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Thread: You Remind Me Of A Girl I Once Knew...(MayxDrew)

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    Default You Remind Me Of A Girl I Once Knew...(MayxDrew)

    This is my 1st pokemon fic. Not to mention my 1st contestshipping fic! Hope you guys like it....

    The Dahaka; a gargantuan creature with horns shaped in the symbol of infinity. According to Legend, this creature is the guardian of the timeline; watching over two worlds.
    In one world, humans lived like normal; going to school, driving the latest in car designs, wearing the latest fashion etc. However, in the other, humans co-existed with a race of creatures known as ‘pokemon’.
    There were so many species, it was hard to keep track. The Dahaka enjoyed this world in particular for its odd creatures.
    However, one unfortunate day, something had happen to this world, and the planet, exploded.
    The Dahaka, rather upset by this, decided to reconstruct this world; making sure no rock nor tree nor building was out of place. Although, getting every person back would be a challenge.
    But, there was a certain group of friends he particularly took interest in watching. Therefore, he brought them back to life, but placed them in, what he called, The Normal World…
    Oddly enough, this world also knew of pokemon, but in a different sense. Rather than being real, they were materialistic merchandise. Games, cartoons, stuff animals, book, clothes etc.
    The Dahaka knew that they, the group of friends, would fit perfectly into this world, until their own world was back to normal. For now, they would have to get used to the fact that, pokemon don’t exist……

    CHAPTER ONE-High School

    May wiped the sleep from her eyes, and stared up at the ceiling. The sun had barely risen, the first morning rays peeked through her curtain.
    Today was the day; the day, she began high school. She already knew that being a freshman, a first year, would be tough.
    According to Ash and Misty, there were different clicks you could become part of. At the top of ‘the list’ was the popular click. All those cheerleaders, models, outstanding singers (but with looks), and those football players.
    There were only a handful of freshmen who were capable of being accepted into this click. Next, you’d get the sport players. Not as popular, but popular enough to get second in the cafeteria line.
    Then you’d get the goths, punks, skaters, musicians, and just your average-Joe.
    And of course, because of society’s media, you get the so called ‘nerds and geeks’.
    May shuddered at the thought of being in that click. She decided to just go with ‘average-Joe’. Being normal rather than anything else.
    Slowly, she got up and out of bed.
    After 30 minutes in the bathroom, she was all dressed and ready for school.
    May slowly walked over to the bus stop; drinking an Up-N’-Go cereal drink as she strolled along the streets.
    “Hope Misty and Ash aren’t sick today,” she thought to herself.
    When the bus arrived, she hopped on the big yellow vehicle, and took a seat at the very back.
    The bus drove slowly, and got caught in traffic. May heard the driver curse softly. It wasn’t that difficult since she, and another student were the only two on the bus so far.
    She lent her head back and couldn’t help but think of the dream she had that night before.
    Absentmindedly, she placed her hand down on the seat, but didn’t count on it landing over the hand of another.
    “What do you think you’re doing?” asked a rather irritated boy about May’s age.
    May glanced down and saw her hand slightly grasping his hand. She felt her face go bright red and she quickly moved it away.
    “I—I’m sorry! It—was an accident! I was, daydreaming and didn’t realise I,” she muttered.
    “Whatever…” he said and turned away. May found herself somewhat staring at his surprisingly shiny green hair.
    In the corner of his eye, the young 15year old green haired and green eyed boy saw her looking at him. He turned back and returned her stare.
    “So now you’re staring at me?” he said rudely.
    “Oh uh, sorry…I was just…err…looking at your hair…” May stuttered and turned away.
    “Hmph…weirdo…” he snorted to himself and looked in the other direction.
    “This is an outrage! How dare my chauffer have gotten drunk and driven my silver Ferrari into a tree! Now I have to take this pathetic excuse for transport to school. Hopefully I won’t have to deal with such insolence ever again…But now, I need to prepare myself,”
    “10…9…8…7…” he began.
    May turned to him instantly.
    “What are you counting down for?” she asked. He gestured her to wait.
    “3…2…1,” as ‘one’ left his lips, a group of girls got onto the bus.
    “I swear, I like can’t wait to see Dre—” she began but suddenly stopped when she saw him sitting on the back seat, and looking out the window.
    “Look girls! It’s Drew!” the girls screeched with glee and bolted over to him.
    May quickly jumped up and over the seat in front of her and avoided being squashed by the some what 15 girls.
    “Drew what are you doing HERE??? Shouldn’t you be in your Ferrari?”
    “Yeah, what happened to it?”
    “*gasp* did it get stolen while you were in it?!”
    “Are you OK?!?!” the girls all fussed over him.
    Drew smirked and told them what happened. When he finished, he lightly flicked his hair, making the girls giggle and complement him about how abnormally handsome he was.
    May frowned slightly. So this was who he was? Drew. An extremely popular green haired and green eyed boy, who the girls seemed to be wooed by.
    “Well, one thing’s for sure…There’s no way I’d be one of those sheep…” she said referring to the group of girls.

