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Thread: Fate and Destiny of Friends - AAML

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    First off, excellent chapter (oh thats new, never wrote that in this fic before .
    Okay, reasons this fic is so good/popular (one does not neccesarily equal the other, but in this case it is both.
    1 You are informing people when new chapters are up.
    2 Word of mouth, one thing about Pokeshippers, is when there is a good AAML/AAMRN around, they tell EVERY Pokeshipper they know about it.
    3 You are too darn likable. It is hard not to like an author so kind to her readers.
    4 Never have I ever seen responses to reviews in a fic, it was a great idea, and I am sure it helped.
    5 You involved us in it by putting all of your reviewers names in a couple chapters.
    6 Many side jokes for occasional comic relief, just like Shakespeare used to do.
    7 You have the best Luvdisk personallity ever.
    8 Uncertainty, it is nice to see a AAML where you don't know exactly what is going to happen all the time.
    9 Speaking of which, you had other major elements besides Ash and Misty (this is one of the main reasons I am sure) you had good subplots and such, and a major story which is there for more than "just so there is something else besides romance"
    10 You should be writing for TV Tokyo, because this is probably the closest any fic has ever come to the anime.
    11 Little things related to previous episodes of the anime.
    12 A reason for all this. So many AAML just seem to throw together how every thing started, you did not make that mistake and actually explained it well.
    13 Main characters in peril.
    14 Dang cliffhangers
    15 Everyone is IC most of the time.
    16 Not knowing that Ash and Misty will end up together (perhaps the biggest reason of all) I think when I said that they probably will end up together at the end, but that you had done a great job so far so let her be thing, and then you answered it saying yeah, I have done a good job so far, I won't let you down. That (IMO) is when this thing really took off. Before that I think I was the only person who realized that this was not a normal AAML fic, and might not have the normal Happily Ever After ending, but when you said that and other people found out that this was special. That was it.
    17 Metal Gardevoir, Gladdecease, me, and a few others who have not let this thing drop past page 3 in over 3 months. If people forget about your fic, that is a problem, I am just stating the truth here that we have kept this thing going really strong.

    Whew, I am done. Great fic, keep it up.
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    I've been readingundefined tons of fanfics, but yours takes the cake! Anyway, booyah!!

    PS(I'm new here so does anyone know how to make those trainercard things? If you do, contact immediatly!)

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    Hey I have the same question as texaiyan - how do you get those pictures and trainer cards? Keep up the good work WS!!
    - Pikachu#25lover -
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    Thanks a million. Like I said, your story's great!! I'm also starting one so feel free to read it!! The title is The Rayjond journey.


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    Water Spirit.....damn you are soooo awsome, this chapter rocked ^^
    Honestly we should get rid of those script writers in Japan and put you in'll make the entire show sooo much better and interesting, plus I can picture you writing the script for the next Pokemon Movie!!!
    Girl this is incredible, best eva Ash and Misty Fic on the face of this entire earth, okay universe, solar system etc... *if there are aliens out there writing AAML fics lol* you'll kick their ***!! Sorry its just this story keeps on getting better and better. You are sooo talented, wish I hade your talent girl ^^

    I can picture Ash acting like that in the series, but those dudes in Japan *sighs* they make him dense when it comes to Misty. You bring out that side of Ash that we all wish to see, *hugs you*

    Take care
    Again this Chapter was the BOMB!!!

    cheers and Luv

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    You, who wished for trainer cards: DO NOT ASK THIS HERE!

    Go the forum, 'Fan Art Requests'. There, you will find people willing to make them. If you're not here to worship this fiction and its author, SCRAM!!

    I know I sound harsh, but ignorance of the law is no excuse.

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    Well... this IS a good fic! And it's a Pokeshipping fic... and there are lots of Pokeshippers out there! I think... It has everything in it too... Humor, action, love, etc etc etc!

    Poor Ash... but it was worth it, wasn't it! XD Can't wait to see how he's gonna battle now... I loved the battle in this chapter!! ^__^ So great... And Misty was so brave, like Ash! They really are alike, huh? Yay! Ash realizes that Brendan's not his "rival!" And a Rudy-comment! *laughs* Awesome awesome chapter, as usual! Update soon!

