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Thread: How To Fall In Love By One Week: IkariShipping PG 13

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    Default How To Fall In Love By One Week: IkariShipping PG 13

    Characters: Paul, Dawn, Ash (mentioned), and Reggie
    Paring: Ikarishipping
    Rating: PG 13 (Strong language)
    Synopsis: Dawn is finished with Hoenn, and Paul is back in Sinnoh, back for his brother's wedding. Paul however is envious of Reggie being so perfect in terms of already finding a girl, so he uses Dawn to pretend to be his girlfriend. Does this change Paul, though?
    __________________________________________________ _____________
    Chapter One: Green Will Light Up

    "Hey Paul. I'm glad you're back." Reggie, the older brother of Paul greeted him as he was preparing lunch for Paul. Paul was silent, and didn't say anything. He just slouched angrily and rested his face onto the table.

    "Paul, if I'm getting married the least you could do is congratulate me." Reggie towel dried a bowl and smiled at his little brother.

    "Whoop-de-doo." Paul sarcastically cheered. Paul didn't approve, instead of going back to Pokemon Training, he's getting married. He even cringed at the fact that Reggie is like Ash in a way, why Paul didn't like Ash at first. However things have changed, even though Ash was the immature one back then, Paul kind of felt like he was the immature one...he was being too harsh and..

    Ash ****ing Ketchum changed him, do you know see what he's thinking?

    "Anyways, are you bringing your friends to my wedding...uh..oh..Ash, is it?" Reggie bit his lip into thought. Damn it, speaking of which.

    "No. He's in Kalos." Paul angrily replied. "Shouldn't you be there rather than spending' time in Sinnoh?" Reggie chuckled.

    Paul rolled his eyes. "Why do you always have to ask about him?" He snapped.

    Reggie learned to accept Paul's bitterness and just smiled. "No friends? Embarrassing that you don't even have a date.." Reggie snickered. Paul's eyes widened when he said date.

    "W-why do I need a date?" Paul stammered. "Oh wow Paul, I never seen you like this. Your always so calm and bitter, oblivious to any other emotion." Reggie smirked.

    "Okay. Stop" Paul raised his voice.

    Reggie laughed. "Paul is never capable of even reaching a girl.." He spoke in third person.

    Is Reggie seriously better than him in everything? God damn it, he's such a perfectionist. He always has virtue and a heart, why the hell is he like Ketchum?

    "I do have a date." Paul stood up and slammed his fist onto the table.

    Reggie raised an eyebrow.

    "Her name is." Paul couldn't believe he was going to say her name out loud..what was her name again?

    Her goofy face appeared next to Ash and the other boy he was with .

    "Dawn." Paul looked unsure, but then he said it again with even more confidence. "Dawn!"

    Reggie winced at him, feeling like he's heard the name somewhere before. "Dawn, Ash's friend." Paul sat back down.

    "Oh, the coordinator girl. Not bad, little brother."

    "Whatever, and stop referring to me as little brother. It's getting annoying." Paul slumped and crossed his arms.

    "Well, does she know my wedding is next week?" Reggie handed Paul a plate.

    "N-next week?" Paul stammered.

    "Is Paul losing his cool again?"

    "Wipe that grin off your face, Reggie. I got to go." Paul stood up and marched out of the little cabin.

    It's like Paul, so this attitude didn't upset Reggie. As the matter of fact, it had a smile appear across Reggie's face.

    Dawn was upstairs in her room, alone, waiting for her mom to come back home. She was really glad to be back in Sinnoh for some quiet time. She was trying to fix her hair, for a new day, and that was her spirit. Always look good on a new day.

    "Piplup, does my hair look okay?" Dawn scooted her chair towards Piplup. She presented her hairstyle.

    "Piplup!" He cheered. Everything looks A-ok!

    Meanwhile, Paul finally made it to Dawn's front door. He extended his fist towards the door to knock but he held that thought.

    "I'm so going to regret this." He said, and then knocked twice.

    "Coming!" He heard a singsong tune.

    Ugh, why couldn't this girl be somewhere else so he could tell Reggie that she wasn't home. In fact, why did he tell Reggie that he had a date? He let his jealousy get the best of Paul.

    Dawn flew the door open and gasped as Paul rolled his eyes.

    "Paul?! What are you doing here!" She raised her voice with excitement.

    "Shh. Please? We need to talk." He held on to her wrist and brought her to the couch of the living room.

    "Uh, what's up?" Dawn gently sat down.

    "I need you to do me a favor." Paul tapped his chin.

    "And why should I do you a favor? Ash, Brock, and I were so nice to you while you were super grouchy!"

