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Thread: Fate and Destiny of Friends - AAML

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    Hey If u look at My sig I have The link to this fourm I'm going to invite some people from the face-off & Games fourm And from my pokeshipping club This should have 2,000 by the End of the last chapter
    Quote Originally Posted by Redsoxpsyco
    Ok, I'm out, this is turning into a game of spin the bottle O_o.

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    Those last 4 chapters were cool
    From ice head

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    *Hugs back* Aw, I needed that. I was feeling down myself. T_T Two of the current subjects I’m doing in uni… they’re hard… but I’ll get through them.

    But enough about me. I agree with Peach about what she said about people who could not be bothered to wait for another chapter, because of that they’re the ones who are missing out, not your loyal fans.

    It's a part of me, it's part of who I am and a part of something I love. I can't give it up. I've been thinking about this for a while, and I just can't give up writing, even if it is fanfiction. It distracts me from stress, it makes me think by scheming intriguing ways and portraying different situations, and overall, it makes me a better writer and increases my skills in English. I love it. I just can't give it up. I won't give it up.
    Y’know, I’m currently writing my own fanfics (everyone knows that but still…) and that makes me relieve my stress too. Despite that I don’t get many reviews between chapters (Apart from my one-shots), I keep on writing because I enjoy it. Those who did while giving me some corrections helped me with my English.

    And the sequel? Love the idea and I love you to do that, but wouldn’t this story end with Ash and Misty kissing and making up while fireworks exploding in the night sky, ending the whole thing or are you setting up some sort of surprise for us? Either way, whether you would write the sequel or not, it’s your decision, I’ll respect it and back you up 100%.

    I can suggest one thing after you finished this fic… have a break, have a Kit Kat*.

    *: Kit Kat, one of the chocolate bars from the UK.

    Hope to hear from you soon, mate. *Pats on chest and then give a ‘V’ sign* Peace.
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    A sequal would be amazing, I'm in support of it!

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    I would just love A sequl, I support it as well
    Quote Originally Posted by Redsoxpsyco
    Ok, I'm out, this is turning into a game of spin the bottle O_o.

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    *looks back* Did I answer this yet? No...?
    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Powell
    And the sequel? Love the idea and I love you to do that, but wouldn’t this story end with Ash and Misty kissing and making up while fireworks exploding in the night sky, ending the whole thing or are you setting up some sort of surprise for us? Either way, whether you would write the sequel or not, it’s your decision, I’ll respect it and back you up 100%.
    I agree with Brian Powell here; well said.
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    And the sequel? Love the idea and I love you to do that, but wouldn’t this story end with Ash and Misty kissing and making up while fireworks exploding in the night sky, ending the whole thing or are you setting up some sort of surprise for us? Either way, whether you would write the sequel or not, it’s your decision, I’ll respect it and back you up 100%.
    Nice idea! But, as I've said before, it's WS's fic, so I'm sure she's gonna surprise us, as she's done before. ^_^

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    Hehe! I have a half day today! ^___________________^ Which means what exactly? That I have some time to myself because half term is next week. And I have this sudden urge to write! I'm gonna try and get as much of Chapter 29 done asap in this free time because I feel so inspired and creative. ^________^

    Aqua_Trainer: Hey there! *waves* ^_^ It's nice to see you and I'm glad you're enjoying it! Thanks for the support about the sequel. ^^

    Sage Ryock: lol I'm sure there are many people I know who would disagree with you but do I care? No If you said to one of my friends or someone who knows me 'That girl likes Pokemon and writes a fanfiction about it' I'm sure the majority would look at you as if you were mad and laugh. XD Really, it's like that because no one would expect that I like Pokemon and love writing a fanfiction for it. ^_^ I think that's really cool that you want to be a games designer and like you, I see my writing and stories like my children. <3 Writing has become a part of my life and thanks to FADOF, I managed to discover that and become who I am with a lot more confidence in my writing. ^_^

    I would love to be a writer so much but if you'd said that to me a year ago, I would have said there would be no chance because I wouldn't consider myself good enough. But now, I'm not worried about how good I am - I'm facinated by where my mind takes me and I've already started putting together ideas for stories and such (my major one is just in loads of sections for ideas of events and stuff with no solid base line yet XD) but I love it to bits. I'm really not sure, I'm just going to keep writing and see how things go. ^_^ Awww, and I'm flattered that you'd buy it! *blushes* That's so sweet. But then everyone's going to know my real name then, aren't they? XDD That could be fun.

    Yes, mother of god...YES. Make a sequel. But I'd be very careful with it. Cause I'm sure that you're aware that sometimes a sequel can kill a franchise. But I doubt you would do that to us loyal readers. I mean, look how good you are. Continue what you're doing, good luck, and always write from the heart.
    XDDD Thank you. I will be very careful. I intend to plan a little more ahead with this one so I know where it's going to go and not to make it let down it's original. And hopefully this time, I can plan a bit more ahead so I'm not writing ideas that just randomly appear in my head and put them down in a chapter, then miraculously link into things that have happened before/will happen. XDD Thank you very much for your support. ^_^

    dragon_dude35d: thank you very much! ^_^

    Elite Eevee: Oooooh! XDD My bad, sorry. ^^; lol Well I hope I don't come out mentally harmed but things seem to be stable atm. ^_^ Thanks for the support. ^^

    Crystal Mew: Oh sure. ^_^ If you check out the first page, I've put hyperlinks to all of the chapters so readers don't have to flick through all the pages coz this place is getting big now. XDD Happy reading! ^_^

    Blaziken Rocks: Awwwww, *blushes* That's very sweet of you and I'm very honoured by your words. ^_^ Thanks for the support on the sequel, I'll try my best.

    gladdecease: I don't have much of a problem with speaking/speeches, it's just not my preference because sometimes expressing myself through writing is easier because you don't feel on the spot. I dunno. But a B is really good! You should be proud with that. ^_^

    I guess you're right when you say that people don't necessarily hate you for not updating but all the same, I still feel an awful nagging of guilt about letting people down. -_- And no, I haven't seen the nominations for the awards. :/ I haven't been around much to be honest to realise so I'll make sure to take a look after this.

    Awwww, I still think you are more persistant than I am. And I also think you're too modest because you are a very talented person with a shining future ahead of you. ^_^ Whatever you decide to do, you'll do great. And I think you're right when you say that I'm too modest but I just can't seen my work the way everyone else does - to me, it's never as good as it can be or there's always faults and problems. I see it through the eyes of the author - not through that of the reader's and that is something I'm slowly coming to terms with. I hate to sound boastful but I was reading over some of the earlier chapters for reference to the upcoming chapter and I thought 'Wow! This is really good!' and then I realised it was my work! It's so strange but I think I started to see what everyone else sees because I haven't read over it in so long and so I didn't see it with all its usual faults. I hate to sound like I'm bragging but it was just a weird experience. ^^;;

    And no probs about the cap. It's great to see it again. *puts on own cap and salutes*

    Crystal Mew: You're not retarded. *hugs* It doesn't matter but I hope you enjoy. ^_^

    DM13: Thanks for your support and concern. ^_^ My imagination is just rearing to go so I'm going to finish this post asap. XDD Thanks again! ^_^

    misty_aquamaster: Awwww.... thank you so much for your kind words. ^_^ *hugs*

    WaterKrystal: Thank you so much! *hugs* That's very kind of you to say. ^_^

    Elite Eevee: Huh? I thought I wrote that I was considering writing a sequel.
    :-/ I know before I said that I wouldn't but things have changed and I think to stop my writing would be like trying to stop me breathing. It can't be done easily. XD

    AshMistyTogetic: Wow. Thank you very much. ^_^

    ice head: Thank you! ^_^

    Brian: Yeah, mine are just time cosuming atm. -_- Awww, that's very sweet of you to say. ^_^ Ahhhh, yes! I have a very long list of your fanfics that I must still read. XD Well now that half term's here, guess what I'll be doing?

    And the sequel? Love the idea and I love you to do that, but wouldn’t this story end with Ash and Misty kissing and making up while fireworks exploding in the night sky, ending the whole thing or are you setting up some sort of surprise for us? Either way, whether you would write the sequel or not, it’s your decision, I’ll respect it and back you up 100%.
    Thanks and Brian, how well do you know me and my writing style? XDD *grins broadly* Do you really think I would end this fic with Ash and Misty 'kissing and making up while fireworks exploding in the night sky' to end this fic once and for all? XDD Oh no. Before I even decided this fic could have a sequel, I had already planned something else.... *grins and cackles* Oo What? It's Halloween soon. XD Thanks for the support and I'm ready to get going on it! But then I also have another fic that must make it's debue soon, hasn't it? Thanks again!

    Cerebus: Thank you! ^_^

    AshMistyTogetic: Thank you! ^_^

    gladdecease: Cheers and thanks again. ^_^

    DM13: Hehe, aren't I just full of surprises?

    OK then, I'm off to right because I'm just bubbling with creativity! Ha! *runs off to write* XD And as a mini spoiler     Spoiler:

    Cya soon!

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    DM13: Thanks for your support and concern. ^_^ My imagination is just rearing to go so I'm going to finish this post asap. XDD Thanks again! ^_^
    That's what I'm here for. And comic relief. =P *drum score*
    DM13: Hehe, aren't I just full of surprises?
    Yes, you are. That's why you're one of the best damn writers I know!

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    Yeah...I just get overwhelmed, unless I really know by heart what I'm talking about. An example: in eighth grade I did a report/short story on Passover, and had to make a speech about the both of them. I was stuttering all the time through my description of the short story, but went right through the story of Passover without a second thought. I've had that story told to me over and over, year after year [it's the entire point of a Passover seder], so I really did know it. Sadly, that doesn't happen much. It's usually the opposite with writing; hardly ever to I have problems writing something. I mean, I wrote the above paragraph in, what, two minutes? I didn't even really think about it.

    Ah...a B isn't really all that good for me. I'm seventh in class, but both I and my dad know I can do better [I'm very similar to him, and he was second in his class]. I am proud of having done so much extra credit to get that B, though. ^^

    Well, I only really feel guilty after, say, half a year of no updating when I know I could have. Emphasis on "know I could have." Not the time it takes, but that I didn't take the time I had. That make any sense?

    And you're on there for most popular author. That's why I mentioned it.

    Meh...possibly. Probably...not, quite frankly. Let's just say we're both too modest, and that people like our stories. I think I'm probably a bit more critical of my own errors...once I find them, that is. They just stick out, like a scratch on a mirror once you find it. You know its there, and you can't ignore it.

    That's kind of cool, actually. When I look back, I just see the horrible errors I made back then. It really is a weird experience...

    The cap... ;P

    And a cool to the spoiler!     Spoiler:

    DM13: ^^ Yup.
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    DragonMaster: XD Cool and thanks for the kind words. ^_^

    gladdecease: I'm glad your speech went well and that things are looking better for you. ^_^ And I understand what you mean about the intelligence thing and being seventh is definately a worthy achievement. ^_^

    And I understand what you mean by the guilt thing too. ^_^ OK then, we're both modest and that scratch in the mirror is definately reflecting my way too. XDD Bad attempt at a pun, I know. XD Thanks again.

    OK, I have spent that last 4 hours on Chapter 29 and I can happily say that 'CHAPTER 29 IS FINISHED! I REPEAT: CHAPTER 29 IS FINISHED!'

    Now, before it makes it's debue, I want to print it off and check over it because there's a lot going on in 40+ pages, so I want to make sure that everything's how it should be and everything fits in like it should.

    So expect the chapter later today or at the latest, tomorrow.

    Thanks everyone and hope this is some good news for you!

    Take care


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    Good news? This is great news!

    Chapter 29 must be really good, after being 40+ pages and stuff...

    I'll be waiting to read it, WS!


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    Chapter 29 finished? o.O Yes! I'll be one of your first. Awesome, this'll be coooool ^_^. I need a nice break from school anyways.

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    Do you really think I would end this fic with Ash and Misty 'kissing and making up while fireworks exploding in the night sky' to end this fic once and for all? XDD Oh no. Before I even decided this fic could have a sequel, I had already planned something else...
    Not really. I was thinking about that Ash and Misty part because of that picture you placed here, a while ago, of those two kissing; that gave me a hint of what would happen in the end, but still you’re the writer, you change plans, you surprise people.

    *grins and cackles* Oo What? It's Halloween soon.
    That reminds me. *Changes avatar, user title and location* LOL

    But then I also have another fic that must make it's debue soon, hasn't it?
    I can’t wait for it lol. XD

    EDIT: Another chapter done? I'll be waiting... *Looks at the watch*
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    Default Chapter 29 is here!!!!!! ^_____________^ Part 1

    FINALLY! It's here! Now, I've checked over it, still a bit worried about some parts so I'm eagerly awaiting your reviews and comments to let me know how well I've done on it. :/ Now I'm getting nervous... OK, quick comments and then onto the long awaited chapter.

    DM13: Eheheh... well they say it's quality over quantity so I really hope it's up to your expectations. ^^;;; Hope I haven't let you down!

    Sage Ryock: Awwww, thanks and I hope you enjoy it. ^_^

    Brian Powell: Ahhhh.... that pic. Well, the pic wasn't really based on much that happened in the fic - it was more of something I created and thought it went well for the story. ^_^ Speaking of changing plans, I had to change a minor bit of this chapter so that it would fit with a sequel. LOL Love the Halloween theme.

    OK then, without further ado, let Chapter 29 take the stage! ^__________^ Pages: 46

    Chapter 29 – Let the Truth Be Told…

    “Misty’s gone!” Max exclaimed when he read the note that had been left on the table from the previous night and ran in a panic into the boy’s bedroom. “Ash! Misty’s gone! She’s run away!”

