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Thread: Fate and Destiny of Friends - AAML

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    lol she started it, Magerock! XD I want to get it up today, I'm writing it now and it's going really well but there just seems to be some much more to write! XD

    Peachy!!!! *hugs really tightly* Yeah! I'm hoping to get the chapter up today! ^______^ I just need to finish the bit I'm writing now, then the bit after that, then the bit after that and then I'm finished!!!! Yay! Or at least.... chapter 28 will be! XD

    OK, I'm off to write some more!

    Cya later everyone!


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    ^^ I thought your relationship seemed too perfect for being sisters...anyway, 'tis great you think it'll be 40+ by the day's end. Can't wait to read it!
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    yes, it might be posted today!!!!
    I hope all goes well, WS.
    Kojho out
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    OK, this is not fair... I'm going out now and I've almost finished the chapter! But the thing is I'm not going to be back until late so I won't be able to finish it tonight. Argh! What do I do? *sighs*

    I'll get it up tomorrow morning asap - promise.

    Sorry about this guys.

    *feels really bad*

    Take care


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    The chapter is gonna be up tommorrow!



    thanks alot WS

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    HI WS! Aw, I was really looking forward to this chapter. I kept checking back here. Oh well. I cant wait for tomorrow to come then. I wonder whats the time difference between us so I can get here during your tomorrow morning and not MY tomorrow morning...

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    *howls in joy* HHHHOOOOWWWWLLLL!!!! *looks away from comp. to Mightyena's excitedly* Did you hear that guys?!! The next chaps coming up real soon!

    Brondaze:*looks at Moonlusion anxiously* HOW soon?

    Today or maybe tommorrow or Monday!

    Mightyena Clan:YYYAAAYYY!

    Call the others 'cause it's PARTY TIME!!!

    Amethyst: Yessss! Some one order out for egg rolls!

    Topaz: *comes out with giant stereos and mix-master table then grins* It's DJ time! *plays club music*

    *starts to dance along with the Mightyenas and Amethyst while singing* Yeah! It's tricky! It's tricky tri-tri-tri-tri-tricky! It's tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme thats right on time! It's tricky...

    (Oh and about the howling thing, lets just say I have an animal side to me. ^_^
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    Default Here goes...

    Morning guys. Sorry about all this. Well, I thought I'd get the responce post out of the way now and then I can finish off Chapter 28, give it a quick read through (for once) because I noticed loads of mistakes as I was typing so fast, so if someone doesn't post after me, I'll just edit this post and put the chapter in (if it fits). What's the page limit anyway?

    MageRyock: Aww... thank you. ^_^ I'm honoured to be your favourite writer! Hehe, well as you know, it's now gone beyond that but I really hope it's worth it! Cya soon!

    ShinyX: Question time? OK:
    1) Yes, she is in real live ^__^
    2) Yes, you are.
    3) You're team won't feature until Chapter 29 for obvious reasons when you read Chapter 28 - if you want, send me a PM and you can pick your team. ^_^
    4) Chapter 28 will be up soon, dunno about the other two but I'm not worrying about them until the bulk of my exams are over. (sorry guys but I hope you understand)
    5) Well let me know when you do. XD
    Take care too! ^__^

    BC: Aww... thank you so much! ^__^ *hugs* Oh, I really hope you guys think it's good because there are a few parts that I'm really worried about now... Yay! I'm gonna get a detailed review! *jumps for joy* I can't wait! ^__^ Sure! Of course you can save it ini a Word document! ^__^ Thank you for your congratulations! Aww... I don't know if it's that good *blushes*

    gladdecease: lol - also the bit where I forgot that Ash then had a Corphish. My two main mistakes I guess. Yeah, we all have our different styles but that just makes us unique and gives us our signature in writing.

    Well, I think you have talent, even if you're not away of it but practice definately helps a lot.