    "That was the past! I CHANGED. A little.." Paul touched his forehead. Dawn's wrinkles disappeared as she relaxed the muscles on her face.

    "Alright..then..what's up?" She asked.

    "I-I-.." Paul was sweating like hell, and his lips were even quivering.

    "Um, Paul? Are you okay? Could I get you orange juice or something?" Dawn pointed to the kitchen. "No. Stop." Paul was fighting with himself.

    Dawn raised an eyebrow.

    "Could you be my girlfriend? Well, just at least pretend to be my girlfriend?" Paul let it out. Dawn just stared at him, didn't say anything. Paul figured to confess, rather than hide.

    "Listen, my brother Reggie is getting married soon. I am forced to go to this damn wedding and I need a date. My brother thinks I'm cold hearted, and I don't want everyone to think this. They all think I have no emotion, and if I bring you, they will change."

    Dawn slammed her fists onto the table. "That's because you are cold hearted! You're so cruel. I don't even know how Ash did it. You were so rude to him, and he still put up with it! He saw you as a friend, Paul." Dawn raised her voice.

    "And he did gain my respect after the Sinnoh league!" Paul argued back.

    "All you did was wave to him!" Dawn sighed.

    "You know, that one time you were spying on me? On me and my brother? I told you why I didn't like Ash." Paul crossed his arms.

    "I didn't even know you had a brother. Maybe I forgot. I probably shouldn't eavesdrop on people." Dawn chuckled, straying away from the topic.

    Paul shook his head. "Well it just showed I trusted you, and I'm trusting you now." Paul crossed his arms. Dawn relaxed her face from all the anger and sighed.

    "You're right. I-I'm sorry." Dawn stretched her arms.

    "" Paul whispered.

    "What?" Dawn grinned.

    "I'm sorry." Paul whispered again, mumbling actually.

    "I can't hear you!" Dawn singsonged.

    "I'm sorry." Paul gritted his teeth. Dawn cupped her hand next to her ear. "Whaaat?"

    "I AM SORRY!" Paul yelled.

    "Ah!" Dawn danced around the room. "Did I just get the grumpy Paul to apologize to me?!"

    "Shut up!" Paul grabbed her wrist and placed his hand over her mouth.

    "Mfhfhfhfhf!" Dawn muffled. He then removed his hand.

    "No one's home, calm down." Dawn wagged her hands.

    Paul nodded and stood up. "Let's introduce you to Reggie. Proof time." He said. Dawn wrapped her arm around Paul.

    "W-what are you doing.." Paul looked a little bit nervous.

    "If we're dating then we have to be intimate. Well, c'mon what are you waiting for!? Let's go, boyfriend!" Dawn cheered.

    There was something about this girl.

    Paul groaned as they were headed back to Reggie's cabin. "So, this is where your brother is staying? Ah! he's getting married! How romantic! His fiancé must be gorgeous!" Paul wanted to groan with disgust as witnessed Dawn's gushing.

    "Ah, she's so lucky. I want to get married." Dawn brought her hands together.

    "Calm down. You don't even have a boyfriend.." Paul gave himself a facepalm.

    Paul opened the door and greeted Reggie. "I'm back." He walked in with a clinging Dawn.

    "Hey! Is this the girl?" Reggie smiled. "Nice to meet you! I remember you."

    "I do too!" Dawn shook his hand.

    "Come, come! Sit down." Reggie brought the two to the living room.

    Paul sat down, still with the angered look on his face he's been carrying since his debut, crossed his arms and stared directly at Reggie. Dawn smiled and threw her arms on Paul.

    Paul mumbled "He's staring right at us, giving us a goofy look. Just like a look Ash would give."

    "Just play along." Dawn whispered.

    " did you two meet?" Reggie handed Paul and Dawn a cup of water.

    "I lashed out on him back in Sinnoh for not remembering my name." Dawn smiled. "But now that's all remembers, my name." Dawn leaned her head onto Paul's shoulder.

    Paul didn't know how good Dawn was at this. He just looked tense, he didn't feel like he was acting like himself. "Paul, you okay?" Reggie noticed Paul's stiffness. Of course, Reggie would've sensed it.

    "Paul was just very worried, he thought you wouldn't like me." Dawn pouted.

    "Actually you're a great girl! And very beautiful!" Reggie nodded.

    This caused Paul to frown at Reggie's compliment...but..why was he frowning?
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    Okay, this is adorable and I was smiling throughout the chapter. I will be keeping an eye on this! Keep up the good work! ^___^

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    Chapter 2: Confrontation and Acts

    Paul didn't know that it would take all evening for Reggie and Dawn to get to know each other. It was almost eleven pm, and they were both talking. Actually, talking about Paul himself, most of the time.

