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Thread: Fate and Destiny of Friends - AAML

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    -- Little Wings -- Guest

    Smile Great going!

    Awww.. *Fan girl squeal* I love your stories so much Water Spirit! ^______^
    That chapter was perfect. You make the characters so real, and its just like the anime. You can really imagine it happening! This fic is not too over mushy or shippy from the start, which makes a AAML fic better since you can then see it happening in the Anime.

    She was staring at the LuvDisc who was giving her a sour expression.
    Obviously Lovedisc does not like May Good on lovedisc! That made me laugh n.n
    I love Lovedisc's part in the story! Its such a sweet idea, now if only Misty would really catch a love disc in the Anime... *Heart*

    “Where are you going?” Brock asked.

    “I forgot my cap. I left it in the room so I won’t be a sec.” He replied as he walked passed Brock.

    Brock shrugged and continued down the corridor to catch up with May and Max. Ash opened the door with the key to see Misty in a pink towel emerging from the bathroom. They both froze. Misty screamed and ran back into the bathroom, slamming the door, while Ash yelled and shut the main door behind him and leaned against it.

    “Guess I don’t need my cap after all.” He said aloud in a high pitch voice before running down the hallway to meet the others.
    Awkward moment there! Sweet in a way though. That was a really good ending to the chapter. I really do not have much to critisise in this fic, i personally think its perfect.

    *Bounces around* Now all there is to do is wait for the next chapter!

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    " claps" another outstanding chapter u have a real gift in writeing. this chapter was noting less than outstanding theres only one big problem with this story............ u take to long to update it!..............other than that its perfect so far keep it up and update fast please

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    Shawn1036902 Guest


    Wow! *loves the 3rd chapter*

    The ending was definitely awkward, but nice.

    Great job, Water Spirit! That Luvdisc sure knows who likes who in this story.

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    Keira Guest


    I like all of it, the length, the characters and of course the Luvdisc scene

    I don't see anything wrong in it so keep it up as it is.

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    WaterBlaster Guest


    Cute chapter, as always! Keep it up!

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    water_goddess Guest


    brilliant you make it so realistic. the luvdisc scene rocks!!! you have got to be one of the best writers EVER!!!!!KEEP IT UP!!!

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    AHh I can't wait for the next chapter for this story! It's excellent one of the best I've read in a Loooonnng time. I will keep reading this! trust me on that! I think your doing great and I got no critisizim for yeh.

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    Default A HUGE apology and Chapter 4

    I know that most of you have waited for this Chapter for quite a while and I would like to apologise to all of you for the long delay. I was planning to get it up on the weekend but, I had to go away for the weekend and didn't get back until late on Sunday. HOWEVER, I did take a pad of paper with me and wrote my ideas for Chapter 4 and I have now typed it up for you to enjoy. Sorry again to everyone and I hope this doesn't discourage you from reading it.

    Chapter 4 – Secret Suspicions Turn to ash…

    “Misty, will you please open the door?” Brock asked wearily once again having done so for the past half hour and repetitively banging on the door.

    After Ash had told his friends about the awkward incident with Misty, they had all returned to the room after waiting for her for ages at a table in the main hall. None of them had eaten but May had insisted on filling up half a dozen napkins with food before returning to the room. When they had arrived outside their door, Misty had refused to let them in. Not one of the group had the key, making Ash realise that he must have dropped the key in the room after he’d left in a hurry.

    May, still carrying her bundles, explained to the door that she understood how Misty felt and would appreciate it if she could open the door so that she could freshen up in the bathroom without the boys around. Misty let her in and slammed the door in the boys’ faces, allowing them to be tormented by the sounds of the shower.

    “Hey, Misty, May!” Max shouted. “Could you please at least let me and Brock in because we didn’t do anything! It’s all Ash’s fault!”

    “What!?” Ash sounded appalled by Max’s “Misty could have easily locked it from the inside!”

    “I did lock it from the inside but you went and opened with key!” Misty muffled voice said from the other side of the door. “The only thing I didn’t do was put the catch and bolt across because I was going to leave soon but you come in and don’t even apologise!”

    May giggled next to Misty. Pikachu was helping itself to food on the napkins. The girls thought that it would be unfair to let Pikachu suffer on Ash’s behalf so May had allowed it to jump on her should as she’d entered the room.