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    Great Chapter! That was awesome how ash jumped and saved misty, but i wonder if he like paralyzed himself/broke a bone saving her.

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    Great chapter Water Spirit! It had a perfect length and so much happened. I love it!

    Ok...I'm not sure how to explain why your fic is so great and likable. I had an idea before but everyone said the same thing that I had in mind so lets see what else I can say that doesnt sound like I'm copying their ideas...

    Well, first of all, your fic is unique if I do say so myself. Its not exactly something that many people write about. It goes from one idea into another and another. Most stories I read focus on a few events or one event and then centers around it before its over. Your story went all over the place. What I mean by that is like...first you have Misty coming to see them because of Wallace and then saving Ash and then practically saving the world from Team Aqua and Team Magma. Then, we finally see her battle with Wallace and how powerful she is. From there, it goes to her traveling with Ash again and then participating in a contest and beating out May. After that, it goes on to them all being stranded at sea and Misty separated from the others with Brock...seeing Casey and whats his name...uhh..oh yeah Shawn again. Anyways, they finally got back together to face another problem...meaning Brendan XDD. Wow...I was just gonna go back to review some of your old chapters again but apparently, I got worked up and practically read the whole thing over. Dont mind was good enough to read over and over again. Ok, all the things I'm trying to say means that you put a lot into this story. I dont mean it as in you working hard on it...even though you do. I mean it as in you always having new and interesting ideas and the story always goes on.

    Another thing is...the SUSPENSE and CLIFFHANGERS! They are not bad. Some hate the cliffhangers since they wanna know whats gonna happen but its good to have them since we go crazy and cannot wait till the next chapter. If you stop each chapter at the right place, people are certainly gonna come back again and again cause they cant help it. Though, you have to know where to stop it. If you stop it at a place that isnt all too interesting..then people arent gonna come back (at least I dont think so...). However, you know exactly where to stop it. You always manage to stop it at the part that we are all bending over our seat and staring at the computer waiting to see whats gonna happen. Which is good cause it shows that you know what to do with your story. Since we hate the suspense, we come back day by day to read the next part. When the story starts to go decrease and the ratings go down cause the writer is losing his/her edge...then the readers start to lose interest. However, that is never the case with you cause you always pull new and more interesting ideas out of the hat and present it with more suspense. Readers love new ideas and not boring ones that keep on repeating itself.

    Like everyone else said, you stick to the anime. No story is better than a likely story that CAN happen. Even though its likely that it CAN! ehehe XD that probably didnt make sense. Well, it is likely that it wont appear in the anime but its something that wont be too out of character to be shown. Whatever...anyways. I read some stories that start off good but then it just starts to be way too dramatic or the characters dont act the way the are supposed to. Well, those stories wont get too much reviews and ratings. Even if its good, it wont get the same reviews as stories that are good and similar to the anime. So when I read stories like that...and probably other people too, they start to lose interest and eventually start to not care. Well, obviously your story doesnt do that since we're still here arent we? =]

    Also, something that I love about your story is that you dont quit on it. Many stories that I REALLY REALLY like always stop before its finish. Well, some dont stop...they just take like a year or two (or a few months..) before its updated again. I read some incredible stories at and I always come back to check on it but its never updated. I even try to contact them through emails but they dont reply. Well, a good thing about your story is that you DO update. You DO reply to your mails. You DO NOT leave the story hanging and leave the readers hanging. That was something that always irritate me whenever they do that. They aren’t loyal to their stories and their fans even if they do write good. If you're not loyal to your story and just quit on it...there wont be much respect for you and readers might not read your story anymore. If they quit on their stories...then their fans will quit on them. The readers never quit on the author unless the author quits on the readers first.

