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    EDIT: To all who have read this up to Part 6 – I rewrote the chapters. They seemed a little off to me since I rushed through them. There have been some minor changes to the story, but nothing major.

    Okay, this is my first fan fic! I’ve read so many and loved them so much that I decided to make one of my own! Tell me what you think of it, along with any suggestions, grammar errors, whatever! Also, forget the title, I couldn’t think of anything better.
    Let's see what else... Rated PG-13.
    This story has AdvanceShipping, ContestShipping, EgoShipping and Pokeshipping! What’s up with that?!

    Chapter 1

    From some distance the Cerulean Gym could easily give the appearance of a circus because of its dome shape. The roof of the establishment had pink and yellow stripes with blue and white barber shop-like poles holding it up. A large figure of a Dewgong hung on top, representing the water Pokemon that the gym specialized in. Currently in front of it was a girl, who pushed her bike in and out of the gym, leaving a small Azurill looking back and forth confusedly.

    “If I take the bike I can get to them faster!” Misty said guiding the bike outside. “But if I do he might ruin it again!”

    She was referring to Ash and his Pikachu, who some time ago had completely destroyed her bike with one of the yellow rodent’s electric attacks. Ash had just become a trainer then, and his cluelessness had lead a flock of angry Spearow to attack him. In an attempt to protect its trainer, Pikachu used a very powerful Thunderbolt, rendering Misty’s bike useless. Misty smiled to herself at the thought of Ash. She started thinking about her travels with him. All the laughs, arguments, adventures…

    “Azu?” Azurill tilted its head and looked at its trainer.

    Misty snapped out of it. She pushed the bike back in and continued arguing with herself.

    “I can’t take it. How stupid would I look riding my bike while they were all on foot?” She paused for a bit, thinking. “Arrrgh! But I can leave it at a Pokemon Center after I find them!” Out the bike went again.

    A few minutes later, Misty’s older sister Daisy came out of the gym. She was tall with blonde hair, and many found her much more attractive than Misty, who was often considered more of a tom boy. She was dripping wet, obviously having just come out of the pool. She wore a red bathing suit, and held a towel that she was using to dry her face off. She looked up and saw Misty still muttering to herself indecisively.

    “Misty? I thought you had like already left.”

    “I don’t whether I should my bike or not.” She pouted.

    “It looks like Azurill would rather walk.” Daisy looked behind Misty.

    “Huh?” Misty turned around and saw Azurill happily bouncing away on its tail.

    “Azurill come back!” She let the bike drop and ran after the Pokemon who was gaining speed.

    “Zu! Zu! Zu!” The blue ball cried with each bounce.

    Misty caught up to it, and picked it up.

    “You know better than to run off like that!” Misty scolded.

    Azurill was not easily fooled. It knew Misty wasn’t really angry, so it smiled at her, and she smiled back.

    “I guess we’re walking then…”

    She turned around to take one last look at Cerulean Gym. Daisy waved at Misty, and picked up Misty’s bike and took it inside.

    “Well, Ash! Here I come!” She ran down the road with Azurill happily hitching a ride in her arms.


    “Brock, when did you say we were gonna see Misty?”

    Ash had his hands on the back of his head. He wore a baseball cap over his messy black hair, and on top of his green backpack was Pikachu, who was joyfully some Pokemon food. The group was walking down a path in the forest. Wild Pokemon popped their heads out of the bushes as they walked by.

    “This is the third time in ten minutes you ask me that.” Brock answered. “She said she’d try to meet up with us maybe sometime around the afternoon.”

    Brock had spiky brown hair, and squinted eyes. He was older than all the others, and the group looked up to him as an older brother.

    “Oh.” Ash said simply.

    “Why are you so anxious to see her, Ash?” May teased.

    “I told you earlier. She’s a really good friend. It’s been a while since I last saw her.” He didn’t notice what May was trying to imply.

    Ash brought his hands down from his head, and reached into his pocket. He brought out a silver case, and opened it to reveal 7 round, shiny objects known as Frontier Symbols. He had won each of them at different locations across the Kanto region, where he battled challenging trainers known as Battle Brains. If he won against them in a Pokemon battle, he would receive the symbol in recognition of his success.

    “Pika!” Pikachu cried happily at the symbols.

    “Just wait until Misty sees these!” Ash turned his head and smiled at he rodent.

    “I’m hungry.” May’s stomach growled.

    Everyone stopped and looked at May.

    “We just ate.” Said Max. “How can you be hungry again?”

    “I guess all the walking really worked up my appetite.” May said as her stomach growled again.

    “We’ve only been walking for two hours.” Max muttered.

    There was another grumble, this time from Ash’s stomach.

    “I guess I’m kind of hungry too.” He laughed.

    They looked around for a while, looking for a good place to take a break. They came across a circular open area in the forest where they decided to rest. Everyone sat around while Brock cooked some food for them. Ash was still looking at his Frontier Symbols, and he smiled proudly at each one of them remembering how hard he had worked for them. It hadn’t been an easy task, but all of his Pokemon had pulled through in the end to achieve victory. He couldn’t wait to tell Misty about it!

    “Ash? Earth to Ash!”

    Brock waved his hands trying to catch Ash’s attention.

    “Wuh?” Ash looked up and realized Brock was talking to him.

    “Food’s ready! Comin’ or not?”


    Ash closed the case and shoved it into his pocket. He jumped and ran towards Brock enthusiastically, ready to eat.

    “If there’s one thing he cares about more than his Symbols it’s food.” laughed May.

    She looked around and didn’t see her younger brother Max anywhere nearby.

    “Has anyone seen Max?”

    She was answered by a thud and a yell. Ash dropped his eating utensils, Brock stopped cooking, and they ran towards the noise. Max sat up and dusted himself off, and pushed his glasses into place.

    “Max!” yelled May as she drew near him. “What are you doing?” She put her hands on her hips and looked at him demandingly.

    “I was trying to take a closer look at those Kakuna and I fell off the tree.” He put his hand behind his head and chuckled nervously.

    “Stop wandering off and come eat!” she ordered.

    Everyone was ready to eat, but Brock simply stood there with his arms crossed.

    “Aren’t we forgetting someone?” he looked at them expectantly.

    “Uh… everyone’s here.” May said looking around.

    Brock cocked his eyebrows.

    “Oh yeah!” Ash stood up realizing who Brock was talking about.

    Ash stood up and reached behind him. He brought five Pokeballs and threw them.

    “That’s it!” Brock said approvingly, and brought out Pokeballs of his own.

    “Come on out, everyone!” yelled May, releasing her Pokemon too.

    Brock placed plates in front of the Pokemon. May’s Munchlax quickly waddled towards the nearest plate of food, ready to eat the whole thing in one gulp.

    “Munchlax, stop!” cried Max.

    The fat Pokemon stopped in its tracks and looked back at him.

    “Munch?” it asked.

    “Here, catch!”

    Max held a PokeBlock case in his hands, and took a cubed piece of Pokemon food out of it. He threw it at Munchlax, who smiled and joyfully jumped to catch the cube. It swallowed it, and was immediately inflated as if it had just had eaten an incredibly large helping of food. Munchlax fell, and instantly fell asleep. Max let out a sigh of relief, happy to have saved all the food.


    Misty was also in the forest. Her head snapped from side to side at every noise she heard.

    “It’s okay, Azurill. We’ll be fine…” she said nervously though the Pokemon showed no signs of fear or discomfort. “No creepy bug Pokemon are going to get us… I’ll just…scare them off with my Pokemon… yeah.” She attempted to comfort herself, but to no avail.