    “Attention passengers,” a female voice echoed through the speakers located in the hall and in the rooms. “We have a very special guest who is aboard our boat today. He has announced to the Captain that he would like to hold a party tonight as an apology for the delay in out trip.”

    Misty and May looked at each other in surprise. “Ash?” they asked each other in unison.

    “The generous party will be held tonight at eight o’clock in the main hall. The guest requests that Pokemon fancy dress costumes are necessary for those wishing to attend as dancing and Pokemon art will be main events. He also requests that you bring on Pokemon in a ball to the party. If you do not own any costumes or Pokemon, please make your way to the reception where we will be happy to lend you one.”

    Misty and May both looked at the clock in their room. Six o’clock. They boys were banging on the door more forcefully and urgently as they wanted to attend the party.

    “Should we let them in?” May asked. “After all it seems like Ash has organised this whole thing to apologise to you and the passengers.”

    Misty nodded. “Yeah, I think they’ve learnt their lesson. But don’t give Ash any hints that we know it’s him who organised this.”

    The door was moving viciously as if someone was trying to break it down. The girls looked nervous as Misty cautiously moved towards it. She jumped as the handle moved when she was about to grab it. She opened the door, only to find Brock, Ash and Max running at her. She screamed with a look of horror on her face as the boys toppled over and landed on to of her. May clasped her hands over her mouth.

    “Will you please get off me?” a voice pleaded desperately from the bottom of the mass of arms and legs.

    The boys individually got off the pile and saw a dazed Misty lying flat on her back with swirls in her eyes. They apologised profoundly to her after she’d given them a blow out lecture on their manners. Once she’d cooled down, they made their way back to the reception to another long queue…


    The gang rushed back to the room with their costumes and waited anxiously for Brock to open the door. It clicked open and they rushed inside. Each started putting on their separate costumes with Misty running into the bathroom with hers. She unlocked the door minutes later with a glum look on her face.

    “What’s wrong, Misty?” Brock asked her while he started putting on his Geodude arms.

    She was wearing a Lapras outfit where her arms were inside the front fins. Her head was visible through Lapras’ mouth but she was having difficultly getting through the door. May, who was clipping her Beautifly costume wings to her back, abandoned her task and attempted to pull Misty through the door. Misty flapped her fins about helplessly as May put her feet on the doorway and pulled with all her might.

    “Max! Can you please help?” May called to her brother.

    “I would sis, but I’m kinda limited to how much I can move.” He said while twirling around on the spot.

    Dressed as a Seedot, all that could be seen where his ankles and shoes and his face poking out of where the Seedot's facial features would have been. There were no arm holes in the suit so he was restricted to only moving his legs.

    “I’ll help.” Brock said as he set his mask and Geodude arms down on the bed.

    He left his bulky middle piece on, which was held up by bracers and started from his centre and finished by his armpits. He waddled over to Misty and grabbed one of her fins. He pulled and, together with May, managed to drag her through the door. She thanked them for their help but she still didn’t seem happy.

    “Misty, what’s wrong?” Brock asked her again.

    “I don’t think I like this costume.” She replied.

    “Why? It looks fine to me, Misty.” Ash responded through his Pikachu head.

    He was wearing a one piece Pikachu outfit with a detachable head. He took off the head and looked at her.

    “What’s the matter with it?” he asked. “Apart from you can’t get through doors.”

    She glared at him, then sighed while turning around.

    “This is the problem.” Misty replied.

    She revealed behind her an enormous inflated part that was attached to her and resembled the Lapras’ body. The gang laughed at her to see such a large extension. She announced that she was going to change her costume and Brock opened the door for her. She ran at the door, hoping not to get caught and tried to jump through the doorway, only to get stuck halfway. Her legs were waving wildly in the air and the back end of costume was standing upwards. She yelled for her friends to help her so Ash, May and Brock ran at the blue lump and successfully pushed it through the door. They watched Misty waddle down the hallway, the back end of the Lapras bobbing up and down the rhythm of her movements. A few passers-by stopped and stared at Misty. She glared back at them and shouted angrily. They backed out of her way as she stomped down the rest of the hallway moaning about her stupid costume.

    The rest of the group went into the room and finished getting ready. Brock attached his Geodude arms on to his own and put on his head mask.

    “How do I look?” he asked his friends.

    “You look great!” May answered. “What do you think of my cool outfit?”

