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Thread: Fate and Destiny of Friends - AAML

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    o darn! ahha..I just woke up and ran to the computer to see if chapter 15 was posted yet. guess not...but it is morning and i doubt that you would wake up early just to run to the computer to post it for all of us to see XDD. OH WELL..JUST A FEW MORE HOURS!!

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    Default Chapter 15

    WOW! I can't believe I have so many reviews already! THANK YOU! And I'm really glad that you've enojyed it. And now, without futher ado, I give to you... Chapter 15! Enjoy!

    Chapter 15 – Face Off (Part 2)

    “I wanted to talk to you alone.” Wallace said to Misty whom he had handed a towel to dry herself and led her towards his mansion out the back door of the gym.

    “What for?” she asked him puzzled as he led her by the wrist.

    “I just need to talk to you that’s all.”

    “Can’t we wait for my friends?”

    “No, I need to talk to you alone.”

    “Can’t I get changed first?” Misty asked, slightly worried that Ash’s suspicions about Wallace might be coming true.

    “You can get changed at my mansion.” He replied firmly and his grip tightened on her when he heard voices from the corridor that they had past.


    “Where is she?” Ash asked heatedly as he began to worry.

    “Maybe she went to go and get changed.” Max suggested.

    “May, would you go and check the girls changing rooms?” Brock asked his friend.

    She nodded in agreement and walked off to the changing rooms. She emerged minutes later and shook her head when she saw no signs of Misty.

    “Nope, and her clothes aren’t there either.” She said.

    Ash panicked. Brock quickly searched the boys changing rooms and discovered that Wallace wasn’t there either.

    “Misty!” Ash shouted in a panicky voice and ran down the corridor, searching the rooms as he went.

    His friends were surprised by his determination and helped him continue his search. They searched the whole building and found no signs of the two missing people.

    “I knew we couldn’t trust him.” Ash said while grinding his teeth in frustration. “Why didn’t Misty listen to me?”

    “She’s not stupid Ash.” Brock said calmly to his friend. “If she didn’t want to do something, she wouldn’t allow herself to be forced into it. Maybe Wallace asked her to go with him and she accepted.”

    “Brock’s right, Ash.” Max said. “I don’t think Misty would go with him if she thought that she was in danger.”

    “But wouldn’t she tell Ash where she was going. From what you’ve told me about her, it doesn’t seem like her to disappear without saying where she was going.” May pondered.

    “I know!” Max exclaimed. “Maybe Wallace took Misty back to his mansion so that they could go in his pool again with their Pokemon.”

    Ash didn’t like the fact that Misty would be alone with Wallace in his mansion. He raced round to the entrance and ran towards Wallace’s mansion.


    Misty came out of the bathroom in her original clothes and followed Wallace up one of the long corridors. She recognised it as the same corridor that she and her friends went up through the hall of paintings and stopped when she saw the mermaid and the prince picture again. Wallace noticed that she stopped and smiled when he caught her gaze.

    “That picture really appeals to you doesn’t it Misty?” he asked her softly.

    “What do you mean?”

    “Well, you feel as if you can connect with the characters – as if it is a reality for you because you might of either experienced or wish to experience the same love that they felt for each other with a certain person.”

    Misty blushed and looked down at her feet.

    “I… don’t know what you mean.” She said quietly, averting her gaze from Wallace.

    He smiled at her in understanding and did not press the subject any further. Instead he continued to walk up the corridor and urged her to follow him. He led her to his room and as he opened the door, her heart sank as she was reminded of the painting that she and her friends had discovered a few days ago. He ushered her inside and she felt doomed when he closed the door behind him.


    Ash was the first to reach the mansion and banged furiously on the door. He was greeted by a snobbish butler who surveyed him with sharp eyes and sniffed his nose.

    “Mr. Wallace does not want any cookies from any more scouts.” He said in a formal tone. “He already bought fourteen boxes from the last lot.”

    “I’m not a scout! I’m a Pokemon Trainer!” Ash shouted in his face. “I need to see Wallace!”

    “I’m sorry, but if you don’t have an appointment then I can not allow you-”

    Ash’s anger was beyond imagination. He pushed the butler back through the door and ran down the corridors, searching for the hall with the paintings. Ash’s friends stepped over the butler on the floor and followed him, giving the man sarcasm as they went by.

    “Sorry about that.” Brock apologised.

    “Gotta run.” May said cheerfully.

    “Thank you.” Max finished and laughed at the guy on the floor as he ran past.

    Ash found the corridor with the paintings and ran down it calling Misty’s name.


    Misty was sitting on Wallace’s bed as he fumbled about with something in the wardrobe. He moved towards Misty.

    “Misty, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your help today.” He started and moved slightly closer to her and bent down on his knees.

    Misty appeared to have fallen into a trance. Her eyes had glazed over and her cheeks were tinted a pastel pink. She gazed at Wallace as he spoke, as if her dreams had escaped from her mind and where shrouding her in thick clouds.

    “I feel terrible for what has happened to you since you’ve been here.” Wallace continued in a soft voice. “And as a thank you I just wanted to give you a little something.”

