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Thread: Ganium. The Garden of Psychopath Plants. ^_^;

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    Default Ganium. The Garden of Psychopath Plants. ^_^;

    Okie dokie, my website is Ganium. --->

    Might seem a little generic, and maybe it is. But I'm proud of it and I'm actually about done with making a little surprise for the site! -scurries off to finish it so I don't look like a noob-

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    I love your interviews. ^^; I read them all. I don't know why, but they are really original. I like some of your fun pages too especially your Sprite Fails. I think that's pretty funny.

    Some of your banners in your graphics section look a little over done. You made your other graphics simple so people can edit them right? Most people that make basic icons are all like "OMG don't edit! Use as is!". It always makes me wonder why they made them so basic.

    Your layout uses very small text and I'm not quite fond of that font for websites. Could you also make the text lighter? You use a dark green background so using light text would make sense. I'm sure you know by now that dating your updates is like a must.

    Overall, I think your site has potential, but it confuses me a little on what it's truly about. You're currently revamping your Pokémon section, so I'm not sure how it relates to Pokémon (like gaming, information, news, etc.) aside from the graphics and random content. So I'd focus on adding more Pokemon stuff.

    I hope I didn't sound too harsh. I only want you to improve. Good luck on your site. ^^
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    I recently dug through the site and dumped some pages, changed the layout, added pages to the Pokemon section, etc. Is it all a little clearer now?

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