    “What?!” Ash burst out – fear coursing through his body. “Where’s she gone? What did she say?”

    He watched the tears appearing behind Max’s glasses as he looked down at the folded piece of paper in his hands. Ash carefully took it from him and he felt a shiver run down his spine and a lump form in his throat as he read it.

    To Ash, Brock, May and Max,

    Thanks for everything and all the adventures we had together in the short time that we were reunited. It’s been really fun but I’m sorry to say that I can know longer stay with you because I realised that I don’t fit into your group anymore.

    By the time you read this, I will be long gone so there’s no point looking down the corridor for me, Brock.

    As Ash looked up from the note, he saw Brock surveying the corridor outside their room for Misty and his heart sank further.

    Wishing you all the best for the future and good luck with the rest of the Tournament, Ash.

    Ash noticed at this point, his name had been smeared by something watery that must have fallen on to the paper as Misty had written the note.

    You guys are the best.

    All my love


    Ash was left staring at the piece of paper – speechless. Misty had gone. She had left him in her sadness of admitting something that she had kept a secret for so long – thought could she really have meant him? Or did she mean someone else and was just shocked that she had admitted it in front of him? Something inside of him tingled painfully when he thought about the second possibility though he could not understand why.

    Feeling a sear of hope as his mind raced with possibilities of contacting Misty, Ash raced to the videophone and dialled in the number to the Cerulean Gym with shaky fingers. Much to his surprise, it was Tracey who answered the call.

    “Oh, hiya, Ash.” His older friend replied warmly. “It’s nice to speak to you again, how’s the tournament going?”

    “Tracey, Misty doesn’t happen to be at the gym does she?” Ash asked with a sense of eagerness and fear.

    Tracey frowned.

    “Well no, the last I heard, she was with you guys.”

    He turned to someone behind him and Misty’s older sister, Daisy, appeared beside Tracey with a smile to Ash.

    “Hi there.” She smiled at Ash. “How’s Misty and everyone else doing? You can tell her that my Psyduck is so awesome!” She squealed happily.

    Ash opened his mouth to answer but left no words to fall down the receiver. He seemed lost – unsure how to say that Misty had departed without a trace of where she was going.

    “Misty’s gone!” Max wailed and broke down into tears.

    Tracey and Daisy looked at him behind Ash with perplexed expressions.

    “Like, what do you mean ‘she’s gone’?” Daisy asked with a sense of sincerity. “Where is my little sister? Ash?” She asked abruptly when she didn’t receive any answers.

    Ash hung his head low so that his hair covered his face.

    “I don’t know.” He replied quietly.

    “Well, where is she? Did she, like, say anything before she left?” Daisy asked in a panic and held her hands up to her face fearfully.

    “She left this.” May said in a quiet tone as she held up the note Misty had left and displayed it so that Daisy and Tracey could read it from the videophone.

    The two read it and Tracey frowned.

    “What does that last part mean?” He said curiously and pointed at the bottom part of the paper.

    “What bit?” Ash inquired as he came out of his trance of thought and looked at Tracey.

    Ash read the note over again and couldn’t see what was drawing Tracey’s attention. Tracey indicated to a ‘P.S.’ at the very bottom of the note, which Ash hadn’t read before and he eagerly scanned over it.

    P.S. I leave LuvDisc to you, Ash, because only you couldn’t understand its true intentions. Perhaps it can help you on your journey. Though do remember one thing, te amo – iam et pro semper.

    Confusion and questions swarmed Ash’s head. She had left LuvDisc with him but what did she mean by her words? ‘Perhaps it can help you on your journey’, ‘though do remember one thing…’ What did she mean? And what did that stupid thing in Latin mean?

    Ash’s head continued to buzz with questions until Daisy burst out at the top of her voice and he saw the temper that he had only seen in Misty, emerge from inside her.

    “Ash Ketchum, if I could get through the video screen then you would wish that you could run away too!” Daisy yelled at him as Tracey tried to restrain her from jumping through the screen. “How could you do this to her you little worm! If only you had-”

    “We’ll call you later, Ash, see ya soon.” Tracey shouted over Daisy and managed to disconnect the call with his nose.

    Ash remained frozen in his seat.

    “That is probably the first time I’ve ever seen Daisy display Misty-like anger qualities. Usually she’s very sweet-tempered.” Brock stated to try and lighten the subject.

    “But so is Misty.” Ash replied quietly and walked to the kitchen with his hair low over his face.

    “Chu.” Pikachu cooed with its ears drooped down as it stared at the pokeball on the table.

    Ash raised his head slightly and stared at it. According to Misty, LuvDisc was now in his possession. Pikachu saw its master’s hesitation and brought the pokeball from the kitchen table to the counter in front of Ash. Ash continued to stare at it. He slowly picked it up and eventually released the Pokemon inside with a flash of light, as LuvDisc appeared on the carpet. It cooed its name lovingly and bounced up and down in front of Ash. When it stopped to take in its surroundings, it looked around for its master and hopped around on the spot, searching for some sign of her.

    Curiously, LuvDisc hopped into all of the rooms looking for Misty and wailed at the top of its voice when it realised that its master was gone. Ash’s heart fell further to see the Pokemon in pain.

    “Hey there.” He said in a voice unlike his own as he crouched down beside the wailing Pokemon. “Listen, Misty said that she wanted you to stay with me but do you have any idea where she’s gone?”

    LuvDisc shook its head and allowed more tears to fall on to the floor. Ash scooped up the little Pokemon and held it in front of his face.

    “We both need Misty back and as a part of our lives don’t we?” He said quietly to the depressed creature.

    LuvDisc nodded and kissed Ash on the nose. Ash smiled and stood up with determination.

    “All right,” He started confidently. “We are going to find Misty and bring her back, no matter what happens. Whatever it takes, we will find her and make sure she is safe.”

    “But Ash,” May interrupted quietly. “Your semi-finals match starts soon. If we go and look for Misty now, then you’ll miss your match.”

    “So? Misty is more important than some stupid match! She’s my best friend and she could be in trouble!” Ash replied with impatience.

    “I never thought I’d see the day when Ash puts a person before a Pokemon.” Brock said surprised and watched his friend’s reaction.

    “But everything you’ve worked for – everything that has brought you this far… we all know that Misty wouldn’t want you to throw it all away because of her.” May tried to reason.

    Ash opened his mouth to protest but remained silent. She was right. Misty wouldn’t want that but he didn’t exactly feel ready to fight in an important Pokemon battle right now. There was a knock at the door and everyone looked at it hopefully as Max bounced to it and opened it eagerly.

    “Hi, honey! How are you?” A tall woman asked affectionately with her red hair tied back in a ponytail.

    “Mom?” Ash questioned unbelievably.

    “Oh, hello, Pikachu!” She cried out happily as she hugged the little Pokemon. “I’m glad to see you’re looking so well!”

    “Well, hello there, Ash.” An older man greeted the trainer from the doorway.

    “Professor Oak?!” Max said in a disbelieving yet excited tone. “I’m… I’m… I’m your biggest fan!” He managed to say.

    The professor smiled at him.

    “It’s nice to finally meet you Max.” He said warmly. “Hello, May and Brock. Tracey sends his regards. Where’s Misty?”

    The room fell silent apart from Mrs Ketchum’s squealing at how cute LuvDisc was. Nobody answered Oak’s question and sensing the awkwardness that this had brought to the group, he quickly changed the subject to whether Ash was ready to go for his battle soon.

    “We came over early this morning.” Oak explained as he sat on one of the sofas with the group a little while later as May handed him a cup of tea. “Since we have been watching Ash’s progress on the TV back in Pallet, we thought it only fitting that we come to watch Ash in the semi finals. Everyone back home is strongly rooting for him.”

    He took a sip of his tea and watched Mrs Ketchum hug the tiny heart shaped Pokemon.

    “I’ve never had the experience of being this close to a LuvDisc.” He commented. “They truly are extraordinary creatures. Look at the beauty of colour on this one. Is it Misty’s?” He inquired.

    “Yeah.” Ash replied quietly and bowed his head low – the guilt of being the one to cause Misty to leave, mounting inside him.

    Professor Oak frowned and he directed Delia’s attention away from LuvDisc for a moment to her son.

    “Sweetie, is there something wrong?” She asked Ash with concern.

    “No, I’m fine.” He replied once again in a voice unlike his own.

    “You must think me a poor mother if you really think I’m going to believe you.” She said in a concerned tone and set LuvDisc down on the floor. “Where is Misty?”

    “We’re not sure.” Brock answered for Ash. “She left a note saying that she was leaving but we haven’t seen her since and we have no idea where she is heading. We called the Cerulean Gym but no one has seen her.”

    “Oh no! This is awful!” Mrs Ketchum cried out.

    “Where is this note?” Professor Oak asked with a sense of urgency.

    Max hopped down from his chair and retrieved the piece of paper from the kitchen table and handed it to Professor Oak. He read it carefully and frowned as he passed it to Delia.

    “Well this is very serious. If she has disappeared without a trace then for all we know, she could be hurt and lying in pain somewhere and no one is aware of it.”

    Ash tried to abolish the images of Misty in pain underwater from the previous day from his mind, as fear for her safety coursed through his veins.

    May glanced at the clock.

    “Ash, we really should get going.” She said quietly to her friend.

    He bowed his head and sighed. Returning LuvDisc to its pokeball, he unexpectedly strapped it to his belt and replaced it with one of his other pokeballs that he rested on the kitchen table. He called to Pikachu who confidently hopped on to his shoulder and he walked out of the front door without a backwards glance. May watched him go with a sense of longing to comfort him. Brock sighed beside her.

    “I’m not sure who my heart goes out to more – Misty or Ash.” He said solemnly.

    “Well for Ash’s sake, Brock,” Professor Oak said knowingly as he walked out of the door after Delia. “I hope that his emotional state won’t affect his performance on the field because it may ruin his hopes for a future as a Pokemon Master.”


    “Thanks so much, Nurse Joy.” Misty said quietly with a weak smile as the nurse cleared away her breakfast plate in the canteen of the Pokemon Centre.

    “Are you sure you won’t stay to watch your friend in his match later?” The sweet tempered lady asked again. “I’m sure he would love it if you stayed. After all, it sounds like you’ve been through a lot together and it seems strange that you don’t want to see him all the way through.”

    “There is just so much that has happened that I don’t think I could face watching him in his match.” Misty replied with her head bowed low. “Besides, he’s better off without me anyway.”

    “Well, if you insist.” The nurse replied as she walked off with the plates.

    Misty had stayed at the Pokemon Centre for the rest of the night, as she knew it would have been foolish to try and make her way off the island in the dark. Nurse Joy had warmly set up a room for her even though it was just after half past two in the morning, though she truthfully hadn’t slept too well.

    “Thanks for everything you’ve done for me, Nurse Joy.” Misty said gratefully as she recalled how she had looked after her and Ash after their accident in the Romantic Gardens. “I hope we meet again someday.”

    “Me too, Misty. It’s been wonderful to have met you and I wish you luck on your journey.” Nurse Joy said happily as she held a clipboard.

    Misty bid her goodbye and began to walk through the deserted cobbled streets when something held her back. She saw the fountain in front of her that was next to the restaurant, where she, Brendan, Macey and Ash had gone on their dates. She held the sides of her arms comfortingly in front of her as she recalled the memory and tried to hide the tears that she could feel coming. The sky was darkening above her and she heard the heaven’s rumble. There was just someone she had to see before she left.


    “Hopefully the weather will be good for you, Ash.” Max said gloomily as they walked towards the stadium.

    Ash hadn’t said anything throughout the whole time they had been walking but the others understood that he wasn’t in the best moods to talk. Pikachu, who was sitting on his shoulder, drooped its ears and patted its master comfortingly on the neck. Ash didn’t acknowledge the gesture and continued to stare at the ground below him as he subconsciously walked.

    “I don’t get it.” Ash mumbled quietly to his Pokemon. “After everything we’ve been through together – all our fights, all our good times… our friendship is just ending like that.”

    “Pika.” His Pokemon sighed heavily on his shoulder.

    Ash bowed his head low.

    “But I’m not just losing my bestest friend.” He continued quietly. “I’m losing a part of me… it just doesn’t feel right to know that she’ll never be a part of me or my life anymore.”

    Pikachu thought it saw something glisten and land on the ground as they walked but dismissed it. The group reached the stadium and his friends, the professor and his mother wished him luck before leaving him to find seats in the stands. Ash sighed heavily as he watched them go and his heart fell further as he realised that he was standing in the exact same spot where Misty had hugged him before his battle against Brendan. Though now, he was feeling the opposite of what he felt after she had hugged him. He felt unhappy – heavy, yet empty inside and his confidence was low. Where he remembered how lucky he was to have had Misty as his closest friend and a part of his life, he was now compelled with a certain emptiness that he knew could only be filled by Misty.

    He began to question why he had never felt this way when she hadn’t been a part of the group while they travelled around Houen but then he understood that Misty had never gone anywhere then; they had communicated and she had always been a part of him – and his heart. Now, he knew that he would never see her again because that had been Misty’s decision. She had left and wasn’t coming back. He frowned. Surely she would return back to her home in Cerulean, wouldn’t she? Perhaps then he could at least talk to her or the very least, know that she was safe.

    What’s going on? He questioned his mind furiously. Why am I acting so weird and saying things that don’t sound like me?

