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Thread: Fate and Destiny of Friends - AAML

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    great! Its gonna..or might be up tomorrow. I cant wait either! I'll be on right after school and read it before I go and do homework XDD!!

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    I'll definitely be reading it, probably as soon as it gets posted.

    Quote Originally Posted by Water Spirit
    Shawn: That's OK if you haven't been around, I'm glad that you like it, but I wanted to include your name in it coz you have shown a lot of support to my fic previously. Wow, your wife read it? Well I'm glad she likes it too! And thank you for the lovely points that you made. My next fic is going to be called Sacrifice For a Dream if you are still interested in reading it. And thanks, my cold is getting better. ^_^
    Yep, I remember the support I gave perfectly. As for Sacrifice For a Dream... wow, that name sounds very romantic. Still interested? I never lost any interest in your work! I've just been VERY busy with a LOT of stuff. (My job being the perfect example... and being a dad can be tough for me. XD)

    Point being, I'll be sure to read it when it shows up.

    As for your healing cold, that's good to hear.

    I'll ensure I make up for the long time I haven't replied by replying as soon as chapter 20 gets posted. I'm subscribed to this topic, so I'll get e-mailed. ^_^

    I need to get back to a specific work now. XD
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    i've read this through again n i hate 2 be annoyin but how long till the next chapter, sry its holidays over here n im totally board

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    Default Chapter 20

    Gotta be quick & in a rush - explain tomorrow. Sorry for delay - had problems - don't worry and don't ask. I'll do a response post tomorrow. Enjoy!

    Chapter 20 – Education in Emotions – Past Loves

    Casey looked at the map once again and was surprised to find that they had already passed Grande Old Downs and were now on Gladdecease Walk.

    “Hey guys, the Pokemon Centre is just up ahead!” she shouted and ran up the path.

    She ran ahead with Shawn and Max, with May and Brock following not far behind and Ash and Misty bringing up the rear. They stopped suddenly when a tiny creature jumped out in front of them and they almost stepped on it. As they yelled in surprise, the others stopped to see what the problem was. A baby LuvDisc was jumping in front of Ash and Misty happily, while a larger LuvDisc whom they suspected was the parent, hopped out of the neighbouring bushes tentatively, and nudged its eager baby with its nose. It looked up at Ash and Misty and smiled as the parent and baby danced in little circles around them, before moving over towards Casey and Shawn and danced furiously around them and then disappeared into the bushes again. Ash was staring at the patch where the LuvDisc had just disappeared.

    “What was that about?” he asked curiously.

    “Oh, that’s the little dance they do for loving couples.” Casey said to him and smiled.

    “I don’t see any loving couples apart from you and Shawn.” Ash stated, clueless to what she was implying.

    May face-faulted along with a blushing Misty.

    “Ash! How can you be so dense?!” May shouted at him.

    He blinked at her but his face remained clueless.

    “What do ya mean?”

    She sighed and shook her head.

    “Never mind.”

    “Oh, um… yeah… that dance they did for me was really sweet!” he said, proud of himself for supposedly figuring out what the big deal was about.

    “Is he always this dense?” May asked Misty as a sweat drop ran down her head.

    “Yep.” Misty replied just as sarcastically when something dawned on her. “Wait a minute, what are you trying to say?”

    “Come on! Casey said the Pokemon Centre was at the end of this road!” May said happily as she changed the subject and left Misty in doubt and confusion at what she had just said.

    Misty followed with a puzzled face as she and the others followed May eagerly up the hill until she stopped and saw the Pokemon Centre in front of them.

    “Wow! The town is so pretty!” Misty commented passionately.

    “Yeah, it’s like the Town we visited with those two kids and their Nidoran.” Ash said as he stood beside Misty.

    Misty’s cheeks tinted a soft lavender as she was reminded of the flirtatious incident she had had with Ash and Tracey, though Ash as usual, was too dense to figure out what she was trying to say.

    Do you think people change when they… get kissed?

    Guess we’ll have to find out for ourselves!

    Misty grinned as she remember how her voice had betrayed her and had put on a teasing yet playful tone before she had looked up into Ash’s clueless face and sighed in disbelief as he had not understood what she had said.