    There was a rustle of leaves behind her. She instantly turned her body around.

    “Who’s there?” she cried.

    She waited a few seconds, but there was no reply.

    “It was just the wind. Calm down, Azurill. We’ll get there soon.” Misty turned back around and continued on her way.

    Azurill looked up at Misty, not sure what she was talking about. The rustle came once again. Again, Misty spun around, this time throwing a Pokeball.

    “Go, Corsola!”

    A beam of light shot out from the ball. The light gathered and formed a Pokemon with a small face, and white underbelly. It had pink figures sticking out of its body that resembled branches, or more specifically coral.

    “Corosola!” called the aquatic Pokemon.

    It stood strong and sturdy, ready to attack on Misty’s command.

    “Uh… Nevermind.”

    Another beam of red light shot out of the Pokeball, this time pulling the Pokemon inside of it instead of sending it out. Misty lifted her left foot and rotated on her right. She stopped abruptly when she saw heard shuffling in the bushes. She froze in place. Slowly and tensely she forced her head to look towards the sound.


    Max looked up from his food.

    “Something wrong?” Brock asked.

    “I hear yelling.” He answered.

    “I hear it too.” Ash said, also looking up from his plate. “Let’s go find out what it is!”

    He got up from his seat, and extended his arm to allow Pikachu to jump on. Everyone stood up with him, and the group ran towards the yell. All the Pokemon looked up and chased after them.

    “It’s coming from over here!” Ash shouted, looking back at his friends and Pokemon who were lagging behind him. “Ouch!”

    Ash bumped into someone and fell over. He stood up but whoever had bumped into him slid behind him. Before he had the chance to see who it was, he saw a large, angry brown bear charging at him.

    “It’s an Ursaring!” yelled Brock, who had just caught up to him.

    “Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!” Ash pointed a finger at the bear.

    “Pikachuuuu!” It yelled as it released a bright yellow light from its small body.

    Ursaring stopped when the electric attack made contact with it. It closed its eyes in pain, and opened them again when the attack was over. Ursaring stood up on its hind legs, and let out an angry vicious roar. Everyone winced at the sound.

    “Aipom, Focus Punch!” Ash commanded, knowing the monkey Pokemon had followed him.

    “Pom!” The monkey ran fearlessly at the angry Ursaring and released its attack.

    Being a Fighting type attack, it greatly hurt Ursaring, who roared in pain and ran back where it had come from.

    “Good job, Aipom!” praised Ash.

    “Thanks, Ash! I thought I was a goner!” said a voice behind him.
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    Chapter 2

    Misty was frozen in place. An over-sized Spinarak was standing right behind her. She stared at it fearfully, too scared to run or move. The curious spider approached Misty and tapped her leg with its own. She shrieked and ran down the road as if her life depended on it. In her mind she knew there was no reason for the Pokemon to follow her, but her guts told her she should keep going. Misty took a look back, and saw Spinarak was chasing after her, with a smile on its face, and a trail of dust following it.

    “It’s just a Pokemon it’s just a Pokemon it’s just a Pokemon!” Misty told herself over and over.

    Misty tightened her hug on Azurill, and brought her head down on it. She increased her speed, determined to get away from the spider. The next thing she knew, Misty was on the ground. She had bumped into someone and knocked them both over like bowling pins.

    “Hey, watch where you’re going!”

    Misty stood up, and saw a familiar face before her. It was Gary Oak! He stood up and had an angry look but it faded when he saw who it was.

    “Misty? What are you doing here? Where’s Ash?” He looked around expecting to see Misty’s friends around somewhere.

    “Help me!!” Misty yelled as she ran behind him.


    Seeing the trail of dust coming, he brought a PokeBall out of his pocket.
    “Pokeball, Go!”

    The ball released a red glow, from which emerged an Umbreon.

    “Umbreon, Double Team!”

    Multiple copies of the small black Pokemon surrounded the green spider.

    “Now use Mean Look!” Gary commanded.

    All of the Black Pokemon’s copies had an evil looking glare. Spinarak froze, looking around at all the Umbreon that encircled it.

    “Okay, Umbreon, that’s enough.”

    All the copies of Umbreon disappeared except for one. Seeing its chance for escape the scared Spinarak ran back from where it came from. Misty relaxed and let out a sigh. Before she had a chance to thank Gary, she felt a familiar tap on her foot. She looked down to see yet another Spinarak! Misty let out a huge yell, and the forest seemed to freeze.


    Everybody had gone back to their resting spot. Two Pikachu ran around playfully shocking each other. One of the Pikachu had a scruff of hair on its head, and was known as Sparky.

    “We were just coming back from the Battle Pyramid and were tired from the walk so we took a break in the forest. Ursaring came out of nowhere and attacked us, and Sparky didn’t have enough energy to fight back. It’s really worn out from the Battle Pyramid, so we just ran for it. It would’ve caught up to us if it weren’t for you guys.”

    Richie finished his explanation and eagerly ate some of the rice balls Brock had given him.

    “It must’ve thought you were invading its territory, Ursaring can be very territorial.” Brock explained.

    “You should’ve just stayed at a Pokemon Center! It’s a lot safer there!” May told him.

    “Yeah, I guess you’re right!” smiled Richie.

    “How have you been doin’, Richie?” asked Ash.

    “You know him?” May looked a little surprised.

    “Yeah, we met a while back at the Pokemon League around when I first became a trainer.” Ash explained.

    The two Pikachu joined their tails and shocked each other a bit, just like Plusle and Minun were known to do.

    “Well, guys. Hate to interrupt this friendly conversation, but it’s a little too late to make it to the Pokemon Center. We’re gonna have to stay here tonight, but we need more firewood. May, Ash. Mind helping me?” Brock said.

    Ash groaned. He was too lazy to do any work.

    “I can help.” Richie stood up.

    “I think it’s better if you stay. After all that running you need to rest. Why don’t you stay with Max and watch after the Pokemon?” Brock suggested.

    “Yeah!” Max was glad to have a chance to show off his knowledge trainer. “You can show me your Pokemon and tell me about your battles!”

    “Sure, why not?” Richie gave Max an amiable smile.

    “Brock, it’s getting late. I thought you said Misty would be here by now.” Ash said.

    “She must have got held up by something. I bet we’ll see her by tomorrow, now let’s go get that wood.”

    Ash groaned again. He got up and followed Brock and May into the forest.


    Gary was crouched down with his hands over his ears, protecting himself from Misty’s yell. He slowly regaining his strength and he picked the Spinarak off Misty, which had started to climb up her foot. Umbreon chased the Spinarak away from Misty’s sight.

    “IT’S GONE!” Gary bellowed and shielded his ears with his hands again.

    Realizing the Pokemon was off her, Misty stopped yelling, and started shrieking her thanks.

    “Thank you thank you thank you!!” Misty shouted.

    Without realizing what she was doing, she quickly hugged Gary and gave him a peck on the cheek. Gary flinched. Misty’s eyes widened as she realized what she had just done. Misty laughed nervously.

    “Uh, that was just thanks.” She explained trying to break the awkward silence.

    “Yeah…. Well, if I didn’t know any better I would’ve thought you were using Screech!” Gary said trying to act normal.

    “It’s not my fault it touched me! What was I supposed to do?!” She was relieved at the change of topic.

    “You could’ve had one of your Pokemon take it off.” He said arrogantly.

    Gary brought Umbreon back into its Pokeball and walked off. Misty looked after him a little puzzled.

