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    It took me an hour and a half to get through this. Blaaaaagh.

    -The ep opens with those hot springs we saw last ep, Ash being in the water and Max & Pikachu just waiting by the side. Suddenly, a scream is heard in the distance and they rush to the scene. Someone they just met is dead! Max makes sure nobody touches the crime scene while the incompetent detective Mo...wait, wrong series.
    -Ash looks up at some splotches of white paint that are supposed to be clouds.
    -We're treated to an overhead view of the hot springs as the narrator narrates.
    -The scene cuts over to Beautifly...wait, Beautifly?! The butterfly is back!
    -And Skitty too! Aw, isn't it kee-uuuuuuuuuuute?
    -But May ignores the scene of adorability behind her as she practices her emo face.
    -May's Pokemon notice that she's being emo and try to cheer her up by being cute. She pretends that she feels a bit better, and the camera shifts to Brock and Scott, who were watching May(dare I ask?). Brock says something, possibly about May being emo, and Scott says something about Ash, Jindai, the Battle Pyramid, and the Grand Festivial, which I take to mean that he's saying something about Ash still having a goal but May doesn't. Brock and Scott say some more things.
    -May decides to practice a new combination of Skitty's Blizzard and Beautifly's Psychic, which goes decently, when Max's voice is heard!
    -Max and Ash are surprised to see Skitty and Beautifly, and Pikachu jumps right over to talk to the two again. May talks about the new combination, and Max and Ash comment about Psychic(I guess Beautifly knowing it is new to them?). May makes another comment about the combination, and then asks Ash something. Ash responds, and May says "I see" in a depressed sounding voice. Max suggest that Ash and May battle, and Ash seems to like that idea, but...May doesn't! After her initial "DAME YO!", she goes back into her quiet, depressed voice again, and mentions something about Ash's power.
    -But wait! There's...Professor Oak! Carrying a sack of something! Said sack having a Pokeball logo on it!
    -Back in the...Pokemon Center?...Oak starts to open the sack as Ash(and Brock, and May, and Max) wonders what's in there and a crowd chatters among themselves about Oak being there(I spy:A Bellsprout, an Ampharos, a Tyranitar(!), a guy with the beginnings of a goatee, and a girl with what looks like a pink cell phone). Oak poses for a bunch of people taking pictures, then gets out what's in the sack as he mentions a message from Ash's Pokemon.
    -It's a picture with the word FIGHT! on it, with various paw/claw/foot/hand/wing/fin/vine/tail/leaf prints from Ash's Pokemon. I can make out twenty things that might be prints, and out of those at least 11 colors that may or may not mean that there were only 11 Pokemon(although the one who used the yellow paint seemed to make its own littles set of tracks). Ash is mightily impressed, as is Pikachu, and they start matching the prints. (here's the pic for reference purposes)
    -From what I could gather:The two little red prints are from Cyndaquil, the big blue one next to that is from Snorlax, the purple clawprint is Kingler's, the orange whispy prints are from Bulbasaur, Brock mentions Bayleef's, Tauros', and Muk's prints but no handy identification is given for the viewers although it's fairly obvious that the brown prints near the top are from Tauros' tails, the red print near the bottom is from Bayleef's leaf, and the teal hand-shaped blob right near it is from Muk. The pink face-like mark must be from Glalie, the green print seems to be from Torkoal aside from how LARGE it is, I think the yellow prints are from Totodile, and I have no clue what the purple zig-zag is from. And that's that. Ash thanks Oak, and we get on with the ep.
    -Oak also brought a bento lunch for Ash, made with love and kisses and cute puppies and flowers by his mom, and a Misty Lure which Brock recognizes as the Misty Special.
    -But that's not all! Oak has a card from Gary from Shinou, with a picture of pine trees, a river, and a mountain on it.
    -Thus begins the odd flashbackillusionimaginationhallucination thing, which ends with Gary giving an AWESOME laugh. ...I don't get what happened either.
    -Ash is quiet for a moment, then goes back into I'LLWINJUSTYOUWATCH mode.
    -Scott happens upon this little gathering and Oak recognizes him(and I THINK mentioned something about Ash mentioning him a lot)
    -THERRRRRRRRRE'S JOY! She goes all fangirly over Oak, catching the professor so off-guard he can't do anything but stand there and blink. She then shows him a copy of his Pokemon Senryuu book, which he's all too happy to sign.
    -May makes a brief comment about rivals, when a random Roselia walks up to her! It's quite short, so it obviously can't be Drew's. Yup yup.
    -BUT IT IS!
    -May's surprise at seeing Drew is cut off by Happy Nurse Fangirl Joy, who targets Drew for an obsessive moment(she has pictures of him, too!). Drew's taken aback("There are Joys with personalities?!"), but no book-signing is seen for once.