    She twirled around on the spot so that everyone could see her. She was wearing a long, strapless grey dress that had a slit at the front creating a train behind her with matching grey slippers. Her hair was covered by a hat decorated with a Beautifly’s face, antennae and tongue and two huge identical wings fastened to her back.

    “You look nice.” Brock replied. “Just like a giant Beautifly.”

    May smiled appreciatively towards him.

    “Thanks, Brock. Let’s see what the really thing thinks of my impersonation.” She held up a pokeball and threw it into the air. “Come on out, Beautifly!”

    A white silouette of a Pokemon disappeared and revealed the Pokemon in a shower of sparking dust. It yelled out its name and looked at May.

    “So, Beautifly, what do you think?” she asked, spinning before it.

    It nodded its approval and dance around her happily. Max wobbled over to his sister with difficulty.

    “May, I don’t like this costume anymore, I want to go change it.” He moaned.

    May put her hands on her hips and looked at her brother.

    “Well it’s too late, Max, because the party starts in ten minutes. If you were really that worried about it then you could have gone and changed it with Misty!”

    She looked towards the door.

    “Can you see her yet, Ash?” she asked her friend.

    The giant Pikachu stared in her direction and shook its head.

    “I wonder what’s taking her so long?” she thought aloud as another couple dressed as Pokemon walked past their door.

    “We’re gonna have to leave without her if she doesn’t hurry.”

    Max kept losing his balance and bumping into everything. May ignored him.

    “Maybe we should leave her a note and head to the main hall.”

    She waited for her friends to reply but before they could say anything, a slim figure came running down the hallway. She was wearing flat, bright blue slip-on shoes with a strapless dress that stopped just above her knees. It was a bold, aquatic blue with a white wave lining the bottom of the dress. From this white mass emerged white circles resembling bubbles that were randomly scattered near the bottom of the gown. The girl was also wearing a silver necklace with a blue teardrop gem, which glistened in the dimming light and matching teardrop earrings. Her auburn hair was down and she had a blue headband that had blue bunny ears with pink interiors. On her wrists were corresponding blue ruffled bracelets and she turned around in front of her friend to display a zigzag tail with a big metallic blue ball on the end.

    “Wow, Misty! You look great!” Ash exclaimed as she came down the corridor and showed him her new outfit.

    May and Brock moved towards to the door to see her as Pikachu jumped on to Ash’s shoulder and agreed with its master.

    “Yeah, Misty, You definitely resemble a giant Azumarill.” Brock added.

    May smiled at her. Her Beautifly approached Misty and examined her. It nodded its approval. Brock glanced at the clock in their room.

    “We should really get going guys.” He said.

    May recalled Beautifly to its pokeball and put it in a side-shoulder bag, which she put on her shoulder. She watched as Max still couldn’t keep his balance in the room and started hopping on one leg. When he ended up on both feet, he began side-stepping and walked straight into the wall by the door. He fell backwards but immediately jumped on to his feet and walked past May – who was holding the door open for him – and muttered his dislike for his costume. May shook her head in disbelief and locked the door behind her.

    When the group of friends reached the hall, they were amazed to see so many people dressed up as all the different kinds of Pokemon. Brock, however, was estatic to see so many pretty girls. With his imaginary fan club of hearts dancing around him and in his eyes, he leapt, hopped, danced, strided and galloped to every girl in sight – exclaiming his love and intolerable affection to each unlucky female. Misty was in no mood to chase after him and as Max was immobilised, no-one could be bothered to stop him. Instead, they pretended to not even know him and his strange behaviour towards girls.

    Can you see any buffet bars, Ash?” Misty asked while turning around behind her. “Ash? Where’d he go?”

    Her friend had disappeared from sight. May nudged her with her elbow.

    “He’s probably getting ready to make a speech for this party.” May whispered, grinning.

    Misty laughed, knowing that would most likely be the last thing he’d do and was more likely stuffing his face at the nearest food table. She looked around to see if she could catch sight of a giant Pikachu, but being hungry herself made her way over to the nearest table laden with food and picked up a plate for May and herself. They helped themselves to as much food as possible and sat down on one of the side tables at the edge of the room. They could see a little Seedot figure constantly losing its balance as so many people walked around it until it eventually fell over and rolled under one of the tables piled up with food and disappeared under the table cloth. The girls both laughed as Max rolled from the other side of the table and tripped up Brock who was about to grab a girl’s hand and declare his affection for her. A boy with green hair and dressed up as a Masquerain approached the girls’ table.

