around, facing Luvdisc. Ash smirked then grinned brightly, ordering Pikachu to use thundershock on the entire pool. If he won this last round, Ash could participate in the long awaited Hoenn League. In the last two rounds, Ash had won with Torkoal once until Wallace’s Milotic had used recover without being ordered and then used water pulse to knock out Torkoal; making the battle 1-1.
    Pikachu zapped the water with a tremendous blast and without the need of orders, Luvdisc ducked underwater.

    “That finished it,” Ash’s smile grew wider as he saw that Luvdisc didn’t come back up.

    “Are you sure Ash?” Wallace gave him a white smile and flipped his hair, “Now, Luvy, GO!”

    Ash felt a jolt of panic and Luvdisc swam right under Pikachu’s platform in the middle of the arena and knocked its head against the bottom of the platform.
    Pikachu yelped and with the force Luvdisc had used, was toppled into the water, where it floated, searching for a sight of the opponent.

    Ash gasped and leaned over to see if he could spot Luvdisc as it dove into the darkness of the still waters, “but… electricity should have done something!”

    “Just like a glamorous beauty queen reclaims her prize, Luvdisc will claim her opponent,” Wallace giggled, flipped his vibrant blue hair once more and chuckled, "Luvdisc tackle!"

    “Oh no,” May and Max exclaimed from the stands, where they were sitting with Brock, watching the battle intently.

    Luvdisc zoomed under Pikachu and knocked him right out of the water at full force before returning under the water.

    “This is bad,” Brock crossed his arms and nodded sternly, “since Ash can’t see where Luvdisc is in that dark water, he doesn’t know where to send Pikachu’s attack.”

    “What about the thundershock? We saw it course through all the pool, how could Luvdisc have avoided it?” May questioned.

    Max knew that one, “Luvdisc must’ve known from experience that an electric Pokemon would do that, so it took the hit underwater and then used safeguard. It’s hurt but just barely; obviously Wallace has strengthened its power to protect itself. That’s why it took so long to surface…”

    They continued watching the battle, contemplating Ash’s next possible move. Ash grimaced and pondered what Pikachu could do.

    “If Pikachu couldn’t affect Luvdisc in the water…” Ash murmured, “then maybe he can outside of it! That’s it! Pikachu, look underwater and find Luvdisc!”

    Pikachu nodded and dived, exclaiming a gurgled “pika,” underwater when it had found the gym leader's Pokemon.

    “Ok,” Ash smirked, “Pikachu, use Irontail on Luvdisc and knock it out of the water!”

    Everything was silent until they heard a giant splash and Luvdisc was sent flying out of the water and onto one of the platforms where it coughed softly and tried to regain power.

    “Luvy!” Wallace exclaimed, thinking up a move, “use—”

    “Pikachu,” Ash cut him off, “thundershock Luvdisc now!”

    A giant lightning shot of the water and hit Luvdisc at full power. The heart-shaped Pokemon cried out and coughed smoke before it fainted.

    “Luvdisc is unable to battle, Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town is the winner of a Rain Badge!” the referee signaled and Ash jumped up and down happily.

    “Yeah, we won Pikachu!” Pikachu zoomed out of the water and into Ash’s arms happily with a squeaky “cha!”

    “Yes! Hoenn League here I come!” Ash Ketchum, turned his Pokecap backwards and held his newly earned badge in the air, “Yes I got a Rain Badge!”

    “Pika!” Pikachu exclaimed happily, hopping on Ash’s shoulder.

    “Congratulations Ash,” Wallace walked up to him and shook hands proudly, flipping his blue hair, “Glad to battle such a skilled trainer as yourself, you deserved it!”

    “I know I did,” Ash replied proudly, “and I will be the champion of the Hoenn League no matter what!”

    “Now Ash,” Brock reminded knowingly, “don’t get ahead of yourself just yet, you don’t know who you’re going against!”

    “Oh cheer up mate!” Wallace laughed his British laugh, “Ash won fair and square, you should celebrate his victory... the lovely island; Pacifidlog, near here, is just a few miles away… You can rest there before going to the Tournament; that’s where it takes place I’m told… They have wonderful food and the Pokemon Center is offering free rooms for groups!”

    “Cool,” Ash, May, and Max commented while a dreamy look overcame Brock.

    “Oh, where there’s a Pokemon Center there’s a Nurse Joy,” he said romantically, “and where there’s Nurse Joy there’s Officer Jenny and where they are; there, I must be!”

    “Whatever Romeo, chill out,” Max pull Brock's ear until he was back to normal.
    Ash smiled nervously and turned back to Wallace, “So Pacifidlog huh? I guess that’s where we’ll be!”

    “There’s a ferry traveling there in about half an hour so you’d better hurry before it leaves!” Wallace warned, “it was wonderful battling you Ash!”
    “Same to you Wallace,” Ash returned his warm gesture and turned toward the door with May, Max, and Brock on his trail.

    “Bye!” Wallace jumped up and down gaily and flipped his blue hair one last time before he was out of their sight.

    “A bit weird isn’t he?” May questioned to the group, “I mean the way he does that flip thingy all the time…”

    “Well, it doesn’t really matter anyway May,” Brock pointed out, “if he’s strong in battle, that’s all that should matter.”

    “Besides,” Ash cut in, “I beat him so if he was a strong gym leader I must be a pretty great trainer!”

    “Great my butt, you wouldn’t know great,” May countered sarcastically, “if it danced the hockey pokey naked in front of you wearing a Nurse hat.”

    “Wanna bet,” Ash growled angrily.

    “Doesn’t this remind me of something?” Brock said thoughtfully, more to himself than the others, “yep it does.”

    “Of what?” Max asked, while the other two bickered.

    “Of when Misty was here,” Brock said satisfied.

    “You mean Misty? The gym leader who used to travel with you guys?” Max asked, “She is so cool, especially when we were a Mirage Kingdom with her and Togepi--or should I say, Togetic!”

    “Yeah, she is cool, when it comes to battling,” Brock smiled and caught Ash’s eye, “but she wasn’t so cool when her temper got the better of her and Ash; all they did most of the time was argue.”

    “Really? Kind of like Ash and May?” Max gestured to Ash and May who had stopped fighting and were now listening to the others’ conversation.

    “Kind of, but not exactly,” Brock said loudly enough for Ash to hear, “there was something different about Misty…”

    “What do you mean?” Ash said angrily, “what’s so different?”

    Brock chuckled and shook his head, “You’ll find out someday!”

    "Why do I seem to hear that alot?" Ash protested, "From you, the Trovita Island gym leader in the Orange Islands and-"

    May and Max scratched their heads but nothing more was said until they reached the ferryport.
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