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Thread: Tiers and Overused/Underused Pokemon?

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    Default Tiers and Overused/Underused Pokemon?

    Could anybody explain or atleast list what Pokemon are in what tiers, or which ones are OO or UO or NO. I know the Ubers, but I've been reading through many forums and people are coming up with UU teams. What Pokemon are considered UU, but are still strong and useable?
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    That should answer your question, but I'm not sure what Standard is, some of those Pomemon I know are OU like Salamence and Sceptile, but I'm pretty sure that Dugtrio and Forretress aren't. Maybe someone who knows the tiers better can come along and help decipher this.
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    Dugtrio is probably the most seen Ground in OU. Forretress has More Resistances than Skarm, iirc and is a Spike Spinner.
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