    “Ash.” Misty said dreamily as she thought she heard him call her name.

    The doors opened abruptly and Ash stormed in. He looked in horror at the scene before him as Misty snapped out of her trance and watched him in surprise.

    “Ash?” she asked confused.

    She looked down in front of her and saw Wallace bent down on his knees.

    “What’s going on?” she asked unsurely.

    Seeing that Misty was disorientated, Ash grabbed hold of her shoulders and moved her away from Wallace and stood in front of her protectively. Wallace stood up and glared at Ash.

    “I wish to speak to Misty in private.” He said firmly.

    “No! You’ve led her to your room without consulting anyone! Doesn’t that sound a bit suspicious to you?!” Ash yelled back at him.

    Misty backed towards the wall as her friends entered through the door and examined the scene. They moved over to Misty and stood in front of her along with Ash.

    “I would like you to all please leave!” Wallace said and raised his voice.

    Some of his bodyguards came after hearing him raise his voice. Without receiving orders, they went to remove the intruders and firstly grabbed Ash. He struggled desperately against their grasp as his friends did also. They left Misty, whose rage built to see them hurting her friends, and she leapt at Ash’s captor. She screamed at him to let go and Ash was surprised by her determination. They both tried to get the man to let go.

    “Stop!” Wallace shouted.

    The men let go of their hostages and Ash fell on top of Misty. He helped her to her feet and they all looked at Wallace. He moved towards Misty and Ash once again stepped in front of her. Misty put her hand on his shoulder and shook her head. Understanding, he stepped out of the way and allowed her to face Wallace.

    “I think there has been a bit of a misunderstanding.” Wallace said apologetically to her. “All I wanted to do was give you this as a way of apologising for what has happened to you, and a thank you for helping me.”

    He presented her a painting that had her with all of her friends looking happily together and Wallace was standing behind them. Misty and Ash were standing close together with big smiles and Pikachu standing on Ash’s shoulder, May and Max were kneeling down in front of them and Brock was standing beside Ash and Misty with Wallace standing behind them. Misty was amazed by the beauty of the work and was even more stunned when he gave her a kiss on the cheek. Ash looked at her unbelievably and with a look of doubt as Misty blushed. When she saw Ash watching her, she turned a deeper shade.

    “Ash, I presume that you still want a gym match?” Wallace asked him.

    Ash’s face turned to his determined ‘yep, I’m ready and waiting for a battle’ mode.

    “Yeah, I want to get my last badge so that I can finally participate in the Houen League.”

    Pikachu nodded in agreement as they made their way back to the gym.


    Ash looked confidently at Wallace and awaited the referee to signal the beginning of his gym match.

    “This will be a one on one Pokemon battle with no time limit. Begin the match!” the referee shouted and held up his flags.

    Ash ordered Pikachu to battle as Wallace released his Milotic. They were now in another part of the gym where they were battling on a stone battlefield and his friends watched from the benches on the sidelines.

    “Pikachu, use your Thunderbolt!” Ash ordered his Pokemon.

    Pikachu immediately jumped into the air and hit its opponent with a powerful bolt of lightning. Milotic shuddered from the power and stood firmly and proudly, as if the attack hadn’t affected it.

    “What?” Ash shouted in disbelief.

    Wallace grinned at his expression and instructed his Pokemon to use a Twister attack. Milotic gracefully fanned out its tail as it glowed with a blue aura and a strong tornado erupted from the ground and headed towards Pikachu. Ash told his Pokemon to hold its ground however it was caught up in the overwhelming gales. Pikachu span around helplessly while being watched by its friends and Ash was powerless to do anything to help it. Milotic closed its tail again and the tornado stopped, allowing Pikachu to fall heavily to the ground. Pikachu grimaced from the pain as its master asked if it was OK. It determinedly stood back up on its feet and glared at its opponent while Ash watched it proudly. He instructed it to use a thunder attack, more powerful than its previous attack. Once again, Pikachu scored a direct hit and it appeared that this time Milotic had taken some of the damage. Sparks of electricity surrounded Milotic and it appeared that it was unable to move. Seeing his opportunity to make another move, Ash ordered Pikachu to use an Iron Tail attack on the paralysed Pokemon. Pikachu gained speed and jumped into the air and curled up into a ball as its tail glowed a bright white. It was about to collide with Milotic when it looked up and saw it and defended itself with its own tail that was glowing white. Milotic glared at Pikachu with angered eyes and the little yellow Pokemon and its master were both surprised by Milotic’s quick counter. Pikachu landed on its feet as Ash instructed it to use a Quick Attack. Obeying its Trainer’s instructions, Pikachu bowed its head and speed across the field towards Miotic, dodging from side to side to confuse its opponent. Milotic evaded the attack and Pikachu was sent flying towards Wallace, who grinned at it.

    “Milotic, I want you to use your strongest Hydro Pump on your opponent.” Wallace said calmly.

