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Thread: Fate and Destiny of Friends - AAML

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    Must have been a non aaml fan.

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    *gasp* This fic deserves to be 6 stars, not four!!! *pulls out a mallet* WS, you want I should whack whoever did this?

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    I can't believe it would go down! O_O *Tries to vote twice* ;__; This fic deserves better than 4 stars. :/
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    O_o!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
    WHAT HAPPENED?!!! *Turns into Darklusion the Assassin*


    *Twirls 2 deadly assassin blades in her hands* (Roaring) WHO DID THIS??!!!!!!!

    Mightyena Tribe:*cowers in fear* Quick sombody give a 5 star rating before she kills somebody!

    *whispers so others don't hear* Don't worry I won't really do that I'll be just dissapionted with whoever did this.
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    Well, i hope someone can find out...WS deserves this 5-STAR...oh...well we should get BACK TO TOPIC...
    (>^_^)> !i!i!i! ~ŁańkaŃ \|/ ßlάĉK §ϋŃ~ !i!i!i! <(^_^<)

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    Well WS, I hope that the next chapter comes up soon, I keep checking and checking to see it, but it still isn't there ... Oh well, I'm just gonna have to wait.

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    Hiya guys!

    Dunno if you've missed me or not but I've got loads to tell you. Firstly, thanks to everyone who voted to make Fate And Destiny of Friends a 5 star fic - but it seems that it was all done for nothing. *sighs* I am SICK of people taking my work that I spend so much time on, and throwing it away and making it worse for me. With the rating - to be honest, I really wish there wasn't a scheme because I know how depressing it is for the poor people who write their fics and discover that it drops down a rating when everyone says its really good. It's not nice but most of the time its true, but I've noticed that quite a few fics have dropped down - so maybe someone is having fun.

    Guys, I hope you don't mind, but I'm really not in the mood to do a responce post, but thank you to everyone for your lovely comments and reviews on Chapters 22 and 23. ^_^ It really means a lot to me. I'll make sure to do one for Chapter 24 instead if that helps but I've got so much going on that I don't even have enough time to breathe.

    All those who have asked for a PM I've added to my list, and chipsy, I have no idea why you're not receiving them, but I'll make sure to do a separate one to make sure it gets through to you. ^_^

    And welcome to all my new readers and hopefully you'll continue reading this fic.

    Good News: I dunno how you're going to take this but despite attempting to have 24 up for last Wednesday, it didn't make it, but I'm looking at it now and thinking that i'll probably have it finished by tonight. Truthfully, I was really peeved at what I'd written and I don't think Chapters 19-23 have been very good and to me, Chapter 24 won't be either - but what you see on the screen and what I see are different, so I prefer to go by someone else's opinion because they read it for the first time. Anyway,

    Bad News: I have exams coming up soon and I am having difficulty trying to find time to come on Serebii, along with revision and HW. It's too much for me and with the responsibilities of a fic, its making the situation worse. So I've decided that I'm going to leave Serebii for a while, just so that I can sort myself out because I feel that I'm slipping, sit my exams and then I'll have a free Christmas with this fic as my only responsibity. ^_^ I remember - and I'm sure someone asked me recently - when they thought I would finish this fic and when Sacrifice For a Dream would be up. This was about two months ago, and I said it would be finished in November, but I'm still not close to finishing it as I thought I was! But Sacrifice For a Dream will probably be up around Christmas, just because I'll have more time to spare and it will relax me.

    Just because I'm leaving, doesn't mean that I'm disappearing - all it means is that I won't be on as much as I usually was (like recently) so that I can focus on my exams so that I'll hopefully pass to be sat for the papers that I want to be for next year when I do the real ones. I'll be about maybe in the week and more likely on weekends, but I'll always be happy to receive PMs from you if you still want to talk to me. ^_^ It would be nice to talk to you guys about anything just to keep my mind away from revision when I want to get away from it.