    “Where are you going?” she chased after him. “What am I supposed to do if that thing comes back again?!”

    Gary s******ed, amused by her fear.


    May stopped to look at a white flower that slightly resembled a rose. It had green and yellow dots all over it, and had an attractive smell.

    “Wow! It’s so pretty!” she said to no one in particular.

    “It’s a flower, like any other. Let’s go!” Ash said.

    She didn’t listen to him, and instead picked up the flower and smelled it.

    “It smells so nice!”

    She looked around and saw she was alone.

    “Ash? Brock?” She walked around in search of her friends. “I guess I’ll just go back to camp then.”

    She heard Richie and Max talking. Curious to know what her little brother was talking about with him, she leaned comfortably against a tree and listened.

    “Have you ever battle Charizard? It looks really strong! It even went up against an Articuno! And won!” Max sounded very excited.

    “I did once, when Zippo was only a Charmander.”

    “Char!” said the Charmeleon when it heard its name.

    “Hey, Max. Do you know who Ash likes?” grinned Richie.

    Max was confused by the sudden change of topic.

    “Well, uh, no. Why?”

    “I’ll give you a clue. He likes traveling with her. And it begins with an ‘m’.”

    “No way!” Max suddenly got interest again. “I know, I know!”

    May was shocked. She stood up and walked away from camp again. Had she heard right? Ash had a crush on her? But how did Richie know? They hadn’t had time to talk, so Ash couldn’t have told him. Or was Ash that obvious, and she was too dense to notice it?

    As if on cue, Ash walked by her holding some wood under his arm.

    “Hey, May! Where’d you go? Did ya get any wood?”

    Why was he smiling at her? And why did he care where she had gone? Maybe he really did like her…

    “Uh, no where! No where, Ash! I just, um. Nothing!” May started feeling nervous around him, and Ash was just confused.

    “Well, okay. The camp is this way if you lost.” He pointed behind May.

    “Yeah! Yeah, I know!”

    She looked at Ash as he walked back to camp, with a weird feeling in her stomach.
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    Spinning in my chair-wheeeeee!


    Wow! This is good! Pokeshipping and advanceshipping in two chapters!

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    Pretty good so far, so continue! I always love a story with AS,PS,CS rectangle. Its also great to have Richie AND Gary back. I have a feeling that the starting with an 'm' girl that Ash likes is just Misty and not May.

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    wow, I like this fic. Advancedshipping, contestshipping and pokeshipping all gathered into one! Really neat.
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    I'm having fun writing this! Here's the next chapter!

    Chapter 3

    May couldn’t sleep that night. She tossed and turned trying to find a comfortable position in the small space available in her sleeping bag, but it wasn’t of much help. Her thoughts went back to what she had heard behind the tree. How was she sure that Richie had been talking about her? Why did she care about it so much, when she could just pretend she had never heard him? And even if it was true, what would she do if Ash ever admitted it?


    She jumped.

    “Ash, don’t scare me like that!”

    “What are you doing up so late?”

    Why is he checking on me… she thought suspiciously.

    “Uh…I can’t sleep.”

    “Yeah, I figured that out.”

    “Then why’d you ask?!” she said grumpily.

    “I don’t know. Maybe there’s a reason for it?” Ash sat up straighter in his sleeping bag and rubbed his eye with the back of his hand.

    Why is he sitting up!? Is he planning on telling me something? No… he can’t be…

    “No! Nothing! Just go back to sleep!”

    “Well, okay.” Ash let himself fall onto the ground and was snoring within five seconds.

    It’s cute how he goes to sleep that fa- NO! What am I thinking?!


    Misty laid down a few feet beside Gary in her sleeping bag decorated with bubbles. She looked over at Azurill sleeping next to her. She had followed Gary, using him as protection from bug Pokemon, though he had never offered to be her guard. Like May, she couldn’t sleep either, thinking about Ash. She would probably be able to see him again by tomorrow! Her thoughts then shifted to what she had done earlier.

    Confident that Gary was sleeping, Misty got up. She moved quietly as so not to wake him or Azurill up. She went to a small nearby pond that had a small cascade. There were trees all around it, and it resembled the place where Ash and Misty had first met. She leaned her back against a tree and started thinking. Why had she done that? It was just thanks, wasn’t it? She wasn’t sure. She kind of enjoyed doing it. If it was just thanks then why hadn’t she kissed Ash the many times he had helped her out? Misty rested her back on a tree, and looked at the miniature waterfall. She thought about her travels with Ash, all the fun they had, and all the arguments. She smiled to herself at the thought of seeing him again. Misty let out a small chuckle as she reminded herself of the good times.

    “Laughing alone is just as bad as talking to yourself. You’re starting to freak me out.”

    Misty jumped, and turned to see Gary about 15 feet away, also resting against tree.

    “What are you doing here? I thought you were asleep.”


    “But I saw you in the sleeping bag…”

    “That was Umbreon.” He shrugged. “It must get tired of being inside its Pokeball all day so I’ll let it sleep there whenever I get the chance.”

    “Well what are you doing here?” she asked again.

    Gary stood up and walked towards Misty. He crouched down in front of her and looked into her eyes. Misty shook her head. She realized that Gary had simply moved to a tree a little more near her.

    I should really get to sleep, I’m starting to see things…

    “You have fleas or something?” he teased.


    “You shook your head like a Growlithe.” He grinned.

    “Oh, I was just, uh, stretching my neck. I’m a little tired.”

    “Then go to sleep.”

    “What if I don’t want to?!” she said angrily.

    “Hmm. Temper, temper.” He said coolly.

    “So what are you doing here?” she asked again, calming down.


    “About what?”

    “About how it used to be when I was a trainer and how it is now as a researcher.”

    “You want to be a trainer again?”

    “Nah, just looking back at old memories.”

    They were quiet for a moment. Misty felt very uneasy. She moved her head in a circular motion. She realized her neck really did hurt.

    “How ‘bout a massage?”

    “Uh, no thanks. It’s feeling better now.” She felt really uncomfortable at the thought of having Gary touching her.

    “Not for you. For me. My neck feels a little stiff.” He put his hand up to his neck and rotated it, and pretended that it hurt when he moved.

    Misty was about to yell at him, but Gary put his hands up very fast in defense and said, “I was just kiddin’! It’s for you! You look tired!”

    “I- uh-”

    She couldn’t help but thinking about him. She had to admit he was kind of cute. Gary got up from the tree, and kneeled beside Misty. He put his hands between her shoulders and neck.

    Misty went stiff. It’d be rude to tell him to stop, but it felt too peculiar having him do that.

    “Relax. You’re stiff as a board. You’ll give me a splinter!”

    As much as she tried to resist, thoughts of Gary filled her mind. She couldn’t help but relaxing and falling asleep.


    Ash woke up early the next morning, anxious to find Misty.

    “Brock, wake up! We have to go find Misty!” Ash gently shook his friend.

    “Come back, Nurse Joy! We haven’t gotten to know each other!” he mumbled in his sleep.

    Ash shuddered. He walked over to May, and tried waking her up too. She angrily ducked her head into her sleeping bag, wanting to get more sleep.

    “Max? Get up!” He shook Max a little harder than the others. He started getting impatient.

    “Five more minutes, Mom.” He muttered sleepily.

    “Richie?” He shook him with his foot, but there was no response.

    “All right, then! We’re going to have to do this the hard way! Pikachu, shock them!”

    The rodent’s evil smile showed it was going to enjoy this. Sparky heard Ash’s command, and ran to Pikachu’s side to join it. The two Pokemon clenched their tiny paws, and brought them close to their bodies.

