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Thread: Taking a Walk Under the Moonlight (Krazyshipping, One-shot, PG)

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    Default Taking a Walk Under the Moonlight (Krazyshipping, One-shot, PG)

    I wrote this story a while back, but I haven't posted it here yet. Plus, more Krazyshipping can't hurt, can it? =^°^=;

    This was written before the other story I recently posted, and they aren't really related other than both being Krazyshipping. Anyway, here we go!


    It was a clear summer night and the full moon bathed the forest in its gentle light. It was often on nights like these Meowth would find himself awake thinking about various things, or maybe just enjoying the illuminating glow of the full moon. This particular night he had wandered away from the camp that the Team Rocket trio had made earlier that night. His partners were most likely sound asleep. It was very possible they were dreaming of pilfering that prized Pikachu they had set their sights on for the better part of a couple years and of course the promotions to follow the successful capture.

    Meowth had Pikachu on his mind, too. Lately more so than usual, it seemed. Meowth was every bit as anxious as his two partners to catch that elusive rodent. Actually, he was probably the one who wanted that the most out of the three. Meowth usually thought of Pikachu as a rival, but as time went on he had also been feeling that maybe… they could be friends? Hmph, of course not. The first priority was giving that Pikachu to the boss, right? Meowth thought hard about it. When it was just him and Pikachu together, which had happened a few times in the past, they made a pretty good team. The little yellow mouse wasn’t so bad when she wasn’t sending them blasting off… and she was kinda cute. Meowth paused in his stroll for a second. Wait, kinda cute? Had he just thought that? The cat pokemon blushed slightly at the idea. Okay, maybe he wanted them to be a little more than friends. Before he could give the matter any more consideration, however, he saw what looked to be that very same Pikachu, curled up asleep not too far from where he was standing.

    “Okay… Wait a sec here, I’ve really got Pikachu on da brain, ‘cause I’m seein’ things,” Meowth verbally pointed out to himself. On closer inspection, however, it seemed that Meowth had inadvertently stumbled on where Ash and co. had made their camp for the night. Team Rocket did make it a point to follow them in pursuit of Pikachu, but it was certainly a surprise for Meowth to find that very same Pikachu right here on his moonlight stroll. Meowth was in for another surprise as well. After he surveyed his surroundings he looked back to where Pikachu was sleeping, but she was no longer there in front of him.

    “What exactly do you think you’re doing?” The squeak of a familiar pokemon caught Meowth’s attention. Pikachu had noticed the cat and decided to sneak up on him. She decided to make the first move and get to the bottom of this; a faint electric crackle from her cheeks indicated she wasn’t too happy about her visitor.

    “H-Hi dere Pikachu…” Meowth stood there a little embarrassed and a little afraid of what Pikachu might do. He rubbed his paw on the back of his head as he continued his reply with an obvious nervousness to his voice. “I’m just out for a walk, ya know. Had a little trouble sleepin’.”

    “And you just happened to find your way here of all places?” Pikachu was still wary of Meowth, given their daily routine, and continued her poke-speech interrogation. Not to mention she was annoyed at being woken up in the middle of the night.

    “It’s a small world, huh?” Meowth asked with a nervous laugh. Pikachu just gave an annoyed stare; she was probably contemplating whether to send him blasting off now, or a few minutes from now… “Wait, Pikachu! I… I’ve got something I came here to tell ya.” Well, he hadn’t come here with that in mind, but Meowth figured he could at least buy some time to think of something to get him out of this without him receiving a patented Pikachu lightshow. On second thought … It was just him and Pikachu… Maybe he did have something to say after all…

    Pikachu was caught a little of guard by that, but she didn’t see the other two Rockets around. She still didn’t trust the cat, but figured that she could at least hear him out. If Meowth did try anything funny, she knew just how much authority her thunderbolt commanded. “Something you want to tell me?” Pikachu responded with a still slightly annoyed squeak. However, she was a little curious as to what Meowth had to say.

    “Ah… Well… Ya see… You know dat one time, when we got stuck together on dat island with da giant pokemon?”

    “That was also the time you harnessed yourself to me in an attempt to take me away.” Pikachu seemed less than thrilled to be asked about this.

    “But, outside o’ dat whole harness deal, we made a pretty good team, don’t ya think?” Meowth hoped that Pikachu at least remembered some nicer parts of their impromptu vacation.

    “Well…” Pikachu’s mood seemed to have lightened up a little, and she continued with her response after a pause, “I guess when you’re not trying to steal me you aren’t too bad.”

    “Yeah, and den we shared dat apple together... under da stars…” Meowth remembered very clearly when Pikachu shared that apple with him, even though she could have just kept it for herself. He was almost moved to tears just thinking about it, but he kept his composure; he couldn’t mess up this chance now.