    “Don’t worry, you’re not alone,” said someone in front of May. She turned around and saw a boy kneeling on his seat and facing May. Had he read her thoughts? What was he on about?
    “Excuse me? I don’t understand what you’re talking about,” she said.
    “I mean you’re not the only girl who doesn’t like Drew as much as those girls. There’s this other girl, maybe you know her? Her name’s Misty. She positively hates him…And don’t worry, none of the guys seem to like him either. But the majority of the school is occupied by girls…So he has it made…” the boy said. He had semi long dark purple hair, and light blue eyes.
    “Yeah, I know her…She’s my friend. My name’s May. May Devlin. Who are you?”
    “My name’s Henry Dawdle. Nice to meet you.” The two chattered all the way to school. And all the while, Drew kept glancing over at her before turning back to his fan girls.

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    Default Chapter 2-Drama Class

    DISCLAIMER: I, Genjo Shyazo, do not own the well known Anime and game; Pokemon. Therfore, these events are, as you should know and I don't even know why I'm bothering to put this, are NOT true. Further more, I do not own Prince Of Persia as well. The reason I brought this up is because in chapter one, The Dahaka is mention. Yes he his the guadian of the timeline in the game P.O.P 2, but in reality...duh...


    CHAPTER 2-Drama Class

    The school bus came to a stop. Drew got off and was immediately followed by his adoring fans. Not only that, other girls that were already at school began following him.

    Drew placed his hands in his pockets and pretended they weren’t there.

    May watched him enter the school building. She looked up at the sign and read out loud: “Celestial High School. Écouter est oublier, faire est se souvenir,”

    “I didn’t know you could read French,” said a familiar voice from behind her.

    May turned around and smiled. There standing before her, where her close friends Ash Ketchum, and Misty Waterflower.

    “Hi guys!” she exclaimed and greeted them with a tight hug.

    “Well it’s nice to see you too,” Ash said and patted her on the back.

    “Say, do you guys know someone called, Drew? Green haired with green eyes? Ringing any bells here?”

    Her two friends frowned slightly.

    “Yeah we know him,” Misty began.

    “And he’s such a jerk!” Ash finished.

    “? …Why?” May asked. “I mean, I did see him on the bus this morning,”

    “The bus? What’s HE doing on the BUS?” Misty question. May shrugged.

    “Anyway, the reason he’s such a jerk is ‘cause of last year!” Ash protested.

    “Last year? What happened last year?”


    Ash closed his locker door after he had acquired his Maths book.

    “I hate Maths,” he said to himself. Suddenly, Drew walked pass, and walked into him slightly making Ash move back a bit.

    “Hey, watch where you’re going!” Ash said irritably.

    “Hm? Did you say something?” Drew replied rudely.