    With regards to Chapter 24, well, let me finish my HW and do a bit of revision and then I'll work on it to try and get it up but seriously, I can't give any guarentees. And with the rating again, well, it looks like it will be a long time before its a 5 star again so I'm just going to ignore it and get on with my fic. I trust you guys on that you say that it is good, so ratings no longer mean anything to me or otherwise I might end up taking it to heart and not producing good chapters. *sighs*

    Well, I'll be around for a little while and then I'm off - I just hope this thread doesn't die while I'm a away I might have to get someone to keep an eye on it.

    Take care



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    Have fun with Mocks! they're more fun than they look, you've got study leave and all that! the worst bit comes next year

    I'm not too bothered about the lack of chapters, proper ones are better than rushed and uninspired ones

    Have fun with ya exams! Miss ya!

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    Smile Don't worry; be happy! XD!

    This thread? DIE?! Water Spirit, don't worry; remember when we waited for you throughout vacation? We'll always be loyal to this fic, until its end*shudders*. I don't know what idiotic fool rated it lower, but that doesn't matter. We'll like this fic for always no matter what those imbiciles have to say about it. Not producing good chapters? What are you saying?! Of COURSE they're good! I know how you feel, and that the toughest critic on an author's work is often the author themself (at least that's how it is with me). But don't worry; we don't see the tiny flaws that you do. We just see the best AAML that's ever been written, and don't you forget it. =D

    And good luck on your exams! ^_^

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    I agree with Meganium, This thread will not die. All we need is for two or more of us to keep discussing what might or might not happen in the future. With this going on, I am sure that we can keep the thread alive for as long as you want.

    I can understand how much pressure exams cause, I am doing my A levels this year, and the amount of homework and revision leaves me very little spare time.

    Hope your exams go well, and that goes to everyone who is doing exams at this time,

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    Yeah, don't worry 'bout a thing WS. I'm sure that all reviewers will keep this thread alive. This is one of the best stories i've read so i doubt it'll go down in popularity.

    Good luck with your exams as well. I really know how you must feel as i've also got year 9 SATs this year. I know they're not until May but i'm already scared. *Bites nails*

    Put up the chapter when you're not so busy as school work (unfortunately) comes first. I really can't wait for next chapter. We were left at another very suspenseful cliffhanger so i'm excited.

    PM ya soon
    Blazing Charmander

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    We won't let this thing get pruned, I swear it. I get on here alot to make sure it is towards the top of the fan-fiction so that others may read it too.

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    Thanks for the news WS. ^^ I'm glad to hear about the next chapter being up soon. Its okay that you have to leave for a while as well. Your exams are more important then keeping us happy. You are your first priority. ^^ Also, don't worry about the thread dying. I check the thread everyday just like Cloud Strife to make sure it is at the top. I'm sure that others do this as well. So don't worry! ^^
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    And I too will check every day. Your thread is in good hands, Water Spirit! =D XD!

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    All the others are right; so right, in fact, that they took everything I was going to say. No fair! *pouts*

    But seriously, your chapters are fantastic. It's true, what Meganium said, that an author is their own toughtest critic. [especially if they take their work seriously]

    Also true is that this thread will never die - we held it up while you were on vacation, and we'll do the same this time. So go do your HW. Take exams. Get good grades. Then come back and write great chapters.

    It's all up to you as to when, so post when you feel you've done your best and can't do better. Or whenever.

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    Don't worry Water Spirit, we don't let this thread die ^______^
    I'm sure this fic just gets lot of new readers.

    I can't wait of chapter 24 and I'm sure it's good as other chapters or even better.
    Good luck to your exams, I know you can do it!!!!
    And we'll see ya later then
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    I'll make sure that this thread won't die either, because this is one of the best fics I've ever read.

    I wish you good luck in your exams but don't be away for too long. I remember being away on holiday for two months and they took me out of here.
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    Here I am than. Just checking up on the thread. ^^ It seems that we have a whole army of readers who are making sure this thread lives to the end. So don't worry. ^^
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    I hope your rating goes up soon! You've worked SOOOOOOOO hard on this! I'll wait for "it" and see what happens, maybe "it" will have to wait until summer time! I won't let this thread die! I promise!

    Fanfic Buddies with the awesome, sweet, and cool Water Spirit! Also, thanks for making my CG acronym!