    Knowing that it would be hit with a lot of pain, Pikachu opened its mouth in horror as it was attacked with a powerful jet of water. It was sent flying across the length of the field and was unable to move as it came to a stop in front of Ash’s feet. Ash fell on his knees and tried to receive a response from his injured Pokemon. He desperately wanted to touch it to reassure it that everything would be OK but he knew as soon as he did, the match would be over as physical contact with a battling Pokemon signalled that you agreed that the battle was over. Pikachu was bruised badly and it struggled to get up on to its feet, its determined eyes striking pride into its master and its friends. It’s body was shaking from the impact and Ash knew that a water attack shouldn’t have inflicted this much damage on an electric Pokemon, stating that Milotic was at a highly advanced level and proving to Ash that Wallace was as skilled as he had heard. Very few water Pokemon were able to make a electric Pokemon close to fainting and Ash was surprised by Milotic’s power. He would have to think of some quick surprise and powerful attacks if he wanted to win this match.

    “Milotic, finish off your opponent with another Twister attack.” Wallace instructed his Pokemon to bring this match to a close.

    Ash started to panic but didn’t show it. He told Pikachu to use a Quick Attack to dodge the approaching tornado and to hit Milotic with another Thunder. Pikachu obeyed and Ash yelled when the tornado headed towards him instead but the attack ceased when it reached his dividing line. Breathing in a sigh of relief, Ash waited to see whether Pikachu would score a direct hit. He watched his Pokemon jump into the air and release an incredibly powerful bolt of thunder that caused the room to shake and disturbed the field below by erupting the ground and throwing the broken rocks in all directions across the field. The attack collided with the target and the Pokemon screamed from the pain of the attack. When Pikachu ceased, it landed heavily on its feet and panted while watching the reaction from its opponent. Milotic was covered in a lot of dust and bruises and it was shuddering from the impact. It had its eyes closed and it let out a cry before falling limply on to the ground.

    “Yeah!” Ash shouted as his victory and Pikachu shouted out its name happily.

    “Hold on.” Wallace said calmly and folded his arms. “Ash, do you remember what I said about appearances being deceiving?”

    “Huh?” Ash didn’t understand.

    “Oh no.” Misty said from the spectators’ bench.

    “What’s wrong, Misty?” Brock asked his troubled friend.

    She looked across the field at the challengers and her voice demonstrated how nervous she was.

    “Wallace is going to use-”

    “RECOVER!” Wallace shouted across the field to his Pokemon.

    Milotic glowed with an orange aura and it slowly rose from where it had fallen. It looked keenly at Ash and Pikachu’s surprised faces and glanced at its master while waiting for further instructions.

    “This is bad.” Brock said severely from the sidelines. “Milotic has restored a lot of its energy but Pikachu is still pretty weak and it might be easily knocked out in Walllace’s next move.”

    Misty looked sorrowfully over the battlefield.

    “Come on, Ash.” She whispered to herself.

    “Milotic, finish this battle with another Hydro Pump.” Wallace said and grinned at his near coming victory.

    Milotic obeyed its master and launched another powerful jet of water at its helpless opponent.

    “Pikachu!” Ash’s friend’s shouted.

    Then Ash had an idea. He quickly instructed Pikachu to use a full force Thunder on the approaching attack. With the last of its strength, Pikachu released its most powerful attack on the jet of water, which spiralled up it as the water conducted the electricity. Milotic was struck with even more power than it had first experienced and the room was shrouded with the bright light emitted from the electricity. Everyone shielded their eyes from the brightness and waited for the dust to settle. Milotic was still standing and Pikachu was barely able to hold itself up on its feet. Milotic closed its eyes and as it fell, it showed no signs of being able to use another attack. As it fell heavily to the ground, the impact echoed through the room and the referee announced Ash as the winner of the match.

    “Milotic is unable to battle, the victory goes to the challenger, Ash from Pallet Town!” the man shouted and held up his flag nearest Ash to signal his win.

    Excitement flowed through Ash as he jumped up and down without a care in the world and hugged Pikachu tightly when it weakly jumped into his arms. His friends cheered and ran up to him to congratulate him on his victory. Wallace also walked up to him and smiled.

    “Congratulations, Ash.” He said happily. “May I just say that I wouldn’t want to lose to anyone else other than the two respected Trainers who stand before me. Thank you both for your wonderful battles.” He said fondly and looked at Ash and Misty.

    He took out his recognised gym badge from his pocket, consisting of three blue rain drops in the formation of a pyramid, and presented it to Ash.

    “Here is your Rain Badge, Ash. You have definitely earned it.”

    Ash laughed and span around while announcing his win of receiving his Rain Badge.

    “I just won a Rain Badge!” he cried out happily as Pikachu jumped on his shoulder and shouted out its name. “And now I can finally move on to the Houen League.” He finished passionately.

    End Chapter 15

    OK, there you have it. Chapter 16 will be up tomorrow and I don't know if you'll like it or not but Misty will try something new and unexpected... that's all I'm going to say. BTW, does anyone pay attention to the titles I write for each chapter? I try to make them significant to the chapter and also appealling and normally with a pun but I was just wondering if you liked them or not that's all. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO REVIEWED MY LAST CHAPTER and if you haven't already, then please do! I always love to hear what you think because your opinon really means a lot to me and I'm glad to see so many people enjoying it, especially since this is my first fic!