    “Yeah I did! Apologize for walking into me!” Ash demanded.

    “And why should I?” Drew questioned. Ash felt himself becoming enraged.

    “Because you’re suppose to if you do something like that!”

    “Hmph…As if I’d offer my apology to someone as imprudent and negligent as you. Besides, you stepped into my way.” This caused an unruly argument between the two.

    “No I didn’t! You purposely walked into me!” Ash retorted.

    “And where’s you’re proof?” Drew asked. Ash frowned even more and said nothing. “Just what I expected from someone like YOU,” he said and stressed on the YOU.

    “You’re one hell of a shithead you know!” Ash exclaimed so loudly, the fangirls gasped. Drew smirked.

    “That’s what you say. Nevertheless, it’s so obvious that your boisterous amount of jealously has clouded your vision and you are thus given a callous outlook on who I am. Such a pity,” Drew said and walked off, not wanting to waste anymore time.

    Ash felt humiliated in front of the group of people around. How was it possible that a freshman could become so popular, that whatever he said goes?

    End Flashback

    May’s eyes widened.

    “Wow. That’s harsh,” she mummered.

    “Yes well now you know why we dislike him. In fact, we practically hate him,” Misty said.

    “But putting that aside, it’s about time we get inside,” Ash said and the trio climbed the stairs.

    “Ok May, this is it. You’re about to enter the world of high school. People are much harsher here. So listen carefully,” Misty began and grabbed the handle and slowly pushed the door ajar.

    “It’s one thing to swim in the kiddy pool,” she began and opened the two doors fully. “But welcome to the shark tank!” she announced.

    May’s eyes widened. There were so many people here. And all looked so different it was unbelievable.

    May pulled out a piece of paper from her pocket.

    “It says my locker number is 234,” she said. Misty and Ash lead her to her locker.

    “Lucky you! Your locker is RIGHT next to the water fountain, AND the snack machine of hallway 7!” Ash announced.

    “Only you would see it as luck,” Misty commented.

    “Stop bullying me! I have rights!” Ash exclaimed. May and Misty laughed. Ash was a real comedian sometimes, and could also be rather dramatic.

    “Stop being so dramatic. That wasn’t bullying. Now bullying would be me say something like, ‘you’re a damned to failure individual who should be shot in the head during a drug bust that went erroneous. You’re a inclusive retard and don’t have a snowballs chance in hell of ever becoming successful in this world let alone this lifetime’,”

    Ash fell silent. “Aw see you bully! I’m telling on you! ...Bully!” he yelled like a little upset toddler. “But I suppose you did a good example,” he complimented.

    “And I hope you realise I DID NOT mean a word I just said,” Misty reassured him.

    May smiled. They would so make a perfect couple. She wondered if they had feelings for one another? Probably.

    “So where’s you’re first class May? What you got?” Misty asked.

    “Well I got English, Science, PE, Drama, Social Science, Maths, and French. English is in room A12,” she stated.

    “Ok. That’s just down the hall and the 7th door to the right. We gotta go to PE before our teacher gives us detentions. Have fun in English!” said Misty and ran off with Ash.

    May entered her English class. It wasn’t very big, but it wasn’t small either. The floor was a dark cream marble colour and the walls painted a pure white.

    “Oh you must be May Devlin. My name is Miss.Alphadale. Welcome to grade 9 English. Your seat is over there,” she said and pointed at an empty seat next to window.

    May walked over and sat down.

    “Well, well…if it isn’t the feeler from the bus,” said a somewhat familiar voice from behind. Quickly to respond, May swung around to find none other than Drew sitting behind her.

    “Feeler! I’m not a feeler!” May exclaimed kind of loud. Some of the other students gave a weird look before looking back at the teacher. The chestnut haired 14year old girl felt her face grow warmer dew to stress.

    “Of course you’re not,” Drew said sarcastically. “And that’s why you most definitely NOT feeling my hand on the bus this morning,” he said with a slight smirk.