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    I want to help this keep alive too.^_^ I can't wait to see the next chapter of this really great fanfic. I've been reading it for a long time too.^_^ And it's alway's been really cool!

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    Default Loves this fan-fic ^^

    WS you are soooooo cool! I just finished reading your fan-fic that you have so far!! Can't wait to find out the ending!! Hope you do good on ur exams ~ Misty and Ash forever! Luvs May quiz ^^ Best wishes!! ~Pikachu#25lover~ ^^
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    Yeah, I have to agree with all the others. Of course we will do anything we can to hold this thread alive. A fanfic so good as this is rare. And "Pikach#25lover"s post just prove that your gets newer readers all the time. I ´ll wait as all the others or the next chapter but take your time. I wish you all luck at your exam WS!

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    *Reverts back to Moonlusion the Wise*

    Mightyena Clan: *Sighs in relief that they were not going to get hurt* Wheew! Whoo! Close one there!

    Anyways, *takes her Moon Blade out and puts it diagonally across her chest which is what she always do when making a oath* I, Moonlusion the Wise, vow to make sure this thread never dies and check up on it regulary to keep it in tip top shape, wot!

    Brondaze: Why are you talking like a hare?

    'CAUSE I CAN THATS WHY! *glares at Brondaze*

    Brondaze: *backs away slowly* sorry I asked.

    But seriously WS I promise to do everything possible to keep this thread alive.

    *gets on all fours and races at supersonic speed to Cloud Nine Island*
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    So to pass the time away until WS comes back... how about we play a game?
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    *eyes fill with tears at kind words* Guys, thank you SO much! I'm so lucky to have great friends like you! OK, quick response post and I'll give you Chapter 24 (so much for Wednesday! I've been so busy! I am so looking forward to Christmas! *cries*)

    Thanks Cyndaquil. ^_^

    L100Meganium: thank you. Maybe I am to hard on my work. I like the ending to Chapter 24 but I could have done better - sometimes its hard to put ideas into words and still make it as good as you can picture it. lol Believe it or not, I seriously thought that this thread would die when I went on holiday and I asked Shadow Nokustasu to post in it half way through my holiday so that it wouldn't be deleted! Guess he didn't need to! Hopefully it won't this time but if so many of you are willing to post in it I am extremely grateful. ^_^

    Thank you very much DeciousSennenal for your support and understanding.

    Blazing Charmander: Thanks, trust me, the SATS are nothing and really aren't that bad so don't worry. *hugs* You'll be fine.

    Awww! Cloud Strife thank you!

    L100M, Bayleef, gladdecease thank you so much! *hugs*

    Thanks Peach, I'll try my best! Awww! *hugs tightly* Thank you Peach!

    Thanks big evil!

    Cerulean Girl - 'It' is still going to be part of our main priority - but I'd rather wait until after Christmas if that's OK with you - I'll send you a PM soon! (which I know I should have done ages ago and I really hope you can forgive me.... )

    Thanks MistyLover17 and I appreciate your help!

    Pikachu#25lover: Oh, um, thank you. I'm really glad you liked it and took the time to read the whole thing. Thank you very much for you lovely comment and I hope you enjoy the rest! *winks*

    Amzerat: Thanks and yeah, I love to hear from everyone who posts! It's nice to have some new readers but they don't always stay around - or post one or the other but as long as my readers are happy and they tell me, then I'm happy. ^_^

    Thanks Moonlusion!

    OK, yesterday I did something that I'm not sure many people do, but I respectfully went through all 30 pages of fanfiction and glanced at all of the titles, rates and views and saw a number that I used to read before I joined the Forums. And I used to think when I started this fic "How could I ever produce a fic as good as theirs?!? It's impossible! They're just too good!" And sometimes I still think that now!

    But the thing is, Fate and Destiny of Friends appears to be the most popular fic on these Forums - with the most views and replies - but I'm wondering, why is it so popular? Why does it have the most views and reviews? It's not that good is it? I'm sure some of you would say yes to these questions, but truthfully what IS it about Fate And Destiny of Friends that makes you like it so much? 'Just because it is!' or 'It's the best fic I've ever read' doesn't really answer it. Could you please tell me why?