    I don't have any real talent. It's just I've done a lot of writing...the first story I think I have intact somewhere is a short little thing from first grade. The plot was thin, the penmanship was almost perfect, and the characters had no real names. These days, my penmanship is what could use some work...and maybe subplots. It's just almost ten years of practice writing stories, not talent. Talent is being able to write something fantastic when all your English teachers hated you and you never got a college degree in journalism or anything.
    That's really interesting. My writing history is strange - I've been in the top sets for English ever since I started school but I never saw myself as good at anything because there were always people better than me and they were always favoured by the teachers. All I got was 'Well done' or 'This is a good piece of work'. I'd never paid any attention to see whether I had skills in writing because it didn't seem possible with some many talented people around me. Then, when I wrote a poem for a project I was doing at school, I apparently shocked my teachers with something that I only wrote to fill up a spare page in my book. I received a Headteacher's Award for writing an outstanding piece of literature that was presumably beyond my years at the time. That - was what opened my eyes to think that I did have some talent but still, I didn't pay any attention to it. I was so, so, so, happy and proud to have received one because they are so very rare to obtain and are only given out in extreme occasions.

    But then, I moved to Secondary School and it was back to square one where I didn't pay any attention to my skills and knew that there was too much room for improvement. However, my eyes were opened when I was put against the best in my first year of GCSE and my teacher explained to me how talented my work was. I couldn't believe it but what shook my world more, was when I wrote this fic. This, was were the realisation dawned on me that I did have talents in writing and if it wasn't for you guys and your positive responces, I wouldn't be here to realise that. By writing this fic, I have been able to improve my writing skills further by learning from mistakes and just the little things, I pick up new techniques. And then we have my 'famous' essays in the Pokeshipping Thread! Seriously, if I hadn't found out my talents from here, then there would be no essays - nowhere to practice my persuasive skills and to improve them with your feedback, hence, why I haven't received a negative comment on the essay I've half finished. XD

    But it was all of you that brought it out of me so that is why everytime I say thank you, I truly mean it - it touches something inside me that is filled with eternal gratitude for you all. ^__^ OK, so now I'm waffling... XD

    I wish my teachers liked my essays half as much as you seem to. And they're not that great in any case. ^_^ Not like yours. Now those are some fantastic essays; long, full of facts, incredibly persuasive...just the sort of stuff my teachers eat up. I never get that roused up about any topic to write so much about it...or when I do, I don't have enough to talk about it because I simply don't know that much about it.
    Ha! If I went up to my teacher with one of my essays, I'd have to walk around with a paper bag on my head for the rest of my life! gladdecease, it doesn't matter about what other people do, it's how you make improvements for yourself. That's what I learnt the hard way. You are incredibly talented and if you don't think essays are your preference then that's absolutely fine! You have so many talents in other areas. We all have our strengths and weaknesses but we've just got to remember to make the best of it for ourselves despite what the person next door is doing. ^_^

    Legendary?! Me?! Who calls li'l old gladdecease legendary? I need names so I can hunt down the liar and show'em what for!
    Umm... does that mean that my life's in danger? Seriously, gladdecease, I think you're legendary and a very talented person. ^_^ *not sure whether to hide or not* XD

    Lol! Wisdom? Well, I can try and offer a bit of advice if I can think of any. I'll get it up soon.

    Spoiler? XD OMG, I couldn't stop laughing! I mean, Brendan and Ash are so go.... O_O I must say no more. Catch ya later!