    May blushed ever so slightly. Surely just placing her hand absentmindedly onto his was not feeling. Maybe he was just being perverted as some boys were. With the exception of those with dignity.

    “The silence sank, like music on my heart,” Drew randomly stated when May didn’t bother replying.

    “Huh? I would have never guess YOU would read something like The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge,” May quoted.

    “There are a lot of things people don’t expect about me. I’m just gobsmacked that a feeler would know something about the art of poetry,” Drew mockingly said and flicked his hair; a trademark thing actually.

    “Whatever! Wait a minute…My friends told me you attended this school last year. What are you doing here in a grade 9 class when you clearly belong in a grade 10 class?” May asked. “Oh my god, they held you back a year!” she yelled mockingly. Finally, something she could tease him about.

    “Not quite, so don’t get your hopes up,” he quickly said making her a bit worried.

    “I only attended this school during the middle of term four. I requested that some of the subjects I did I do again. So today I do grade 9 English, Maths and Science. The rest are all grade 10. Drama is an acceptation because I did not do it last year, and because it’s a multi level class. And tomorrow I do grade 10 English, Maths and Science. Then Wednesday I go back to doing year 9. So technically I’m still a year 10. Next year, everything will be back to normal, and I’ll do year 11 courses.” He explained.

    2 of each class? How could he manage doing 2 English, Maths AND Science!

    “Wow Drew, you are SO unbelievably cool…It’s so amazing how you find the time to, not only do 2 of the same subject, but also have time to do it at different year levels. AND you still have time to yourself…You are sooo lucky,” one of the nearby girls said and smiled seductively at him.

    Some of the other girls are giggled and began complimenting him on just about everything.

    May frowned and turned away; deciding to ignore him for the rest of the period. Hopefully he would be gone by the next.

    During the day, May had found out Drew was in all of her classes so far. And during these classes, he would openly mock her by calling here, “The Hand Feeler.”

    May felt ripping out her own hair and stuffing down her throat hoping she would choke and die. But, she managed to sustain herself.

    She managed to survive threw English, Science, PE, and Social Science. Now, she was heading for the concert hall, and to Drama class. May kept praying to all that is holy, that Drew was not in her class.

    May opened the steel doors. Her eyes widened at the site of the stage. It was huge with long lavender curtains on either side.

    Gazing up, May saw the many lights that hung over the stage. As she descended down to the front row seats, May let her hands gently stroke the velvet seats. They were unbelievably smooth, and a very dark blood red.

    The carpet she walked upon a raven black with golden swirls.

    “This place sure is fancy…I’ve never seen a school with such a magnificent, let alone gargantuan hall!” May thought to herself and sat down.

    May let her eyes wonder around the room. God it was decorated. The patterns along the walls designating a design dating back to probably ancient Greek, the giant painting on the ceiling: many white clouds over a golden sky, and angels perched on the clouds.

    Suddenly, May’s daydreaming was interrupted by her teacher. She looked like one those reject gypsies or something. Wearing such weird clothes; all black and purple, and many beaded or pearl necklaces.

    And in her hat were three feathers that belonged to a condor, and dyed red and black.

    Her nails were blood red and very long, and it matched her lipstick. Her eye-shadow was blue and her cheeks a slight pink; making her makeup very easy to distinguish from her skin.

    “Welcome class…to…Drama!” she said dramatically as if she was on stage. The other students smiled. Looking behind the teacher; that’s when May saw him.

    Drew. Sitting at the edge of the stage, surrounded by all the girls. May cursed to herself. Damn the school system. Has it no heart! Of course not. It’s not even a living thing for god sake.

    She sighed.

    “My name is Ms.Brunette. Former wife of Mr. Glacier. Such a pity…However, the past is behind me. This year students, we will be performing four major plays. Each in a different genre. Romance! Comedy! Sci-Fi! And of course, Cultural based,” the teacher said and pulled out a clip board.