    "Yeah, Paul is just adorable." Dawn rubbed his arm as Paul rolled his eyes again. More of this gushy love stuff was about to make him sick, but boy, she was good, and it was better than seeing Ash kissing up to Pikachu like this or something.

    "Paul, is everything alright? You've been pacing your eyes back and forth to the clock for a quiet few times now." Reggie smirked. Does Reggie know what's up?

    "It's late..a-and I don't want Dawn to come home late." Paul crossed his arms. That should sound good enough.

    "See how much my baby cares about me?" Dawn chained her arms around Paul's neck. Paul hesitated to hold her hand. He slowly reached for hers, and held on tight, but gently.

    "L-let's go." He couldn't believe he actually was feeling the warmth of Dawn's palm onto his. He's never least, felt the slight bit of intimacy.

    "Did I remind you that my wedding will be held in Pastoria city?" Reggie mentioned as both Dawn and Paul stopped at the door.

    "So, make sure you two pack your stuff we will be staying at my cabin I rented there.." Reggie smirked. "Just don't take advantage of sharing a room." Reggie chuckled.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

    Paul and Dawn made it back to Dawn's house. "Your brother is so sweet, Paul. No wonder you're so jealous. You could learn some kindness from him." Dawn crossed her arms, returning back to herself.

    "Whatever, just don't be late." Paul reminded her.

    "Yeah, I know. Jeez, if we're going to be "dating" you could be a little bit nicer." Dawn nagged and placed her hands on to her hips.

    "Yeah, sure." Paul stuffed his hands into his pocket. Dawn crept inside, but walked back out the door. She tugged onto his sleeve, and tiptoed next to him as she kissed him on the cheek.

    "Wh-what was that for?" Paul stammered.

    "Just practicing. Good night!" Dawn laughed and ran back inside.

    What a weird little girl. Paul thought to himself.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

    It was the next morning, as Paul woke up and sat on the edge of his bed, already dressed, with all of his stuff ready. He stared into thought. How is he going to convince Reggie?


    "I'm back." Paul walked inside. Reggie was reading a book on the couch. "Welcome back, little brother."

    Paul narrowed his eyebrows and sat down. "Stop calling me that." He snapped.

    "Anyways, how did it go with Dawn?" Reggie smirked.

    "What do you mean? I just dropped her off and came home. Is that a problem?" Paul crossed his arms.

    "You don't like her, do you?" Reggie's grin grew. Paul shook his head. "I don't know what you're talking about."

    "I don't think you're in love with her. You're using her." Reggie leaned forward, still having that goofy look on his face.

    "I do uh-erm- love her.. I-I'm just not the guy who shows feelings." Paul tried looking away.

    "Alright then, well, I'm off too bed. Good night." Reggie laughed.

    "Who cares." Paul marched to his room.

    Ugh, it's like Reggie to had already figured it out. He's going to need to make it look more obvious with Dawn. She did a great job, but he knows that he's not playing into it.

    Ding Dong!

    The door bell rang, and it was probably Dawn. She stormed in with four giant suitcases.

    "Why do you have all that stuff?!" Paul dropped his mouth.

    "Because! I can't decide! I have so many dresses and pants and shoes and hats and everything! They're all so pretty, but I can't decide." Dawn was about to burst into tears.

    "J-just pick that one." Paul didn't care, he pointed to a random bag. She was being too noisy. He wanted to talk to her, but she was drawing attention to get Reggie into the room.

    "But I want to look good." Dawn protested. He saw Reggie walk in, great. Paul quickly began to think. He walked towards Dawn and gently grabbed her face as their forheads both touch.

    Paul looked Dawn into the eyes. "Dawn, s-sweetie. You look beautiful in anything." Paul whispered, loud enough that Reggie smiled. Dawn looked shocked rather than complimented.

    She was shocked that there was this other side of Paul, even if he was acting, it just shocked her. "U-uh yeah.." Dawn sputtered.

    "Now, now, you love birds, save that romance when we get to Pastoria city." Reggie scoffed. He had the Ash look again. Paul just tried to ignore it.

    And then there was Dawn, trying to ignore her thoughts about Paul and that "quick thinking"
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    Chapter 3: Incident

    It was late afternoon Paul, Reggie, and Dawn sat inside the cab. As three Pokemon trainers, and actually, a coordinator, they were used to walking, but they needed to take a cab. Otherwise, they wouldn't have arrived in time by wedding.