    “Come on! Let’s get there fast coz I’m starving!” Ash shouted as he ran down the hill with Casey and Pikachu yelling its name in approval.

    Misty and Brock smiled as they watched him go and Shawn hunched his shoulders and looked down at his feet as he walked down the hill with Misty, Brock, May and Max.

    Reaching the door first, Ash burst through and greeted Nurse Joy happily as he asked her if the cafeteria was still open. Greeting him politely she said yes and directed him there as the others enter the Centre. Ash ran through the door that she indicated along with everyone else and sat down at one of the large booths that could hold seven people with an extra chair on the end. On one side Casey, Shawn and Max sat with Ash, Misty and Brock opposing then and with May on the end next to Misty and Max. Nurse Joy came over to them and handed them each a menu that they eagerly took and looked at the long list of foods that they could choose from. She brought over their drink and took the orders.

    “So, what would you all like today?” she asked them curiously.

    “I wanna Hot Dog with chilli cheese fries!” Max shouted.

    “Me too please!” May said politely.

    “Shawn and I wanna share a romantic pepperoni pizza please!” Casey shouted as she grabbed Shawn by the arm while throwing her fist in the air.

    “Can I have a cheeseburger?” Misty asked.

    “I want you Nurse Joy!” Brock added dreamily before Misty stepped on his foot hard and he said solemnly that he also wanted a Cheesburger.

    “And I wanna jumbo sized pizza with extra toppings, two chilli cheese fries, three cheeseburgers, two hot dogs, a Caesar salad, and a double decker hot chocolate sundae with two spoons!” Ash said and held up his two fingers with a wink to Nurse Joy.

    Everyone looked at him in surprise except Misty who’s eyes were narrowed as she glared at Ash.

    “That second spoon better be for me.” She said coldly.

    “Well I don’t have two mouths!” Ash said while laughing at his joke.

    “Only two stomachs.” Misty commented quietly and sighed.

    Nurse Joy was surprised by Ash’s order by accepted it anyway and disappeared into the kitchen to tell the chef their orders.

    “So Casey, how did you meet Shawn then?” Ash asked.

    Misty went tense as Casey looked at her and smiled.

    “Oh well actually, we met in Cerulean.” She said calmly.

    “Wow! Misty did you bump into them? Or did you go and visit her?” Ash inquired.

    “Well actually, Shawn has a really big crush on Misty and invited her to go to an Electabuzz baseball game but she refused to go with him coz she said there was… someone else that she liked…” Casey said with a big grin on her face and stared at Misty with mischievous eyes.

    Misty looked back at her in horror and Shawn had turned a deep shade of magenta and looking down on the floor. Ash’s cheeks also tinted pink as May smiled widely at both of them until Ash said:

    “You never told me you liked someone, who is it Misty? Do we know them?”

    Misty’s face couldn’t have turned any redder than the shade it was now. She laughed nervously and excused herself from the table and ran into the lady’s room. May followed her as Nurse Joy brought out their food.

    “So what did she say Casey? Did she say who it was?” Ash asked eagerly.

    Casey shook her head.

    “No, but Psyduck knows who it is. So it must be someone that you know well.”

    Ash pondered for a moment and started crossing off possible names on his fingers.

    “Let’s see, it could be Brock, Richie, Tracey, Gary – I hope not, err… Professor Oak, I think he’s a bit too old for her… urr… or it could be-”

    “You.” Brock finished his sentence.

    “Huh? What do you mean it could be me?”

    “Well, you’re also a guy so don’t count yourself out.” He said before starting his hamburger.

    “Oh, yeah I guess so.”

    He watched Misty emerge from the toilets with May and resume her seat next to him. When she smiled at him, he blushed and started to eat his incredibly large meal.

    “I’ve got an idea, let’s go round and say how many boyfriends or girlfriends we’ve had so far.” Casey suggested as Shawn handed her a slice of pizza which was shaped as a heart. “I’ll start. I’ve had two boyfriends, one I am currently with now, and I love him to bits!” she said and hugged him but the cheese on her pizza slid off and fell into his lap.