    Anyway, here's Chapter 24 - Enjoy!

    Chapter 24 – Twists and Tales

    Ash sat gloomily on the sofa as he watched the matches on TV. He heard the door open and close as he heard Brock’s voice but wasn’t listening to what he said. He noticed that when May and Max came to sit down to watch the other matches with him, the seemed to watch the screen intently. Max asked him something but Ash didn’t listen or reply.

    “Is he usually like this at Tournaments Brock?” Max asked his older friend.

    Brock shook his head in disagreement and looked at Ash. He could tell that he was still in deep thought as he appeared to watch the TV screen.

    “And now or twelfth match of the Tournament will be between Treb and Macey!” the commentator on the TV shouted and drew Ash’s attention to the screen.

    He focused on the match carefully and noted that it was mainly a time waster match and resulted in a tie. He lightened up a bit to know that if he won his match against Macey, then he would qualify for the next round.

    “Did you see that, Ash? All you need to do is win your next match and you’ll qualify!” Max echoed Ash’s thoughts.

    “Yeah, that’s great!” Ash replied and Brock was glad to see his friend brighten up.

    “Now, match fourteen will be between Brendan from Petalburg City and Brian ‘the Bird Master’ from Violet City! These two Trainers are both highly skilled and are ready to cook up a storm!” The commentator shouted and warmed up the crowd for another exciting battle.

    Ash watched the match casually to see how Brendan would end up and was surprised when he KO’d the opposition with a single Thunder attack. Brendan instantly won the match and that victory put him in the lead on his table with three points. A young girl with red hair walked out on to the field and moved towards Brendan where she spoke to him, blushed and Brendan hugged her. Ash immediately recognised the girl to be Misty and quickly looked around the room to see if he was mistaken and Misty was standing in the room. She wasn’t there. Ash directed his attention back to the screen and was annoyed when the commentator said:

    “Aww! Isn’t that cute folks! It’s looks like Brendan’s girlfriend may have accepted his proposal last night!”

    May laughed. “Oh that commentator is a real joker isn’t he?”

    Her laughter became more nervous as she watched Ash’s face turn sour and hurt. Her sympathy went out to him and she promised herself to talk to Misty about what the deal was between her and Brendan – if Ash didn’t get to her first.

    Brock watched the scene casually as Ash returned to his room and watched as Misty looked into the camera that had zoomed in for a close up of her and Brendan and explained to the reporters that she wasn’t Brendan’s girlfriend but a friend who was showing her support to him and was thanking him for some advice that he had given her the other day. She also explained that Brendan had understood her problems when she hadn’t said anything to him and had promised to help her. The reporters were touched by her story and her friendship with Brendan and took photos of her for the local paper as the camera kept rolling.

    “I wonder what Brendan said to Misty?” May pondered out loud – now understanding what the deal was between them and it was nothing more than friends – so Ash had no competition.

    It was a shame though that he hadn’t stuck around to her the full story that Misty had explained, and had disappeared into his room when he had seen her hug Brendan and the commentator had made his joke.

    Misty returned to the room a while later as Brock explained that they had seen her on TV with Brendan.

    “You did?” she repeated.

    “Yeah, and after Ash saw you, he went into his room and hasn’t come out since.” Brock finished.

    “Oh no, he’s probably thinking who’s side am I on?” Misty said in a worried tone.

    “You’d better speak to him, Misty, his match starts in half an hour.” Brock reminded Misty of what they had spoken about earlier in a sentence.

    Misty cautiously moved to Ash’s room, opened the door and closed it behind her. She saw him lying on the bed with his back to her and he didn’t turn around when he heard the door. Pikachu was trying to comfort Ash and when it saw Misty, it cried out its name happily and bounced over to her. It hopped on her shoulder and they both looked at Ash who still didn’t turn around.

    “Ash?” Misty asked quietly.

    He didn’t respond.

    “What’s wrong, Ash? Are you OK?”

    He turned to face her but his face remained expressionless.

    “I’m fine.” He replied simply.

    “Oh come on, Ash, I know you too well to know that when you say that you’re not. Why don’t you tell me what’s wrong?”