    “Chuuuuu!” said the Pikachu in unison.

    “Ahhhh!” They all screamed.

    “I’m up, I’m up.” May sat up in her sleeping back, and rubbed her eyes. “Be right back. I’m going to the spring to wash up.” She said sleepily.

    Everyone put away their sleeping bags and gathered all their belongings. Brock started cooking breakfast.

    “Where are you guys heading?” Richie asked.

    “We’re looking for Misty! She was on her way here from Cerulean Gym!” Ash said gleefully.

    “That’s why you woke us up? You’re that anxious to see your girlfriend?” Richie teased.

    “She’s not my girlfriend!” yelled Ash. “We’re just friends!”

    Max and Richie took a quick look at each other and gave a small grin. May came back from the spring.


    Misty woke up with a start. Was it a dream or had it really happened? Her question was answered by the waterfall beside her. She realized she had somehow gotten in the sleeping bag.

    Gary. She thought.

    “All this time I thought the early bird would get the worm. I woke up first, ya know.” Gary was looking at her, kneeling from beside the waterfall, pretending to be confused.


    Gary laughed and pointed at her. Misty looked down to see the worm Pokemon, Wurmple, sleeping on top of the bag. It woke up and let out a yawn. It looked up at Misty joyfully. Misty stared at it fearfully, her mouth just slightly open. Gary saw he was in danger. Misty was about to scream! He quickly reached into his pocket for a Pokeball and brought out Umbreon.

    “Mean Look!” he ordered.

    It was too late. Misty had already let out her scream. Gary covered his ears, and Umbreon seemed to struggle with its attack. The noise was too much!

    “Wurmple!” cried the Pokemon as it let out a String Shot at Misty’s face and ran away in fear.

    “Get it off get it off!!!” She shrieked and anxiously grabbed at her face.

    Gary got up, kneeled and removed the string from her face.

    “Thanks.” Misty sighed.

    “What, no kiss this time?” he grinned.

    Misty’s face went red and she turned her head in an attempt to hide it.

    “I need to go find Ash and the others.” She started rolling up her sleeping bag.

    “I’ll come too. I decided to take a break from my research and see what Ash is up to.” He called Umbreon back inside the PokeBall.

    Misty didn’t know what to think. She felt she wanted Gary there to keep her company, but she still felt uneasy from the kiss. She got her things together, and looked around as if something was missing.


    She had forgotten about Azurill! She and Gary ran towards its yell. Not too far off there was a cliff, and a small blue sphere belonging to Azurill’s tail could be seen hanging from the edge. Gary ran past Misty, picked up the Pokemon and gave it to her.

    “Azurill! I’m so glad you’re okay!” Misty hugged the blue ball.

    “Zurill!” Cried the Pokemon joyfully.

    “Is that thing always happy?” he stared at Azurill.

    “Yeah, pretty much.” Misty smiled.

    There was a cracking sound. Misty jumped back away from the cliff, but the ground under Gary had fallen, and he was going down with it. He yelled and grabbed at the cliff, just barely getting a grip on it.

    “Gary!” Misty yelled.

    She swiftly put down Azurill and ran towards him. The edge broke off again, and Gary fell. She caught him by the arm.

    “Don’t let go! Pull yourself up before we fall again!”

    It was about to break off. There wasn’t enough time to pull him back up! Gary and Misty both fell to a river below, leaving Azurill alone at the top.


    May and Max were arguing over which direction Misty would be coming from.

    “The PokeNav says Cerulean is that way!” Max said pointing. “So Misty must be coming from that direction!” he argued.

    “You always get it wrong! Are you sure you don’t have it upside down again? I’m pretty sure it’s that way!” May pointed too but in the opposite direction and tried to snatch the PokeNav away, but he dodged.

    Richie sighed and pointed in a different direction than both of them.

    “It’s that way.” He said calmly.

    “That can’t be right! It says right here that it’s – oh.” Max saw his mistake. He put his hand on the back of his head and laughed.

    “Uh, hehe. I’m just a kid! I have to make a mistake sometime, don’t I?”

    “I told you!” May said. “I’m obviously smarter!”

    “It’s not like you were any more accurate than I was.” Max pushed his glasses back into place. “And thinking a Surskit is a slow Pokemon isn’t very smart either.”

    He s******ed, remembering one of May’s Pokemon contest.

    “That’s not fair! You know Harley tricked me! And I was just guessing which direction Cerulean was at. You at least had the PokeNav!”

    “Surskit’s speed shouldn’t have affected your battling skills anyway.” He taunted, forgetting about the PokeNav comment.

    “It’s not as easy as it looks, Max! Battling takes a lot of strategy and I didn’t have enough time to figure it out that quick under all the pressure!”

    Max had his mouth half open, ready for rebuttal, but he was cut off by Ash.

    “Stop arguing and let’s go!” he said, frustrated by their bickering.

    “But she-”

    “Max, there’s no time to argue. Leave May alone and let’s go!”

    He’s defending me! May thought happily.

    “Yeah, Max, leave me alone! Listen to Ash! He’s basically the leader here!” She grabbed Ash’s arm. “Right, Ash?”

    “Uh, sure.” He answered uncertainly.

    He feels uneasy about me holding his arm. He definitely likes me! I guess he’s kind of…cute. I can’t believe I didn’t realize this before. No wonder I agreed to travel with him. I- I like him…

    “Uh… May?”

    “Yes, Ash?” she answered dreamily.

    “You can let go of my arm now.” He said.

    “Oh.” May let go and her cheeks went slightly pink.

    What’s up with her?
    He thought.

    They continued on their way, and Richie talked about a few of his adventures and how he had gotten his Frontier Symbols too. All of a sudden, a scared Azurill jumped into Ash’s arms.

    “Look, it’s an Azurill.” Ash was surprised that it had just jumped onto him like that.

    “Azu azu! Zurill!” it frantically explained.

    “Misty has an Azurill.” said Ash, ignoring the fear in its voice.


    “It is Misty’s Azurill?” Richie guessed.

    Pikachu nodded its head.

    “Pika pi?”

    “Zu zu!”

    Pikachu jumped off Ash’s hands. Both Pokemon went ran in the direction Azurill had come from, and Sparky followed.

    “I think they’re trying to lead us to Misty!” Richie said, stating the obvious.

    “Yeah, let’s go!” Ash said, already running.

    The Pokemon stopped at the cliff. Everyone caught up and looked down to see two people in the river.

    “Misty!” yelled Ash.

    “There’s someone else with her!” exclaimed Brock.

    May gasped, and picked up the Azurill.

    “Let’s go this way, it’s the quickest way down!” Richie went back into the forest and made a turn.

    They tumbled down a steep slope. May and Max tripped over one another, but quickly regained their balance and ran after the others.


    Misty took a deep breath as she fell, but didn’t have enough time to tell Gary to do the same. She was used to falls like this because of her performances in the gym. However, Gary did not have this same experience, so he instead wasted precious time yelling. They hit the river, and Misty reached into her bag for a Pokeball, and brought out Gyarados. It went underwater, and came up beneath Gary and Misty. It swam over to the grassy shore and Misty jumped of its back, and pulled Gary off the Pokemon’s back.

    “Gary!” she yelled, and shook him a little, trying to wake him up.

    She wasted no time, and gave him mouth to mouth. Not much was wrong with Gary. It had mostly been the scare that made him pass out. He sat up while Misty was still in his face. She pulled apart from him and smiled, happy he was okay.