    “Well, well, look who it is.” The boy stated mockingly towards May.

    Her eyes narrowed at him. He was holding a single rose and was smiling at her.

    “Hello, Drew.” She said casually. “Where are you headed now?”

    “Oh, I’m just going to wander around Sootopolis for a while and do a bit of sight seeing. Here.” He said as he handing May the rose. “Catch ya later.” He finished and walked away to the other end of the hall.

    “Who was that?” Misty questioned.

    “Oh, he’s my rival when it comes to co-ordinating.” She replied while smelling her rose. “But I’d say we’re really good friends.”

    Misty smiled. “It’s nice to have good friends who are always there for you.”

    “Just like you and Ash?” May asked.

    Misty’s cheeks tinted pink as she looked down at the tablecloth and softly smiled.

    “Yeah, just like me and Ash.” She replied confidently.

    “So, how long have you known Ash? When did you first meet?”

    “Thank you guests, to all that have attended this most humble party.” A man started saying through a microphone to get the audience’s attention.

    May and Misty rushed from their seats and to the front of the stage where the man was standing.

    “I would like to say a few words before out gracious guest takes the stage. Firstly, I would like to apologise once again for our delay but I hope that you are enjoying your extra time and that your rooms are comfortable.”

    “I can’t see Ash anywhere!” May whispered urgently to Misty. “Do you think that he’s hiding back stage?”

    “Hi, guys! I’ve been looking all over for you!” A giant Pikachu stood beside Misty with its head under its arm.

    It threw an apple to Misty who caught it in two hands and looked shocked at him.

    “But, if you’re here,” Misty seemed confused. “Then who’s going to be up there and hosting this party?”

    “May I please introduce, our delightful and generous guest!” the man finished and backed down from the stage as a figure walked up to the microphone.

    May and Misty gasped.

    End Chapter 4

    Well, they you have it. I know its not very pokeshippy but I don't want to rush things and I've involved the other characters a lot more to make it more realistic. I don't think you could picture some of this chapter happening in the anime but PLEASE let me know what you think of it.

    I've had a guilty bug bothering me all day and weekend because I couldn't get this to you faster but I really hope you like it. As always your reviews and comments are much appreciated.

    Originally posted by NUKUDRAGON

    theres only one big problem with this story............ u take to long to update it!..............
    LOL. I am sorry that it takes so long but I do try and keep my ideas for the story fresh in my mind but I do have to fit in the story around H/W, coursework and everything else those evil teachers feel like setting us to do at home! But I will try and get the chapters up on this thread asap once I've written them for you.

    Thanks again and I hope you enjoy it! Please don't hesitate to review as I always love to hear what you think about it!

    Water Spirit

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    This is a very good story. I love the Luvdisc, but you need to work on comma use. Think about it: say the sentence out loud, and add a comma when you pause. Then your story should be perfect. Do the next chapter NOW! lol!

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    This is a really good story! But i wondering who was hosting the party?

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    Default Thank You!

    Thank you for reviewing my fic water goddess and Prof. Cinders!

    Originally posted by Prof. Cinders

    I love the Luvdisc, but you need to work on comma use. Think about it: say the sentence out loud, and add a comma when you pause.
    Got it. Thank you for this advice and I will make sure to remember this in future chapters.

    Originally posted by Water Master

    This is a really good story! But i wondering who was hosting the party?
    LOL! You will soon find out in the next chapter! But if you want a hint then


    it is someone who you already know.

    ***END SPOILERS***

    I'm sorry that I can't give you anymore because it might give it away! *winks*

    Originally posted by xsweet peax

    omg...i love your stories. You are one of my favorites now.
    Awwwwwwww! ^____^ Thank you so much!

    And a BIG thank you to everyone who has reviewed it so far, I really appreciate that you can find the time to read it and let me know what you think so THANK YOU! But those who haven't PLEASE I would love to know what you think!

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    Good chapter, I love the cliff hanger at the end! Keep on doing this, you're really good at it!