    “Brock how about you?”

    “Errr… not one.”

    Misty laughed at him. “That’s probably coz you’re always chasing after them and you scare them off.”

    “But there was one girl who like me!” Brock continued and ignored Misty. “Her name was Teamacu, and she fell in love with me, but then she fell in love with every other guy too.” He finished and looked a little crest fallen. “But I’ve followed Misty’s advice ever since and I still haven’t got anywhere.”

    “Maybe it’s coz Misty told you.” Ash teased as Misty hit him on the head.

    “What did she say?” Shawn asked Brock quietly.

    “She said it’s a lot easier to like someone than to like someone who doesn’t.”

    Shawn smiled at Misty and nodded in understanding.

    “What about you Misty?” Shawn asked her.

    “Oh… um… well I’ve had two boyfriends too.” She said and blushed slightly.

    “Really?” May asked. “Who?”

    “Well, there was this one boy that I met at a Kindergarten that I went to for a year and we really didn’t get on.” She placed her head in her hands as she went into a dreamy mode as she recalled her memories. “But after a while, something just clicked and we went out with each other.”

    “What happened if you’re not with him now?” Max asked.

    Misty put her hands back on the table and looked at Max.

    “When we finished our year at Kindergarten, we had to go our separate ways. I don’t remember him too well coz I was only about three or four.”

    “And what about your other boyfriend?” Brock inquired.

    “Oh, he was my neighbour in Cerulean and we went out for a year but he left to go to the Orange Islands with his family and I haven’t seen him since.”

    “Ash?” May said, eager to keep the line of confessions going.

    “Urr… I dunno, I think I had a girlfriend when I was really young but I can’t remember her. I was too interested in Pokemon to care about having a girlfriend too much.”

    “I know.” May and Misty both said at the same time, Misty looking downcast and May watching Misty.

    “What?” Ash asked.

    They both looked at him wide-eyes and just told him to ignore them. Misty glanced at May, unable to figure out what she knew but decided to disregard the fact.

    “May, Max? How about you guys?” Misty asked them.

    “I’ve never had a girlfriend.” Max said depressed.

    “I’ve had a boyfriend, but I think it went on for two years and he was two years older than me, so he left to become a Trainer.”

    “Have you had a girlfriend, Shawn?” Casey asked but he only responded by shaking his head in disagreement. “Oh, you were planning on being Misty’s Lover weren’t you?” she teased and both he and Misty turned a deep magenta once again.

    “Guys, where do I need to register for the League?” Ash asked in a sudden panic.

    “You need to go to the registration office up the road, Ash.” Nurse Joy explained to him kindly as she cleared their plates away. “They’ll also give the details for your lodgings for your stay here.”

    “Great! Thanks for the food Nurse Joy! It was great!” Ash said as he leapt to his feet and squeezed past Misty before running towards the door.

    “Ash! Where are you going?” Misty shouted after him.

    “To register!” he shouted before he disappeared out of the door.

    “I think we better follow him and help sort this out, you know what he’s like.” Brock said to Misty as they both shimmed out of their seats. “Are you going to come with us?” he asked Casey and Shawn.

    “No, we need to get ready for the Electabuzz game that they are showing in the main stadium in a hour, that’s why we came here and we’ll be leaving early in the morning.” Casey replied.

    The friends bid each other farewell outside of the Pokemon Centre, each wishing the other luck and hoping to see them again soon. Brock, Misty, May and Max followed Nurse Joy’s instructions to get to the Registration Office and already found Ash talking quickly to the receptionist. A powerful gust of wind almost knocked Misty, May and Max off their feet as it moved past them and towards the receptionist, then they realised that it was Brock being dominated by his ‘uncontrollable obsession’ of pretty girls and women.

    “Oh, my sweet lovely, fate has brought us together to show that you and I are soul mates!” Brock chanted dreamily to the young women as he held her hands and sent Ash flying to the side as he shoved him out of the way. “You radiant beauty could be sensed from so far away, it must be a sign that my charm sensors are more accurate than usual – does that suggest something to you?”