    That reminds me of what someone said in their last post...I think it was Cloud Strife but I’m not sure and I dont feel like going backwards to look for that post. Well, they said that you are kind to your fans. That is are. It makes a big difference. I dont know what else to say about that but if we respect you...then we like you. If we like you..we come back for more. If we come back for get good ratings and yeahh ^^. If you get good ratings...well, your story is popular. Also, since you're nice to people...they will at least look at your story if you ask. When they look at it, they like it and since they like it...they tell others. That is true since I seen so many people have things in their signatures like "read the fanfic of my creative, talented, smart, nice, sweet, and so on...friend, Water Spirit..'Fate and Destiny of Friends'." When they tell others to read it, the others will look at it also and then they tell others if they like it and then the others read it. ahahah...that probably didnt make sense. Well anyways, news travels fast and soon many people read it. Overall, that is one of the reasons why your story is popular. Again, Cloud Strife or whoever it was said that you are like the only person he knows who replies to the reader's reviews. Well, I cant say that since I know some others who do that but you are the only one who do it and is always there for the readers. You listen to what they say and help them out and all that good stuff XDD.

    ok...what else? umn..I cant exactly think of anymore that many people didnt mention yet so I will just let it go at that. Hopefully it will describe something and help you figure out what it is that is so good with your story. I know it isnt much since there is only a few things compared to the LIST of things good about your story that the others made but I tried.

    So with all that said, I will do a brief summary of my feelings for the story. You probably dont think this story is much and that its just something you started to do for fun and didnt think that it would turn out this way. You probably never thought you were this good to have so many reviewers. Well, things can shock you sometimes huh? You never know whats gonna happen until you try it and it could please you, though it could also not. Anyways, I'm not exactly giving my view of the story so I will get to the point. You should be REALLY proud since you're story along with a few others that I ACTUALLY go over and over again and never getting tired of reading it. Actually, yours is probably the one that I will NEVER get tired of reading while some of the other stories can make me sick of it if I read it for like the 100th time. Well, since yours is so detailed and incredibly interesting, its hard to get sick of it. Unless you were forced to read it like the 100,000,00th time in a would probably wanna just throw the computer out the window so you dont ever have to see the story again but thats not likely. If you go read it and then after a while, read it again. Its always interesting. Also, your story is one that made me REALLY cry A LOT. The part where Misty was gonna die and the whole thing with the two orbs that Team Aqua and Team Magma try to steal. All them chapters that had anything to do with the orbs and her falling down the cliff and the being in the hospital was just SOOOO emotional. You made it so sad and it was so so so oh so deep. Those chapters were just my FAVORITE in all the chapters you wrote so far and its probably gonna be my favorite for I dont know how long. You put a lot of emotions into this story...sadness, happiness, jealousy, anger, fear, embarrassment, and so much more. Theres like every single kind of emotion I can think of. You went wayyy into the story that we can actually picture EVERY single scene that went on and that we can almost feel what the character is feeling. Basically, you did really good with this story. I really really like it that you didnt make Ash and Misty show too much love for each other. I mean they are kids and I dont think they would be going like "I love you" and "I love you too". I love how stories just make it kinda obvious that they like each other but wont admit it and not showing it. I was starting to get scared when Misty was trying to confess to Ash that she likes him. Its good and all but I dont know...I hated stories where they would tell each other that they like each other and then things started to get way too lovey dovey that I got sick of it. Its good if they just like show that they like each other with blushing and denial or just doing something that have the other know that they like them and returning it but not exactly coming out and saying it out loud. You know what I mean? probably dont. I'm weird like that...people probably love it if the two confess to each other but I never like that since its too unlike the anime for me. I never wanted them to confess...for some reason. Like I said, I'm weird like that. So overall, I like it that you didnt make it too romantic.

    If your next fic is as good as this and was as well written as this story...oh boy are you gonna be packed with reviewers. Be sure of it...we will be there for every single chapter. We will be there with you all the way to the end when you dont write anymore. If you continue writing like this, you dont have to EVER worry about your ratings going down and people quitting on your story or something like that. I am so jealous of your writing skills and I so envy you for writing so well. You have such a creative mind and you have SUCH a way with a pen...or a keyboard...whatever works for you. Seriously, I would kill to be able to write like you. If I did, I would be writing so many fics about all the ideas that goes on in my head. I'm not just trying to be nice or whatever, I'm dead serious. You ARE really talented...

    wow...didnt know I wrote that much. I was having a hard time starting it but then my fingers just started moving all over and then before I know it..I'm here.
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    Well, let me think ...
    Any main points - already said above ...
    All minor points - said above ...