    Because you’ve just realised what your heart feels inside. A voice echoed on a soft breeze. Which is what Misty had secretly realised and needed to sacrifice that knowledge to know if you felt the same way.

    Ash’s eyes widened in shock at the sound of the voice but also at its words.

    “Her sacrifice?” He questioned out loud and startled a few spectators who were walking past him to the stadium by his sheer randomness.

    Yes – she needed to sacrifice what she knew for so long to know if you felt the same way. You had already made your sacrifice to prove how much you cared for her; it was her turn to do the same. Yet, she makes her sacrifice and you do not attempt to stop her when her worst fears of rejection come true and she leaves…

    “Reject her!?” He burst out angrily and a small child began to cry unexpectedly. “How did I reject her? How was she rejected? And of course I care about her but how did I make a sacrifice?”

    I can see why she had such a hard time telling you, Ash. The voice continued. You still don’t understand your heart and what it has attempted to tell you. Perhaps you’ll understand someday.

    That last sentence triggered something in the back of his mind and he recalled Rudy and Brendan saying something similar to him, discovering one day how he was lucky to have Misty – now the same words were being said about his heart…

    “What is it that everyone knows that I don’t!?” He shouted furiously and disregarded the fact that he was drawing attention. “Who are you?” He demanded furiously. “And what is it that you want from me and Misty?”

    A flock of Pidgey hurried off from a nearby tree from the height of his angry voice and Ash knew that he wasn’t going to receive a reply. He saw several people staring at him appalled and he quickly turned on his heel when he realised that he had a match to fight in. Pikachu followed unsurely behind him.

    “I need to speak to Misty.” Ash muttered determinedly and began to run down the corridor to his changing room.

    His heart raced with the new information and the questions he had but he desperately needed to talk to Misty before his match started – even if it was just for a few minutes. He skidded into the doorway of his changing room and hurried over to the videophone where he rapidly typed in the number of the Cerulean Gym. Lily answered.

    “Like, aren’t you the little worm who scared off my little sister?” She asked him with narrowed eyes.

    “Huh? Urrr… no…” He replied cautiously. “I’m his other friend – he’s in a battle right now.”

    “Oh, well when I get my hands on that little worm…” Lily pounded her fist in her other hand.

    Ash sweat dropped as he watched his fate on the screen.

    “So there still hasn’t been any sign of Misty?” He asked quickly.

    He watched tears form in Lily’s eyes and she looked away.

    “No and I’m really worried. This isn’t like her.” She replied quietly. “I need to go, thanks for your concern.” She said quickly and cancelled the connection.

    Ash’s heart fell.

    Where was she? He questioned his mind desperately.

    His eyes widened when he had an idea and quickly typed in another number.


    “Brendan? It’s Ash.”

    “Oh.” Brendan replied. “Hello, Ash. What’s up?”

    “Ummm…” Ash suddenly found it very awkward to ask him if he had heard about Misty’s disappearance. “Have you… heard from Misty recently?”

    “Why?” Brendan questioned calmly.

    Ash’s heart raced with a small light of hope at Brendan’s indirect answer. Then he realised that he would have to explain that Misty had left but he dare not say why.

    “Well, Misty left late last night and I was wondering if you had seen or spoken to her last night.” Ash said heavily and insecurely.

    “Why did she leave?” Brendan continued to question in a relaxed tone.

    “I… don’t know.” Ash eventually managed to answer.

    He heard Brendan sighed down the phone.

    “I’m sorry, Ash, I haven’t seen her since we went diving yesterday. I hope she turns up soon though and that she isn’t hurt.”

    “Me too.” Ash said with a heavy heart. “Thanks anyway, Brendan.”

    “No problem. Good luck with your match.”

    “Huh? Oh… yeah. Thanks.” Ash replied and heard Brendan disconnect the call.

    He sighed heavily and looked at his feet. Pikachu was standing by one of his legs, looking up at him longingly. He weakly smiled at the concerned Pokemon.

    “I guess I’ll just have to try and push her and my worry out of my mind, won’t I?” Ash struggled to ask his friend.

    Pikachu furiously protested at these words and shook its head. Pikachu dived into Ash’s backpack and began looking for something.

    “What are you doing?” Ash asked the yellow Pokemon with confusion.

    Pikachu pulled out a photo of Ash and Misty sitting together on Lapras from the Orange Islands. Togepi and Pikachu were sitting in front of them and Tracey had taken the picture just after they had left Trovita Island and the gym leader there, Rudy. Ash was resting on his arms behind him and Misty was leaning against him, holding her bunch of flowers that Rudy had given her. He smiled as he recalled the memory.

    Togepi had been excited by the flash of the camera after the photo was taken and began running around Lapras’s body with Pikachu chasing. Misty had instinctively backed against Ash further as they ran towards her and as Ash had moved to support her, both had lost their balance and had fallen backwards over Lapras and into the water on the other side. As Ash had caught Misty and resulted in her landing on top of him, Tracey had laughed so hard and had taken lots of pictures of the two in the water, though mysteriously, he and as far as he knew, Misty, had not seen the rest of the pictures. He recalled Misty complaining about her ruined flowers as she got off Ash, who had picked them up and given them to her after shaking them dry. He remembered Misty blushing slightly, then grinning and commenting about how that was the first time he had ever given her flowers.

    “Pika!” His Pokemon’s voice interrupted his thoughts and he looked down to see the Pokemon pointing at the door.

    A man was standing there and announced to Ash that his battle was about to begin. With a heavy heart and trying to psyche himself up for the match, Ash followed the man out of the door while putting the picture into his bag.


    “That was Ash.” Brendan said to the girl in his room after he had put the phone down and sat in the sofa chair opposite her.

    Misty didn’t say anything and remained huddled up in her chair. Brendan looked at her with concern.

    “I know you’re hurt, Misty.” He began softly and understandingly. “But you’ve either got to move on without him or you’ve got to talk to him again. He’s really worried about you.”

    Misty remained silent and seemed lost in thought.

    “Thanks for everything you’ve done to help me though, Brendan.” She eventually said. “It really means a lot to know that you care that much.”

    “Well, what are friends for?” He said with a wink. “Besides, I’ve had my fair share of these things so I know a little bit more about them.”

    “Only because you’re a bit older than me.” Misty reasoned with a smile. “You’ve experienced a lot more than I have.”

    She glanced at the clock.

    “Well, I guess I’d better get going.” She said and stood up. “Thanks again for everything.”

    She hugged him and he smiled at her.

    “Keep safe and keep in touch.” He said finally as they walked to the door.

    “I will. Take care.” She said and bid him farewell as she walked along the streets again.

    The heavens grumbled above her again and the sky had darkened immensely. She felt a few drops of rain land on her as she walked and began to quicken her pace – dislodging any thoughts or memories of Ash as she made her journey.


    “Right, well no one knows where that idiot of a commentator is and that weather girl has apparently eloped, so you lot are stuck with me again.” Brian Powell droned through the microphone.

    He was met by a deafening applause as he eyed the screaming fan girls making their way up the stands towards his commentating box.

    “Ladies, please take your seats.” He said airily and tried to shoo them away though this only seem to provoke them further and they began banging on the glass, attempting to reach him.

    Brian looked alarmed when one of the women pointed to his trousers. He coughed and tried to ignore them.

    “So our first semi-final match is between Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town and Derek Sky-Hi from Fortree City.” He continued as the two contenders entered the field. “And it doesn’t look like the weather is going to help them in this match.” He noted and looked at the dark sky. “We might have to postpone the match if the weather gets too serious and I can already see a few spots of rain.”

    As he spoke, a few drops of water fell from the sky onto anything that it collided with. A number of the spectators pulled out umbrellas to shield themselves. Ash looked up at the sky from his podium. He saw a small bolt of lightning flare across the sky and he prayed that Misty was all right. He drew his gaze down to those in the stands and caught sight of his friends and mother sitting next to the professor and also saw someone else he recognised sitting next to him. He frowned and focused on the person.

    “No, way.” He said to himself as he realised who it was.

    Wallace was sitting next to Professor Oak and was smiling at Ash contently. He had a sketchpad in front of him that was resting on his lap and his arms folded above it.

    “Release your Pokemon.” The referee shouted and held up both his flags and brought Ash back to his senses. “This will be a six on six battle!”

    He sighed, put on his determined face and pulled a pokeball off his belt and released it onto the field. A large graceful bird appeared and Swellow cried out its name and hovered above the field in front of Ash. Ash winced when he saw their opponent. A small, fierce looking green dog bared its teeth and snarled. He knew that he should have done some background research on his opponent but he had been too distracted by what had happened with Misty.

    “You ready, Electrike?” Derek shouted from the other side.

    His Pokemon barked its approval.

    Ash’s focus on the battle was in little proportion. He watched Swellow fall heavily to the ground as it was attacked by a Thunder attack and Ash knew that if he focused, he could have been able to guide Swellow to dodge it. His mind was distracted. Images of Misty continued to appear in his mind and all he could seem to think about was things that could have been said and done to make Misty stay or to make her happy.

    “What’s wrong with Ash, Professor?” Delia asked fearfully as she watched her son fail to attempt to turn the match around.

    The Professor folded his arms and looked grim.

    “I fear that he is letting his emotional side take over his mind and he’s losing his concentration and confidence.” He replied sincerely.

    “It’s strange though that he has yet to solve Misty’s message.” Wallace said knowledgeably as he looked down at the piece of paper resting on the pad in his lap that contained Misty’s note.

    He had arrived to watch Ash’s match and also to observe how he and Misty had been getting along and was surprised to learn of the note and Misty’s absence. Nevertheless, he had wanted to talk to Ash after his match concerning the note and Misty.

    The rain began to fall harder on to the stands and field as the two trainers pressed on their match. Ash barely managed to knock out Derek’s Electrike with Torkoal though he was pleased that he had managed to even out the match to five Pokemon a-piece.

    “Come on, Ash! We know you can beat him!” He heard Misty’s voice echo in his head.

    He looked around instinctively, hoping that he would see her in the stands cheering him on with his friends and supporters. She wasn’t there. His mind was tormenting him with her voice and images of her as he tried to concentrate on his battle. When he looked on the field again, he saw Torkoal lying on its side with swirls in its eyes. His confidence dropped further.

    “All right, enough is enough.” He said bitterly and recalled Torkoal to its pokeball and threw another. “I can win this match without Misty – I don’t need her here to win a battle.”

    A flash of light appeared simultaneously in the sky with the light emitting the Pokemon from Ash’s pokeball. A sharp featured green Pokemon emerged and Grovyle called out its name menacingly as it glared down the Rapidash facing it.

    “What’s Ash thinking?” Max blurted out from the stands. “He knows that Grass is really weak against Fire.”

    “It might be that he’s not concentrating.” Professor Oak said with a sigh.

    “I’m not so sure, Professor.” Brock commented as he surveyed his friend. “Ash looked pretty confident and determined on what he’s doing right now.”

    They all looked closely at Ash and saw the anger written across his face as he commanded his Pokemon to attack their opponent. May watched him with a worried expression. No one seemed to notice the rain falling heavier as the spectators watched Ash make a splendid recovery from his previous faults and now the two competitors were level pegged at three Pokemon each. Lightning flashed dangerously close across the stands as the rain pelted down and both trainers could barely see the other.

    The referee took a loudspeaker from an assistant and shouted that the match would be postponed until the weather cleared. Soaked to the bone, Ash jumped down from his stand and ran inside to where his changing rooms were. Pikachu shook itself to try and rid itself of the excess water on its coat. Ash chuckled but looked grim and sat down on one of the benches after he had taken a towel off the side table and began to dry off.

    “Ash.” A female voice said from the doorway.

    He looked up hopefully and his heart fell slightly when he saw May looking at him unsurely.

    “Hey, May.” He greeted his friend warmly.

    Behind her, Wallace, Brock, his mother, Professor Oak, and Max looked at him with smiles.

    “You’re doing really well so far, Ash.” The Professor said. “Keep it up and don’t lose your focus.”

    “Thanks, Professor.” Ash replied with his own smile.

    “May I have a quiet word with Ash please?” Wallace asked the group and they agreed to meet him upstairs in the food court when he was ready.

    Wallace shut the door behind them and took a seat beside Ash. Pikachu hopped over to the pile of towels and tried to pull one down but ended up upsetting the whole pile and having it land on top of the poor Pokemon.

    “So, Ash, it sounds like you’ve had a rough morning.” Wallace began airily and watched Ash shift uncomfortably beside him and look at the floor. “Have you figured this out yet?” He asked Ash and showed him the note that Misty had left.

    Ash looked at it and felt a sudden pain inside him, then shook his head.

    “Do you know what she means?” Ash asked heavily until something triggered in his mind. “Wait a minute, you know what it says.” He began and looked at Wallace in a whole new light. “You’re the one who wrote the Latin… so you know what it says!”

    Ash took the note from Wallace and read over it again.

    P.S. I leave LuvDisc to you, Ash, because only you couldn’t understand its true intentions. Perhaps it can help you on your journey. Though do remember one thing, te amo – iam et pro semper.

    “You know what she said didn’t you?” Ash questioned Wallace with slight eagerness. “You know what she means by this last bit that none of us can figure out.”

    Wallace held back his grin at how fast Ash was beginning to catch on.

    “It is strange and I am surprised that she used the phrase I put on the statue but she is obviously cleverer than we give her credit for, if she managed to figure out what I discovered when I met you both.” Wallace said.

    “What was that?” Ash questioned perplexed.

    “Well, do you remember the statue of the mermaid and the prince and the old fisherman’s tale that I later discovered after my vision?” He asked Ash in a casual tone.