    “Only that your head is too swollen to fit through the exit.” Misty said irritated and pulled him by the ear.

    “Ow! Not the ear!” he complained as the pain became more and more unbearable.

    Max laughed as Misty dragged him away and towards the door so that Ash could finish his registration details.

    “So, you said you would like a room that can accommodate five people?” the receptionist repeated after she had recovered from her awkward incident with Brock.

    She typed something into the computer in front of her and then looked back at Ash.

    “I do have one room that can sleep six people, it has two bedrooms – each with a bunk bed and a separate bed – a bathroom and a living room that has a kitchen, computer, TV, sofas and breakfast table all together in one room. I’d offer you another one, but since the matches start tomorrow, most of the rooms are booked. You’re lucky you registered when you did.”

    The friends’ mouths were wide open.

    “Two bedrooms?”




    “TV AND SOFAS?!?”

    “We’ll take it!” They shouted in unison as they couldn’t believe the luck they were having with their room.

    The woman handed them a key and instructed them to go into the next building and up two flights of stairs to their room. They thanked her gratefully and ran out of the Reception to the towering building next to it and excitedly ran into it and up the stairs to their dream room. Ash fiddled with the lock and eventually opened it to see everything that the lady had described. They ran into the room and the girls claimed the bigger room and left the boys with the slightly smaller room, which they protested was unfair since there were three boys and two of them. No matter how much they protested, the girls refused to give in and even when they were threatened to not have Brock cook for them, the bit back and said that they would go into the town and get something to eat. The boys gave in and Ash immediately went on to the League Database to look up who he would most likely be fighting once the matches were up on the big screen that was in the main Pokemon Centre up the road, not the one that they had stayed in earlier as that was a back-up when the League was at its busiest such as now.

    “Have you found anything interesting, Ash?” Misty asked as she grabbed a chair with Max to look at the screen

    “Aw, man! They’re not showing details of trainers until tomorrow because registration for the League closes at ten tonight and the administrators need to keep updating the database.” He moaned.

    “Well that’s fair enough.” Misty commented. “At least tomorrow you’ll be able to see all of the trainers, rather than miss some if you looked at it now as the database is still being updated.”

    “I guess.” He said defeated. “But I can’t wait for tomorrow coz I’ll be able to see who the first victim is that will be on my defeat role as I become the Houen Champion.” He said confidently and passionately.

    “Well it looks like you’re going to have to compete in some preliminary rounds first.” Misty said as she took control of the mouse. “It looks similar to the one in Johto where you are separated into groups of three and whoever gets the most amount of points qualifies for the next round.”

    “No problem. The last lot I faced were walkovers, what makes you think that these trainers will be any different?” he replied boldly.

    Misty frowned at his reaction.

    “Ash, you don’t want to be too full of yourself now.” She tried to reason. “You need to keep a cool head like you did in Johto or you’ll end up being like you were in the Indigo League and being over-enthusiastic.”

    “Hey! I can in the top sixteen in the Indigo League and I’ve grown up a lot since then!” he retaliated angrily.

    “I know, Ash, but you just don’t want to get too excited and come face to face with an easy loss do you?” she continued calmly.

    “Oh yeah? Are you saying that I can’t have any fun at all? That I have to be serious and not get excited once?” he continued bitterly.

    Misty’s eyes narrowed at him as she lost her patience.

    “I was only trying to offer you some advice.” She said heatedly.

    “Well I don’t want it!”

    “Fine!” she shouted and stormed into her room and slammed the door.

    "They're liking conflicting clouds aren't they?" Max commented randomly.

    End Chapter 20

    Oh, before I forget: Names

    MistyLover17 (as requested)
    Cloud Strife
    EDIT: ZIMMY! How could I forget! Don't worry hun, I've got your name in Chapter 21 coz it fits better there than in this chapter. Sorry, I hope you don't mind.

    If anyone else would like a name featured in this fic then please just say.

    OK, not too happy with this but I'll explain tomorrow. I'd love it if you would please read and review to let me know what you think!