    Dawn pressed her face against the window. "Bye Bye!" She giggled.

    Reggie sat at the front, and of course, he kept looking back at Dawn and Paul. Paul took a deep breath. He was mildly annoyed, but he didn't know why. He guessed that it was always because he was always so mad that he had already got used to it or something.

    "Isn't the weather just lovely?" Dawn asked Paul.

    "Sure, whatever, can we just make it there?" Paul slumped back into his chair.

    Paul glanced at the rearview mirror and saw that Reggie was eyeing him. Oh damn it, he didn't notice Reggie was keeping an eye on him or something. Paul narrowed his eyebrows, put his arm around Dawn's shoulder as he was eyeing Reggie.

    Reggie smiled and looked away.

    "You are a great cuddlier, ya know that?" Dawn held on to his hand. Paul tried smiling, just a little bit, and said "I'll show you more when we get there."

    Damn it, did he actually just say that? He felt disgusting, and wanted to lurk inside a hole. It's okay though, he just had to hold it in. It's just for one week. Then he can stop annoying Dawn, because she's probably not enjoying this either. She could be out there right now finding another guy, or- Paul shook his head, thinking about that just made him angry. He smacked his head, why is he getting angry?

    "Paul, you okay, babe?" Dawn asked.

    "U-uh yeah, I'm fine." Paul's voice cracked.

    Dawn batted her eye lashes and giggled.

    After sometime now

    The trio was dropped off at the cabin and a petite women with long flowing blond hair, green eyes, and a green floral dress ran outside and hugged Reggie, and then kissed him. Paul raised his eyebrow as she walked towards Paul.

    "Paul! I've heard so much about you. I'm Kami." She extended her arms to shake. Paul respects his elders, so he didn't refuse. He bowed. "Nice to meet you, Kami."

    "Hi, I'm Dawn." Dawn shook her hand as she noticed Kami eyeing her. "Nice to meet you, I'm Reggie's fiancé." Kami shook her hand.

    "Well, let's go inside!" Reggie opened the door for them. Reggie placed everyones bags in the living room. "Alright. Dawn, and Paul, your room is there. Since you're young adults, I trust you two to be in the same room together." Reggie winked.

    Oh boy, this again. "Well, we'll let you two settle in. Reggie, I gotta show you this desert I baked in the kitchen." Kami took him there. Paul held on clutched on to Dawn's hand and took her to the room.

    "Alright, I made a 7 day date plan before the wedding. You ready to hear it? I won't repeat myself." Paul unwrapped a piece of paper. Dawn nodded and listened carefully.

    "Okay, day one, Reggie and Kami are going rollerskating, that means they have this goofy couple dance. Stupid, I know, so you'll need to learn how to use roller skates. Day two they're going to the beach, so we're going to have to swim. Day three we're going to a fancy restaurant to eat, then day four we're going to watch a movie with the two, and then day five we're having some bonfire with my family and friends, and then day 6 is the rehearsal dinner, and then day 7 is the big wedding, and you can go home." Paul stuffed the paper back in his pocket.

    "Sounds good, but do I have to roller skate? I don't know how too roll with them." Dawn blushed.

    Paul rubbed his temples. "You have too, Dawn!"

    "I don't wanna." She crossed her arms.

    "Listen I'll lead, okay?" Paul was getting frustrated.

    Dawn threw her arms in anger, and the vase with flowers fell.

    "****." She stared at it.

    "Crap they're coming. They can't know we're fighting." Paul looked nervous. They heard footsteps grow. Paul held on to Dawn's wrists and fell backwards onto the bed, bringing her on top of him.

    "What are we doing?" Dawn whispered. "Play along." Paul grabbed her face, and placed his lips onto hers. He couldn't believe that him and Dawn started kissing, it was so last minute, but only as a cover up. She understood, and continued to make out with him. Reggie and Kami ran inside.

    "Is every-woah!" Kami covered her eyes very embarrassed to interrupt.

    " because you're sharing a room, doesn't mean you're supposed to get too excited." Reggie chuckled. Paul leaned back from the kiss, while Dawn's face turned into an immense shade of red.

    Paul tried playing it out.

    "Sorry, older brother. It won't happen again." He stood up.

    "Good. Now, let's get to bed. Tomorrow is the first day of Kami and I's last dates before marriage!"

    "You're right. Let's go brush our teeth Dawn." Paul held her hand.

    Dawn couldn't look him in the eyes, she was arguing in her mind what just happened.
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    My cup of tea here! I'm laughing throughout the whole story though, and it's cute. Be waiting for the update

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