    “It’s nothing. I’m just making a big deal out of nothing that’s all.” He said in a slightly more happier tone and smiled at her. “So how come you went to see Brendan’s match? If you’d said something we could have all gone.”

    “I needed to ask him something about last night and thank him.”

    “About what?”

    “Sorry, Ash, but I can’t tell you that.” She said and grinned.

    “Why not.”

    “I might tell you someday, but for now it’s between me and Brendan.” She teased and winked.

    “It must have been something special if he hugged you.”

    “So you saw me on TV then?”


    “I take it you didn’t listen to what I said to the reporters after the commentator made that joke.”

    “No – I didn’t know you said anything.”

    “Well, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions should you? I’m not siding with anyone if that’s what you were thinking. Ash, you’re my best friend, even if it did come to a face off between you and Brendan without question – I would route for you. You wouldn’t have to doubt yourself on that coz I’m always here for you.”

    “Thanks Mist, I guess I forgot that but I should know that I trust you, even if I don’t think it.” He replied happily and smiled at her.

    “So are you going to cheer up a bit? You’re starting to act like you did in Kanto.”

    “I hope not! I guess I was just a little disappointed that I only drew in my match when I knew that I could win. I mean that Houndour fainted just after the horn was blown, it just got to me that’s all. But I’m glad that you’re here Mist, you’ve always been there to support me and you haven’t missed any of my Tournaments.”

    “Hey, what are friends for?” she asked and winked at him. “Just don’t let it get to you, just because you drew in this match doesn’t mean that you’re not going to win the League! I have faith in you and I know that you’re gonna win.”

    “Thanks, Misty – I’m lucky to have a great friend like you.”

    “Don’t mention it. Now come on! You need to get ready for your match! Do you still want to use Gyarados?”

    “Yeah, it will be great against Macey’s Pokemon.”

    The walked out of the room to find Max and May jump back on to the sofa as Ash announced that he was going off to the battle field to get ready for his match. Brock caught Misty’s eye and smiled at her.


    “And now folks we are about to witness our thirty-third match of the day! This match is between Macey and Ash and will determine who in their category will advance to the next round. And so, without further ado, let’s watch this spectacle of a match!”

    The referee went through the usually procedure of making sure that the two Trainers released their Pokemon at the same time. Ash once again released Gyarados as Macey released her Growlithe. Macey watched Ash coldly as the computer randomly picked who would go first. It landed on Ash. Ash ordered Gyarados to use a Hydro Pump that scored a direct hit.

    “Zimmy, use your Agility!” Macey ordered aggressively.

    The Pokemon obeyed and made a humming sound as it sped around the field. Gyarados watched and Ash had an idea. He ordered Gyarados to aim a Hydro Pump at the ground, which soaked the ground and left it boggy and wet. Zimmy continued to speed around the field until it suddenly stopped in front of Macey and faced Gyarados. Macey instructed her Pokemon to use a Flamethrower that Ash ordered Gyarados to counter with its own and resulted in a powerful explosion. Neither Pokemon nor opponent could see the other as the dust settled but Ash heard Macey give orders to her Pokemon and thinking fast, he told Gyarados to close its eyes and listen for the sound that Zimmy made and when it was in range to use a Hydro Pump. Gyarados obeyed and closed its eyes. It could hear the humming sound grow closer and closer until Gyarados could hear the sound almost in front of it. It quickly opened its eyes and launched a Hydro Pump without looking to see if its target was in front of it. It heard a distressed yelp as its Hydro Pump disappeared into the cloud of dust. It settled and Ash and Gyarados were able to see Growlithe panting heavily but still on its feet in front of Macey. Macey ordered Zimmy to use another Agility and combine it with a Quick Attack as Ash grinned. He told Gyarados to watch the ground and as he spoke, tiny paw prints appeared in on the wet ground. Gyarados watched them go back and force, behind and in front of it and as he saw the feet leave the ground to attack Gyarados, Gyarados launched a final Hydro Pump. Zimmy was once again knocked back towards Macey’s podium and struggled to stand on its feet encouraged by Macey’s words. It swayed back and forth until it could stand no longer and fainted on the soft earth.