    Take care


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    still as good as ever and now they are at the leauge, wicked mate, update soon xxxxx

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    Parts of Chapter 20 were pretty funny! I chuckled at some parts.

    They sure had quite an interesting discussion. I kept on reading, waiting to see what else would be said. Hehe... I liked how both May and Misty said "I know" to Ash at the same time. That got Ash clueless for a minute (IMO). XD

    I pictured Ash's attitude at the end perfectly. If anyone knows Ash right, he'll brag and say "I'll beat them!" and so forth.

    Good chapter Water Spirit. I liked it.

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    *snickers* Hehe, the Luvdisc was cute. I like that. And Brock's *ahem* display of affection and Misty's remark was hilairous. Just like the anime.

    *shakes head* Those two, always fighting. *snickers*

    Great update.

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    Ok, so i said i'd review tomorrow but i've got time now. ^_^

    This chapter was really good. I especially liked the part where Ash ordered that massive meal and everyone was staring at him. Same old Ash.

    That was good when everyone was asking if they ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend and it came to Misty. Brock had Ash in a funny situation there. I also liked how you reflected on some of the past episodes such as the Nidoran one and the Indigo and Johto leagues.

    Aaaaww. Typical Ash. When Misty really wants to give Ash help he rejects it. Just imagine what it could have been like if it was the opposite way round when Ash lost in the Indigo League and he accepted to go for a walk with Misty. I just hope that they can build briges next chapter.

    Well done. Can't wait for chapter 21. I'm in real suspence. Also, i hope you're alright with whatever's happening.

    ~Blazing Charmander~

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    OMG!! I LOVE this chapter!!! It's PERFECT!! *bounces so much she falls out of her chair* Ow. *scrambles back into it* A-Hem...

    It was wonderful, the characters were perfect in terms of how they relate to the animé characters, and if the way you describe May were what was on TV, may(*shudder*)be I'd repect her a bit more.
    The way you put humor into this is absolutely amazing. This was just one of my favorite parts...
    “Only that your head is too swollen to fit through the exit.” Misty said irritated and pulled him by the ear.

    I did catch a few typos, but I assume you were typing fast, so that's okay.
    Keep it up, Water Spirit!! ^___^

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    Woah.....just "woah". Great chapter! As always, great description and Character details and I can't wait til' 21! Great Job!


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    Don't worry about the WS, it was great! I guess your setting up for the big finale, huh? It was funny the way you brang back the ole' Kanto Ash and Misty, It was like being reunited with an old friend XDD. Especially the was Ash was clueless when someone tries to give him hints of Misty liking him. The chapter was funny like crazy, I really liked it. Can't wait till the next one. peace.

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    *sighs* That was good...

    Anyhoo, awesome chappy! I liked the 'I know' stuff, adored Misty getting suspicious of May, and fell in love with the Luvdisc! It was so cute that it was a baby Luvdisc that danced around them, after being told by its parent that it was the right thing to do.

    The character's actions for the chapter: Ash was dense, [like that's news...] May and Misty were embarrassed for him, Ash ate a lot [like that's news either...], Brock was...Brock [you know, I never get tired of saying that!], and Casey and Shawn were sweet.

    You brought 'Wherefore Art Thou, Pokemon?' into the story! Yay! Brock didn't seem to have a reaction to the whole Luvdisc situation, which is'd think he'd be the first to point something out about that, but...*shrugs*...OMG! Ash blushed! *laughs uncontrollably* That is too PERFECT!

    - *looks at scene* Psy! *laughs uncontrollably*

    - *floats over* *lets go of balloons* Pikachu! *grabs balloons* *floats away*

    *charred* I needed that...but still! He blushed! Wasn't that great, Psyduck?

    - ...


    - ... were KO'd after one attack, huh? Well, return, Psyduck. Anyway, bringing up that moment was pure genius! Shawn blushed, Misty blushed, Ash was perfect! Just as I would have hoped for a scene with that stuff in it! You brought up 'The Heartbreak of Brock!' Yay! I'm almost surprised...Brock didn't mention the rest of that conversation, and the other oh-so-vital-to-pokeshipping moment of that ep didn't even come to Misty's thoughts...*sighs*...I guess I can't have everything in life...