    Right, so I can say barely anything ... Everyone seems to have the same reasons for liking this fanfic. It is really good, it was one of the two that made me become a member on this thing ... I rarely join forums.

    You thanked me for understanding ... trust me, if you had to revise for fourteen different A-level exams, you would understand other people having exam pressures.

    Keep writing, but make sure that you do yourself credit on your exams (If you have any English creative writing pieces, I bet that you get\got practically max marks, you are such a good writer.)

    I will keep an eye on this fanfic, and it will not close, as you have an army of dedicated readers who wouldn't want to lose such a great fanfic.

    Any ideas of what to do while WS is away, people? I suppose we could try to double guess her, but I know all of my predictions have been wrong so far.

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    *stands up and claps at xsweet peax's post* Bravo!!! ^_^

    Yes, exactly....what she said!! =D *points*

    There has not been one chapter of this fanfiction that didn't have me smiling, laughing, and wanting more. Heck; I'd read it for days if I could!! It's that good. =D It's an amazing story, and like xsweet peax said, you don't just have one boring subject. It always kept the readers on the edges of their seats, and coming back for more. Most authors couldn't pull off the switch-thing because it gets too confusing, but you did it perfectly, Water Spirit. Instead of making it confusing like most writers would, you just made it 1000 times more interesting!! Also, your characters were WONDERFUL. I feel like I'm reading a script for the animé whenever I read it. I'm like, "That is EXACTLY what they'd say!!" and it just makes me like it more! You captured their exact personalities. Fabulous. Luvdisc's personality is VERY amusing, and you add humor here and there to spice up a normally serious topic. I think I like that because it reminds me of my own writing style. =D You put emotion into it. Laughing, crying, smiling, gasping, snickerinig....they're all things I've done while reading this fic!! You protray situations well, and it shows in the faces of the readers I'm sure. XD!! You're so kind to us; you really are! As previously stated, you involve us in the story itself, which I've never Ever seen before. It makes us feel important! =D You do have cliffhangers, but not rip-your-heair-out ones. That's a good thing. I hate it when somebody stops a chapter in like, the middle of the climax of the story, unless the next chapter is coming immediately. XP You have talent, Water Spirit, and thank you for using it on us. ^_^

    So, to prevent restating what others have said, I'll end my rant now.
    But keep it up, Water Spirit; and we'er rooting for you!! ^.^=b
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    Spike Guest


    Aww I liked that chapter a whole lot! It was soo cute! Poor Ash though! Keep up the good work! I look forward to the next chapter!

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    WitchKing_Ringwraith Guest


    Good as always. Regarding why I like it, you just have this style of writing. Like, your style is the borderline between not enough description and too much description, which makes it interesting. Also, you stick to the anime really well. There's not one chapter that isn't interesting. Keep it up!

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    Once again, another great chapter WS.

    I loved the bit when Jesse used Meowth in an attempt to smash the ice apart. Hilarious!

    I also liked the bit when Ash saved Misty from falling, causing an injury for himself. Shows how much Ash cares for Misty.

    Did you read about the contract I posted up earlier in this thread?
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    I loved that chapter! The description was great, Ash and Misty's walk was great, his battles were great! Everything was great! I also loved the ending as well. ^^ Keep up the best work! ^_____________________________________________^
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    Quote Originally Posted by Water Spirit
    “Now, match fourteen will be between Brendan from Petalburg City and Brian ‘the Bird Master’ from Violet City! These two Trainers are both highly skilled and are ready to cook up a storm!” The commentator shouted and warmed up the crowd for another exciting battle.

    Ash watched the match casually to see how Brendan would end up and was surprised when he KO’d the opposition with a single Thunder attack. Brendan instantly won the match and that victory put him in the lead on his table with three points.
    *gasp* I can't beleive he lost that easily. *goes to vote 1 star* J/K!!! *is afraid of the mobs that will attack him with pitchforks for even joking about that* Anyway, other than that, everything else is great. I liked that you had Team Rocket again. They're one of the best parts of the anime. Poor Ash! I will do all in my power to desstroy the offending boulder!!!