    Ash nodded.

    “Does that not bare a striking resemblance to two people that we all know and love?” He continued.

    Ash looked at him puzzled and pondered.

    The fisherman claimed to see a young soldier jump off his ship into the depths below after none of his acquaintances would believe that he saw a mermaid at the bottom of the sea.” Wallace began to recite the legend from his painting. “He explained to them that he was madly in love with her and as their mockery grew, he decided to spend the remainder of his life with the one he loved. He was seen diving into the sea and never surfaced. His body was never found but sailors say that he drowned in his stupidity. No one ever knew if he found the mermaid whom he cherished so dearly or whether they lived happily ever after.

    Ash recognised the words from the painting that he had seen in Wallace’s gallery back in his mansion but nothing seemed to click into place.

    “I have heard from Brock about this voice that has been pestering Misty.” Wallace continued when Ash remained silent. “If you think about that legend closely, you might find some connection to something close in your own life.”

    Ash was so deep in thought that it looked as if his brain might explode from thinking too hard. He sighed and shook his head.

    “I’m never going to figure out these riddles.” He said hopelessly. “Misty was always the one who was brainy enough to figure them out.”

    “Then perhaps you need to figure out these riddles in order to save a friendship that you long so hard for.” Wallace said simply and began to stand up.

    “Wait!” Ash cried out. “What does that Latin mean?”

    Wallace turned to look at Ash and smiled when he saw the determination on his face to find out this information.

    “It means ‘I love you – now and for always.” He said kindly. “Te amo – iam et pro semper.

    “HUH?!” Ash yelled out in alarm. “SHE LOVES ME?”

    Ash remembered Misty’s angry words: How am I supposed to admit to liking someone who never shows any feelings towards me?

    “Perhaps, not in the sense that you are thinking.” Wallace said calmly and to protect Misty from the awkwardness that might be achieved from Ash knowing these words. “Usually, it is used in the sense of loving couples, though many times it has been used in the love of a friend.”

    “Oh.” Ash replied simply and his expression relaxed.

    Ash explained to Wallace what Misty had said to him and his questioning of whether she had meant him or someone else. Now he knew that she had meant him.

    “But she was referring to her love for me as more of a brother in that sense, right?” Ash asked Wallace unsurely.

    Wallace nodded at him and smiled – understanding that Ash wasn’t ready in his heart to discover the hidden intentions behind people’s words and knew that he would have to tread carefully in this conversation for Ash and Misty’s sake.

    “True love, Ash, is probably the most wonderful – and most painful emotion that you will ever experience. When you are fully ready to experience the full strength of love – you will know it and you will feel it inside.” Wallace said to him with a smile – his eyes gleaming with a hidden agenda.

    “True love? How would I know when I’ve found that?” Ash asked perplexed and slightly suspicious.

    “When you find an emotion inside you beyond words and find difficulty to describe it – yet you know that it is the most sensational feeling you have ever known.”

    Ash tried to relate this definition to any feelings he had known and could only find a very small one hidden in his heart, though he wasn’t entirely convinced that it matched Wallace’s description. He then remembered Misty’s angry words from their fight the previous night; about how he wouldn’t understand love if it came up and hit him in the face and he sighed heavily to know that she was probably right.

    “Misty cares for you so deeply.” Wallace tried to explain softly. “She cares for you more than a brother and you are perhaps one of the most important people in her life. It is a shame that she has to leave because of a misunderstanding and an awkward silence…”

    He turned to leave but Ash suddenly stopped him.

    “Wait a minute… how do you know about…” Ash began when he realised what Wallace had said.

    “Brock told me.” Wallace replied simply – yet there was a certain gleam in his eyes.

    He bid Ash farewell, wished him luck for the rest of his match and disappeared out of the door.

    “But…” Ash pondered as the door closed. “Brock doesn’t know about what happened when Misty and me were arguing…because I never told him…”

    Ash looked up to question Wallace further but he had already left and was no longer in the corridor. Ash frowned. There was something suspicious about that man because he seemed to know too much.

    He heavily sat down and sighed on one of the benches as something fell out of his pocket. He looked down to see a graceful piece of material float down and settle on the ground beside his feet. Frowning still, he picked it up and examined the handkerchief that Misty had given him before they had first departed at the end of their journey in Johto. He saw the same shape of a sun surrounded by bright reds, oranges and pinks but nothing different from what he had noticed before. Now that he looked at it from a distance, he saw how he supposed it could resemble a sunrise or sunset but he couldn’t understand how that would make a difference.

    A man came down to tell him that they were going to resume the match because it didn’t look like the weather was going to clear but at the present, it was only drizzling. Ash sighed and as Pikachu determinedly jumped on his shoulder, he grinned and followed the man out of the changing rooms and back out onto the field. He was greeted by a loud applause and a fury of shaking umbrellas, which seemed to dominate the entire stands to provide a bit of shelter for the spectators.

    “Right, now let’s see if we can get this crazy match underway again.” Brian said sarcastically through the microphone and tried to ignore the fan girls once again banging on the glass – who appeared not to be affected by the weather despite being soaking to the bone.

    Ash didn’t seem to be phased by the light drizzle though his thoughts instantly turned to Misty and her safety when there was another flash of lightning across the sky.

    “Resume the match!” The referee shouted and held up both his flags.


    The rains had come down hard and fast when Misty had begun to walk through the Romantic Gardens and she had sought shelter in the hollow of a tree as lightning flared across the sky, immediately followed by loud crashes of thunder. She huddled up into a ball and shivered slightly when she realised how cold she was from being wet, combined with the rapidly dropping temperature. She was reminded of the time when she had rescued a Marill in Johto and had resulted in her being separated from Ash and Brock – twice, and when the rains had come, she had hid in the hollow of a tree with Marill and Pikachu. She smiled at the memory of when she had been reunited with her friends, then she remembered that she had made the choice never to be with them again.

    She understood that she would need to move on like Brendan had suggested – to try something new, to make new friends, if she were going to survive but it just felt so wrong to give up everything she had been through with Ash and Brock over something that, on the outside, seemed so trivial. She was positive that Ash wouldn’t mind if she still travelled with him and she would have to make up some good excuse to cover up their awkwardness of the previous night but that wouldn’t be any good. She would never feel happy knowing that she would always feel uncomfortable around him for admitting something that she knew that he didn’t feel the same about – for embarrassing herself for the sake of her anger at Ash’s density towards other people’s feelings.

    She sighed as she saw the rain lift a little and leaned back against the inside of the tree. She wondered if he knew what she had meant when she had angrily and unintentionally announced her feelings towards him but she imagined he had and she pictured the awkwardness they would both be experiencing if she was standing in front of him right now. Though from fulfilling her ‘sacrifice’ of announcing her hidden feelings for him, she had been able to figure out a few of the mysteries that she had been left by that creepy voice.

    You once gave a sunset to someone. It had referred to the handkerchief she had given Ash before they had gone their separate ways and she was convinced that he still hadn’t figured out what it meant. How did she miss all the signs? All of the puzzles and riddles that the voice had left her had been pointing at Ash all this time.

    None of that mattered anymore. It seemed that the only intention of the voice was to break them apart by making Misty do something that would ruin the bond of friendship between her and Ash. She held back her tears. Maybe this was a sign to tell her that she and Ash were not meant to be companions – or to be friends; that each of them needed to move on without the other, that they weren’t destined to meet and become friends – it was just all a cruel misunderstanding by fate.

    She recalled the time when she had gone to the Romantic Gardens with May to find the berries for Ash and how she had had her first full confrontation with the voice and when it had led her off the cliff.

    I am the one who is encouraging you to follow your heart’s desire. But will you make the sacrifice? She had followed her heart’s desire and made her sacrifice but what good had it done? Torn her friendship and her heart apart.

    One sacrifice has been made and proven. Now it is your turn to repay the deed... That was the part that she had yet to figure out. Now that she knew that her sacrifice had involved Ash, did it mean that he had already made a sacrifice? Or was it referring to another sacrifice that had been made previously that she was unaware of that was unrelated to both of them?

    She then remembered waking up in the Pokemon Centre after she had fainted and remembered the dream that had haunted her while she had quietly dozed after her friends had left her from visiting. It had been a repetition of the scene she had seen in front of her that had caused her to fall into a trance and to take her off the cliff. She had seen a sunset with a silhouette hovering behind a figure. They had both been blacked out but when she had seen the vision underwater, it had been much clearer and much more had happened and she had discovered that the figure had been Ash. Though when she had been on the cliff, the figure that had been Ash had begun to sharpen and she thought it had been Ash’s outline but she couldn’t be sure of it.

    As the figure and the shadow had slipped away she had wanted to see if it was Ash and she had stepped off the cliff in order to reach them – falling to her peril had the real Ash not saved her.

    Then the dream she had had in the Pokemon Centre had repeated this, though her curiosity of the figure had increased and she had once again fallen off the cliff, without the real Ash to save her. She had woken up abruptly to see Ash watching her and she had felt her face increase in temperature.

    She owed a lot to him recently, she thought and held her arms comfortingly. Though she knew that she couldn’t give him her friendship after what had happened – there was just too much awkwardness there.

    She sighed deeply and saw that the rain had turned to a drizzle. Knowing that it probably wouldn’t clear any better than it was now, she decided to take her chances in the rain. Standing up and walking out into it, she shivered slightly as the cold water hit her but quickened her pace to try and make it to the bay where she and Brock had landed after the storm that had washed them up on to the island.

    The rain made the area hazy and created an eerie mist that shrouded the ground and made it impossible to see where the paths and grass were. Misty began to run as the rains increased but she stopped when she realised where she was. She stopped in front of the bronze statue of the prince and the mermaid in each other’s arms. Her face fell when she saw it and still refused to believe that Wallace thought there was a connection between these two lovers and her own life. She read the Latin again.

    Te amo – iam et pro semper… I love you – now and for always… She remembered Brendan whisper it in her ear as he translated it for her the last time they were here, after their diving expedition.

    She bowed her head low and tried not to remember how easily Brendan saw how she cared for Ash and his determination to help her. A song that she had heard in the Pokemon Centre while she had been eating breakfast echoed in her head and reminded her deeply of everything Ash had done for her – and how she had lost it all.
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    Default Chapter 29 - Part 2

    Memories of her and Ash raced through her head as the lyrics seemed to relate to all the times she had shared with him, bringing tears to her eyes as she tried to outrun the visions and the rain.

    Is this a dream?
    If it is
    Please don’t wake me from this high

    She remembered being all alone – before her journey started with Ash and how meeting him had changed her life.

    I’d become
    Comfortably numb
    Until you opened up my eyes

    She remembered leaving her sisters and the numbness of emotion she had because all she could do to make an impression was have a temper. But when Ash entered her life and as she got older, she had matured and become calmer and her loving side had emerged.

    To what it’s like
    When everything’s right
    Oh I can’t believe

    When she was fishing just outside Viridian City, she’d thought that she had caught some really big Pokemon – until she discovered that it had been Ash and Pikachu.

    You found me
    When no one else was looking
    How did you know
    Just where I would be?

    He had found her while beginning his journey to be a Pokemon Master and helped change her into the person she was now – accepting her to be part of his group and his friend.

    You broke through
    All of my confusion
    The ups and the downs
    And you still didn’t leave

    Though everything they had been through together – they had always been a team and stuck by each other no matter what, becoming closer as companions and friends.

    I guess that you saw
    What nobody could see
    You found me
    You found me

    He did see through her and became the friend and company she had longed through her difficulties when starting her own journey – but not now. They had found each other and this was it – their friendship was over.

    So here we are
    That’s pretty far
    When you think of where we’ve been

    Through her tears, she saw a memory of her and Ash agreeing that they had come so far as friends from since when they first met, and considered themselves to be best friends before they departed each other.

    No going back
    I’m fading out
    All that has faded me within

    The memory faded and her tears fell harder when she understood that she could no longer be with the person she cared the most about – the one that had given her so much without realising.

    You’re by my side
    Now everything’s fine
    I can’t believe

    But he wasn’t – he never would be and she knew that because of that, she could never believe again what she had believed for so long, that Ash would understand her heart.

    You found me
    When no one else was looking
    How did you know
    Just where I would be?

    Ash looked across the battlefield hopelessly. He was falling behind in his performance but his mind couldn’t stop thinking of Misty. The falling rain reminded him of a time when he and Misty were sitting the rain out in a cave and talking.

    Yeah, you broke through
    All of my confusion
    The ups and the downs
    And you still didn’t leave

    “I didn’t have anyone when I started my Pokemon journey.” He recalled Misty saying sadly. “I was all alone when I left my sisters to become a Water Pokemon Master.”

    I guess that you saw
    What nobody could see
    You found me
    You found me

    “But then I met you.” She had said happily and looked at him deeply with a smile. “And I’ve never been happier because we have such an amazing friendship that I wouldn’t trade for anything.”

    And I was hiding
    Till you came along
    And showed me where I belong

    “I guess I never felt comfortable with opening up completely with someone but travelling with you seems to be where I belong – I’m so glad that we’re friends.”
    It was then that Ash truly understood how much Misty appreciated his friendship and how much she deserved it.

    You found me
    When no one else was looking
    How did you know?
    How did you know?

    “Me too.” He had replied sincerely. “Since I met you, I have learnt so much not just about Pokemon but about myself and about you. Our friendship is our team – both of us need to be there to make it work.”

    You found me
    When no one else was looking
    How did you know
    Just where I would be?

    “But nothing could make me change meeting you.” He had said to her with a comfortingly smile. “You’re a really great person and I’m so glad that we met and became friends. It’s like it was our destiny.”

