You know, I really enjoyed this episode. While it could have been a tired retread of "A Chansey Operation" (it was more a retread of "Let Bagons be Bagons"), it had drama that that Kanto episode didn't, and it was done well. It was also interesting seeing all those pokemon that we haven't seen for awhile, though the new voices had mixed results. Whismur's voice was okay, but the new larvitar is nowhere as good as the one for Ash's adorable Larvitar from Master Quest. Also, I couldn't help noticing that bagon sounds EXACTLY the same, even though I'm fairly sure they didn't use sound bytes from his previous appearance. Now I'm beginning to wonder if that was Nanba's voice actor, since he was there back then too.

I really loved the motto for this episode, too, with the streaking meteors and the explosions at the end. It's interesting how Team Rocket brought about the whole medical situation in the first place, too, with just Jessie throwing a stick. I also still loved seeing Professor Oak.

Overall, 9/10.