Author: Pikachu Fan Number Nine

Fandom: Pokemon

Shipping: Platonic Clemont's Chespin/Citron's Harimaron X Serena's Pancham/Yancham

Rating: K+

Notes: A dare from Kyuu-Tales. A platonic one-shot with two Pokemon, one of them gaining the ability to speak (here I gave them both such ability which she OK'd).

(Count: 1,005 words not including intro)

(The following takes place after Serena has won the Hoenn Grand Festival. She has moved on from Ash, thinking he has moved on to another girl in his travels. She moves into the Lumiose Gym with Clemont and Bonnie, having had developed feelings for the former while on her way back to Kalos. This is not the focus of this story however. While Bonnie, Clemont and Serena are somewhat factors in this story, it is Clemont's Chespin and Serena's Pancham who will be the stars. Clemont's Chespin')

It was another day at the Lumiose Gym. With Serena now living there, Chespin and Pancham had to learn to get along for everyone's sake.

Chespin and Pancham often went at each other, and Clemont and Serena always had to intervene. Still, life couldn't get any better for everyone involved.

One night, Chespin and Pancham went to sleep, and dreamed about what their masters were going to do with their lives. Marriage, children, and all that jazz. And how would they fit in the picture?

When they woke up, something was different about them. Chespin said, "wow I'm so hungry...wait a minute did I just speak English? And in a voice like Sonic the Hedgehog?"

Pancham noticed that too, "you did just speak English...and for that matter so did I! And guess what my voice sounds like?"

Chespin said, "it's Po from Kung Fu Panda."

Pancham said, "we just, without any explanation whatsoever, gained the ability to talk like humans. This changes our relationship completely, Chespin."

Chespin said, "you're right, it does. I want to apologize for all the fights we got in."

Pancham said, "so do I. We bros?"

Chespin said, "yeah man, we bros". The two mammalian Pokemon entered into a brofist.

Pancham said, "how do we break this to our masters? They're gonna be shocked to learn that we can talk."

Chespin said, "well, we gotta tell them sooner or later, so we might as well tell them right now."

Clemont and Serena went to get Chespin and Pancham, and the two Pokemon said, as clear as crystal "good morning!"

Clemont and Serena were shocked. Clemont said, "Chespin, you can talk, but how?"

Serena said, "and you Pancham?"

Chespin said, "the most amazing thing happened, when me and Pancham woke up, we were able to talk like you two, and we have never been closer."

Pancham said, "after breakfast, we'd like to do some hanging out, if that is alright with you two."

Clemont said, "I guess, although this defies all probability and science."

Serena said, "go ahead, and Clemont, there is an explanation for everything."

Once breakfast was done, Chespin and Pancham went on Clemont's computer and decided to check out the website called YouTube. They remembered some T-Mobile commercials which depicted fees as insects and decided to look them up.

The first one was about someone going over to a house which was on AT&T. They thought it was very humorous. As was the second commercial which featured fees emerging from a Verizon bill.

They spent the next 2 hours listening to songs on YouTube, finding new appreciation for popular rock music with their ability to speak like humans.

After that, Chespin and Pancham decided to watch a movie, namely, Captain America: Civil War.

Chespin said, "I have new appreciation for everything now that I can speak. Let's see how good this movie is."

Pancham said, "I heard Spider-Man is in it, he's a cool superhero from what I have heard."

After the movie, Chespin turned the TV to the local news, where it showed that the Lumiose National Bank was being robbed.

Pancham said, "Chespin, we have to stop that bank robbery! We're Pokemon, and we can use our attacks to put the robbers in their place."

Chespin said, "you got a good point, Pancham, let's go get Clemont and Serena."

The two went to get Clemont and Serena, and explained the situation. Everyone went down to the bank, and Chespin and Pancham went inside to see a hostage situation.

They knew exactly what to do. Chespin said, "how's about a Pin Missile" which he launched at the robbers.

Pancham said, "I'll give them an Arm Thrust!" as he performed said attack.

Chespin then said, "Tackle!" as he brought the robbers to the ground.

Pancham finished things by saying, "now it's Dark Pulse time!" as he launched said attack on the robbers.

The robbers gave themselves up after this, and Chespin and Pancham were applauded as heroes. But they just wanted to go home and play some Wii U, which they did.

They played Hyrule Warriors.

Chespin said, "this game is a lot of fun, I wonder why Clemont doesn't play it more often."

Pancham said, "well being the Lumiose Gym Leader is a lot of work, he doesn't have a lot of free time."

Chespin said, "I think Clemont and Serena are right for each other. I don't think Ash ever showed any interest in her."

Pancham said, "I could tell, Ash probably has a girlfriend closer to his hometown."

Chespin said, "enough talk about that let's play more Hyrule Warriors."

After they were done playing Hyrule Warriors, Chespin and Pancham decided to play some board games. One board game that intrigued them in particular was Trivial Pursuit.

Chespin said, "I heard a lot about this game. It's been around over 30 years."

Pancham said, "I know, Clemont's dad played it a lot in his younger days I learned a while back."

For the next two hours, they played Trivial Pursuit. The two of them found the game quite fun.

After that they played Monopoly. Chespin said of this game, "I heard in some alternate universe there's a Pokemon edition of this game."

Pancham said, "you don't say. Anyway this looks to be very promising. I hope I don't land in jail, which is where Team Rocket should be."

Chespin said, "I'm with you on that one."

Once they were done with Monopoly, they had a chat. "You know, eventually, more and more Pokemon could gain the ability to talk," Pancham said, "and as that happens, Pokemon should be granted equal rights to humans."

Chespin said, "that's something to think about in the future, buddy. There's all kinds of things we still don't know about out there, that we need to go and see for ourselves."

Pancham agreed. "Our universe is only as big as where Clemont and Serena go. But in the end, where will they head on to?"

Chespin said, "only time will tell my friend."