    You broke through
    All of my confusion
    The ups and the downs
    And you still didn’t leave

    He had watched her blush and look out into the rain. “I think you’re right.” She’d said happily. “I guess it was our destiny. It’s funny how things happen for a reason.”

    I guess that you saw
    What nobody could see
    You found me
    You found me

    “And what’s the annoying reason for why I met you?” He’d teased and made her laugh but she’d replied that she was happy that he had found her – or that she had found him, she’d said and winked.

    You broke through
    All of my confusion
    The ups and the downs
    And you still didn’t leave

    “Coz I guess I sort of found you because I found you while fishing but then you found me too. Do you think that we’ll always be friends? Even though we fight a lot?” She’d asked him.

    I guess that you saw
    What nobody could see

    “Just because we fight, doesn’t mean that we’re not friends.” Ash had assured her.

    The good and the bad
    And the things in between

    “The strength in any friendship is to appreciate all of the person and not to worry about the little things that test it.”

    You found me

    “That is probably the wisest thing you’ve ever said.” She’d grinned at him.
    “Is not!” He had retaliated angrily.

    You found me…

    “Snorunt is unable to battle.” The referee shouted. “The victory goes to Tauros and Derek!”

    “Huh?” Ash cried out in alarm as he was brought back to his senses.

    He saw his Pokemon lying on its back with swirls in his eyes and called it back to it pokeball – angry at himself for letting his mind be distracted again. He was down to two Pokemon and Derek was still on three. Lightning flared across the sky and the rain fell harder but Ash didn’t care. He needed to turn this match around in his favour – without any more distractions.

    “OK, Pikachu, you’re up next.” Ash said confidently to his Pokemon. “Go out there and do your best.”

    “Pika!” The Pokemon shouted loudly as it leapt from Ash’s shoulder and onto the muddy field in front of it.

    The rains were coming down hard and Ash was once again soaked to the bone. He could feel the chill of the rain flowing into his body but did not let this distract him. The spectators were all shielded under umbrellas as a mass of multicoloured brollies covered the stands.

    Ash’s companions were hidden under several umbrellas as they watched him.

    “This is perhaps Ash’s worse performance to date.” Professor Oak remarked with disappointment. “It’s a shame that Misty’s absence has had such a drastic effect on him.”

    “It’s because he doesn’t understand what his heart knows.” Delia said sadly and caused the others to look at her in surprise. “Only a mother can truly understand the heart of her son when he can’t read it himself.”

    “Well, that is true.” The Professor replied with a sigh. “That has been proven numerous times in Pokemon research so it is safe to say the same pattern can perhaps be found in humans.”

    “Mrs. Ketchum… what do you think of Misty?” May asked unsurely beside her.

    “Hmmm? Oh she’s a very sweet girl and Ash is very fond of her.” Delia replied happily. “He and Misty are best friends and I taught her how to make vanilla fudge brownies the last time she came to visit me from Cerulean. She’s a fast learner.”

    “Oh… that’s nice.” May replied and sweatdropped.

    “Is that the recipe I gave you when I stayed to help you with the chores, just before Ash and Misty returned from the Orange Archipelago?” Brock asked her with a grin.

    “Oh, yes it is!” She said dreamily and clasped her hands while leaning on them. “It’s such a beautiful recipe.”

    “Well I just happen to have created that recipe myself.” Brock said and folded his arms triumphantly.

    “I use it all the time when I have guests around!” Mrs. Ketchum squealed and made Max look unsurely at her.

    “Maybe I should make a batch for Cassie!” Brock said positively and stood up at the proposal of his idea.

    “How about you show your support to Ash first.” May suggested and pulled him back into his seat.

    “Pikachu, Thunder!” Ash commanded as his yellow Pokemon darted an oncoming attack.

    Pikachu leapt into the air and launched a powerful bolt of lighting on to the field, directly at their opponent. With the combination of the rain and the Pokemon’s electric attack, Tauros was unable to withstand the force and fell heavily on to the muddy ground.

    “Tauros is unable to battle, the victory goes to Pikachu and Ash!” The referee shouted and held up the flag nearest Ash to indicate his win.

    Ash grinned with confidence as Pikachu celebrated on the field. He felt a sudden chill run down his spine as he remembered that it was still raining and it appeared to be falling heavier than before.

    “OK mate, it’s time to get this match going.” Derek shouted across the field and held another pokeball in front of his face. “Go! Taillow!” He yelled and threw the pokeball.

    “Taillow?” Ash yelled out in surprise. “I guess you’re running out of options.” Ash teased his opponent and grinned.

    “Oh, I wouldn’t under estimate Taillow.” Derek replied with a cocky smirk. “Taillow happens to be my starter and first Pokemon, so we’re pretty tight with a lot of trust.”

    “Why does that sound familiar?” Ash remarked as his grin widened when he looked at Pikachu ready to begin on the field.

    “GO!” The referee shouted and held up his flags as lightning flashed above.

    Ash quickly ordered Pikachu to use a Thunder – confident that the attack would finish off the small Pokemon because of its great weakness against electric attacks, combined with the falling rain that made the attack even stronger. The stadium glowed with the brightness of Pikachu’s attack, blinding the spectators as the Pokemon cried at the top of its voice while launching the move on its opponent. Ash shielded his eyes as the light momentarily blinded him but grinned when it ceased and looked on to the hazy field to see what damage the attack had caused. His face fell.

    “What?” He cried out in surprise.

    Taillow was still hovering in the air, the rain beating hard on its wings as it flapped them to keep aloft. Ash’s Pokemon reflected his surprise in its expression. Derek was grinning at them from the other side.

    “Told ya not to under estimate it.” He yelled over to them and ordered Taillow to use a Wing Attack on Pikachu.

    The bird Pokemon beat its wings furiously in mid air to create sharp gusts of air that it aimed at Pikachu. The yellow Pokemon stood its ground as the attack, combined with the rain, hit it until it was forced backwards towards Ash. Ash yelled out words of encouragement through the forceful rains and Pikachu stood firmly on all four of its paws and glared at its opponent with malicious eyes.

    “Isn’t the referee going to call a timeout since the weather’s getting worse?” Brock complained as he held on tightly to the umbrella that was shielding May and himself before the wind took it away.

    “I’m afraid not, Brock.” Professor Oak replied before the force of the wind and rain combined hit him. “They’ve already had one timeout, if they can help it, they won’t have another one. Now, they must both fight until the end.”

    “Isn’t that a little harsh?” Max asked and held his arm protectively in front of his face to try and prevent the rain from obscuring his vision.

    “It is a little unfair though it also fairly tests a trainer’s skill in all situations with drastic weather and difficult conditions.” Wallace replied calmly and seemed unfazed by the weather.

    The others looked out on to the field as Wallace said this and watched as Ash persistently fought against a Pokemon that he should have been able to overcome fairly early in the match, due to his high advantage. However, it appeared that Derek had made an excellent choice against the Pokemon, which would have taken Taillow out swiftly had he not trained it well. Taillow’s immense speed was able to dodge Pikachu’s lightning attacks and allowed it the advantage to make unnoticed attacks when Pikachu was off guard.

    “Well if you want to fight with speed,” Ash mumbled when he saw his Pokemon take another unexpected aerial attack. “Then two can play at that game.”

    He instructed a tiring Pikachu to use its Quick Attack and the Pokemon obeyed with a fierce look of determination. It bounded off in the mud, darting from side to side and confusing Taillow before leaping into the air and bracing its body to collide with its opponent. A direct hit. Taillow cried out in shock and shook its head to focus again and to resume its position in the air.

    “Quick, Pikachu! Use a Thunderbolt!”

    Still stunned by the attack and unable to get a clear focus on Pikachu in the rain, Taillow could do little but look on in horror as a bolt of lightning headed for it through the continuous flow of water and felt the surge of electric power flow through its frail body as it was hit. It fell from the air and skidded in the mud, quivering as small jolts of electricity flowed along its body as swirls appeared in its eyes.

    “Taillow is unable to battle! The victory goes to Ash and Pikachu!” The referee shouted while an assistant hovered over him with an umbrella.

    “Yes!” Ash shouted victoriously and made a confident fist. “One more and then I’ll be on my way to the finals.”

    “He certainly doesn’t look distracted now.” Max commented when he saw his sister’s worried face. “Maybe he’s decided not to think about Misty while he’s fighting now.”

    “I wouldn’t be so sure.” Wallace replied in a calm tone. “The fact that he has managed to defeat two of Derek’s Pokemon in a row may boost his confidence, however, I am willing to bet that Ash has not been able to let go of the memory of Misty from his mind. He is merely attempting to come to terms that Misty isn’t going to turn up to show support, though I am sure that he has assured himself that as soon as this match is over, he will go and try to find Misty.”

    “But from the way this match is going, that could still be a while.” Brock said sincerely as he looked on at Ash. “Misty told us in her note that she would be long gone by the time we woke up.”

    “That doesn’t necessarily mean she did.” Professor Oak pondered carefully on the topic. “She may have said it so that you were discouraged from searching for her while she might still be on the island.”

    “Even if that is the case, I imagine that Misty has been travelling all morning to get away from here.” May said heavily as she remembered the look of pain on Misty’s face when she had left.


    Misty had once again found herself under the shelter of a tree when the rain had come down too hard for her to see. She had been shrouded in thought once again and couldn’t tolerate to face her thoughts of Ash and the others.

    I wonder how he’s doing in his match? She thought to herself as she looked up at the darkened sky and saw the strips of rain falling hard and fast.

    Why don’t you see for yourself? A voice whispered on the harsh breeze.

    Misty’s eyes widened in horror as a chill ran up her spine. It was that voice again – the voice that had caused her so much pain, the voice that had resulted in her making a ‘sacrifice’ and losing Ash.

    “Who are you?” Misty asked out loud angrily as the heavens rumbled above her.

    The same voice that has the fortunate power to understand the hearts of humans. The voice replied in a mysterious whisper. My powers have mystified humans for centuries, until they eventually began to realise what my true intentions were.

    “I don’t understand.” Misty said curiously, now standing up in the rain.

    I am the one who can detect the powerful emotions hidden within a human’s heart. My symbolic nature is to represent the strongest unity between two humans and to allow them to discover what they may not already know. In certain cases however, it is my duty to make sure that certain humans perform their destined sacrifices in order to continue the potential fate they will one day behold.

    “I don’t believe that for one second.” Misty said cautiously and backed up against the tree – looking around to find the source of the voice. “It seems that the only thing you’ve done is break up the friendship that Ash and I already had.”

    Please don’t be angry, Misty. The voice replied. That was certainly not the fate of your sacrifices though as you well know, everything happens for a reason.

    Misty remained silent at these words. Rain trickled off the ends of her hair as she stood still in the middle of the downpour. She jumped as thunder crashed above her and huddled up defensively against the tree.

    Let me explain to you what you need to know. The voice whispered gently on the wind. Just relax and let me guide you to a place where we can talk face to face…

    Misty felt her body calm and fall out of her control. She opened her eyes to reveal that her usual sparkling colour had been glazed over with a pale mist.

    “Face to face…” Misty repeated dreamily.

    Yes – then we can give you what is needed to relieve your pain…

    Misty remained against the tree subconsciously in the falling rain.

    “Relief my pain?” Misty questioned in her trance.

    Misty had a vision of herself falling off the cliff before, the last time she was in a trance.

    Yes – soon, all of your pain will come to an end…

    Misty shook her head furiously and opened her eyes in horror when she relieved herself from her trance.

    “Leave me alone!” She shouted out desperately and ran blindly into the rain.

    It fell hard against her as she bowed her head to the vicious weather and sharply darted as she almost ran into a tree. She screamed as she lost her footing and fell through the mists carpeting the ground – not seeming to collide with any ground as she continued to fall.

    “ASH!” She screamed out desperately as she fell into the unknown. “HELP!”


    “Huh?” Ash questioned unsurely as he thought he heard something.

    He thought he had heard Misty’s voice shouting desperately for him – as if she were in pain. He shook his head. It was probably just his imagination playing with him again.

    “Pikachu, try another Iron Tail!” Ash commanded his Pokemon as their opponent seemed unfazed by any of their attacks.

    Gardevoir hovered gracefully in the air – staring blankly and calmly at Pikachu in the falling rain. Pikachu panted heavily and ran towards its opponent determinedly. It leapt into the air above it as its tail glowed a bright white and Pikachu slammed down hard on Gardevoir. Gardevoir gave a small cry of pain but once again seemed to have taken little damage from the attack.

    “Well, the weather certainly isn’t helping those two.” Brian remarked lazily from his commentator box. “It seems to be affecting their performance and concentration too.”

    “I don’t think it’s the weather that’s affecting Ash’s performance.” Max mumbled under his breath.

    “He’s doing the best he can, considering his heart isn’t in this battle.” May argued calmly. “I just wish Misty was here to support him, even if they won’t talk to each other.”

    “I hope that Misty is all right.” Professor Oak remarked and looked up at the sky. “If she is travelling in this weather, it could have drastic consequences for her if she isn’t careful.”

    “Oh, I hope she’s OK too, Professor.” Delia said beside him and also looked up at the sky. “It would tear Ash in two if he knew that she was hurt or in danger.”

    “That’s great, Gardevoir!” Derek congratulated his Pokemon after they had scored a hit against Pikachu. “Now use your Psychic!”