    “Now, does anyone have any suggestions on a play for the genre romance? We shall be performing it at the end of term 2,” she asked her students.

    All just kept quiet and let their eyes wonder anywhere but the teacher; in search for someone to say something rather than themselves.

    Drew smirked when an idea suddenly came to mind. It was perfect.

    “I have a suggestion,” he said and the teacher turned to him.

    “Yes Drew?” enquired the teacher.

    “My suggestion is that we do the play that everyone knows; Romeo and Juliet,” he said smirking and was looking at May. She frowned slightly.

    “And of course, I would be MORE than happy to play the part of Romeo. After all, I was the LEAD role in ALL of my plays during Middle School,” he boasted.

    May just shook her head in disbelief. How could ANYONE be so up themselves!

    “An excellent idea! And when the time comes, we will hold auditions for the other parts. And since you are the Romeo, and it is certain, there will be PLENTY of girls going for the part of Juliet.

    Although, if you are unhappy with who I choose, then you are more than welcome to choose your own Juliet,” the teacher said and continued to ask for suggestions for plays of other genres.

    May glanced back at Drew and saw that he was still smirking at her. She frowned even more and turned away.

    “Why does he keep smirking at me? And, why is he even looking at me like that?” May thought to herself.

    “Yes Ms.Brunette…I have, the, PERFECT Juliet for you…” Drew thought to himself, jumped off the stage, and leaned against it as the teacher spoke.


    Ok! Chapter two is up. Review please!

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    CHAPTER THREE- “Need A Lift?”

    May came running down the stairs and skid right pass the kitchen.

    “What the?” Max said and looked up from the kitchen table. May suddenly came running inside.

    “Can we get some more wax on the floor PLEASE!” May exclaimed as she ran into the kitchen grabbing the nearest Up n’ Go box.

    “Hey that’s mine!” Max protested.

    “Sorrycan’ttalkIgottagoI’mgonnamissthebusloveyouby eMax!” she spoke so fast max barely understood her, and she dashed out the house.

    “Almost there! I can see the bus!” May said as she sprinted to the bus stop. She was just about to cross the road when the lights turned green, and cars came out of nowhere from the left.

    “No!” May yelled when she saw the bus drive off without her. “Aw man! It’s only my THIRD day and I’m gonna get a detention for being late!”

    The lights turned red, and the walk signal turned green. May ran across the road and kept running. Only 10 minutes until school began; but she had a 45 minute walk to run.

    “Aw man…What am I gonna do!” she asked herself out loud and stopped dead in her tracks.

    “How’s about getting in?”

    May’s eyes widened and she turned to the road. Parked beside her, was a beautiful red Ferrari FX; the latest Ferrari sensation, so far. A tall man wearing a black tuxedo and sunglasses to match stepped out of the driver’s seat.

    May stepped back slightly when she realized how much he towered over her. Gazing over to the back seat, all dressed in the latest fashion, and wearing red sunglasses, was none other than Drew.

    “Drew!” May exclaimed.

    “The one and only,” he said flicking his hair.

    “But…why?” she asked.

    “I’m in a good mood today. Well, and even better mood. And what’s the point of openly mocking someone when they’d probably fall asleep because they sprinted such a long and tiring uphill distance to school?” Drew said and pulled down his glasses down slightly.

    May looked to where she was to run. And it did indeed incline into a rather long and steep hill. She frowned

    “So you’re only offering me a lift ‘cause you think I’d fall asleep when you mock me! No thanks!” she yelled.

    “Hmph…suit yourself; The Hand Feeler,” he said smirking slightly and gestured his chauffer to get back in.

    Slowly the engine began to roar, and the car slowly started to move when: “Ok, ok! Please, I need a lift…” May said through her teeth.

    Drew hid his smirk of satisfaction.

    “Alright then, hop in,” he said and moved over one seat. Without a moment’s hesitation, May practically jumped in and the car speed off.