    “Thanks Gyarados.”

    Gary looked at the huge dragon. It was obvious it was Misty's since it simply sat there looking at them.

    “Thank you too, Misty.”

    Gary gave her a quick kiss, just like she had done to him.

    “That was thanks.” He grinned.

    Misty blushed.

    They heard a rustle and looked behind them. Ash stared.
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    its so cute! when does drew come in?
    HI! Im the newest contestshipper on the block! BTW raichu is the best pokemon!
    I have a story that is kindof contest shipping. but not enough to be called contestshipping. It also explains my username. Hears the link!

    Do any contestshippers play guild wars? pm me if you do.

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    Drew will come in soon enough.... =P

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    Holy cow. This is a good fic so far, but one thing I've noticed is the length. It has to be at least a page, so unless I'm totally screwed up in the head (which is very likely), it's a little too short. Just a little. But this is a cute story so far, I like it! Put me on the PM list please!


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    Quote Originally Posted by ~!Mudkip Kitteh!~ View Post
    Holy cow. This is a good fic so far, but one thing I've noticed is the length. It has to be at least a page, so unless I'm totally screwed up in the head (which is very likely), it's a little too short. Just a little. But this is a cute story so far, I like it! Put me on the PM list please!

    I'm not sure what you mean by pages. If you're talking about pages on Word, all the chapters are at least one page. The first one is a little short, but I assure you the next chapter is longer.

    I'm done with the next chapter. I'll post it tomorrow. I posted 3 in one day, and if I keep that up I'll finish the whole thing too fast!

    Expect the next chap tomorrow! For now, I'm going to sleep!

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    Wow, chapter three was good. You can probably add egoshipping in there, unless your taking Gary out of the fic soon
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    There is Egoshipping, but I forgot to add to the list! *smacks head*
    I'll add that in

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    Da next chapter! :O

    Chapter 4

    “Richie? Long time no see!” Misty smiled and ran to the group. “Ash! Brock! I was looking all over for you yesterday! Where are Max and May?”

    Gary got up and coughed up little water he had swallowed. Max and May walked down the remaining distance down the slope, looking at Misty and Gary confused. They never knew Misty had a boyfriend.

    “Hey, guys! You found Azurill!”

    Azurill jumped off May’s arms and into Misty’s.

    “Hey, Ash!” Gary grinned at his rival.

    Misty took a Pokeball out of her backpack.

    “Thanks, Gyarados. Take a rest.” She smiled at the dragon and brought it back to its Pokeball.

    “Ash? Brock?” She was confused at their silence.

    Suddenly Misty and Gary both noticed the tension that May and Max had felt as soon as they had gotten there.

    “Oh, it’s not what it looks like!” Gary explained quickly.

    “No, we fell down the cliff and-” Misty tried to continue.

    “No need to explain. I don’t need to know why you kiss your boyfriend, Misty.” Ash said.

    “Ash, I think she – ”

    “We don’t need to know the reason.” Ash snapped at Richie.

    He sharply turned around and made his way up the slope.

    “Pikapi!” the rodent shouted, and ran after him.

    “Ash!” Brock and Richie tried to follow.

    “Stop! I better go talk to him alone.”

    Pikachu stopped and came back. Misty ran up after him as Pikachu stared after her from Max’s arms. Misty reached camp, and Ash was sitting on a log, his back turned to her.

    I thought we were friends. Why didn’t she tell me? Especially since it's Gary.


    He wiped a tear from his cheek.

    Great, there must be something in my eye. He thought and turned around to look at her.

    “Why didn’t you tell me?”

    “Ash, I’m not-”

    “You’re even denying it after we all saw you!” He stood up angrily.

    Gary came in from behind a tree, frowning, with his hands in his pocket. As his rival, Gary liked making him angry, but not in this form.

    “Ash? Did Misty explain?” He asked concerned.

    “There’s no need to explain anything!” He snapped at him and sat back down.

    A few more tears formed, and he wiped them off before Misty or Gary could see. Gary’s concern left him. He pulled his sleeves up and ran over to Ash. He put his hand over his mouth to keep him quiet so he’d stop interrupting, and used the other to hold him still.

    “Looks like he’s paying attention now.” Gary smirked as Ash struggled in Gary’s hands.

    “Listen, Ash! Gary was helping get through the forest to get me away from all the bug Pokemon while I looked for you! After Azurill ran away we fell off a cliff, and I was giving him mouth to mouth after we fell in the river! Understood?!”

    Gary let go of Ash to let him respond. He stood up quickly and clenched his fists.

    “That doesn’t explain why he kissed you!” he shouted furiously.

    “It was just thanks for saving me!” Gary explained.

    Ash’s look softened, but he was still mad.

    “Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?!”

    “But- we… we tried- ” Misty stuttered, getting irritated since she had been trying to all along.

    Ash tried to suppress a chuckle. He put his hand over his mouth trying to stop.

    “What’s so funny?” demanded Misty.

    At this, Ash fell over and had a laughing fit.

    “What’s so funny?!” she asked again.

    Gary cocked an eyebrow and looked at him expectantly. After a few seconds, Ash slowly regained control over his mouth.

    “Gary has all those cheerleaders!” he said between breaths, still rolling on the ground. “To think he’d leave them for someone like you! I can’t believe I didn’t see that earlier! Hahaha! You and Gary!” He continued laughing.

    “What’s so funny about that?! I’m just as good looking and talented as any of those cheerleaders!”

    “Sure, except for the good part!” Ash continued laughing.

    Misty lunged at Ash, but he rolled around and dodged. He stopped laughing abruptly and quickly got up and grabbed his hat. He ran into the forest, and down the slope, with Misty gaining up on him. Everyone looked up and saw Ash coming down. Gary started laughing too and ran after them.

    “Everything better now?” Richie asked Ash.

    “Get out of the way!” yelled Ash.

    Everyone did as told and moved away from his path. Ash tripped over a rock and fell flat on his face. He got up as soon as he could, but he had already given Misty a chance to get closer! Ash ran into some trees hoping to lose her, but it was too late. She had caught up to him.

    “Ahhh!” Ash screamed.

    Misty walked out from behind the trees with a satisfied look on her face. She went over to where the rest of the group was standing. Ash followed, holding his head like a Psyduck.

    “You didn’t have to do that.” He pouted.

    “Ha, Ash got beat up by a girl!” Gary taunted.

    “It wasn’t a girl, it was just Misty!” he complained.

    Misty’s face went red again and her fists clenched. Ash sensed his head was in danger again. He fell on the floor and got in duck and cover mode.

    “No! You’re a girl! I got beat up by a girl!” He said with his hands over his head.

    “Better.” said Misty.

    “Pikachu, help me!” Ash pleaded from the ground.

    Pikachu have a small laugh and got on Ash’s head. With the rodent protecting him there was no way Misty could hit him, so he felt safe enough to stand up. Everyone laughed, except for May.

    “Ash, are you all right?” She ran to his side.

    “Yeah, I’m fine.” He smiled and stuck his tongue out at Misty.

    “Good!” May hugged Ash, and Max let out a low growl noticed by no one.
    “Gah!” Richie shouted, gaining everyone’s attention. “I forgot! I promised Mom I’d be back home today, I have to go! Bye guys! See ya soon!” He ran down the river in a rush.

    “Later, Richie!” called Ash.

    “It was nice meeting ya!” Max yelled, waving.

    Pikachu and Sparky gave each other a quick shock, and Sparky ran to catch up to its trainer.