    I think everyone is right, it might be best if I start my new fic after I've finished this one because you will probably have to wait longer for new chapters as I'm going to be starting my exam year this September and the work load is going to be huge. But when I've finished this fic (but I don't no how long that will take, it could take me as long as Christmas!) I'll let you know if you are still interested.

    Please read and review!



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    Wow another wonderful chapter! But I just knew that Wallace wasn't going to do anything to hurt Misty. I though that it was so funny when Ash danced around the room cheering. But I wonder what new and unexpected thing Misty is going to do in the next chapter. I think I know.... Keep up the amazing work WS!
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    I just read all the chapters, and I'm loving it, Keep up the good work =)
    and yeah, I pay attention to the titles.
    And good luck with your exam year, I'm starting mine as well :O

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    It was another good chapter. I especially loved the battle between Ash and Wallace. It was described perfectly. I did like the fact that Ash was extremely worried about Misty and how he pushed the butler away so he could see her.


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    Sorry i didn't get a chance to review your last chapter Water Spirit. It was really late last night when i read it. ~_~ At least i get to do a double review.

    The description of this chapter was brilliant. You described the attacks and action really well.

    I really liked where you left it from last chapter. It really left me in suspense. I wondered where Misty had gone. When it continued this chapter, i thought that Wallace was going to do something unmentionable to her (you know what i mean) or he could have proposed. You never know.

    Well done. I've really been waiting for these chapters. Keep up the work. I can't wait for tomorrows chapter.

    ~Blazing Charmander~

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    cool I will wait your next chapter >_^

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    That was awesome!!! Thank God, Wallace didn't do anything to Misty. That would've been scary. Both battles you wrote about were perfectly described. I can't wait until Chapter 16. ^_^

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    Well, that was a good way to end a least it wasn't as evil as the last one's ending. So that picture was of all of them? I had wondered...anyhoo, great job! Can't wait for the next chapter, so keep up the fantastic work!

    - Psyduck!

    ...that too! Later!
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    Wow! Another great chapter. I had a feeling Wallace was going to give Misty that painting. I also like your chapter titles. I can't wait to find out what unexpected thing Misty is going to try! I'll be waiting for the next chapter!

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    Well, I'm glad you PMed me, sorry for not reviewing Chapter 14, I'm not online as much as before. Bleh. Anywho, what can I say that I already haven't? The detail is superb, the twists and suspenseful moments are relevent and you transition from one mood to the next excellently. Ch 14 and 15 are great, I loved the way you described the battles, it gave me a clear mental image of them. I also love how you portrayed Walace throughout the story, a calm and collected person, even when angry (I think I said that before.) Can't wait for the chapter tomorrow, I have a hunch as to what Misty's unexpected action might be, but we'll see...

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    Great chapter WS, I think I know what Misty is gonna do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Water Spirit
    I'm dedicating this chapter to my good friend Peach who has always been there for me and I really appreciate her friendship! Thank you!
    Awww, thank you. You dedicated a chapter from your awesome story to me. I don't know what to say, except thank you and your friendship means a lot to me ^______^

    I loved both new chapters.
    I specially liked Misty's and Wallace's battle! Go Misty!
    And I still like Luvdisc, and that Susie-luvdisc...Brock was so funny XD

    I can't wait to see what Misty does now, when Ash has won a Rain badge....

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    I get it--Face off refers to both the painting AND the match! lol. This chap was magnificent, as always. ^__________^

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    Default Chapter 16

    WOW!!!!! Lots and Lots of reviews, YAY!!!! Always brightens my day up, Thanks everyone! Really, everyone seems to know what Misty is going to do next??? *Reads last three chapters to see if WS has left any extreme hints as to what Misty is going to do next* Hmm.... I can't see any hints, oh well, you guys must be extremely good at this or you're telepathic. Let's see if what you think comes true. (this chapter may be unexpected but I thought Misty should be given a chance) Oh, and Chapter 16 a big marker for me because it starts on the very top of my 100th page in Word. This is the first time I have ever written a story that is longer than 15 pages (I know it sounds crummy but we never needed it that long in English) and so I am very proud that I have written 100 pages so far. And with the total length of Chapter 16, it makes ! Let’s see if we can make it to 150 with the future chapters! Enjoy!

    Chapter 16 – Replaced and Resented

    Ash stared at the badge in his hand proudly and eventually put it with his other seven badges in his case. He was glad that all of the spaces were now full as it meant that he could finally participate in the Houen League where he was hoping to become the master. When his mind returned back to reality, he looked at Wallace and felt bad about the accusations he had made against him.

    “Err… Wallace… I just want to apologise for the way that I’ve accused you over the past couple of days. I’m sorry that I thought you might hurt Misty, and that I jumped to conclusions when I saw that painting with Misty on it. I’m sorry if I’ve treated you badly.”

    Wallace laughed at him and accepted his apology.

    “Don’t worry about it, Ash.” He said kindly. “Come to think of it, if I walked into a stranger’s room and saw a picture of myself in there, I would be pretty freaked out too. But I hope that you understand that I couldn’t tell any of you what I was doing because it would ruin the surprise. And I think it’s very sweet that you show so much consideration for your friend and that you are willing to protect her. It shows how close you really are.”