    Reaching for her bag, she pulled out her Up n’ Go, stabbed the straw into the hole, and began sucking on the straw with so much force, the box contracted slightly.

    Drew raised and eyebrow.

    “Geez…calm down. What the hell is that anyway?” he asked. May threw the box at a bin they were driving pass and got it in; to Drew’s surprise.

    “It’s cereal in a box. Up n’ Go. It’s like liquid breakfast,” she explained.

    “Argh…sounds disgusting,” he said and adjusted his sunglasses.

    “Where can she be?” Misty asked as she paced back and forth. “The bus arrived but she never got off. I hope she’s ok,”

    Ash sighed.

    “Misty calm down. I’m sure there is a logical reason as to why she isn’t here yet. Maybe she just woke up late?” he suggested.

    Misty fiddled with her bag.

    “Yeah…I guess,” she said. The first bell rang; warning students they should begin heading to class.

    “There’s the first bell,” Ash said.

    “If she comes to class after the 2nd bell, she’ll get a detention! All the bad people go to detention!” Misty began to worry.

    “Where are you May?” Ash wondered to himself as he tried to calm Misty down.

    Meanwhile, unexpectedly, the chauffer got caught in the biggest traffic jam since 1989, because he had taken a wrong turn.

    Drew clenched his fist.

    “My perfect attendance record is now completely ruined! I refuse to go to school! I will just have to call in sick. This is coming out of your paycheck!” Drew declared angrily. May knelt her head downward in sadness.

    “Lucky you,” she murmured. “I’m not allowed to stay home unless I’m sick or I REALLY need to finish up some project,” she sighed. “Well you best drop me at school 1st; if you will.”

    Drew thought for a moment.

    “Tell you what Feeler; I’ll let you skip school, IF you promise me one thing. This way, you won’t get into trouble for today,” he said.

    May’s head shot up; a gleam of hope glistened in her eyes. Although, she began to worry what on earth was the catch.

    “What’s…the catch?” she hesitantly asked. A small smirk was painted on his face.

    “Well…You will refer to me as, ‘Your Highness’ for the next 2 weeks, and do whatever it is I ask. I think that’s a fairly good bargain,” he said and flipped his hair.

    May’s jaw dropped. Was he out of his mind! Like bloody hell she’d call him that!

    “No ****ing way! I am NOT gonna refer to you as royalty!” she exclaimed; infuriated by the mere thought of it.

    “Suit yourself…Guess we could just drop you off at school then. Alright, Gomez, drive to school first then take me home. And maybe, just MAYBE I won’t deduct some of your paycheck,” Drew ordered and lent back on the seat; his hands behind his head.

    May bit her lip. It was already 8:45am, and school had began 15 minutes ago. Desperately, she began arguing with herself inside her subconscious mind.

    Time moved quickly, but the car had only moved about half a kilometer. May looked at her pink skitty sports-watch: ‘8:57am’ it read.

    School was about another kilometer away, and she knew she was going to be in so much trouble; even if her excuse was she woke up late.

    But then the teachers would just say that she should just go to bed even earlier.

    She could also explain the fact that she got caught in traffic while getting a lift from Drew. However, how could she be certain he’d admit he actually gave, let alone offered, her a lift?

    She had no choice. She had to do it.

    “…Al…Alright…” she uttered under her breath.

    “What was that? I didn’t hear you,” he said turning to her and pulled down his sunglasses.

    May grinded her teeth.

    “I said…Alright…Yo—your hi—highness,” she forced out her mouth. Drew smirked so much it was scary.

    “Change of plans Gomez,” he began and flipped his hair. “Head straight for home,”

    May looked at him.

    “Wait, you’re…Taking me home WITH you?” she bellowed.

    “Yes…didn’t you say you weren’t allowed to stay home? Therefore I figured, you MIGHT as well stay at my mansion in the meantime,” he said and pushed a button on the door.