    “Pika!” Pikachu called, and waved goodbye.

    “Let’s get back to camp.” Said Brock.

    The group walked up the hill and started to head back. Ash reached into his pocket and pulled out his symbol case.

    “Hey, Misty! I got all the Symbols from the Battle Frontier!” He opened his case and gave it to Misty.

    “Battle Frontier?” Gary said taking the case from Misty.

    “It’s a place where top trainers compete.” Ash said.

    “I know what it is. I’m just surprised you got into it.” He badgered.

    “Wow! They look really nice!” commented Misty.

    “I know.” Ash grinned. “We ran into some problems with the last one. Some sort ancient king thing took over my body, but Pikachu shocked it out.”

    Ash said it as if it were something to be proud of.

    “Something tells me it was your carelessness that caused that thing to get into you.” said Misty.

    “Yeah! He was touching things he wasn’t supposed to and when he did the king that took over and –”

    May covered her brother’s mouth.

    “Max, Ash is telling the story, don’t interrupt!” May looked at Ash. “Go on.” She smiled and let go of Max.

    “Uh, thanks. But I’m pretty much done.”

    Great, I didn’t help him at all. May thought.


    Everyone had spent the day catching up and telling about their adventures. Gary talked about his research, May told about her contests, and Misty complained about her sisters and the gym. Everybody started getting tired of taking turns using the single log as a chair, so everyone put their Pokemon to work to help find logs to use as seats, and rewarded them each with some of their favorite PokeBlock.

    “It’s fun being Gym Leader, but it’d be nice to get some help from my sisters. Why should they be the ones allowed to go shopping all day?” Misty said.

    “Fso den,” Ash swallowed his un-chewed S’more. “Take turns.”

    “What makes you think they’d agree that easily?” Misty asked.

    Ash shrugged. He took a break from shoving S’mores down his throat so he could catch his breath. May noticed Ash’s unoccupied hands and slipped hers into his. She felt that she had to, seeing Ash would never admit his feelings for her, and she wanted to help him out. She felt uneasy but it, but felt determined to do the right thing. Ash just took a glance at May, not sure of what to do. Max saw and he frowned. Misty got tense all of a sudden. Gary wasn’t sure why, but he put his arm around her and pulled her closer to him to comfort her. It worked. A dreamy, relaxed look took over her face, and she stopped talking about the Gym, and laid her head on Gary’s shoulder.

    There was the sound of crunching leaves behind them. Ash turned around to see what it was, taking his hand away from May’s in the process.

    “Drew!” said Max, May, Ash, and Brock.

    “I saw the smoke. I thought it might have been the start of a fire, but after seeing May, I realized there’s no danger.” he said.

    “What is that supposed to mean!?” asked May.

    “Face it. Even if you wanted to be responsible for a forest fire, you wouldn’t know where to start.” He flicked his hair. “I’m not interrupting anything?” he was eying Gary and Misty.

    “Huh?” Ash turned around to see what he was talking about. He saw Misty against Gary, with Misty staring dreamily… at him.

    Misty jerked her head away from Gary, and sat up right when she saw Ash looking back at her. She stood up to greet Drew.

    “Hi, I’m Misty.”

    “Drew. Nice to meet ya.”

    From the corner of his eye, he saw May looking at him. He flicked his hair again.

    “Why don’t you join us? We’re having S’mores.” Brock invited Drew to take a seat.

    “Sure. Why not?” He shrugged indifferently.

    He sat down between May and Max. Max handed him some crackers, chocolate, and a bag of marshmallows so he could make his own S’mores. Misty went over to Azurill and broke off a piece of her food and gave it to it.

    “Azurill!” It cried happily.

    “Good, isn’t it?” Misty laughed.

    Drew brought out his Roselia and fed it some Pokeblock. Misty was about to walk back to her seat, when she spotted a Caterpie poking its head out of the bushes.

    “Gah!” She jumped back, and landed on Ash.

    “Ow!” he yelled.

    He squirmed out from under Misty.

    “You ruined my S’more.” He complained.

    “How about you stop worrying about your food and help me up!” shouted Misty.

    Ash extended his arm and pulled her up. He quickly started heating another marshmallow. The freshly made S’more was almost in his mouth when Pikachu jumped and took it from him.

    “Pikachu! That’s mine!” he whined.

    It was too late. The yellow rodent had already eaten it, and was now trying to get rid of the smudge of chocolate beside its mouth.

    “Wow, Ash. How low can you go? You don’t even want to feed your own Pokemon!” Gary s******ed.

    Ash ignored him and went back to making another S’more. He rushed and burned himself with a marshmallow, making him lose his third S’more in a row. Seeing Ash’s disappointed face, May handed him hers.

    “Are you sure?” Ash asked.

    “Of course!” May answered.

    Before the words finished leaving her mouth, Ash was already wiping his mouth, and heating another marshmallow.

    Misty was looking at Ash through the fire. The heat from the fire was getting to Ash, so he took his cap off and ran his hand through his hair.

    Why is she staring at me? Ash wondered as he put his hat back on.

    He didn't know why she was looking at him, but he did know he was enjoying it. He wanted to look back at her, but something told him not to.

    He should take his cap off more often. She thought.

    Ash couldn’t resist anymore. He looked back at Misty. Seeing her eyes widen when he saw her looking at him made Ash smile. Misty just turned away and unconsciously laid her head on Gary again. He put his arm around her. Ash’s hands formed fists when he saw that.

    “Feeling cozy, Misty?” Ash glared at her through the fire.

    Misty jerked away from Gary and blushed. Ash crossly jammed another S’more into his mouth.

    “OUCH!” he yelled as he fanned his tongue with his hand.

    “That wouldn’t have happened if you had been eating at a normal pace.” Misty giggled.

    “So Drew, are you going to the contest too?” Max asked.

    “The next contest isn’t for a while.” He said a little puzzled.

    “There’s a rookie contest run by a family nearby. You don’t get any prizes except bragging rights.” Brock explained. “There are eight finalists and they lend you the Pokemon you have to use. They even allow kids to enter.”

    “You mean I can enter?!” Max stood up and his eyes shined with excitement.

    “Why don’t we all join?” Misty suggested. “It should be fun to do a group activity!”

    “But you know, you all don’t stand a chance against me.” May pulled out two cases each containing 5 ribbons. Five came from the Kanto region, and the other five from Hoenn.

    “And you don’t stand a chance against me.” Drew pulled out his own 3 cases, and revealed thirteen ribbons.

    “How’d you get those!?” May asked, putting her case away.

    “With talent.” Drew flicked his hair.

    “Just because you have more ribbons doesn’t mean I can’t win!” May fumed.

    “That’s what you think.” Drew replied smugly.

    “Having more ribbons does mean he’s kind of better.” Max teased.

    “What?! Who’s side are you on, Max?” May demanded.

    “Two against one, we win.” Drew said.

    “I don’t even know why we’re letting you eat here!” she shouted.

    “May, calm down. He only has more ribbons ‘cause he had more time to get them and you had to follow me through the Battle Frontier instead of going to more contests.” said Ash.

    “You’re right! It’s all your fault!” She accused. “You guys are holding me back when I could be out there getting more ribbons than Drew!”

    “Yeah, right.” Drew laughed.

    “That’s it! I don’t need any of you to prove I’m a better coordinator! I’ll go get my own ribbons and have more than you!” May stormed into the forest.

    “May!” Max, Ash and Brock called after her.

    “I’ll go get her.” Drew flicked his hair.