    Ash and Misty looked at each other and smiled.

    “Yeah, we are really close.” Ash said happily. “But it never used to be that way.”

    Misty laughed as they took a tour down memory lane for Wallace.

    “Ash destroyed my bike when he first started his Pokemon journey and Pikachu had been injured.” Misty started. “We had a couple of rough times though but when I eventually got my bike back when we were on the way to Pallet Town…”

    She looked down at her feet sorrowfully as she remembered how hard it was to leave Ash and the pain from the thoughts of never seeing him again.

    “I had to leave to look after the Cerulean Gym because my sisters had won a ticket that would allow them to go around the world. I think then we realised how close our friendship was and I really didn’t want to leave. But then I returned back to Houen after my sisters returned, but then I realised that I was needed more at home than I was here with my friends.”

    She knew her last sentence was half true. She had grown used to becoming the best gym leader out of her sisters and she knew that they neglected their responsibilities as gym leaders, so she had decided to take over the gym. But the other reason had been that she had lost Togepi, her beloved Pokemon, whom Ash had found and Togepi had accepted her as its mother when it was the first thing she saw. Since she had discovered Togepi on her travels with Ash and Brock, when she was away from them Togepi always seemed to spring back memories of the good times that she had had with her friends, and when it had evolved into Togetic and left her, she did her best to hide her feelings when she left Ash and Brock. If she continued to travel with them, she would feel out of place as she felt as if her position in the group had already been filled and she was no longer needed. Also, she would be reminded of Togepi too much and she had already suffered enough pain from losing her friends and her Pokemon. But when the excuse of seeing Wallace had brought her to finally see her friends again, she had immediately jumped at the opportunity and set off to find Ash and Wallace.

    Misty was at a loss of what to do next. Now that Wallace’s demonstration was over, should she continue travelling with her friends? Her need to travel with them was strong, but somehow she felt as if she had been replaced by May and Max as they had both seemed to have acquired the habits that left her trademark in the group – Max pulling Brock away from any girls that he flirted with, she had seen May fighting with Ash like they used to, and the girl role had also been replace be May, and Brock had two Pokemon that used water attacks. It just seemed as if she no longer fitted in, only to be a friend who rarely saw them like Tracey. Had her main role in the group fallen to the same as Tracey’s? Her eyes blurred over at the thoughts flowing through her mind and she wanted things to be the same as they were before May and Max, or at least so that she could still be a main part of the group. She felt then that she was being a bit hard on May and Max because it wasn’t their fault that they had met Ash but she just wanted to fit in again even if they were there. She had travelled with Ash since he had first began his Pokemon journey, and she was probably closer to him than anyone else in the group, so why was she in this bitter hole of replacement when it should be she who travels around with the group, experiencing their adventures, watching their friendship grow closer and generally experiencing the enjoyment of being with her friends. She didn’t want to go back to the gym, her sisters had already said that they didn’t need her anymore so where did she belong now?

    “Misty, are you OK?” Ash asked his friend who had been out of it for a while as he had explained their friendship to Wallace.

    Misty snapped back out of her thoughts and smiled at Ash, assuring him that she was fine.

    “Well, I wish you all luck in your chosen fields.” Wallace said happily. “Good luck in the Houen League Ash.”

    “Thanks, Wallace.”

    “Oh, and May, there is a Pokemon Contest that is being held for beginners to intermediate Co-ordinators later this afternoon in the Town Hall if you are interested.” Wallace said to May. “I am sure that you are at a highly advanced level when it comes to Co-ordinating, but perhaps you would want an easy win?” he asked her and winked.

    “Yeah! Ash come on let’s go!” she shouted.

    “Pokemon Contest?” Misty asked perplexed.

    “Oh, it’s when Co-ordinators train with their Pokemon to perform dazzling tricks and moves to impress the judges and to score the highest points.” Max explained to Misty. “May specialises in that field and she has won quite a few ribbons.”

    “Oh yeah, I remember you telling me about that last time I met with you, right May?” Misty asked her friend.

    “Yeah, that’s right. Say, how about you enter the contest as well, Misty?” May asked. “You only have to do it for fun but it could be something that interests you.”

    “No, that’s OK thanks. I want to become a Water Pokemon Master no matter what.” Misty replied passionately.

    “Oh, please just do this one contest?” May pleaded. “Just do it for the experience.”

    “Why are you so worked up about getting me to enter?” Misty asked.

    “Because I think it would be good for you to try it out as you’ve never done it before. And it’s a great way for you to get closer to your Pokemon! Please, Misty?”

    “OK, I guess I could give it a shot.”

    “Great!” May shouted and punched the air. “Let’s go!”

    And with that, she grabbed Misty by the wrist and let her to the Town Hall.


    “So… what exact are the judges looking for?” Misty asked May.

    “Well, they like to see how well your Pokemon respond to you, their gracefulness and how compatible you are with your Pokemon. They also look out for the splendour of each attack that you use, and usually I do a graceful dance with my Pokemon to keep the flow going.” The Co-ordinator replied knowingly as she applied some finishing touches to her hair.