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    *claps* This chapter was very funny (humor is something I appreciate a lot in a fic) and very well-written! Congratulations!
    Oh! And may I add that I loved how you picked Seedot (sp?) for Max's costume to be of? It's silly to picture him wearing that! *lol*
    Let's see, now... I also REALLY liked this part:

    “It’s nice to have good friends who are always there for you.”

    “Just like you and Ash?” May asked.

    Misty’s cheeks tinted pink as she looked down at the tablecloth and softly smiled.

    “Yeah, just like me and Ash.” She replied confidently.
    It's SO sweet!
    Anyway, keep it up! It's a wonderful fic! I really want to read the next chapter, but please don't feel pressured! I know we are all eagerly awaiting your next chapters, but we don't want you to lose your touch just 'cause we want to read you awesome work soon! Take your time!
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    ooooo...that was a really good chapter. I loved it and I loved how you dont add too much pokeshipping hints too fast. It makes it look for realistic. That makes it like the anime and that is the kind of story I like. I just wish that you can make the next chapter and post it up quick. I would be waiting but please dont make me wait too long ^^

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    I loved that chapter. I think Pokémon-costume partys are a great idea!

    “May I please introduce, our delightful and generous guest!” the man finished and backed down from the stage as a figure walked up to the microphone.

    May and Misty gasped.

    End Chapter 4
    I wanna know who it is! I can't wait!
    Please write new chapter soon!

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    NOOOOO you cant just leave me hanging not knowing who the host is!! D: I loved this chapter just as great as ever, Max's seedot costume was a great idea ^_^ I cant wait for the next chapter *dances* Keep up your awesome work

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    Thanks for your comments guys!

    Originally posted by WaterBlaster

    I really want to read the next chapter, but please don't feel pressured! I know we are all eagerly awaiting your next chapters, but we don't want you to lose your touch just 'cause we want to read you awesome work soon!
    AWWWW!!! Thank you for that lovely comment! I do feel guilty when I can't get them up sooner. To be honest, all I would love to do all day is write this fic because I am enjoying writing it! But then there is H/W.... and more H/W.... and then there's more.... but I do try my best!

    Originally posted by FlamewheelNOOOOO you cant just leave me hanging not knowing who the host is!!
    LOL! I'm surprised that no-one has guessed who it is yet because I thought that I might have made it too obvious.... Guess not!

    Once again, thank you to everyone who has reviewed and I hope that you will keep on reading it but those who haven't reviewed it yet (I know I keep saying this) don't be afraid to let me know what you think as your comments are always welcome!

    Thanks again guys for being terrific reviewers and continuing to read my fic! (& I will get Chapter 5 up asap once I've typed and fine-tuned it)


    A very happy Water Spirit

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    aaawwww. Man just when it gets interesting and then boom it ends. Man so many people do it in their fics it drives me crazy with suspense. I feel like i'm going crazy just waiting to see who it is. Otherwise another fantastic fic you have there. Really good description everything.

    *waits patiently at computer until next chapter is up*

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    I've read all of your chapters on this fanfic. My favourtite bit was... well, all of them, loved every bit of it, particularly when Brock fell in love with the receptionist and all the other women as usual.

    And to put it on the more positive comment, I've just added you to my favourite authors list. Well done.

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    Crystal_Milotic Guest


    Oh wow...I love it! I can't wait to see who the mystery person is! Keep it up, this is a great fic!

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    omg god very good story. Im lovin it. please write more

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    I'm sorry for the wait guys. But I am half way through writing Chapter 5 and I'll try and get it up by tomorrow!

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    Please finish your next chap. soon, W.S.! This fic is very good. <3
    Gizamimi~giza moe!

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    This is great!! Just about everything I would expect in the anime. One I would definatly like to actually air in both Japan and US. I think it would work out with both. But then again, maybe not. I think 4kids would alter it somehow.

    IMO, I think Max would be too young to go to the dance. Think about his age for a sec, and you'd probably understand.

    I also liked the part where Misty got stuck. Nice move

    I also like Luvdisc, very intresting that that is the way Ash and Misty meet again.

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    Talking Chapter 5

    Ladies and Gentlemen, may I please present to you Chapter 5!


    Guys, I apologise but I have been spelling Wallace’s name wrong. Please excuse this error and from now on I will type it correctly.