    He brought out Flygon and flew away on it before anyone had a chance to say otherwise.

    “Won’t he just make her angrier?” asked Misty.

    Ash, Brock and Max shrugged.


    “That Drew thinks he’s so good… So what if he is, he doesn’t have to rub it in!” May grumbled to herself.

    “You’re faster than you look. I didn’t expect you to be this far away already.” said a voice above her.

    May looked up to see Drew riding on Flygon. He jumped off the dragonfly and walked alongside May. Flygon flew around in circles right above them like a hawk that was ready to attack its pray.

    “What do you want?” May asked.

    “Where are you going?” Drew asked.

    “I’m leaving! I’m going to travel on my own!”

    Drew laughed and turned to look at her.

    “So where are you heading now?”

    “I’m going to the next contest!”

    “Oh, you mean the one that way?” He sneered pointed a thumb behind him.

    “I’m going to the one over there!” she pointed ahead of her not wanting to admit she was wrong.

    “The one that’s in six months? Good going, May! You realized that it’ll take you at least five months to get there all alone!” he gave her a pat on the back.

    “It will not!” she countered as she pushed Drew’s hand away.

    “Whatever. Let’s just see how you do against those Team Missile idiots.” He thrust his hands into his pockets.

    “It’s Team Rocket! And they follow Ash around, not me!”

    Drew stopped walking.

    “You might wanna- ”

    “I don’t need any advice from you, Drew!”

    “Alright.” He shrugged as he watched May keep walking.

    The ground under May collapsed, and she fell into a hole.

    “Tried to tell ya.” Drew crouched down beside the hole and looked down.

    “Just help me get out of here!” May shouted up at him as she tried to climb the walls with her bare hands.

    “Prepare for trouble!” came a voice.

    “And make it double!” came another.

    “Flygon, Hyper Beam.” Drew said in a bored voice.

    “What!? You can’t just interrupt our motto like dat!” snapped Meowth.

    “I just did.” Drew stood up and calmly looked up at the Meowth balloon.

    “At least all the other twerps listen to the whole thing!” said Jessie as Flygon unleashed its attack and sent the balloon flying.

    “This isn’t fair!” whined James as he flew off.

    “We’re blasting off agaaaain!” The trio yelled in unison.

    “That was fast.” May said from the hole.

    “Whatever. For now let’s pretend I didn’t follow you. So you’re on your own right now. How do expect to get out?” Drew snickered.

    “Just get me out of here and stop asking stupid questions!” May demanded.

    Drew waved his hand at Flygon who climbed down from the sky and went into the hole.

    “Flyyy!” It cried.

    The dragonfly turned its head and looked at May with its goggle-like eyes, and beckoned her to climb aboard. May jumped on its back, and was ready to climb off when Flygon got her back to ground level, but Drew hopped on Flygon before she had the chance.

    “What are you doing?! I’m not going back! Let me off!” May yelled.

    “Sure, I’ll just let you go camp into the forest alone with all those scary Ursaring with snapping teeth waiting for you to fall asleep.” He taunted.

    May cringed at the thought.

    “Fine. But I’m only going back ‘cause I promised Mom I’d take care of Max!”

    “Sure you did.”

    “What do you mean by that?!”

    Drew ignored her and yelled, “Hang on!”

    He crouched his head and put his hands around Flygon’s neck.

    “Wha – Ahh!”

    Flygon flew in a spiral, almost making her fall. She didn’t know what to do so she desperately clung onto Drew in front of her.

    “Tell it to stop!” she yelled.

    Drew chuckled.

    “Flygon, you heard her! Stop!”

    “No, no! Nevermind!” She shouted, realizing Drew was ordering Flygon to stop while turned upside down.

    “Nice save.” Drew complimented.

    They arrived at the camp and May was still clutching Drew.

    “You two look…. Nice.” Misty giggled.

    Drew made no sign of moving. He started petting Flygon on the head, until May realized where she was and let go. She shakily got off Flygon, and her face turned the color of her bandana.


    “The contest is in two days. We have to get Max used to battling.”

    May had calmed down, and they were now talking about the contest they were all planning on entering.

    “Well…Why don’t we all have practice battles tomorrow?” Ash stood up excitedly. “Max, you can borrow Pikachu!”

    “Really? I can?” Pikachu jumped on Max’s head.


    “Yeah! That’s a great idea!” May jumped up and hugged Ash.

    “Uh…” Ash was confused. He didn’t know what to tell her so he just sat back down.

    Drew frowned and stared at the fire.

    Misty gaped at them. She stood up, and Gary took his arm off her, and stood up with her. They walked into the forest and out of the group’s site.

    Misty walked angrily down the forest with Gary at her side.

    He let’s May get all over him yet he gets angry at me for being with Gary! She thought furiously.

    She looked up and spotted many Kakuna and Metapod hanging from the trees. She let out a small yelp and hugged Gary out of fear. He put his arms around her, making her feel safe from harm. They walked on silently, with no destination in particular. After a while they ran into the waterfall they had been at the previous day. They sat down and looked at it. Gary slid his hand in Misty’s, and she lay against Gary. She was a little dazed, and not sure of what was going on. She looked up at Gary, a little confused. Gary looked down, and brought his face near hers.


    “Roselia, use Petal Dance on that tree up there.” Drew instructed.

    Roselia obeyed, and lots of leaves fell all in a pile.

    “Wow!” May jumped into the pile of leaves. “Ooh! It feels so comfy! I could just fall asleep here!”

    “So could I. Mind getting out of my bed now?” Drew flicked his hair.

    May smiled at him, and went to get her sleeping bag out. Brock was getting ready to sleep. Ash still sat in front of the fire, wondering where Misty had gone, and why she was suddenly so interested in Gary.


    What am I doing? I came to see Ash, not to make out with Gary. They had just unattached themselves from each others faces. But how can I help it? Ash would never do something like this. He’s just too… he’s just too Ash…

    She smiled at the thought of him. Gary mistook this for happiness directed at him, so he hugged her a little tighter. Thoughts of Ash took over Misty’s mind. She imagined being with him instead of Gary. Slowly she drifted off to sleep, with Ash still on her mind.

    Oh Noez! Misty is asleep with Gary! What will happen next?!
    This chapter doesn’t seem as good as the others, but you be the judge.
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    I think the thing missing from this chapter is a little more CS arguing, and there was a bit too much of Misty X Gary shipping going on. Drew was a little OOC giving s rose to May randomly, instead of after an argument. Brock, Max, & Richie pefecctly fit their characters & personalities. Misty thought too much about Gary with physical contact and stuff, and Gary was perfect expect for kissing Misty! (I obviously don't want Misty X Gary to happen, even though I'm a Gary fangirl!) If May actually did like Ash, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't put all of those moves on him. I like how Max is a Pokeshipper/Contestshipper in a sense. I would love a kiss between Ash & May (that she dies), and for Drew to wtching in the distance. The story is good so far, so keep it up! ^^

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    Aha! That makes perfect sense!

    *writes notes*

    I absolutley hate AS! Which is why I'm making it so obvious that May doesn't truly like Ash. *hint hint*

    I don't really like the Gary and Misty thing a lot either. I'm a PokeShipper all the way! But it's my story and I get to do whatever I want, so deal with it :P

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    So far so good! Are you sure it's sure first fan-fic? =P

    Yeah, there was little too much ES going on in there, but it's not big deal. For those of you that haven't noticed, Misty hasn't thought much of Gary. She's probably in some kind of daze or something, but she probably doesn't really like him. I don't think she mentioned anything about him being nice or talented, just feeling comfortable around him, which isn't anything that Ash can't compete with.