    As regards to why I like this fic personally, I love the anime. Anytime I miss a new episode, let's just say I have to buy a new tivo. But you capture how the anime is, and the characters so well, it's exactly like it. Plus, I'm a hufe PokeShipper, and I like how it's more subtle than most are. So keep it up!

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    Amzerat Guest


    Like everyone else, I love this fanfiction. The last chapter deserve 7/10 point.
    You asked us to tell why we like it [the story] so much...
    Now, let me tell you why I love the story:

    *First of all, character describitions. You doing a great job with all the characters and make them look like they do in the real story. Not everyone does that. Misty for exempel; that IS Misty in the last seasons of Jotho (and now in Hoean), more mature than in Kanto.

    *Second, the story as a AAML is great. The reunion in the start was just as I imagine Mistys comeback in the story (did they/Ash really need me now, when their new friends are there?). If you rejoin with an old friend and see that he/she has funny with a new group you start wondering... And because its a AAML story this things are more importent than in a ordinary "Pokemon adventure fanfic" if you see what what I mean.

    *The chapters. The chapters are great and long enough - not too long and not to short. Thats like when you read a book and chapters in it. The chapters have to be lets say 25 pages. Not 35 with a "dead story" the last 10 pages. You always have a great way to write the chapters with an interesting story from the beginning to the end. And when the chapters do end, you always have a question and we all start wondering what will happend next and dont forgett the story.

    *The plot/story. The plots is really good. And end it in a tournoment (or shorly after a tournoment) is great. The whole story seems like a special short season and every chapter as a new episode.

    Those reasons above is why I (and everyone else as it seems) love the story. You doing a really really great work WS! Take care of you, I look forwad to the next chapter!

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    great chapter please pm me when the next one is up

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    Teh!!! Dare I say it.... I forgot to say that I am anxious for the next chapter! O_______o Well I certainly am!!!! ^____^
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    I just want to say congrats on another stupendous chap.!!!!!!!!!

    Mightyenas: *gives thunderous applause* Yayyyyyyyyyy!!! Whooooo!!! Do another WS!!!! You are our fanfiction heroine!!!!

    Now to answer your questions:

    I like your fic because it's a pokeshipping fic and they are the only fics I like for one reason.
    The second is because the way you give the description of the story:whats happining, the characters emotions, the setting, thier's the kind of things that gets me reeled into the story and keep me on the edge of my seat.
    And for these reasons WS is why I read your fic and respect you as the best fanfiction author I have EVER known.

    Brondaze: *wipes tear from his eye* That was beautiful.

    *takes a bow* See ya next time WS
    *spreads her blue-gray leather wings from her back then takes off to visit the Great Ga'Hoole Tree*
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    the snagger Guest


    great chappie ws, dunno wat else to say i dont really talk much but cant w8 till next chappiee

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    Summer Wolf Guest


    Oh WoW! wat great work
    your work is awesome this is the first post that i have every made here and u do wonderful work

    haha well peace

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    After Colonly 195


    I agree with the above poster, your work is superb, and as thus should not be about to fall to page 4. Back to page 1 you go. Eagerly awaiting (but not pressuring) for new chapter.

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    I agree with everyone else about why we like your story.^_^ You write it like it's an episode of the series. You do a really great job showing the emotions of the characters.Plus, they all act alot like they do on the show. And, you're a really nice person too Water Spirit.^_^ You take the time and comment on everyone's responives.Plus, you even let us be in the story too by using our names in those chapters.And also, you take your time and try not to rush it so it will be a very nice story. And you keep us in really big suspance until the next chapter of this really great story.^_^ I've been reading this story since last summer, and you've always done a really great job on it.^_^ I can't wait for the next chapter of the story so we can see what happens next.^_^

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    RIku-CHan Guest


    WAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! what will happen next? I want to see it update soon please!!XD waaa!!!!!!

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