    Pikachu#25lover: Sadly, yes. Yep, I got my exams too, which is why I wanted to get this chapter out of the way asap but it just kept going on and on and on.... We shall see! Take care!

    kojho: Sure you can copy it into a word doc. ^__^

    Hypershell: Oh yes, I can safely assure you that someone's world will definately be shaken up. ^_^ Aww... please don't be sad *hugs* I'm sorry. Awww.... it's been such a pleasure writing it and for such a fantastic audience like you. ^__^ And thank you so much for everything that you've done for me with reading and reviewing the fic. I hope so!

    misty_aquamaster: Yeah, hopefully something good will come out of the ending. ^_^ I love writing and I would do it all the time if it wasn't for school lol I think you're writing is great! Lol well yeah, I'd love to see this fic become part of the anime/movie or at least see it in animation - that would be the coolest thing ever! See ya soon! ^__^

    Mr.Zero: Well let's hope so! ^__^

    MageRyock: Aww... sorry to let yo down. Umm... I think I've gone over 40 pages...

    gladdecease: lol there is a reason why we stay out of each other's way on the forums. XD

    kojho: Thank you! ^___^

    Mr. Zero: ^__^ No probs, I'll get it up within the hour or so.

    xspx: Aww... I'm sorry xspx *hugs* Hmm... you're in Virginia, right? Well, if that is the Virginia in the USA... *checks time difference map* depending on what part of Virgina you're in, you'll either be 5/6 hours behind me. So, at the moment my time here is 10:20 am, which means for you it will be *sweatdrops* 4/5:20 in the morning. So I'm guessing you'll still be asleep. ^^; Don't worry, even if I get it up within the next hour, it will only be up for about 4/5 hours if you wake up at 9:00 am for instance. Have sweet dreams and don't worry about it - it's still going to be here when you wake up - it's not going anywhere! ^__^

    Moonlusion: O_O Party!!! *starts dancing* Oh no, is my dancing really that bad? *watches scared readers* I really fancy an egg roll! Toss one here! ^__^

    OK, I'm off - I'll see ya later and if no-one's posted after this then I'll just edit this really long post - hopefully it will all fit it. XD

    Take care


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    Default WS! You actually looked up the time zone....O_o You were right though. When you posted that, it was 5:24 AM in my time so yup. Well, I was awake a while ago and your story isnt up yet so I wont miss it when it is up. So, I guess its 1:49 PM over there now or somewhere around there? Oh yeah, and THANK YOU. I did have sweet dreams (kinda..)
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    Water Spirit, sorry if I'm being rude, but, my name's supposed to be in this chapter, what's my name used for?

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    Well, nothing left to do but kick back and wait for the next chapter. Might as well start counting. 1...2...3...4...

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    Talking It's here at last!!!!! (Part 1)

    xspx: ^__^ Well, guess what? You're going to be the first to see it coz I'm putting it up now! lol, yep, it's 2:30 pm here now so all good! Glad you had sweet dreams! ^__^

    Tahukun: Take a look. ^__^ Don't worry, I did use it in this chapter.

    Elite Eevee: It’s here! ^__^

    OK, um... guys, this chapter is pretty long... OK when I say long I mean reeeeaaallllllly long... in total it's 50 pages!!!!!! XD Yep, you heard right, 50 pages!!!! So any of you complain about the frigging length then I will blow a fuse. XD But then again, it's the quality not the quantity that counts.

    Author's Notes:

    Happy Belated Birthday to Blazing Charmander! Sorry I couldn't get it up yesterday.

    OK, I want to say a special thank you to Brian Powell for all his help with the battle scenes in this fic - he has helped me tremendously and I'm very grateful for all his help. ^___^ *hugs* Thank you so much!

    Right, I'm going to shut up now and allow you to at last read, Chapter 28. Enjoy!!!!

    IMPORTANT EDIT: OMG, we have a problem - the chapter's too long for the post! Umm... OK, I'll try to fix it.

    SECOND EDIT: Right, after going at this for the last hour, I think I've finally solved it - the chapter is divided into three posts but hopefully I won't get done in for that. Please enjoy! ^___________^

    Chapter 28 – Hold your breath…

    From the silent footsteps entering their room at two in the morning, Ash, Misty, May and Max had suspected that Brock’s date had gone well and by his quiet cheerful humming as he set himself up for the night, they were convinced that they were right.