    ***END SPOILERS***

    Chapter 5 - Mystery Guest - Revealed

    A man wearing a long, white shirt decorated with a mass of blue around the middle and cut so that long pieces were missing to leave a zigzag pattern. He was also dressed in black jeans and he adjusted with white flat hat so that it was lop-sided across his face. Some of his blue wavy hair escaped the grasp of his hat and swayed above his shoulders. He grinned to his audience at their reaction to his arrival. He altered the microphone so that he could speak through it on a low level and bent down on one knee. He opened his arms to his audience.

    “My gracious guests, welcome to this delightful party where we can assemble and commute with one another. I hope that you are enjoying yourselves and I would like to host the rest of the evening with music and merry dancing. I wish for you all to participate so that we can all appreciate the master of one of the performing arts. As I always say to friends – old and new – all I can offer you is dignity and respect and hope that you will repay me with the same hospitality. Thank you and good evening.”

    He bowed to the audience and rose to a deafening roar of applause and shouts. A large group of girls who had been standing near the front jumped up and down with hearts in their eyes and squealed with delight to see their idol. They begged him for his autograph and produced paintings in front of his face asking for them to be signed.

    “That’s Wallace!” Misty whispered in awe.

    She couldn’t believe her eyes. May, standing next to her, was gaping at the figure that had just stepped down from the stage. The group of girls surrounded him and screamed in his face as the man who was on stage earlier whispered in Wallace’s ear. They looked over towards Misty quickly and Wallace nodded to the announcer who handed him a microphone. Max, who had made his way over to the others, started talking intelligently about Wallace and his Pokemon. May was holding a muffin and was about to take a bite to relief herself of her shock but Max continued talking. Having been irritated by her brother enough already, May glared evilly at Max and stuffed the muffin in his mouth.

    “How come you didn’t say anything about knowing who Wallace was before?” Ash asked Max, annoyed and disappointed at the same time.

    Max squealed and mumbled desperately as he couldn’t get the muffin out of his mouth.

    May sighed and shook her head. “He said because you never asked him before.” May said before running over to her table to grab another muffin – whether to use it as back up against Max or to eat it was unknown.

    Ash watched her go, stunned by how she understood her brother’s mumbles. Someone tugged on the arm of his costume.

    “Ash, look.” Misty said closely beside him. “I think Wallace might make another speech.”

    They watched the stage as Wallace stood back on it.

    “Friends, before I depart I would like to introduce someone to you and give you a well-known piece of advise. Now, children are often mistaken to be helpless and clueless to the world around them. However, when they reach adolescence, they often show more of their courage and bravery that might have been concealed from the world. Children, adults and teenagers are all of the same intelligence but in different forms. Some have more; some may have less but only in different areas of knowledge and wisdom or even common sense. But today, one lady displayed courage beyond her years when she rescued her friend from drown at the cost of her own.”

    Misty blushed in the audience as he winked at her. Ash saw her reaction and had a confused but irritated expression upon his face.

    “So what I am trying to say…”

    He showed the crowd his flat, open palms then twirled them around each other to reveal a pokeball where he called upon the Pokemon inside. A Wishcash was released and he picked it up in his arms.

    “Is that appearances…” he continued.

    His Wishcash let loose a wall of water in from of itself and Wallace. It turned into a whirlpool that surrounded both of them and then disappeared – along with Wallace and Wishcash. The audience were amazed. They looked around the round to see where he had gone. A spotlight shone upon Ash and Misty who looked up at the light and then turned around. They jumped in surprise to see Wallace behind them.

    “Can be deceiving.” Wallace finished to yet another very strong applause.

    Wallace grabbed hold of Misty’s wrist and led her up to the stage. They stood before the microphone and Wallace put his arm around Misty’s back.

    “My dear guests!” Wallace continued again. “I would like to introduce you to this charming and elegant young lady dressed as an Azumarill…” he bent down to her and she whispered her name in his ear. “Misty! From Cerulean City!” he shouted loudly.

    The crowd applauded once again and smiled politely at Misty. She was burning red from embarrassment and was as stiff as a piece of wood.

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for your attention and I hope you enjoy the rest of the party.”

    He clicked his fingers and the band started playing a fast-paced but calming tune. Wallace helped Misty down from the stage and started talking to her as May and Ash ran over to her – followed by a struggling Max at a longer distance.

    “So you are from the Sensational Cerulean City?” Wallace asked Misty courteously. “Where the birth of water trainers began?”

    She blushed at his kind words.