    -We get another neat piece of music this ep(am I just paying more attention than normal or are we getting a lot of new/rarely seen pieces?) as May and Drew talk and Roselia eats lots of Pokeblocks(wow, it looks ADORABLE. Been giving it Pokeblocks that boost Cuteness and remove Steriods, eh Drew?). Drew mentions something about Saori's match and hurting/wounds, so I guess May's still emo over losing to Saori? O_o
    -Drew then offers to battle May, which surprises her(again!). May's not too sure about that, but...Ash butts in! Max and Brock follow suit, and under the influence of peer pressure and a camera that keeps switching between her and Drew, she finally agrees to battle. And it must be either perspective, the animators being inconsistant, or me just not having paid attention before, but May seems to be TALLER than Drew here. o_O
    -Max runs off to get Joy, Oak, and Scott to fufill roles, but suddenly a muffled-sounding Joy and and odd-looking Orangesuitedblackandgreyhairedguy(what IS his name, anyway?) appear, along with a very very short and yellow Ah, Suki Desu Ne guy with a tail. I WONDER WHO THEY COULD BE?
    -It turns out that Cacturne from the ep preview was just appearing to reveal these three for the Team Rocket(OMG NO WAI) they were with a bullet seed. May and co are angry for no reason(TR didn't do anything yet beyond impersonation!), TR notes that if Cacturne is here, that must mean...
    -HARLEY! He slams his palms on the judge's stands and chews them out about something(his hair seems oddly light today), TR runs away but Harley decides that just having them leave him and the others alone ain't good enough as Cacturne blocks their escape route. Harley appears behind them(his hair seems normal now) and whispers something to Jessie(so he IS planning something?).
    -Harley wanders back towards the main group, but Max is suspicious of him(smart boy!). May just seems resigned about the whole thing.
    -Joy's back, and...she has Harley pics too! Including Hatless!Harley! Which looks awesome! *insert fangirlish "EEEEEEEE" here* HIS HAIR IS SHINY UNDER THAT HAT! Harley goes all "OMIGAWSH A FAN" before signing the book.
    -Oak has no clue what's going on? Didn't anyone tell the man before he got there?!
    -Joy apparently didn't know either, because she goes starry-eyed about the battle.
    -Scott puts on a small smile, lifts his glasses revealing slitty eyes, and says "Suki desu ne". XD! Oak and Joy laugh at that too. IF YOU DIDN'T LAUGH TOO, YOU HAVE NO SOUL!
    -Joy appoints herself as the Lilian, getting out a handless mic she conveniently had on her.
    -A small crowd decided that this impromptu contest would be interesting, hence there being an audience of more than ten people.
    -TR manages to be in the audience with no disguises whatsoever. Guess the twerps aren't THAT mean?
    -May and Drew release their Pokemon(you know what they are by now, I hope), and Joy does the time honored "HIYAA WII GO!"
    -May leads with a Psychic/Flamethrower combo, but Drew isn't worried at all about this swirl of firey death heading straight for him, and calmly orders a...Petal Dance?...from Roselia, which somehow doesn't get burnt up but instead manages to blow back the flames. But May gets an idea and has Beautifly use Psychic to move the remaining embers of the fire towards Roselia and Butterfree.
    -Roselia somehow combats THAT with Magical Leaf(them plants be fire-resistant!), and Combusken rushes at them for a ...something...attack! But Butterfree ain't letting that happen, as it uses...something that LOOKS like Psychic but doesn't bear its hit Combusken with the PsychicFireGrass thing that the derbis has become, and the kung-fu chicken ends up hitting Beautifly as well, prompting Joy to comment that what Drew did was excelent! Albiet with more Engrish. Butterfree fires off a Psybeam, but Combusken dodges and hits it with a Sky Uppercut! Roselia uses Petal Dance, Beautifly counters with Silver Wind but...The petals absorb the energy and fly towards May's Pokemon, with more strength than they started with!
    -EVERYONE'S impressed. Including TR! May's not giving up though, and has Combusken use Overheat. But Drew goes the annoying route and has Butterfree use Protect. Drew then has Roselia use Solarbeam(which takes all of two seconds to charge) and Butterfree use Psybeam, blowing May's Pokemon the hell up and KOing them both.
    -The scene shifts to May and Drew talking about something while looking at the sunset. The background music is once again wonderful. It seems May has her will to keep going towards her goal back, and Drew mentions Johto contests(and possibly that Saori's there too). Harley pops up from nowhere as he so loves to do, and judging from May's reaction he was poking fun at the two being together in what Drew/May shippers are undoubtedly latching onto as an "OMG ROMANTIC!!!!!1111" scene. Of course he says that he was just joking after that.
    -It seems Harley's going to Johto too. He invites Jessie to come along, but she refuses because she just can't leave Team Rocket. Harley gets angry at this and challenges her to a battle, and of course Jessie gets ready to battle, but not before Cacturne blasts them off. Jessie keeps frantically looking for a good Pokemon to battle with even as they sail through the air.
    -Harley says something, then runs off, exaggerated style! Cloud of dust and all. May finally seems to be used to the dramatic ways Harley acts since she just puts on an "ah, typical -_-" face.
    -Ash and co arrive, and Ash asks if she's okay(guess they noticed the explosion and flying Rockets?).
    -Drew starts heading off too, and May waves goodbye, thanking him and saying all that other obligatory stuff.
    -The rest of the ep can be summed up like so:"Do your best!" "I will!" (insert Oak's poem here) *sunset* *narration*
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