    “Growlithe is unable to battle. The victory goes to Ash and his Gyarados!” The referee shouted and held up his flag closest to Ash to indicate his victory. Ash jumped up and down in his stand as it lowered him back to the ground in excitement and recalled Gyarados after congratulating it and thanking it for its incredible performance. Ash’s friends ran up to him and congratulated him profoundly on his superb performance. Macey hesitantly walked up to Ash and apologised to him.

    “I still have a lot to learn, Ash, I know that and I pushed Zimmy to hard without a proper strategy. And I’m sorry for the way I treated you, so I was just wondering if we could still be friends?” She asked him apologetically.

    Ash smiled at her and laughed happily as he shook her hand.

    “Sure, Macey.” He said happily as she smiled back at him.

    “And congratulations on winning.” She added. “Go win the rest of the Tournament, sweetie!”

    Ash looked at her unsurely at her last comment until she winked at him.

    “So when do I find out who I’m battling against next?” Ash asked as they departed from Macey and walked to a café so that that they could have a celebration lunch.

    “I’d say tonight.” Max said knowingly and adjusted his glasses. “The last match today is at six, so once they’ve sorted out who going to be fighting who, the results will go up.”

    “How did you know that?” Ash asked, slightly amazed.

    “I looked on the PC when you were in your room.” Max said and grinned.

    The friends enjoyed a hearty lunch where they toasted to Ash’s victory and wished him luck in the League and on the screen in the café, Misty became aware that Brendan had also qualified for the next round and was pleased for him.


    “I think you should consider what Pokemon you want to use for your next match Ash, it would probably be best if you didn’t use my Gyarados anymore because I know how much you want to win the Tournament with your own Pokemon.” Misty said kindly as she and Ash had decided to go for a walk without the others.

    “Yeah, you’re probably right Mist.” Ash said, in a bit of a day-dream.

    “What’s wrong?” she asked concerned, sensing that her friend’s mind was on something else.

    “I dunno, for some reason, I’m just always in thought and I don’t seem to be acting my usual self recently. I mean, like you said before, I’ve been acting like a baby and back as I did in Kanto…”

    “Why are you trying to say, Ash?” Misty asked unsurely.

    “I’m not sure, it’s like something inside me isn’t normal, and it happens whenever I’m with you.”

    “Well, I’ve been known to have that affect on people.” Misty teased as she looked up to the sky to hide her grin.

    “But it’s a really weird feeling that I can’t describe easily. Come on, Mist, you’re great when it comes to emotions and feelings stuff. Do you know what’s wrong with me?”

    “Ash, nothing’s wrong with you – it’s perfectly normal, it sounds to me that you’re growing up and maturing when it comes to your feelings. Has it happened before?”


    “What about when you were around Bianca and other people that you liked?”

    “Oh, then I got a bubbly, tingling feeling that made me feel happy and excited inside. I think that was because I might have liked them.”

    Misty’s face fell.

    “So this feeling you say is ‘weird’ when you’re around me… is something you’ve never felt before?” Misty asked bitterly.

    “Hey! I think I’ve figured out what it is!” Ash said as he stopped walking.

    “What?” Misty questioned hopefully.

    “I really think that this feeling is something to do with our friendship! I mean, I don’t feel it when I’m around Brock, May or Max – only around you. And I think it’s a feeling to say that I’m happy that you’re here and that I’ve missed you.” Ash said confidently – proud to have conquered his denseness and to have figured out an emotion problem.

    “Yeah, Ash, you’re probably right – I can’t think of what else it would be.” Misty sighed as they sub-consciously walked through the Romantic Gardens.

    They stopped when they realised that they where lost and sat on a bench in the middle of a clearing with a statue of a couple standing in front of them until someone who walked past could give them directions. Bored of waiting, they moved towards the statue to examine it and where both slightly surprised at what the statue actually was.

    It was a bronze sculpture of a beautiful mermaid with long flowing hair, holding the hands of a handsome young gentlemen who seemed to be dressed in the finest clothing and resembled a handsome prince. After staring at it in awe, they read they tablet underneath and became even more surprised.