    “So which Pokemon are you going to use, May?”

    “Probably Beautifly. How about you?”

    “Urrr… I might use LuvDisc.”

    May flinched at these words and looked at Misty nervously.

    “You are?” she asked in a frightened tone.

    “Yeah.” Misty replied, happy with her choice and called out her Pokemon from her pokeball.

    LuvDisc bounced up and down and looked around to see where she was.

    “Well, LuvDisc, do you fancy entering a Pokemon Contest for fun?” Misty asked her Pokemon.

    It nodded its head in agreement and when Misty went to talk to May, she found that she had disappeared. Before she could come to a conclusion on where she had gone, an announcement was made from the speakers explaining that all participants must now make there way to the main stadium so that they can wait for their turn. Misty recalled her LuvDisc and advanced towards it, looking for any signs of May as she went. When she reached the crowd of contestants, she was surprised to find that there wasn’t that many entrees, perhaps twenty to thirty but not as many as she had expected. The contestants were called up one by one into the centre of the large room, that was full of spectators, to display their Pokemon’s abilities and beauty. May found Misty a little while later when she was sure that LuvDisc was safely in its pokball before she approached her.

    “So are you feeling nervous?” May asked her friend with a grin.

    “Not really, I used to be a bit scared when it came to performing but because I’ve done stage work so many times now, I don’t feel scared.”

    “Yeah I know what you mean. I remember my first Pokemon Contest and I was a nervous wreck. But you do get use to it and the more relaxed you are, the more your Pokemon will respond to you and impress the judges.”

    “Entry number 14, can you please make your way to the main stage!” the announced shouted through the speakers.

    “Good luck.” Misty said as May disappeared on to the stage.

    Misty listened carefully to what the announcer said about May’s performance and took note on certain aspects that might benefit her when it was her turn. May’s score was not announced out loud but from the crowds’ reaction, Misty was counting on her receiving a very high score and she was happy for her. Time past as more and more contestants took their turns but none of them receiving as loud an applause as May.

    “Entry number 22, can you please make your way to the main stage!”

    “Oh, that’s me!” Misty muttered to herself and took LuvDisc’s ball in her hand.

    She walked out of to the stage and received a polite applause and she could hear her friends shouting encouragement from the stands. She curtseyed to the judges and decided to use the gracefulness of what she practiced at the gym underwater to help her in this contest. She imagined herself being back at the gym with all her Pokemon swimming with her and practicing the ballet that she had recently configured, and hoped that LuvDisc would respond to her as she realised that her eyes were closed as she pictured the scene. She opened her eyes and did her graceful twirl before releasing LuvDisc in front of her. Her Pokemon looked delighted to have her own spotlight and she shimmered and glittered with beauty. Misty knew that underwater, she couldn’t speak and she had devised certain body language techniques that would allow her Pokemon to respond to her without her speaking. LuvDisc looked up at her obediently and Misty placed her hand on her lips, blew a kiss and span around with her arm extended. Understanding her master’s orders, LuvDisc launched a water gun into the air, which glittered as stray silver droplets fell back to the ground and LuvDisc span around quickly on the spot to form a towering whirlpool that roared with power and radiated its incredible beauty. The crowd were entranced by the co-ordination of human and Pokemon that stood before them. They watched Misty continue to show certain body movements that LuvDisc instantly responded to and they finished with LuvDisc jumping on to Misty’s shoulder and giving her a surprise kiss on the cheek. The crowd’s applause was deafening as they cheered on Misty and LuvDisc. LuvDisc bowed to the crowd and seemed to enjoy her moment in the spotlight but became upset when Misty faced the judges. It turned around to face the crowd again and kept on bowing to the constant applause. Misty whispered to her Pokemon to turn around to face the judges so that they could receive their score. It ignored her.

    “LuvDisc!” Misty hissed.

    It reluctantly turned around after giving four more bows and then faced the judges.

    9.0 9.4 8.9 9.8

    Misty’s eyes widened at her score to believe that she had done so well on her first time in a Contest. One of the judges indicated her to come closer and he whispered in her ear.

    “Is this your first time in a Pokemon Contest?”

    She nodded.

    “How did you learn such amazing moves and all with body language?” he asked in amazement.

    “Oh, I’m one of the gym leaders at the Cerulean Gym and we often hold performances for the locals and I usually perform underwater. Because I can’t always speak if I don’t have a mouthpiece, I choreograph my own moves so that my Pokemon can respond to them on which attack I want them to use. Just now I pretended that I was underwater and my LuvDisc responded to me better than I thought.”

    “Incredible. I think you might want to take a career in Co-ordinating young lady. You could go very far.”

    “Thanks but I want to become the World’s Greatest Water Pokemon Master.” She replied passionately. “Water Pokemon are my life and it’s great co-ordinating with them, but I would prefer to be a Trainer.”

    The man chuckled to himself and allowed Misty to advance backstage to await the results after he wished her luck in the contest and in her future training.

    “Misty!” Ash shouted as she returned backstage. “That was awesome!”