    All in all: great job! I can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the fantastic work! Later!
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    Great job, WS! I really like this one(No offense, including our names was kinda distracting) You've carried your talent through every which way. The realism to the anime, the shipping hints, the dry wit, everything! We support you all the way!

    P.S. By Sunday, my new fic will be up. Come and read it!

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    Yet another great chapter WS! I keep wondering when Ash will go off to face his first challenge. I also wish that Ash wasn't so dense...sheesh what a dope!
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    Awesome chapter!!! Ash is so dense and he eats a lot too! ^_^ I just love how Misty always pulls Brocks ear, it's so funny. I also liked the scene when they were eating and were discussing boyfriends and girlfriends and Misty was blushing a lot. Great chapter and I can't wait to read you're next one!

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    Another great chapter WS. This chapter was very funny since you included Ash's eating habits. The Luvdisc part was cute too. I liked how the mom and the child were dancing in circles around Ash+Misty, and Casey+Shawn. Of course Ash's cluenesses played a big part too. It was another chapter that was written wonderfully. Keep it up.

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    WOw, that was a great chapter, I like how misty yelled at ash about the two spoons for the sunday :P. anyways, can't wait for #21!

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    hardcore_9292 Guest


    this is a really great fic! you are an awesome author Water Spirit! keep it up!
    and uhh...could one of the people ash has to face in the tournament be a trainer that specializes in herd/pack/etc. pokemon? i would really aprreciate it

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    Excellent as always I'm glad the humor and shippyness is starting to come in more and more. You have very great ideas and you've kept the characters' personalities true to the show, although I thought Ash had matured a bit more from since Misty left. Anyway, again, keep up the excellent work, and whatever is making you very urgent, I hope whatever it is that you get, uh, less urgent ^^; however that may turn out. BTW, I personally think it'd be cool if Brendan showed up in the tournament

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    That was good one

    I liked how Casey told Ash about Misty and Shawn and how Ash was so clueless all the time.
    And how all the people told about their past loves.
    Great work!!!!

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    the snagger Guest


    this chapter is good , n very nice funny bits

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    I started to think I was on reading episode guides, and I started hearing their voices in my head...

    You should be hired to write shippy episodes for the Anime... that was the right length, right emotions, and you even put in our names again!

    Whatever's bugging you isn't bad, is it? I sure hope not...

    Perception is reality, so...
    I percieve you having the best of luck!


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    Wow! Water Spirit, you write much better than I ever could. =)

    I've liked your story, all 20 (and more in the future, hopefully =D) chapters of it! The storyline is great, the stuff with the Luvdisc is great...

    And my favorite quote so far...

    “Ash?” May said, eager to keep the line of confessions going.

    “Urr… I dunno, I think I had a girlfriend when I was really young but I can’t remember her. I was too interested in Pokemon to care about having a girlfriend too much.”

    “I know.” May and Misty both said at the same time, Misty looking downcast and May watching Misty.

    “What?” Ash asked.

    They both looked at him wide-eyes and just told him to ignore them. Misty glanced at May, unable to figure out what she knew but decided to disregard the fact.
    I like the way you write. Keep it up! (Maybe one day you could give me advice for my own fictions )

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    *gasp!* Advanceshipper! How ya doin? Fine, me too!

    But see, this is an example of a good reader. Reading outside their genre, even though it's almost totally against it! Although this story portrays May as a thoughtful person now, reverse others with the "I WILL get Ash from you, even though this is an AAML! Muahahaha!" this fanfic is "I'm gonna help you get Ash, because you look like you belong to each other."

    I have no idea why I just wrote that... *sweatdrop*


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    Biiaru Guest


    uhm... Actually, i'm as much a Pokéshipper as I am an Advanceshipper, Gymshipper, Breedershipper, Kawaiishipper, and... err, whatever else i am. =) I come in a wide variety of flavors, one to suit everyone's taste. =)

    God... I know i'm not supposed to write stuff like this, but I can't freakin' wait for chapter 21... and i'm not even going to mention how long i've been waiting for Chapter 22, 23, etc

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