    “Yeah,” she replied bashfully.

    “Are you here to watch my demonstration tomorrow then?” he continued.

    “Yeah, I can’t wait to see it!” she responded brightly. “I think it would be great to watch your techniques and to learn from an experienced gym leader like you!”

    He chuckled at her comment. “Well I obviously can’t be ask skilled as you are! I don’t think my Pokemon respond to me as well as I have seen yours do! Oh that reminds me…” he turned only to almost bump into Ash and May.

    “Hello, are you friends of Misty?” Wallace asked them.

    “Yes.” The two replied in unison.

    Wallace looked at Ash more closely.

    “Ahhh, you must be the young man that Misty rescued. Are you her relative, friend or boyfriend?”

    Ash wailed in his face in surprise and his cheeks rose in colour. Misty was also tinted a glowing red and screamed at the question Wallace had asked him. May laughed.

    “They’re just friends who have known each other for a long time.” May answered for them.

    Wallace smiled knowingly. He pulled out the microphone that he had attached to his back and spoke to the audience once again.

    “My apologies guests but I would appreciate it if we could share the remainder of this event with our Pokemon. Thank you for your humble understanding.”

    He replaced the microphone behind his back and many flashes of white light appeared around the room. All different types of Pokemon rested on the ground, hovered in the air or assembled themselves upon their masters’ shoulders. Pikachu hopped on to Ash’s shoulder once again as May and Misty released their Pokemon.

    LuvDisc jumped up and down on the floor waiting to be picked up by Misty and Beautifly hovered by May’s shoulder. Misty picked up her Pokemon in her hands and brought it up close to her face.

    “Hi, cutie!” she cooed lovingly to it. “How are you today?”

    LuvDisc jumped up and down in her hands and kissed her on the nose. Misty looked surprised then smiled cheerfully at it.

    “That’s a very nice LuvDisc you have their Misty.” Wallace said to her.

    She faced him and smiled.

    “Actually I caught this cutie pie when I rescued Ash. It kept swimming around us when I placed Ash on Gyarados and when I threw a pokeball at it, it didn’t struggle.”

    Wallace grinned knowingly at the trainer and her Pokemon.

    “Well it must know that there is an unbreakable bond between you and your friend then.” He smirked at her confused reaction.

    “What do you mean?” she asked.

    “Yeah, you’re not making any sense.” Ash cut in.

    Wallace shook his head while grinning.

    “It doesn’t matter. You’ll understand one day.” Wallace replied simply.

    He bowed before Misty as a new slow song started up.

    “Would you like to dance?”

    Misty was in shock and stood staring at him. May noticed her reaction and waved a hand in front of her face. LuvDisc, who was still sitting in Misty’s hands, looked up at May angrily and squirted her in the face with water. May blinked unsurely and stood still.

    “May would you hold LuvDisc for me?” Misty asked rapidly and gently placed her Pokemon in May’s hands before she could reply.

    Wallace took Misty’s hand and led her to the dance floor where they began dancing. Wallace had one arm around Misty’s waist and the other in her hand while Misty’s other hand was on his shoulder.

    LuvDisc face May and grinned maliciously up at her. It puffed out its cheeks, ready to launch a water gun at her when May screamed and threw it into Ash’s hands. She ran away to the other end of the room where Brock was trying to charm some more girls. Ash stared at the LuvDisc in his hands that was dancing happily.

    “I really don’t understand you.” He said to the little creature. “And I don’t understand them either.” he continued and watched Wallace and Misty dancing.

    LuvDisc looked at Wallace and Misty and jumped up and down in horror. It pouted its cheeks as Ash looked unsurely towards Misty. She caught his eye and smiled at him which he returned as Wallace spun her around on the spot.

    End Chapter 5

    I hope you like this chapter! I know its a bit short but I plan to get Chapter 6 up for you soon as an apology for waiting for so long and a thank you for being your perseverance.

    I hope I am not discouraging you from reading this because of the delays this week and I hope that you enjoy reading the future chapters to come! Please keep reviewing as I'm always interested in knowing what you think of it!

    Originally posted by pokeplayer984

    IMO, I think Max would be too young to go to the dance. Think about his age for a sec, and you'd probably understand.
    Yeah, you're probably right but it's more of a party with a bit of dancing in but I know what you mean.

    Thanks again everybody and please keep reviewing!

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