    Gardevoir’s eyes glowed red as it hovered in the air and brought its hands in front of it. The area around Pikachu and Gardevoir fell into shadow as purple waves were emitted from the graceful Pokemon’s body and surrounded Pikachu. The mouse Pokemon yelled out in pain from the near invisible attack as it coursed through its body. The strongest of Psychic attacks persisted with Pikachu frozen in pain and Ash could only look upon the fateful scene in horror. Pikachu’s cries of pain echoed around the stadium and without orders and perhaps out of the sheer pain it was feeling, the Pokemon launched an extremely powerful Thunder attack that illuminated the whole stadium and blinded the spectators who yelled out in shock.

    “Pikachu!” Ash yelled out desperately while his vision was momentarily disabled.

    The light ceased and Ash frantically searched the field to see what damage had been done to his trusted Pokemon. A thick cloud had fallen over the field and as it cleared, it could be seen that the battle arena had been disrupted. Large cracks and disarrayed boulders littered the once smooth muddy field and a small weak Pokemon was sparking at its cheeks and lying in pain on its front.

    “No! Pikachu!” Ash cried out when he saw his Pokemon lying in such pain.

    Gardevoir hovered above the weak Pokemon, breathing deeply but nevertheless, still in good condition. Pikachu struggled to stand on its shaking paws, grinding its teeth with one eye closed against its pain. Its cheeks continued to spark as it attempted to summon some strength within it to stand.

    The crowd watched intently and became oblivious to the falling showers above them. The soft patter of rain falling on to the umbrellas echoed loudly in the silence of the crowd fixated on Pikachu’s attempt to recover from its destructive attack.

    “Come on, Pikachu.” Ash mumbled quietly and made a fist at his side to take out his frustration on. “You’ve gotta stand up.”

    Pikachu cried out in pain and fell heavily on its side – not moving and with its eyes tightly shut.

    “Pikachu is unable to battle! The victory of this match goes to Derek and Gardevoir!” The referee exclaimed and held up the flag nearest to Derek.

    Supporters of Derek in the crowd cheered and applauded, while those who were mutual to the match or were supporters of Ash clapped politely. Ash looked helplessly over the field and jumped down from his podium and ran across the distressed field towards Pikachu. He fell to his knees beside the Pokemon and gently scooped it up into his arms.

    “It’s OK, buddy.” Ash said soothingly to his Pokemon. “You put up one heck of a fight and I’m really proud of you.”

    “Pika.” The Pokemon replied weakly in its master’s arms and looked disappointed.

    As Ash moved to stand up in the mud, he thought he heard a scream and quickly turned around to see Gardevoir hovering in front of him. He frowned at the Pokemon but it did not seem to be in any pain. His expression changed when he saw the Pokemon’s eyes glow white and a harsh wind surrounded him and the elegant Pokemon in front of him as he shielded Pikachu and himself from the force.

    “ASH! HELP!” He heard Misty shout in despair on the wind.

    “MISTY!” He cried out instinctively when he heard his friend’s desperate call.

    He opened his eyes and looked around to find himself standing in front of a confused looking Gardevoir with hundreds of eyes curiously watching him. He surveyed the area around him and could see no signs of Misty, though something inside him was telling him that she needed his help.

    “Mr. Ketchum, can you please make your way back to your stand so that we can resume the match.” The referee instructed cautiously.

    He had a match to finish – but why had he heard Misty cry out in despair? He looked questioningly at Gardevoir again and watched its eyes glaze over once again and glow a bright white. This time, a harsh wind arose once more, though the area around where Ash and Gardevoir were standing swirled out of focus and a new picture formed around them.

    Mystified by the sudden change in scenery, Ash held on to a weakened Pikachu tightly and began to take in the new surroundings. Trees and what appeared to be a path in front of him, though he couldn’t be certain since from his ankles downwards was carpeted in mist, encircled him. Curious to know why he had been brought here, he saw Gardevoir still hovering in front of him with glowing eyes but couldn’t seem to see any other forms of life. Just like in his match, it was dark overhead with rain falling forcefully onto the ground. Strangely though, he couldn’t feel any of it fall on him.

    He turned around sharply when he thought he heard something and looked on in doubt when he saw a petrified Misty backing against a tree a little way up.

    “Misty?” He questioned quietly and began to walk towards her.

    Pikachu excitedly wriggled out of Ash’s arms and ran towards Misty – bounding rapidly towards her and leaping in the air to fall into her arms. Ash’s eyes widened when Pikachu leapt right through her and the Pokemon turned around sharply when it landed on the ground and looked up confused. Ash moved closer towards the illusion of Misty and stood in front of her. He watched her eyes glaze over as she dreamily echoed ‘Relieve my pain?’

    Alarmed by what she might be referring to, Ash tried to grab hold of her shoulders to shake her out of the trance but his hands went straight through her.

    “Misty, come on! You’ve got to wake up!” He yelled at her as Pikachu cried out to her by his feet.

    As if in response to his words, Misty shook her head furiously and ran down the path that Ash had been previously standing on.

    “Leave me alone!” She shouted desperately and ran blindly in the rain.

    “Wait! Misty, where are you going?” Ash called after her when she surprised him by running through him and down the path. “It’s me, Ash!”

    He watched in horror as Misty lost her footing and began to stumble.

    “Misty!” He cried out frantically as he attempted to follow her where she had tripped.

    He saw her look at him in surprise before she fell back into the haze.

    “ASH!” She screamed out desperately as she fell into the mists. “HELP!”

    He tried to follow after her but crashed into an invisible field and banged against it furiously as he watched Misty helplessly fall through the mists.

    “HELP!” She screamed and he saw the tears in her eyes before she disappeared completely through the shrouding haze.

    “MISTY!” He shouted furiously at the top of his voice and fell to his knees.

    He punched the invisible barrier one last time and bowed his head low.

    And this was for real. A voice echoed on a harsh breeze. What happened here was not an illusion.

    “What have you done with Misty?” Ash shouted angrily to the heavens above as tears streamed down his face.

    You have seen her fate, Ash. The voice continued. Now fight your hardest, for her sake.

    “What have you done with her!?” Ash shouted furiously as he stood up and tried to ram against the invisible barrier. “Bring her back!”

    Pikachu also joined in and ran up to the barrier and slammed its body into it continuously.

    “Bring… her… back!” Ash shouted as he slammed into the invisible wall again.

    You have seen enough and it appears to have distressed you. The voice said firmly. It is time for you to return after you have been able to comfort Misty in a time of peril.

    “How can I comfort her if you won’t let me help her!?” Ash yelled angrily at the voice and slammed into the wall again.

    As he was about to attempt to slam into the wall again, Gardevoir floated in front of him as its eyes glowed a brighter white than normal. The scene around Ash swirled out of focus again, the trees disappeared and the muddy and disarrayed field appeared in front of him once more. He felt the rain fall down on him like before as lightning flashed across the sky.

    Gardevoir shook its head unsurely and looked surprised to see Ash standing in front of it.

    “Take me back!” Ash commanded the Pokemon angrily. “I need to help Misty!”

    Gardevoir eyed Ash unsurely and slowly backed away.

    “Would you mind not harassing my Pokemon?” Derek asked annoyed from his podium.


    “Mr Ketchum, if you do not make your way into your stand, then you will be forced to forfeit the match!” The referee shouted at Ash.

    Helpless to do anything else, Ash bitterly made his way through the mud and array rocks to his podium with Pikachu at his heels.

    “What just happened?” Max questioned unsurely. “One minute Ash was picking Pikachu up, next minute he’s shouting at Gardevoir. I mean, no offence or anything but he can’t really have a go at Gardevoir just because it beat Pikachu.”

    “I don’t think that’s what he’s angry for.” May said quietly. “That’s not like Ash.”

    Ash looked over the field from his stand. Misty was in trouble and he was standing here in a Pokemon battle.

    Fight your hardest, Ash – for her sake. The voice echoed in his ears. You can help her more by staying here and fighting than you can by searching for her…

    “How is staying here going to help Misty when I know that she’s in danger?” Ash mumbled angrily so that he did not draw attention to himself.

    If you truly believe in Misty, you will put your trust in me…

    Ash reluctently pulled a pokeball of his belt. “Whoever you are, you’d better make sure that Misty is safe.”

    I am glad to have your trust. The voice echoed and disappeared with the wind.


    The rain fell hard on Misty’s unmoving body. She was sprawled out on her front and gazing into space. Her eyes were hazy without their usual gleaming sparkle, as tears ran across her face and on to the soaking muddy grass. She had fallen through the mists and had collided with the side of a hill, which she had rolled down uncontrollably and had stopped in the glade she was in now. Just before she had fallen through the haze, she was positive that she had seen Ash.

    “Ash…” She whispered quietly.

    She had seen the fear and desperation to help her written across his face – though something had prevented him from helping her. She closed her eyes as a new flow of tears fell across her face. It couldn’t have been him; he was fighting in a Pokemon Battle and there was no way he could have been there in front of her. It must have been the desperation of her imagination for him to help her when she was in danger.

    I brought him to you for a moment so that you could realise the mistake you are making… The mysterious voice echoed loudly without a breeze.

    Misty stirred in the place where her body was resting and sat up on her knees. Her hair fell limply around her face – soaked from the water and her clothes were stained in mud.

    “He was really here?” Misty questioned quietly and held her head. “It wasn’t an illusion or my imagination?”

    No. The voice replied. I used the power of a Psychic Pokemon he is currently fighting in his battle to transport him to see you briefly and also to help you with your decision.

    “But I’ve already made my decision.” Misty protested and attempted to stand up. “Ash is better off without me.”

    Perhaps not as well as you might think. The voice replied knowingly. Otherwise I would not have attempted to help you both fulfil your sacrifices.

    “But what good has it done?” Misty shouted angrily at the voice and fell backwards when she tried to stand up too quickly. “The only thing that you have managed to achieve was to break up the strong friendship that Ash and I already had!”

    How did my choice to help you both fulfil your sacrifices cause you to lose a friendship? Your decision to leave after your sacrifice, was your own and not caused by my choice to help you. Though now perhaps it is time for you to discover the knowledge that will make you understand the heart of another…

    “Wait!” Misty said pleadingly. “I need to know something – was this other sacrifice you talked about something that Ash did?”


    “What did he do?”

    Follow the light and I will explain everything. The voice instructed and a small ball of light appeared in front of Misty’s face. Then we can talk face to face…

    The light sped off through the rain, taking Misty by surprise as she eagerly followed after – hoping that it would lead her to the answers of her questions.


    Ash was looking over the field with his pokeball in hand. The rain was falling hard with continuous thunderclaps above.

    “This is it, Pikachu.” Ash said determinedly to his Pokemon. “Whoever wins this match is going to win the semi-finals. But I really want to help Misty – she needs our help.”

    Pikachu looked at him and shook its head, then began to communicate.

    “We should trust the voice?” Ash tried to translate its Pokemon’s meaning.

    Pikachu nodded.

    “Are you sure?”

    Pikachu nodded again and hopped on to his shoulder.

    “All right. If you trust this voice then I will too.” Ash said with a grin and lifted the pokeball to his face. “We’ll win this and then we’ll go look for Misty as soon as this match is over.”

    “Pika-chu.” Pikachu nodded confidently on his shoulder.

    “So until then, I know exactly what I’m gonna do.” He mumbled determinedly. “Go, LuvDisc!” He shouted and threw the pokeball on to the field.

    The tiny Pokemon cooed its name and jumped up and down in the rain as there was a loud ‘Awww’ from the stands and a large number of squeals.

    “Awww… how cute.” Derek shouted mockingly from his end of the field. “Are you gonna try and win this match for your girlfriend?”

    Ash glared viciously at him.

    “I guess you’re underestimating the power of this Pokemon.” Ash said to him with a grin. “This LuvDisc belongs to a very good friend of mine and I know that it will put up a great battle.”

    Derek laughed as the referee told them to resume the match. Ash ordered LuvDisc to use a whirlpool on their graceful opponent, Gardevoir. With an angry face, LuvDisc launched a powerful jet of water from its mouth and allowed it to encircle the unmoving Pokemon.

    “This is going to be too easily.” Derek commented and shook his head in disbelief. “Gardevoir, use your Psybeam!”

    Within the enticing cyclone of water, the Pokemon’s eyes glowed red as it held its slender arms in front of it and produced a glowing white ball between them. It brought its gaze up to see a silhouette of LuvDisc, who was standing proudly in the middle of the field, taking in the large number of squeals and screaming fans who adored its beauty.

    “LuvDisc! This isn’t the time to be posing!” Ash shouted frantically to the Pokemon. “Dodge Gardevoir’s attack!”

    LuvDisc turned around to see the glowing white ball heading towards it and yelled out in alarm before jumping into the air and landing safely in the mud. Ash sighed with relief and was grateful that LuvDisc was obeying his commands despite being Misty’s Pokemon. Gardevoir broke out of the Whirlpool attack and seemed unfazed by it.

    “OK LuvDisc, use your Headbutt!” Ash commanded and the tiny Pokemon bowed its head low and zoomed towards the floating Pokemon.

    It gave out a small cry of pain but countered the attack with its own Headbutt and sent LuvDisc flying across the field.

    “Ash certainly seems more focused in this match.” The Professor commented thoughtfully from the stands.

    “I think it’s because he’s fighting with LuvDisc.” May said with a smile as she held the umbrella over her and Brock. “It’s like his confidence has risen since he’s fought with it.”

    “Perhaps,” Wallace remarked thoughtfully. “Though just because his confident levels are high does not mean that he is fully prepared to win this battle.”

