(A/N: Sick of all the PS, AS and CS. Needed to write this pair. I know it's not that great, but...^^; I heart Gillette and Groves, k?)

Listen To Your Heart

The freckle-faced first lieutenant poked his head into the quarters of Commodore James Norrington. Not being noticed right away, he cleared his throat.

“You wanted to speak with me, sir?” he piped up, causing the commodore to lift his head.

“Ah, lieutenant. Yes, there is a matter that I feel we need to discuss. Please, sit.” Norrington said, gesturing to a rather uncomfortable-looking wooden chair. Obeying orders as per usual, he sat down in said chair and looked up at the pacing commodore.

“…what sort of matter, sir?” Gillette inquired, shifting in the chair a bit.

“…Gillette. You are a most excellent lieutenant, true enough. As you know, however, rumors can turn a ship into a breeding ground for hostility.”

Gillette gulped. “True, sir. But why would there be-”

“Gillette, what is your relationship with second lieutenant Groves?” The commodore asked, nearly spitting the question at him.

Silence. Gillette found himself absolutely stunned at the commodore’s question, and his face pinkened a slight bit. Norrington smirked at this very faint blush, thinking he had found the answer he was looking for.

“So that’s how it is.” Norrington almost laughed. “Your blush gives you away.”

“That’s how what is? Sir, I’m only blushing because I can’t help it. No one ever talks about these kinds of things…it’s sort of embarrassing.” He looked up at the ceiling, playing with the buttons on his coat, wondering when this interrogation would end.

“No one ever talks about it because it is taboo. You are right to be embarrassed about it. Now, about Theodore…”

Gillette laughed. “Commodore, we are very good friends. Groves and I have a good few things in common, and I think he is a very interesting person. If you get to know him as well as I have, commodore, I’m sure you’ll see the same.”

Norrington placed his hands on his hips. “Oh, really?”

“Yeah, really.” Again, Gillette laughed. “We are very close friends, you can be sure of that. What kind of man do you take me for, hm? I do have a lovely bride waiting for me. A female bride, sir. There are really rumors going around about me and Groves…in that sort of way? Ha! Most likely a rumor started by that featherbrained Mullroy. I’ll speak to him later.”

The commodore sighed. “So the rumors are false, then.”

“Quite false, sir.”


“May I please get back to my cabin, sir? If…if that’s all you needed, I mean? It’s getting rather late… I did sufficiently answer your question, right?”

Norrington gave him a nod, allowing Gillette to remove himself from that most uncomfortable chair. He brushed himself off and smiled at the commodore. “Thank you for clearing that up for me. I would hate to think that something like sodomy is occurring on my ship.” He took out a piece of rather important-looking parchment, and continued without even looking up. “The Dauntless truly is the power in these waters, it does not need its dignity cut from it all because a rumor broke out that two of my men were having sex.”

Again, Gillette’s face turned bright pink. “That would be a shame, sir. But it’s good that that little rumor was stopped before it could really break out…good night, sir.”

Norrington smiled, but didn’t look up. “Good night, lieutenant.”


“So…how did things go?” came a voice from outside the commodore’s quarters.

Gillette sighed, but then smiled. “We dodged another bullet, Theo. But they were onto us for a moment, there. I’ve kind of thrown them off the track a little, but it won’t be too long before they’ve figured out what is going on…” he allowed himself to be taken into the other lieutenant’s arms, leaning back into the embrace, longing to feel the other man’s touch after having to lie about it. “I hate to lie to the commodore like that, but…I couldn’t say…he wouldn’t…” he struggled for words, feeling Groves’s hands around his torso and placing his own hands atop them. “Theo, there’s only one thing in this whole blasted world I don’t want taken away from me, and that’s you.”

Groves smiled. “I second that. …Hey, I’ve got a wicked idea. How about we forget about all this stress for a moment and, ah…” One hand began traveling downward, and Gillette squeaked in surprise. He turned his head a little and smiled, removing himself from the embrace.

“Sounds like a plan to me.” he whispered.


“Is he gone?”

“Yes, he is. You can come out now, Cutler. Come lay with me…”