    Based on the original ideas of Wallace – Sootopolis City Gym Leader
    He insisted that if this sculpture should be placed in the Romantic Gardens, the following phrase should be imprinted for all destined couples to remember their feelings for one another:

    Te amo – iam et pro semper

    “I wonder what that phrase means?” Ash pondered out loud. “It’s too bad that it isn’t in English.”

    “It’s Latin.” A voice said behind them.

    They turned around to see Brendan standing behind them and smiling.

    “It means…” Brendan soon stopped when he saw Misty. “Well, it something that people in love say to each other because it’s very romantic and because it’s in an ancient language, so people like it even more.”

    “Oh.” Ash and Misty said in unison.

    “Anyway, what are you guys doing here?”

    “Well, we went for a walk and then we ur… got lost.” Ash said and laughed nervously. “Do you know the way out?”

    Brendan pointed behind them and smiled at them.

    “You two are very lucky people.” He stated randomly.

    “Lucky? Why?” Ash asked confused.

    Brendan laughed and replied that Ash was most likely to find out someday. With that he said goodbye and walked into the depths of the Gardens.


    “And Ash Ketchum has hammered his opponent to pieces with an easy victory that has allowed him to qualify for the Second Round!” The commentator shouted excitedly through his microphone.

    Ash jumped up and down on the spot in excitement as his friends congratulated him and ran on the field to show it. The crowd’s cheers were deafening as they supported Ash’s victory. Ash shook hands with his losing opponent before disappearing off the field with his friends to allow the next match to commence. They walked along the path, laughing and recalling the match, when they were stopped by two sales-people, dressed in kimono suits and advertising their new invention.

    “’ello.” The man said in a strange accent. “So, do you train Pok-a-mon?”

    “Err…yeah, we all do.” Ash replied doubtfully.

    “Well, wud you like to try our new proa-duct?” the woman asked – in the same strange accent as her partner. “It make you-re Pok-a-mon rea-lly, rea-lly, strong and guarantees a win ever-avery time?”

    “What is it?” May asked and sweat-dropped.

    “It’s a new var-iaty of Pok-a-blocks called Poka-Poke-Poka Cubes. It is for pea-a-ple who are Trainers and do lots of batt-alling.”

    The man and woman both opened two cases full of tiny cubes that were blue and purple.

    “Wait a minute, something’s not right.” May said out loud. “This scene seems strangely familiar – do you sale any products for Contests?”

    “Oh ya! We sale a new var-aity now in Sila-va, Gold and Cry-stal flav-a!”

    “I thought so!” May shouted and pointed at the couple. “You’re Team Rocket!”

    “Who are Team Rach-et?” the woman asked.

    “The same people who sold those fake cubes!” she yelled.

    “Oh, no, that’s not as!”

    “It’s not?” May asked quietly.

    “Nooooo, look will show ya! Can I borrow ya Pok-a-mon la-d?” the man asked Ash.

    Ash handed Pikachu to the man who took it from him and placed Pikachu on the stall table.

    “Watch this ya!” the man said as the woman went to the back of the stall. “Will make you-re Pok-a-mon so strong that it will fly ya!”

    “Fly?” Brock asked.

    “That could be interesting.” Max said and folded his arms.

    “Ready, Janny?” The man asked.

    “Ready, Joe!” The woman shouted back.

    “On three. One, two,”

    “THREE!” they shouted in unison as the ground shook and a thick cloud of smoke erupted from the stall.

    The group coughed and spluttered as a piercing cackled sounded from above them. As the smoke disappeared, the group were horrified to discover that Team Rocket was in their Meowth balloon with Pikachu forced into a tiny glass cage.

    “Thanks for the deposit twerps!” Jesse shouted down below. “Well give you the goods when we make them!”

    “Team Rocket!” the group shouted together.

    “Give me back Pikachu!” Ash shouted angrily.

    “Sorry, twerp, but this is a non-refundable deposit!” Jesse said and laughed madly at her joke.

    Pikachu called down to its master as Ash was about to release a Pokemon before Misty beat him to it.

    “LuvDisc, go!” she shouted and released her tiny Pokemon from its ball.