    “OK, Gardevoir – it’s time to show that puny little thing who’s boss!” Derek shouted aggressively and pointed strongly towards the tiny Pokemon opposing them – water flying in all directions as it continued to cascade down on him. “Use your Hyper Beam!”

    LuvDisc’s eyes widened at the sound of this and it panickly began hopping around the field as Gardevoir prepared its attack. Ash desperately called out to the Pokemon to not panic and to use an Ice Beam but LuvDisc was too frightened to listen. It dashed around in despair as Gardevoir reached its optimum level for the attack and the supporters of LuvDisc began to jeer the floating Pokemon for scaring the heart-shaped creature. Derek frowned at the crowd.

    “LuvDisc! Listen to me!” Ash shouted loudly as thunder crashed above him. “We need to win this match for Misty and to do that, I need you to focus!”

    Upon hearing these words, LuvDisc faced Ash in astonishment and nodded sincerely. At this point, Gardevoir released its Hyper Beam at LuvDisc, who disappeared without the orange glowing light that filled the stadium. Ash yelled frantically to the unaided Pokemon as water fell heavily from him at his sudden actions. The pattering rains began to fall heavier as Ash waited anxiously to discover the fate of the Pokemon.


    Misty battled through the battering rains, urgently following the speck of light weaving in and out of trees and bushes as it travelled ahead of her. Her breathing became heavier as she desperately fought through the undergrowth and through the shrouding hazes to keep up with it, hoping that it would bring her to the answers of her questions. The trees leaned menacingly towards her from the power of the winds and the darkness of the area allowed the ball of light to become bolder in its movement and shine.

    Your eagerness surprises me. The voice said, sounding as if it were close by. It won’t be long and your pain will be eased for certain…

    Hearing these words, Misty’s face set with determination as she pressed on harder than before – needing to hear the answers she longed for. Perhaps if she hadn’t left Ash and the others, things would still be normal, despite the awkwardness between her and Ash. But she knew there was nothing she could do. Her destiny was to find out these answers and her fate had led her away from Ash to find them. In that case, it might be that these answers were meant for her alone, not to be heard by Ash or anyone else, so that it could help her alone with her destiny.

    What was her destiny? Not to be a part of Ash’s life? She had to know. What was Ash’s sacrifice? Who was this voice and what was its purpose? What did the voice know that she didn’t? Her heart skipped a beat when she thought she had lost sight of the bubble of light through her intense thinking but was relieved to see it hovering by a tree while she caught up. She stood in front of it but as soon as she stopped, the ball raced off once more.

    “Wait!” She choked as she tried to catch her breath, the coldness of the rain preventing her from breathing as normally as she would have.

    In a panic of losing it again, she pushed her aching legs to follow it, rain dripping carelessly from her hair down her face as she shook it viciously out of her eyes. She slipped in her alarm and fell heavily into the mud as it squelched under her weight. She looked up determinedly and saw the ball dancing in circles above her head. Disregarding the mud that stained her clothes, she heaved herself up and attempted to climb out of the muddy area before falling backwards into the mud once more.

    LuvDisc skidded in the mud as it was hit by Gardevoir’s attack and yelped in pain as it tried to recover.

    “This isn’t looking good.” Professor Oak commented sincerely. “LuvDisc is becoming too weak to battle against such a strong Pokemon. Ash had better be careful.”

    “LuvDisc is the Pokemon of Love and Romance. If it doesn’t fight for its master, it will fight for that.” May remarked knowledgably.

    Max looked at her in understanding and then back on to the field, holding his umbrella tightly.

    “I think at this point, Ash needs to fight as hard as he can. But whatever happens, I’m sure he’ll still be a hero in his own right.” May’s brother stated warmly.

    “Everyone needs a hero.” Brock said thoughtfully. “And at this point, I imagine both Misty and Ash need one.”

    “I sure hope Misty’s all right.” Mrs Ketchum replied in a worried tone. “I’d hate to think of her being out alone in this weather.”

    Ash grinded his teeth uncertainly as LuvDisc hopped on the spot once more, waiting for further instructions. The field was now a mass distress of mud and Ash had to think quickly as Gardevoir hovered over LuvDisc, preparing another Hyper Beam.

    “Jump out of the way!” Ash ordered.

    Misty leapt over the small river and hauled herself on to the bank as her lower half landed in the water.

    Your leap of faith. The voice echoed mockingly. Ironic you should take it on your way to discovering the truth…

    “How much further?” Misty panted weakly, resting on her knees.

    You poor thing. It looks like you could use a knight in shining armour to sweep you off your feet…
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    Default Chapter 29 - Part 3

    “Huh?” Misty questioned subconsciously and managed a small grin as the lyrics to a powerful melody in her heart echoed in her mind.

    Where have all the good men gone
    And where are all the gods?

    She stood up once more on shaky legs and leaned against the side of a tree for support, her heart racing with persistence to reach her destination.

    Where's the street-wise Hercules
    To fight the rising odds?

    The weather was becoming more torrential. Misty could barely feel the limbs in her body as she pressed on numbly after the shining bauble, skidding slightly now and again in the muddy areas.

    Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
    Late at night I toss and I turn and I dream of what I need

    She could hear running water. Not from the rain that was letting off fresh earthy scents from the ground but crashing water – water that sounded like it was cascading down from…

    I need a hero
    I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night

    Ash shivered slightly as it dawned on him on how cold he was feeling. His clothes were soaking and he felt water drip down his hand as he made a fist by his side. He had to win this; he had to look for Misty.

    He's gotta be strong
    And he's gotta be fast
    And he's gotta be fresh from the fight

    He knew she needed him and his unexplainable desire to find her was mounting up inside him. LuvDisc squealed on the field.

    I need a hero
    I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light

    “Hang in there, LuvDisc!” Ash shouted out encouragingly over the roars from above. LuvDisc looked angrily at Gardevoir who smirked back and didn’t seem to show any signs of weariness.

    He's gotta be sure
    And it's gotta be soon
    And he's gotta be larger than life(larger than life)

    LuvDisc angrily leapt into the air and launched a powerful Ice Beam at its opponent. Ash grinned – somehow he could turn this match around with LuvDisc’s confidence to help win the fight.

    Somewhere after midnight
    In my wildest fantasy

    Misty raced blindly after the dashing ball of light, evasively moving through the vegetation until the ball stopped abruptly in front of her. Cautiously, she reached out to it to touch it.

    Somewhere just beyond my reach

    She quickly withdrew her hand as the ball disappeared and looked on to the sight before her.

    There's someone reaching back for me

    As if in a trance, she slowly moved forward, her legs shaking from time to time.

    Racing on the thunder and rising with the heat
    It's gonna take a superman to sweep me off my feet

    Thunder rumbled harshly above her and alerted her senses as she gasped when she saw what appeared before her eyes, surrounded by a glowing aura.

    Up where the mountains meet the heavens above

    Ash looked fiercely across the field at LuvDisc’s successful attempt to encase Gardevoir within a block of ice and froze the graceful Pokemon’s lower body within the restricting substance.

    Out where the lightning splits the sea

    Misty screamed in alarm as she was encased within a large bubble and fell back against it when she was propelled forward towards the waterfall.

    I could swear that there's someone somewhere

    Ash turned around instinctively when he thought he heard a scream but disregarded it to focus on the intensity of the match as Gardevoir broke free from its bond.

    Watching me

    Misty stared on in awe at the figure hiding behind the waterfall – the male figure of someone she recognised.

    Through the wind and the chill and the rain

    A shiver ran down Ash’s spine as he mechanically looked up into the stands.

    And the storm and the flood

    The rain caught him in the eyes as he looked up to see his friends and family watching him eagerly – Wallace in particular had a certain gleam of magic in his eyes.

    I can feel his approach
    Like the fire in my blood

    “Ash?” Misty questioned out loud and in disbelief as she identified the glowing silhouette behind the waterfall.

    Yes… A voice echoed clearly.

    Like a fire in my blood
    Like a fire in my blood
    Like a fire in my blood
    Like a fire in my… blood…

    The bubble surrounding her burst instantly as she fell abruptly into the distressed waters – struggling to regain control against the powerful currents. She felt something brush passed her in the water, sending her into further confusion before she kicked to the surface with her aching limbs. She gasped eagerly for air and coughed when the disrupted waters hit against her face. Her eyes widened in alarm and awe as she stared at the waterfall – a large glowing figure of Ash floated out from it and hovered above Misty in the water.

    Misty tried to keep a focus on the dream like figure as she was pelted by rain with the aid of the unforgiving winds that attempted to force her backwards. She closed an eye against it and tried to keep her position steady before gasping as the image of Ash shattered into thousands of tiny fragments and a large white glowing ball took his place. Misty shielded her eyes against the brightness as another figure formed in front of her.

    Misty yelled out unsurely as another bubble lifted her out of the water and up to the glowing light. The figure became distinguished and hovered proudly in front of her – surrounded by a rose glowing aura. Misty gasped.

    “It’s you…” She managed to say in awe.

    The flowing shades of the creature merged together along its smooth, graceful body. A deep lavender made up most of its body, except for its rose underbelly that fused with the underneath of its large flippers and the stone grey shell embedded on its back. Its soft face beamed warmly at Misty as it bowed its huge head in understanding at her words. The horn on its head stood prominent against its graceful features and its unusual spiral ears. Along the length of the creature were deeper markings of lavender that allowed Misty to identify at once who this mysterious monster was.

    “You’re the voice that’s been echoing in my head…” Misty began in disbelief. “The symbol of true love and affection between couples that you sense a deep bond between… The Shiny Lapras…”

    The creature once again bowed its head in understanding.

    I know that you have many questions that you want to ask me… A voice echoed clearly around Misty but the mouth of the Lapras did not move. But I will only tell you what you need to know in order to help you with your destiny…

    “Please tell me…” Misty began weakly. “You said Ash made a sacrifice… what was it?”

    The Lapras bowed its head again and smiled at her.

    When you were in the Romantic Gardens that time when you were searching for berries for Ash, I am sure you remember clearly that you saw a vision of him and heard me remind you of the sacrifice you had to make…

    Misty watched the Pokemon unsurely as it continued.

    Most boys at Ash’s age are unaware of any feelings they might have for someone they love and the only way to show the true purity of their love when they have been chosen by fate, is self sacrifice. Ash did not hesitate for a second to jump off that cliff after you when he saw you fall and did not think at all about his own safety – only yours. He had proven how much he truly cared for you without a need for words. Unfortunately though, he is not aware of his true feelings for the one he cares the most about…

    “Me?” Misty managed to say after a long silence.

    The voice did not reply.

    “But why pick me and Ash of all people?” Misty asked unsurely. “I’m sure there are plenty of people who are more aware of their feelings for each other and are destined to be together apart from us. Why are we so special?”

    The Pokemon smiled at her with a certain glee in its eyes.

    I am surprised that neither you nor Ash could figure this out. Perhaps Wallace was not blatant enough about what he had discovered and your connection to his painting. After all, the connection also resides here in these very Gardens…

    “The Mermaid and the Prince… ” Misty pondered thoughtfully. “How can there be a connection between us and some fairy tale that might have happened so long ago?”

    Your resemblance to those two lovers, your love of water, his love of Pokemon, both of your sacrifices… You both fit the story perfectly, this is why both Wallace and myself understood that you two were the ones – the ones that were lost so long ago and finally found each other once more…

    “You spoke to Wallace?” Misty asked in alarm. “You mean that both of you believe that we are part of some story that may not have even happened?”

    The Pokemon chuckled.

    You sound just like her… The voice replied happily. Both the soldier and the mermaid existed and their story is indeed true and I was the fortunate one to bring them together when they realised their destinies…

    Misty suddenly felt sick. It sounded as if her destiny was part of something that had happened so long ago but it didn’t make sense. Ash ‘so called’ did have feelings for her but he didn’t know about it and it was still possible that it could still just be friendship but then they were both supposed to be involved in something that happened so long ago…

    Do not lose faith, Misty… The voice interrupted her thoughts. Ash will discover what he does not know and you must have faith that he will do so but you must remember that you cannot do anything to help him. He must discover all of this on his own…

    Misty nodded silently in understanding, the rain pattering against the sides of the bubble and bringing her back to her senses.

    Also, Wallace did not find out all of the legend that has now been classified as a prophecy as it was said that the occurring events would happen twice. The voice continued slightly more firmly than before. I know that no one should know what their destiny is and that is why I have not told you all that I know but you must be aware that this prophecy is your future. Whether you find out about the prophecy or not, the same events will happen in your lifetime so you may want to prepare yourself for the hardships to come…There will be unexpected surprises that might make your life more difficult than you think but if you believe in yourself and what you know, then fate will guide you towards yours and Ash’s destiny…

    “So… does this mean that my destiny has already been decided?” Misty struggled to ask.

    No… The voice replied delicately. Fate has chosen your path as it has chosen everyone else’s. What will be, will be because everything happens for a reason…

    “But Ash…”

    Ash appreciates and cares for you so dearly and he is aware of that. The voice reasoned. He needs you just as much as you need him and you know that your destiny is to be by his side to battle against what lies ahead. If he can’t tell you that he loves you more than a friend, believe in your heart that he does. There is a small feeling inside him that is going to grow with time and only with you being there can it grow more…

    Misty’s spirits rose. He did care even if he wasn’t fully aware of it. He wasn’t as dense as she thought… well, maybe a little.


    Good luck, Misty and always remember who your friends are and never give up on what you care about… The voice finally echoed and the bubble she had been enclosed in burst once more.

    Misty fell heavily into the water and surfaced quickly to find that the Shiny Lapras and the aura had disappeared. The waterfall was crashing down forcefully and she smiled at it.

