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    Default Cavalier (CavalierShipping, Oneshot, Rated PG)

    This is a oneshot I wrote for a dare for MonMonCandie. This can also be found at and DeviantART, both under the username HMSSparky.


    Dawn didn’t know why she even bothered attending the Halloween party organised by Ash, it was all so he could meet up with his old friends and rivals. Dawn had been so excited when she received the invitation, but now she was stood at the edge of the room, slowly sipping a cup of lemonade and watching Ash talk to all his other friends. Misty, May, Iris and Serena were all laughing at some joke he’d made.

    Everyone had dressed up as some kind of supernatural creature. Dawn had tried to make an effort, dressing as a zombie cheerleader, but it all went to waste as she fought back her tears so she wouldn’t smudge her makeup. Brock was about to walk past her, but paused when he saw her face.

    “Are you alright Dawn?” he asked. She nodded, forcing a smile on her face and taking a long gulp of her drink.

    “I’m fine,” she said. The high pitched strain on her voice said otherwise. Brock wavered for a few seconds, before going off and joining the large group gathered in the centre of the room. Dawn looked at the door, wondering if she should just leave and go home. It was a long journey back to Sinnoh, but it would’ve been preferable to her current situation.
    Eventually, Dawn plucked up the courage to go and speak to Ash directly. She walked up behind him and tapped on his shoulder. He turned around and smiled at her, but his eyes moved sideways to look at Misty.

    “How was Kalos?” Dawn shouted over the loud music.

    “It was great, I made loads of new friends,” Ash shouted back. Dawn smiled, glad that they were having a conversation, but she still felt sad. She excused herself so he could go back to talking to the other people. She went to the bathroom so she could wash off her makeup, and then she would probably go home.

    Someone was already in the bathroom, so she waited outside. She’d been hoping that she could cry privately in there, and holding back her tears was starting to get difficult. The door opened, making her jump. Whoever opened it apologised, and peered closely at her face.

    “Why have you been crying?” he asked. He was dressed up like a vampire, but Dawn could still tell that it was Gary.

    “I haven’t.” Dawn wiped her eyes with the back of her hands, leaving patches of face paint on them. Gary shook his head at her and grabbed her wrist gently and pulled her inside the bathroom. He ran the tap and put the plug in the hole.

    “Come on, what’s wrong?” Gary folded his arms and leant against the door.

    “Ash invited me here and all he’s done is ignore me. And I was really looking forward to this because I haven’t seen him in ages. He’s just been talking to Misty, May, Iris and Serena,” she said each of the girls’ names bitterly. Gary didn’t say anything; he turned the taps off and waited as she washed her hands and face. She went to leave and Gary put on of his hands on her shoulder.

    “It’s his loss if he doesn’t want to talk to you,” he said. Dawn smiled, her eyes were watery and she sniffed hard. She held her arms out in front of her and fell onto Gary, wrapping her arms around him tightly. He was confused for a moment, but returned the hug.

    “We should go back,” Dawn let go of him and opened the door. He was still leaning against it, and fell over as it opened. Dawn clamped her hands over her mouth to suppress her laughter, but she took one hand away and held it out for him. He grabbed her hand and pulled her down on top of him. Dawn laughed even more, and when she lifted her head up to look at him, she accidentally head-butted him and had tears of laughter streaming down her face. Gary pushed her off him and sat upright, rubbing his forehead where she’d hit him.

    “Come on, giggles,” Gary said. He stood up and helped her stand up as well, putting his arm around her as she stumbled while walking. Ash was watching the door, and his eyes widened when he saw them together. Everyone had mostly stopped talking, and were dancing instead.

    “Will you dance with me, Gary?” Dawn asked, batting her eyelashes, as if she needed to convince him. He took hold of her hand and pulled into the group of people in the middle of the room. Ash made his way over to the two, and when Dawn’s back was turned he nudged Gary with his elbow.
    “What are you doing?” Ash said to Gary, their heads were close together so no one else could hear.

    “What do you mean?” Gary asked back.

    “With Dawn. What are you doing with her?”

    “Doing what you should’ve done.” Gary grinned at him and held Dawn’s hand again, spinning her around. Ash glared at him, and Gary winked.
    Dawn stayed a lot longer than she had first intended to. After an hour, everyone moved out of the centre so they could take a break. Dawn and Gary went outside to get some fresh air, and to be away from all the people.

    “I’ve had a great time,” Dawn said, sitting on the fence and swinging her legs. It was cold outside, and Dawn shivered, making a big deal out of it and hinting to Gary.

    “Do you want my cape?” he asked, smiling at her and taking his cape off and wrapping it around her.

    “I’d rather have your arms around me.” She looked into his eyes. She stood up from the fence and stood on her tip toes so they were about the same height. She ran her hand through his hair and brought their faces closer together.

    “You’ve got an eyelash on your nose,” Gary whispered. Dawn snorted and started laughing again. She linked arms with him and the two walked down the street together, laughing at the jokes he was saying.
    All hail the jiggling Ditto!

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    Aww, this was cute! Great job on writing this. I thought it was sweet how considerate Gary was being towards Dawn while Ash is busy with the other girls. :P

    .: credit :.
    I love these skeleton brothers and their relationship. I am not sorry.

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