    The gorgeous Pokemon cooed its name and leapt in to the air when it surveyed the scene. Misty ordered her Pokemon to use an Ice Beam at the balloon and carry it on until it reached the ground. LuvDisc obeyed and froze the basket of the balloon and carried the thick beam down to the ground. Jesse, James and Meowth looked at the ice in horror and Jesse pushed James out of the basket to try and break the ice. He held on to it tightly while kicking the ice and attempting to smash it. Seeing this opportunity to rescue Pikachu, Misty ran up the ice quickly so that she wouldn’t lose her balance or quick and temporary grip. Ash tried to follow after her, but unaware of what Misty’s technique was, he slid back down the ice. He continued to try and progress up the ice but kept falling down and as a result he had to watch as Misty made her way to the top of the balloon.

    Jesse saw Misty heading for them and urged James to hurry up and began to help him by grabbing Meowth and bashing him against the ice. Nearly reaching the top, Misty grabbed out for the basket but was pushed back by Jesse and Misty began to fall back down the ice. LuvDisc quickly aimed another ice beam at Misty’s feet to stop her from falling any further as her friends gasped.

    “Be careful, Misty!” May shouted from below her.

    Misty looked up to see the basket not far away from her and determinedly scales the heights once more. Thinking quickly, James released his Cacnea to help break the ice. Knowing that she wouldn’t be able to reach the ice that was by the basket because Jesse and James were in the way, she fatefully jumped away from the ice and managed to grab hold of the other side of the basket. She hauled herself up the side and was greeted by Pikachu, who she released from the case as it jumped at her neck and she supported it with one hand and held on to the basket with the other.

    “Meowth! Put the balloon on full power!” Jesse shouted to a dazzled Pokemon whom she had given up bashing against the ice because he wasn’t making much of an impact.

    With swirls in its eyes, Meowth spiralled around in circles but supported itself on a dangling cord. Fire fiercely erupted from the torch at full power at the same time that Cacnea had finished bashing the ice and the balloon zoomed off so quickly because of the amount of hot air being released. It spiralled out of control and Misty let go of the basket out of shock.. She screamed out and held on to Pikachu tightly as she fell. The group ran after her as Ash shouted out her name. The group stopped at the barrier that prevented them from moving down the steep verge that led to the road. Ash jumped over it and ran down the steep hill as Misty continued to fall. He held out his arms to catch her and jumped in mid air to and caught her and took the blunt of the fall. They continued rolling down the hill with Ash still holding Misty and Misty cradling Pikachu in her terrified arms. They eventually stopped when Ash collided with a boulder and yelped out in pain. Misty was frozen tightly against his chest with his arms still holding her – cradling her in a position similar to if he was carrying her. She slowly opened her eyes, since she had had then tightly closed in fear, and looked up into Ash’s pain-stricken face. She moved off him and looked worriedly at him, as he doubled over and kept his eyes closed. He grinded his teeth as Misty let go of Pikachu and she tried to hold him up straight.

    “Ash? What’s wrong?” she stumbled to say.

    He didn’t reply and as she tried to help him up, he yelled out in pain once more and collapsed on her. Unable to hold up his strength for much longer, she fell to the ground with him. She couldn’t bear to see him in this pain. Her eyes became to fill with tears.

    “Misty!” Brock shouted as he skidded to a halt in front of her. “Are you guys OK?”

    He looked from Misty’s distraught face to Ash in immense pain and said no more. He took hold of one side of Ash and ordered Misty to support his other side. She wiped the tears away from her eyes and immediately went to his side to support him. His eyes were still closed and grinding his teeth.

    “Misty?” he said weakly and barely moved.

    “I’m here, Ash.” She said in a panicky yet soothing tone and held her breath.

    “Are you OK?” he continued as Misty and Brock forced him to move so that they could get him help.

    “I’m fine.” She replied as he opened his eyes slightly and smiled at her.

    He doubled over in pain once more and Brock urgently kept him moving.

    End Chapter 24

    Hmmm... dunno what you'll think of this - I quite like the ending but it didn't turn out as good as I thought it would. Please let me know what you think of it!

    Take care


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