    “Thank you – for making me realise...” She began quietly before a harsh wind forced her back to the bank.

    She swam confidently back to the shore, disregarding the pain in her legs because she knew and understood, that she didn’t have to give up her strong bond and friendship with Ash.

    I need a hero
    I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light

    She ran desperately through the Gardens, her blood pumping rapidly through her body, adrenaline racing through her to know what she didn’t have to give up… Ash. They could still be friends, they could still be together, she could still keep him in her heart.

    And he's gotta be sure
    And it's gotta be soon

    Ash looked across the field hopelessly.

    And he's gotta be larger than life

    LuvDisc was struggling to keep going and Gardevoir was luckily beginning to tire but how long could LuvDisc last against it? Maybe he should take a dive so that he could go and find Misty… His heart leapt. He hoped more than anything that she was all right.


    Misty’s breathing was becoming more short and sharp as she struggled against her weakening stamina to reach the stadium where Ash was battling.

    “Hang on, Ash.” She whispered as she ran.

    She knew he needed her to be there, just like she needed him to be a part of her life. She stumbled over a tree root and skidded in the mud as the rain continued to fall on her. She rested on her arms and saw a puddle underneath her, reflecting her disarrayed appearance. She grimaced and looked up to see the entrance of the Gardens ahead of her. Her heart skipped a beat. She hauled herself up and shakily ran through the flooded cobble streets to the stadium.

    Well he's gotta be strong
    And he's gotta be fast

    Ash watched LuvDisc collapse in the mud from another of Gardevoir’s direct hits but Ash could see that that their opponent was severely tiring.

    “Should I take a dive?” He thought out loud to himself.

    And he's gotta be fresh from the fight…

    He looked across the field hopelessly and bowed his head.

    “All right.” He said to himself.

    He opened his mouth to give LuvDisc the fateful instructions.

    I need a hero…

    “ASH!” A voice yelled loudly from within the stands.

    Ash froze. He turned around cautiously, daring to believe the voice he had heard.

    “Huh?” He searched the stands unsurely, looking for the owner of the voice that had called his name and his eyes widened in disbelief.

    Standing in his trainer’s entrance to the field was Misty, leaning against the side of the wall and panting but nevertheless, smiling weakly at him. Her clothes were severely stained with mud and she was soaked to the bone, though her smile seemed to radiate her beauty from within despite her disordered appearance. Ash continued to stare at her with doubt.

    “Misty?” He questioned quietly.

    “Come on, Ash! You need to win this match to get to the finals!” Misty shouted encouragingly to him from where she was standing, holding on to the side of the entrance to support her weary legs.

    “Are you all right?” He asked her concerned when he took in the state she was in.

    “Just get on with your battle will you, and stop worrying about me!” She replied angrily and gave him one of her stubborn looks.

    Ash looked at her annoyed but grinned as he turned to face the field, knowing that she was grateful to see that he cared and also reflecting on how thankful he was to see her again.

    “OK, LuvDisc, let’s win this thing!” Ash shouted confidently across the field. “Use your Hydro Pump!”

    “LuvDisc?” Misty repeated quietly and was surprised to see the little heart-shape Pokemon on the field.

    She grinned. She hadn’t really expected Ash to use LuvDisc in his match but she felt honoured that he had. Now, she hoped that it would come through for him and help win this important match.

    “Just because your girlfriend’s returned, doesn’t mean we’re gonna go easy on ya!” Derek shouted playfully across the field. “Gardevoir, power up and use your Hyper Beam!”

    The elegant Pokemon sighed and focused on the growing ball of light within its outstretched arms. Ash watched it determinedly as LuvDisc’s Hydro Pump forcefully collided with Gardevoir and distracted it from its attack as it cried out in pain. Thinking quickly, Ash instructed LuvDisc to use a Headbutt. The tiny Pokemon bucked the hovering opponent with tremendous force, causing Gardevoir to cry out once more.

    “Come on, Gardevoir!” Derek shouted out encouragingly. “Focus on your Hyper Beam and finish off that little pip squeak!”

    Gardevoir panted hard and brought its arms in front of it once more, allowing the glowing ball to expand with sheer power.

    “LuvDisc! Use your Ice Beam on that Hyper Beam!” Ash bellowed as lightning illuminated the field and was instantly followed by thunder.

    The enraged Pokemon obeyed and aimed its icy attack at the ball within Gardevoir’s arms. Successfully, it froze it along with the elegant creature’s arms surrounding it. Both the Pokemon and its master looked alarmed.

    “You have to break free from your bonds!” Derek shouted desperately to his Pokemon. “That Ice Beam won’t be able to contain your attack for much longer!”

    Ash looked confidently across the field to see the ball glowing brighter underneath its frozen exterior.

    “LuvDisc, you’re gonna have to get out of the way!” Ash yelled down to the tired Pokemon. “You have to evade the force of the attack!”

    LuvDisc looked weakly up at Ash and sighed wearily. Then it looked passed Ash’s stadium and saw Misty leaning against the side of the entrance, exhausted. At once, the Pokemon’s spirits rose and it began to hop up and down on the spot.

    “LuvDisc! LuvDisc! Luv-” It cooed before it was cut off by the explosion of the Hyper Beam.

    The entire field was shadowed within the exploding attack and all the onlookers shielded their eyes from the brightness. Ash yelled out to the tiny Pokemon blindly to see if it had managed to evade the attack, only until his eyes widened in horror when the power of the attack deceased. Gardevoir was lying on the muddy landscape with barely a breath in its body but LuvDisc was no where to be seen.

    “LuvDisc!” Ash called desperately across the field.

    The mud below his podium shifted uncertainly and LuvDisc emerged delighted but gasping for air and angrily screeching at the fainted Gardevoir for almost killing it. It bounced over to the motionless creature and continued its squealing until it was interrupted by a thunderous applause from the stands.

    “Gardevoir is unable to battle!” The referee shouted over the weather. “The victory goes to Ash and LuvDisc who will progress on to the finals!”

    LuvDisc blinked in disbelief and looked up into the stands of adoring fans pointing and screaming at it. The Pokemon grinned. It hopped on top of Gardevoir’s unmoving body and grinned broadly while bowing to its adoring fans.

    Ash punched the air in triumph and Misty managed to jump up and down in delight at his victory before having to hold on to the side of the entrance for support. May, Brock, Max, Delia, Professor Oak and Wallace also celebrated his victory from the stands and eagerly made their way from their seats to get down to the field.

    Ash jumped down from his podium, shivering from the cold and skidding slightly in the mud while desperately trying to make his way to Misty. Unable to contain her excitement from seeing her best friend again, Misty managed to run towards Ash and jump into his arms for a celebration hug – much to Ash’s surprise. He looked down at her holding him tightly and could feel her shivering against him as the warmth from the centre of his body merged with hers. His taken aback expression and rosy cheeks echoed his surprise at her action though he knew deep down that he was so glad to have her back and smiled at this thought. He laughed and hugged her back, spinning her around on the spot and slipping in the mud, causing him to fall backwards and for Misty to land on top of him.

    Ash’s friends came cautiously through the entrance to the field and looked slightly alarmed to see Misty on top of Ash. Blushing furiously, the two moved off each other as Brock helped Misty to her feet and May helped bring Ash to his. Brock beamed down at Misty and embraced her while welcoming her back as Mrs Ketchum began to fret over the state of her son and Misty.

    “You’re both soaking wet! And Misty! Your clothes are filthy with mud! What have you been up to in this dreadful weather! You should know better than that!” She said firmly and tried to keep a harsh tone with them both.

    Misty looked unsurely at Wallace who returned a calmly glance that indicated it was best not to say anything of what had happened just yet. She nodded in understanding and looked back at Ash who was beaming at her.

    “Congratulations, Ash.” She said proudly. “You really battled hard out there.”

    Ash smiled and then looked down at the floor unsurely.

    “Err… yeah, about what happened last night…” He began to say awkwardly and couldn’t find the right words to say.

    Misty’s focus on him began to deteriorate and she swayed from side to side.

    “It’s OK.” She managed to whisper before fainting and landing in Ash’s arms as he caught her.

    End Chapter 29

    Well, there you have it at last. ^__________^ Chapter 29 and I really hope it's worthwhile for all of you and thank you SO much for your patience. Please let me know what you think of it.

    Credit goes to the two song that I used in this fic:

    'You Found Me' by Kelly Clarkson
    'I Need a Hero' by Jennifer Saunders (Shrek 2)

    Both seemed perfect for this chapter and I hope you agree. ^_^

    Also, as another bonus, we have a alternative deleted scene! XD Now, this scene was originally going to replace the scene where Wallace enters the changing room and has his talk with Ash. The original idea was to have May talk with Ash and Wallace to talk at a later oppertunity but it really didn't work and also, the scene really didn't seem to fit Ash and May's personalities. So it was scrapped! XD For those interested, this is how it went:

    Deleted Alternate Scene

    “Ash.” A female voice said from the doorway.

    He looked up hopefully.

    “Are you OK?”

    His heart fell slightly when he realised it was May but smiled at her and replied that he was fine. She sat down beside him on the bench and handed him another towel as she dried herself down with another.

    “No, you’re not.” She said quietly and he knew she was right. “You need Misty – and she needs you.”

    Ash said nothing – his head bowed low.

    “I know how close you both are, but now you need each other more than ever.” She continued quietly as Ash continued to look at the floor. “Only you two can see each other through this… you’re both -”

    “What are you trying to say, May?” He asked her sternly and looked forcefully into her eyes.

    She looked determinedly back into his.

    “That you’re making the biggest mistake of your life if you let Misty go. If she really is your closest friend and you care for her that much – you won’t let her run away into her tears and never talk to you again.” She said firmly and watched Ash’s surprise turn to sorrow and a sigh.

    “It doesn’t make any sense.” He confided. “She’s my best friend but after what she said, I’m really confused. I don’t know what to say to her and all of this just doesn’t seem like me anymore. I feel really different.”

    May smiled at him happily and put a hand comfortingly on his shoulder.

    “That’s because you’re maturing and realising more about your emotions.” She said reassuringly.

    He frowned at her.

    “How do you know so much about this emotion stuff anyway?” He questioned her.

    May blushed furiously.

    “Oh, well umm… I’ve just got a bit of experience under my belt.” She reasoned with him and sweat dropped while laughing unsurely.


    Thanks again to everyone and I hope you enjoy it! ^____________^ *goes off to fall asleep* XD Please let me know what you think of it. ^^

    Take care


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    Oh it was great chapter! I love those songs <3

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    Wow. Very...uh...dramatic, if that's the right word. ^^;;;

    You should be proud of yourself, WS! Only one chapter left, right?

    I'll be waiting!


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    OMG! I've never really reviewed before, but I have to say, I'm a HUGE fan of your fic! As corny as it sounds, words can't describe how I feel about it! XD

    I was about to give up my Pokeshipping fandom a few days ago, until I read Chapter 29 today! DM13's right; you should be VERY proud of yourself! This chapter was absolutely amazing, and I loved how Ash used LuvDisc in battle and the fluffy ending. ^^;;

    Take your time on Chapter 30, I'm sure the wait will be worth it!

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    I've read this for a long time and I didn't decide to post until now. XD

    The details are great, you actually made me feel what the characters were feeling. Also, all the other AAML stories I read always gets OOC, but your story doesn't go OOC, throughout the fic, none of the characters ever went OOC. I've never seen a story that was as perfect as this, ever. And most of the AAML fics I read, it tends to go out of the Pokemon World and into a some other place that has no relation to the anime, but your fic is an exception, it has so much of the anime qualities that I can take this fic and place it in the anime.

    Sometime this tends to don't have stuff that happened in the anime, like, where is Glacie? Or, why did Masato was so excited to meet Prof. Oak when he's met him before, etc. ? But still, this fic has the most anime qualities to it than any other fic I've ever seen, not like those crumby ol' cliche fics that steals ideas from the anime, you actually make your own ideas and actually make it most likely to happen in the anime. Thumbs up for you. ^^

    Even though it has some faults, this is still an enjoyable fic, that anyone can want to read again and again, which some other fics don't have that quality. I give it a 9+/10. But it deserves such a higher rating than that.

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    Yes Yes Yes, The new chapter is up, thank you WS, I'll get back to you in a bit ~.-

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    Wow, DM13 is right you should be very proud. This chapter had me on the edge on my seat, I was feeling alot of emotions, scared, excitement, nervousness and happiness..thats really never happened to me, when reading a story, but it just makes me more happy to read it, and this was so worth the wait.

    I can't wait 'til chapter 30, but don't rush, just take your time, I know it'll be worth it.
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    It was fantasic! the battle, which I normally skim, held my attention. i'm surprised Luvdisc lasted that long, even though I predicted he would use it. over all, only minimal grammar mistakes, and well worth the wiat. The songs were a nice touch. One of the longest chapters in any fic I ever read besides Pokemon Master, but that makes it better. Congrats, and good luck for the next chapter.

    Also thanks for your support on the Pokeship issue.
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    Holy something. Holy holy holy holy something. Greats balls of holy something. *ahem*

    Wow. Some chapter you've got there. Everything has come full circle, except for one question I have: So the Shiny Lapras was telling Misty to make her sacrifice? If so, it seems like even it was completely unsure of the pretenses or the existing situation. Were the pair's near-death experiences part of the plan? On a side note, those songs fit the chapter so perfectly, it's scary. David-Hasselhoff-rap-album scary.

    With that concluded, I tip my hat to the epic saga you've directed. May your brain stay creative, and your pencils pointy.

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