    Next chapter, next chapter!
    You know too much. It's coitens for you, mate. Coitens!

    Am I really that obvious? =O
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    Yay, another chapter! I'm a fan of all the shippings in this fic. I have to agree with lilrumpkinkb on the rose part. It was kind of random. Do you have a pm list, because if ya do, can I be on it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haruka Kinomiya View Post
    Yay, another chapter! I'm a fan of all the shippings in this fic. I have to agree with lilrumpkinkb on the rose part. It was kind of random. Do you have a pm list, because if ya do, can I be on it?
    *adds to list*

    Now that I think about it the rose thing was VERY random. I haven't watched the anime in a while so I didn't think that throughly.

    What does the audience think? Should I edit that part out, or keep it in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hullo View Post
    Should I edit that part out, or keep it in?
    You can edit it if you want, but its your choice.

    Also, can I be added to the pm list? Thank you in advance!
    One last quesstion; What is the shipping name for Misty X Gary? I forgot... ^^;

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    Egoshipping! It reminds me of Eggo waffles. >_> =P

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    i just finnished reading the chapter. Drew's in it. Contestshipper here. I cant wait for the next part.
    HI! Im the newest contestshipper on the block! BTW raichu is the best pokemon!
    I have a story that is kindof contest shipping. but not enough to be called contestshipping. It also explains my username. Hears the link!

    Do any contestshippers play guild wars? pm me if you do.

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    Spinning in my chair-wheeeeee!


    OMG!!!! I never thought of MistyxGary! You've done it now-another reason for me to be confused!!!

    I like Advanceshipping, Contestshipping, Pokeshipping, Orangeshipping and now you've made me an Egoshipper!!! Why must there be so many shippers that I like, I get confused! *Crys* Could *sniff* you add me to the list?!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by flygonrulz View Post
    OMG!!!! I never thought of MistyxGary! You've done it now-another reason for me to be confused!!!

    I like Advanceshipping, Contestshipping, Pokeshipping, Orangeshipping and now you've made me an Egoshipper!!! Why must there be so many shippers that I like, I get confused! *Crys* Could *sniff* you add me to the list?!?!
    You're on the list!

    Another Egoshipper! Yaaay! I'm new to Egoshipping, but I still prefer Pokeshipping

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    Short Chapter!

    Chapter 5

    Gary walked back to camp holding Misty in his arms. Her head and feet dangled on either side of Gary’s arms, almost giving her a dead look. He was immediately surrounded by Ash, Brock, Max, and May when they saw Misty was unconscious.

    “Misty!” they all exlaimed.

    Drew looked up to see what was going on.

    “What happened?!” Brock asked.

    “Relax, you worry warts. She just fell asleep in front of a pond.”

    Everyone let out a sigh of relief. May set up Misty’s sleeping bag, and Ash helped Gary put her in.


    Ash talked in his sleep, dreaming of food.

    “Let go – of my pancake.” He said weakly. “I smelled it first…” He lifted his arm, and let it drop again.

    His eyes flickered when he noticed he really was smelling pancakes. He sat up and saw Brock already up and making breakfast.

    “Aaaaaw!!” he stretched and yawned. “Mornin’ Brock.”

    He rubbed his eyes sleepily, then sniffed the air.

    “Hey, Ash. I see my pancakes attracted your nose. Want the first one?”

    Ash jumped up and ran over. He snatched the plate from Brock and grabbed a fork from the table. In his rush he forgot to add syrup, but was already halfway done with his food. He speedily took the syrup and drowned the remaining piece of pancake, and stuffed it in his mouth.

    “You could at least chew your food.” Misty came up from behind him, and waved at Brock in greeting.

    “Vi am!” said Ash with food still in his mouth.

    “Don’t talk with your mouth full! It’s not polite!”

    “It’s not full!” His voice was muffled by the pancake. “See?” He opened his mouth to show Misty there was still some space in his mouth.

    “Can’t you act civilized for once?!” Misty stood up and smacked Ash on the head.
    The pain forced him to swallow his pancake, and he yelled. Misty smiled, satisfied at her work. May and Max both sat up awakened by the scream. They stretched, and took a seat. Ash was still rubbing the sore spot on his head.

    “Where are Drew and Gary?” May asked looking around.

    “I don’t know, they were both gone before I got up.” Brock answered.

    She spotted Roselia, Pikachu and Azurill cuddled together in their own little leaf nest, so she knew Drew hadn’t left.

    Everybody finished eating, they gathered their things, getting ready to go. Drew walked in the camp, with Masquerain following him.

    “Hey, Drew. Where you been?” May asked.

    “Getting a little early training in. Something all good coordinators do.” He smirked.

    May yawned, making her forget the comment. Gary came back, holding some berries in his hand. He crouched in front of his sleeping bag, and Umbreon poked its head out. It happily ate the berries he offered.

    The group set off to find a good place to battle. It didn’t take them long to come across an open field, where they decided to have their matches.

    “Alright, let’s pair up!” directed Brock.

    “But wait a minute, there isn’t an even amount of people.” noticed Misty.

    “I can sit this one out. I got my training in this morning.”

    Drew had his hands in his pockets, giving him a cool and relaxed look. May looked at him, admiring his smugness.

    “It wouldn’t be fair to leave you out like that.” said Misty. “Maybe we can switch off or something. But we can’t just leave you watching.”

    “Well, he offered to.” said Ash. “He doesn’t have to battle if he doesn’t want to.”

    “You have no manners, do you?!” Misty said angrily. “We can’t just cut him off like that!”

    “Hey, I never said I wanted to cut him off! But if he said-”

    “He’s polite! Unlike someone I know! He offered but that doesn’t mean we should ignore him!”

    They started bickering like a married couple. They talked too fast for anyone to be sure of what they were saying.

    “Are they always like this?” Drew asked sweat dropping.

    “Yeah.” Brock answered.

    “I see…” he said cocking an eyebrow.

    “I see you two are having fun.”

    Ash and Misty stopped arguing immediately and turned to look at the speaker who had just approached them.

    “Tracey!” they both said.

    “What are you doing here?” Ash asked.

    “Professor Oak sent me on an errand. I heard you were around so I decided to stop by.”

    “Hiya, Tracey! Remember me?” Max came up to him. He greatly admired the Pokemon watcher because he was Proffesor Oak’s assistant, but also since he had upgraded his PokeNav after he hadn’t received a PokeDex.

    “Of course, Max.” he said with a smile.

    “I see grandpa still has you doing his dirty work for him.” Gary crossed his arms and smirked.

    “I hear you guys are battling?” Tracey said ignoring Gary.

    “Yeah, we’re all entering a contest!” May explained. “Max is allowed to enter too, so we wanted to teach him a thing or two about battling before we got there.”

    “We need one more person to even us out.” Misty told him.

    “Well I have some extra time on my hands.”

    “Really? Alright!” Max threw his hands in the air.

    “Thanks, Tracey!” said Misty.

    “No problem.” he replied, turning to look at Misty.

    Oh no, do I spot some OrangeShipping coming up? Dum duuuuuuum!!!
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    it's good. sorry i diddn't respond earlyer, serebiiforums hasent been working since wednesday for me.
    HI! Im the newest contestshipper on the block! BTW raichu is the best pokemon!
    I have a story that is kindof contest shipping. but not enough to be called contestshipping. It also explains my username. Hears the link!

    Do any contestshippers play guild wars? pm me if you do.

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