    A small laptop folded out of the back of the passenger seat. May didn’t want to admit it, but she thought it was pretty cool.

    Drew began to type vigorously at the keyboard; as if he was showing off his typing skills; thus trying to impress her.

    May shrugged it off; why would he want to show off let alone impress her? The car was good enough.

    After a few minutes or so, the car pulled up to mansion; stopping in front of the tall golden gates. Engraved into either gate was their family logo; a phoenix and rose.

    The mansion walls were at least 10meters high, and 2meters thick. She could see the mansion in the distance. Bigger than school she presumed. She gazed up at the phoenix statues on either side of the gate.

    She squinted slightly and could see inside their eyes were the security cameras.

    As the gates open, and the car drove down the long drive way, May couldn’t help but blurt out a “wow”. Drew hid his smile.

    Chapter 4-The Manshion

    May is given an in-depth tour of Drew's outstanding mansion. However, why won't he let her into the small room that leads from his closet? What's behind "The Secret Door?"


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    CHAPTER 4-The Mansion

    One the sides of the road were tall apple trees. Each was practically covered in the most beautiful red apples and ripe for the picking no doubt.

    The car pulled up in front of the house and the two stepped out. May’s jaw dropped as she looked up.

    The mansion was humongous! The stairs and pillars that supported the upper levels were painted pure white. The mansion itself was a slightly blue tinted white.

    Drew pushed the double-golden plated doors open. May stared. The mansion was unbelievably beautiful. On the ceiling of the foyer hung a rather large diamond chandelier with golden and silver bits.

    The ceiling had a painting of angels across the top. Directly in front of her were stairs that led up, then both left and right. May looked down and saw she was standing on THE red carpet.

    “Great isn’t it? Just as you walk in, you’re on the red carpet,” Drew said and took her by the hand. May blushed slightly.

    “Come quickly; you need to see this,” he said pulled her while running through the living room and to the balcony.

    As they ran through the living room, May caught a glimpse of the Big screen TV (half the size of the movies screen), a fire place big enough to fit live people in, and couches that looked like they were made of pure tiger and leopard fur. She swore she also saw a pola bear skin rug too.

    They stood on the balcony. May gasped. The view was spectacular. It over looked the white sand beach and the crystal blue ocean that slowly faded to royal blue towards the horizon.

    The sun shone brightly. May watched as its reflection danced on the ocean surface; like tiny little crystals floating on water.

    The view also overlooked the wave-shaped mountain cliff; a famous attraction for air gliders. May could make out all the different trees and tiny specs of silver which were the rocks on the Cliffside. As well as lots of red, blue orange and yellow specks which were the flowers, also added to the view.

    “Beautiful isn't it? But wait...Look over there,” he said and pointed at the mountain cliff over the ocean. An airplane came into the clearing, and seemed to be painting cloud letters on the baby blue sky.

    May squinted to make things slightly clearer and read: “D…r…e…w…Drew,” she said with an eyebrow raised.

    “Wait…It’s not finished,” Drew said and May carried on.

    “Drew……is……yo…ur…ma…s…….ter…commer...M...a...y…Dre w is your master, May…WHAT!” May exclaimed.

    “That’s right…I am, YOUR, master. Understood? Now, do you want a tour of my mansion; Feeler?” he said with a big grin. May gritted her teeth.

    “Y-yes…your high…ness,” she had to force herself to say. “Damn it! It’s so hard to call him that!” she thought to herself as he led to the kitchen.

    The kitchen was at least twice the size of May’s own bedroom. And that was putting it mildly. The countertops were a black marble with tiny traces of silver.

    The cutlery had a bizarre shine to it, and was made from the finest steel known to man. The fridge 4 door fridge was both silver and steel, and had gold handles with diamonds engraved on the sides.

    They not only had an eight plate stove, but also those benches that you can just fry on. And not those budget ones either. This was of high quality.