    “Well, I couldn’t have just let you go hungry…” Pikachu was a little surprised that Meowth remembered that. She remembered it now that he mentioned it but… It hadn’t been such a big deal to her. They were stuck together for the night, and they needed their strength for whatever would have shown up the next day. But, Pikachu was still curious where exactly this walk down memory lane was headed, “So, umm… It’s getting late. Didn’t you have something you wanted to tell me?”

    “Oh, yeah… I… Well…” Meowth wasn’t ready for that, but it was just like Pikachu to be direct about things. At least she wasn’t angry anymore. But… how would he tell her? Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. Meowth considered for a second making up an excuse and then getting out of there, but this was the perfect moment. Pikachu was nice to him that time before… Maybe she would feel the same way he did? But what if she didn’t? What if he was rejected once again?

    “You’re blushing…” Pikachu pointed out with a slight smile. Meowth snapped back into the situation at hand. “Come on, out with it. You can’t say you have something to tell someone, and then not tell them you know,” Pikachu wasn’t quite sure why Meowth was blushing, but now she really wanted to know what he had on his mind. What was so hard for him to say?

    Meowth, now consciously aware that he was blushing thanks to Pikachu’s response, really didn’t know how to explain himself. But, this was the moment of truth. Now or never. Meowth stepped a little closer to Pikachu closing the distance between them, “Ya see, Pikachu. I…” Meowth hesitated again. How was he going to explain himself? Then, Meowth got an idea. They always said actions spoke louder than words, right? Meowth put his paws on Pikachu’s shoulders, and leaned in towards her. He closed his eyes and pressed his lips against hers gently.

    At first, Pikachu wasn’t sure what to make of this and was getting ready to shock him, but after a moment, she realized that it wasn’t so bad. Certainly surprising, but it felt… nice. She could feel her face warming up as she was now the one blushing. This was what Meowth had come all this way to tell her?

    After quite a long moment, Meowth stepped back. Pikachu just stood there, her face now turned to the side, and she was staring at the ground still visibly blushing. Both of them stood in an awkward silence for almost a minute before one of them spoke up. “So, now ya know…” There was another long pause.

    “I didn’t know you… felt that way,” Pikachu was still in shock over the whole sudden turn of events. She never expected that Meowth had feelings for her, and especially didn’t expect a kiss out of the blue. After another pause, Pikachu finally turned her gaze back to Meowth, showing a slight smile. “But, pokemon normally don’t kiss like humans do, you know,” Pikachu teased.

    Meowth turned bright red, unable to hide his complete embarrassment.

    “But, the way you act like a human makes it cute.”

    Meowth giggled a little, although he still felt a bit nervous from the whole ordeal. “Ya… think it’s cute?”

    “Yeah, it’s… unique.”

    Meowth wasn’t sure how to respond to that at first. He tried to act like a human for Meowsy, and he just got called a freak. But, Pikachu didn’t mind at all. She even thought it was cute! “Thanks, it’s really nice ta hear dat.” Meowth smiled, and almost wanted to cry. Could it be that someone finally appreciated him for who he was? Meowth really enjoyed this moment, enjoyed being able to talk to Pikachu like this under the moon.

    “But… Shouldn’t you be getting back? Won’t the others notice you’re missing?”

    Of course, things couldn’t stay that way for long… “Yeah, I oughtta get back dere before dey realize somethin’s up.” Meowth paused for a second, “So, I guess I’ll see ya around?”

    “We do run into each other everyday anyway…” Pikachu said, some signs of annoyance with being the object of those three Rocket members’ obsession started to surface.

    “At least dat means we won’t be apart,” Meowth stated with a nervous laugh.

    “Something like that…” Pikachu commented, and then gave Meowth a quick lick on the cheek. “Although, try to be a little more gentle with the whole daily abduction thing from now on.”

    “Y-Yes ma’am,” Meowth replied. He took a few steps back, and smiled one last time before heading off back to his sleeping teammates.

    Pikachu watched Meowth as he scampered off into the distance. She knew this was only going to get her into trouble. But, maybe a little trouble is just what she needed.
    I should put something here... Here you go.

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    Cute!!! That's so cute how you make Pikachu female (I always thought of Pikachu as male but w/e it's your fic!!) ^^
    posted by GeneChildMewtwo:
    After another pause, Pikachu finally turned her gaze back to Meowth, showing a slight smile. “But, pokemon normally don’t kiss like humans do, you know,” Pikachu teased.
    That part was funny, I couldn't stop smiling at how cute you made it and how you wrote exactly how Meowth would talk!
    Interested in Pokeshipping? Read my fic, a new chapter has just been posted!
    Loved the fic, 5 stars!
    (n.): Because we don't forget 5five
    seasons, 4four cameos, 3three supporters,
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    You just seem to be posting Krazyshipping fics like krazy! (No pun intended, lol.)

    After another pause, Pikachu finally turned her gaze back to Meowth, showing a slight smile. “But, pokemon normally don’t kiss like humans do, you know,” Pikachu teased.
    So cute!!!

    Wellz, I'm off!


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