    “You said that you’ve never been in a Contest before!” May shouted angrily. “How come you preformed out there as if you had?”

    “Chill out, May, Misty has done loads of performances at her gym but she has never been in a Contest before.” Brock said calmly.

    “Well I just don’t think it’s fair that she lied to me that’s all.” May replied in a huff and folded her arms.

    LuvDisc was in hysterics at May’s reactions and almost fell off Misty’s shoulder while laughing.

    “May, you really need to calm down, anyone would think you’re jealous or something.” A voice said teasingly from behind the group.

    They turned around to see a boy about May’s age with green hair and a smirk across his face. A Roselia was sitting on his shoulder and May looked at him in surprise.

    “Drew? How come you haven’t performed yet?” she asked.

    “Well this contest is for the beginners, and yesterday morning was for the advance Co-ordinators, which,” he opened his jacket to reveal a large blue ribbon. “I happened to win.”

    “You mean there was a contest yesterday and you didn’t tell me?” she asked angrily.

    “Yep, but you’re probably better off in the beginner contest anyway, though it would have been nice to face you yesterday instead but we can’t have everything we want. I thought you had a bit more talent than a beginning contest but that’s your choice.”

    He shrugged and handed her a rose.

    “Catch ya later.” He said before walking back to the stands.

    May held her rose and sighed.

    “Attention, Co-ordinators! The results of the first round have been tallied and these four trainers will battle each other in the next round to see who will become the winner.” The announcer shouted through the speakers. “The person who they are paired up with will be their opponent for their first battle. The battles will commence in five minutes so contests please prepare your Pokemon.”

    The group moved back to the entrance and peered through the door so that they could glimpse the main screen with the trainers faces of who had made it to the next round. Everyone gasped. Misty’s and May’s faces were next to each other to show that they were to face each other in their first battle.

    “They’ve matched… you two!” Brock said unbelievably.

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, I don’t believe it! The two trainers who were to battle second have been arrested by Officer Jenny for imposing the two trainers up on the board, who were found in a toilet nearby!”

    The group looked at each other in bewilderment.

    “What did he say?” May asked. “It didn’t make any sense.”

    “I think what he was trying to say was that the two trainers up there that would battle after you have been found in a toilet and two other people were going to impose them when it came to their battle.” Max tried to explain.

    “Hey! Get your hands off me!” a female shouted as she was held by a police officer.

    A Meowth dressed as a Sunflora was crying on the ground as he was dragged along and a nervous looking man was trying to reason with the officer who was holding him.

    “Oh now come on, let’s be reasonable. We’re their twins! Have you never heard of long lost twins discovering each other after long periods of time?”

    “Yeah, just keep moving Jimmy boy.” The officer said gruffly.

    The blue-haired man looked at him in horror.

    “How did you know my name?” he asked disbelievingly.

    “It’s Team Rocket!” the group shouted in unison.

    “Oh look James, it’s the twerps!” Jesse said imitating them. “Go away you little pests!”

    “Yeah, this is probably the first time we’ve been busted before we’ve actually done anything!” Meowth wailed.

    “Looks like Team Rocket’s being shipped off for the first time!” they mumbled in unison as they were escorted out of the door.

    “I’ll never understand those three.” Ash said and shook his head.

    “Well folks, it seems like the two male finalists will not be in any fit condition to battle so it will be a final show down with these two trainers, May and Misty, who both scored the highest in the first round!” a voice announced again.

    A loud applause erupted as Misty and May were directed to go to the main stage for their battle. Misty grinned at May.

    “I should warn you now that I am an experienced battler so I won’t go easy on you, and when it comes to Water Pokemon I am one of the best.” Misty said confidently.

    “I don’t want you to go easy on me and I’ve seen you battle with Wallace so I know what I’m up against. And I’m not going easy on you either.” May replied.

    They faced each other on opposing sides of the battlefield and glared at each other. Sparks were flying between them as each knew the stakes that ride – Misty’s reputation as a respected gym leader and May’s skills as a Co-ordinator. It all came down to this match.


    “LuvDisc, use your water gun!” Misty shouted.

    LuvDisc’s powerful attack shot through the air – and collided with May. Her expression was not too pleased, then her anger flooded through her.

    “OK, that’s it! I’ve had enough!” she shouted as fire burned in her eyes. “Beautifly, use your Silver Wind on Misty!”

    Silver streaks of wind headed for Misty and sent her flying backwards into a wall.

    “What is May doing!?” Ash shouted from the stands in alarm.

    “What was that for?” Misty asked holding her arm.

    “I am sick of your LuvDisc squirting me in the face with its water gun any time it thinks is the perfect moment, so now I’m going to have my revenge and squash your LuvDisc to a pulp! Beautifly use a Silver Wind on LuvDisc!”

    The girls both knew that this match was more than what it seemed. LuvDisc dodged the oncoming attack and drenched May with an extremely powerful jet of water for attacking her master.

    “Ladies, can we please keep our attacks on the Pokemon and not on each other, thank you.” The referee shouted.

    “Sorry.” They said in unison.

    “LuvDisc, please stop attacking May in this battle?” Misty pleaded with her Pokemon.