    The floor was oak wood with a thick layer of varnish to give it that beautiful feel and shine.

    Drew then led her to the games room. Inside, there was every possible arcade game you could get. They even had five bowling alleys. Not only that, they also had neon lighting, which made half of May’s clothing glow.

    “Heh…The neon lights make you look like a ghost,” Drew teased. May frown and stuck out her tongue.

    Suddenly, something caught her attention in the corner of her eye. A Dance machine. May had to try it. She ran over it and began scrolling through the songs.

    Drew shook his head, but smiled, and walked over to her.

    “Wow! You have the LATEST tracks by the most famous people known! After the tour, can I PLEASE try it out?” she asked.


    May looked at him confusedly before realizing what he was hinting.

    “Oh uh please your highness?” she said with a slight curtsey that neither expected.

    “You know, all I asked for was you to call me Your Highness. You don’t have to curtsey,”


    “BUT! Since you already did, then from now on you shall curtsey when you address me as Your Highness,” Drew said; his hand on his chin, and smirking.

    Next, came the music room. It was fairly big in May’s opinion. It was surrounded by windows that touched the ceiling, and was covered by red velvet curtains with gold tassel.

    There were guitars of all sorts, drum kits, bass, trumpets of all designs, even instruments from cultures all over the world.

    In the center of the room, on a rotate stand, was a white piano. Drew noticed May staring at it.

    “Can you play?” he asked. She shook her head.

    “Can you?”

    “Well of course I CAN…After all, it is MY piano. I have a black one in my room as well,” he bragged. “Maybe I’ll show you my outstanding skills later,” he said and headed for the door.

    May rolled her eyes and followed.

    “We’ll just go to the art room, and then I’ll show you my room,” Drew said leading down a long passage. From ground to ceiling, it was at least 50ft.

    Every so often, they would pass a night’s armor on a stand.

    May felt that it was rather odd.

    Along the walls were paintings of every male generation on Drew’s father’s side of the family. Surprisingly, they all looked like Drew is some way.

    But even more surprising, was that everyone had green hair, and green eyes; but their hair was different styles.

    “Wow Drew, they all look somewhat like you,” May randomly said.

    “Yeah I know…No big deal anyways…” he said without looking behind him.

    A few meters from the door, the paintings stopped. The last one was of Drew’s father.

    May stopped walking and looked at it.

    “Now, he’s the splitting image of you Drew. Even his hairstyle is the same,” she said.

    Drew said nothing. When May realized he didn’t reply, she turned to face him. He was looking down at the ground; his right hand clenched into a fist.

    “What’s wrong Drew?” May asked feeling somewhat concerned.

    “My father…He was a *******…A down right low life, ****ing *******!” he yelled making May jump.

    “I don’t want to talk about it! Just…come on…” he said and led her into the Arts room.

    “He didn’t even notice I didn’t call him ‘your highness’,” May thought to herself. “Wonder what he did to make Drew seem to hate him so much?”

    When he was finished showing her the many weapons his father and mother used to collect, and the artwork his ancestors had acquired many years ago until the present day, it was time for his room.

    They walked down the passage, took a left, a right, another left, and ended up straight at the foyer.

    Up the stairs, to the right, and they stopped in front of the door that was on the balcony, above the first flight of stairs.

    “Well, here we are…My room,” Drew said and pushed open his double doors.


    Ok ok I know...Not the most exciting chapter...BUT! The next one won't be as boring! I promise! No really, I do!

    Chapter 5: The Secret Door

    Drew's room is HUGE! May's whole house could probably fit in it! Or at least 90...He's so damn rich. He even has a walk in closest. Forget walk in, it's like its own room! He got a circle seat in the center even! And so many cupboards, and even clothes on stands. Heck, it's also got moving racks controlled by remote. Although this is pretty cool, what's with the random door in the far left south corner? Why does it have 7 different locks on it? And why is Drew so edgy when May asks to go look inside?

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