    LuvDisc looked at her and nodded to say that it would obey her, but she didn’t seem too happy about it. Then she grinned to herself when she realised that her master had said not to attack her in this battle – she hadn’t said after. LuvDisc launched another water gun at Beautifly and it took the hit, sending its health bar that was shown on the screens above their heads down to half.

    “How can your LuvDisc do so much damage?” May shouted in disbelief. “Beautifly, use your Gust attack!”

    The attack successfully hit its target but by the monitor above it didn’t seem to have inflicted much damage. Their battle raged on and the trainers seemed to be more worn out than the Pokemon, or more than they were showing. Both Pokemon were down to their last quarter of their health according to the monitors above them and the next attack could mean the end of the battle. Misty was watching her Pokemon and knew that it must be exhausted. Something dawned on her about this match, something familiar and then it struck her. This match was almost exactly the same as the match she had first had with Ash when he challenged her for the Cascade Badge, her Staryu versus his Butterfree. She realised that she shouldn’t be in this battle, she should be watching May battle it out against someone who was interested in this field and supporting her from the stands. She knew what she had to do. May ordered her Pokemon to use another Silver Wind attack and Misty allowed her Pokemon to take the hit. She didn’t even order her to dodge it and LuvDisc looked at her and understood that she was taking a dive. When LuvDisc fainted, Misty casually walked over to her Pokemon and cradled it in her arms. LuvDisc jumped up and down happily from the success of bluffing everyone with her fake faint and as the crowd cheered for May, LuvDisc squirted her in the back.

    May looked at Misty in disbelief because she didn’t think that she had given it her all. She in fact, looked disappointed at the gym leader as she was led away to receive her prize. Brock and Max went to congratulate her as Ash approached her. She returned LuvDisc to her pokeball and looked at Ash.

    “Why did you take a dive?” he asked his friend.

    She looked at him in shock to know that he had found out so quickly and knew that it would be best not to lie to him.

    “I dunno. To be honest, Ash, I don’t think Contests are really my thing. I didn’t think it would be fair to win something that I knew meant nothing to me but everything to someone else. I want to be a Water Pokemon Trainer, not a Co-ordinator.”

    He smiled at her.

    “That was a really nice thing you did, Misty.”

    “Well now we’ve got to concentrate on you being a Master in the Houen League.” She said confidently and winked at him.

    May approached Misty with a sour expression.

    “So you did take a dive!” she shouted in Misty’s face.

    “May, if I hadn’t taken a dive, I would have forfeited anyway because LuvDisc was too exhausted to battle and I didn’t want to push it any further.” Misty tried to reason.

    May didn’t look to convinced but she accepted what she said and ignored the fact.

    “We need to make a move to the Houen League anyway.” She said and tried to change the subject.

    “Yeah, but how are we going to get there?” Max asked.

    End Chapter 16

    Well, there you have it. In celebration of the beginning of my 100th page, Chapter 16! Now, the bad news is you might have to wait a couple of days until I finish writing chapter 17 *hears groans from readers* Sorry guys. Please read and review! Thank you!


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    Sheesh, May's really getting jealous of Misty. Someone's gotta convince her otherwise.
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    Phew, that was quite a lengthy chapter. Anyhow, i never thought that Misty would enter in a contest. It was quite funny how May's personality changed towards Misty. Luvdisc is very evil. lol.

    This chapter was very descriptive like the others and it was well layed out. I can't wait for Chapter 17. Too bad that we have to wait a couple of days. *sobs* Oh well.

    Well done.

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    ^ Wow that was a winderful chapter WS! I love how you made Misty compete in a Co-Ordinating Contest. And then she took the dive so May could win! But it is very creative that you had Misty do that, considering she would be very good at Co-ordinating if she ever tried it. I am already anxious for the next chapter. XD Keep up the fantastic work WS!
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    Great chapter! I thought it was funny how May was jealous of Misty. She got mad at such small things! I can't wait for the next chapter.

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    i loved it. i think its really funny hwo may cant deal with misty anymore. they seem like their gonna start to fight an all-out war lol

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    WS, it wasn't your best chapter, but it was good. You really got Mays personallity, you always get the peoples personallity and thats why this fic is so good.

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    Excellent! Well done! 100+ pages is really quite an accomplishment. And 100+ quality pages at that. The way you described the contest was great, and kept me pondering the whole time. I thought Misty and May would battle, but I wasn't thinking of a contest battle. Anyway, keep up the great work, I'll be sure to read Chapter 17.

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    Hey, I'm back and ready to review. That was great, I think that was your 1st battle, and i loved it. YEY ON 100!!!!

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    Yay for the new chapter! Who'd of thought Misty would do so good in a Contest? Her reasoning for taking the dive was a good one...can't wait 'til the next chapter! Later!
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    Never expected Misty to enter a contest out of all things. I definatly expected something else. Something big, involving Ash. * *

    Yet this was a good chapter, and she did quite well for her first try.

    I also liked how Luvdisc attacked May repeatedly. Her Luvdisc is so evil.

    I'll be waiting for the next chapter. Keep up the good work.

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