    They couldn’t contain their grins and laughter when they awoke early the next morning to the tantalising smells of a cooked breakfast and saw before them on the table, a wide variety of foods consisting of a three course meal with the hot foods gently placed under small, candlelit heaters to keep them warm. Misty read out the message that Brock had left for them, which explained that he had decided to spend the morning with Cassie and as an apology he had made them breakfast. He assured them that he would be back to watch Ash’s match and had stated that he would meet them at the stands before the match started.

    They laughed heartily at his kindness and devoured themselves in the delicious foods – whether deciding to start where Brock had suggested depended on the individual. Misty and May agreed to start from the beginning as they both helped themselves to cereals and toast, whereas Ash decided to begin with the sweets and pastries along with Pikachu, who insisted on covering everything in ketchup and Max resulted in starting with the hot food. He pilled his plate with bacon and scrambled eggs, followed by a few sausages and hash browns, until his pile of food appeared to be higher than him and Pikachu persisted on coating it in ketchup. Pikachu happily tapped on the end of the bottle to get it out until it noticed that nothing was being left on the food and his eyes began to water as he threw the bottle into the air and jumped against Misty’s chest crying. Ash looked up to see the bottle flying towards him and he yelled out as it collided with his head, causing him to fall backwards off his chair and remained in a dazed state on the floor.

    “What’s wrong, Pikachu?” Misty asked soothingly as the Pokemon cried against her.

    It didn’t move its head from her chest but pointed in the direction of Ash and both May and Misty gasped.

    “Oh no! We’ve run out of ketchup!” Misty cried out as she saw the empty bottle next to a dazzled Ash.

    She ran over to it, picked it up and sighed.

    “I guess I’ll have to go out and get another one.” She said out loud.

    “Hey! What about me?” Ash protested as he sat up and rubbed his sore head. “How come I don’t get any sympathy?”

    “Because, I knew that you weren’t that hurt.” Misty replied with a grin. “It’s obvious, that someone like me, who has known you for so long, can easily tell when you’re in a lot of pain.” She finished matter-of-factly and couldn’t stop the grin forming on her face.

    “Oh, you know him only too well, don’t ya, Misty?” May said with a knowing smile and folded her arms. “Like, Ash’s boxer shorts? What colour is he wearing today?”

    Misty blushed.

    “How should I know?” She yelled angrily.

    May and Max were laughing silently together as Ash was debating in his head whether to laugh or look shocked to think that they were openly discussing his underwear.

    Misty put her plate over by the sink when she had finished and looked down at her backpack that was propped against the wall. She rummaged through it and looked at Psyduck’s pokeball and she sighed as she held it in her hand.

    “Hey, Misty, someone’s on the phone for you.” Max called to her through her trance as he pointed to the cordless phone.

    Misty stood up and was surprised that she hadn’t heard the phone go and moved over to Ash who had answered the call and was waiting for her to take the receiver.

    “Who is it?” She asked quietly but Ash averted his gaze from her and kept his back to her as he continued with his breakfast. “Hello?” She asked tentatively as she stared at Ash’s back.

    “Hey, Misty, it’s Brendan.” A friendly voice replied back to her.

    Misty’s spirits lifted and skydived at the same time – linking the reason to Ash’s reaction to her caller. She spoke to Brendan for a while and tried to keep her conversation minimal so that the topic couldn’t be overheard. She bid him farewell and wished him luck with his match against Ash and finished by promising to see him soon. She replaced the phone back in its cradle as the videophone simultaneously rang. Frowning she picked up the other receiver and jumped out of her chair when she saw who was displayed on the screen.

    “No! Go away! Go away!” She screamed and hastily returned the receiver to disconnect the call.

    “Misty, what’s wrong?” May asked her in alarm.

    The phone rang again and Misty refused to pick it up before Max rushed in front of her and picked up the receiver. Misty bellowed down at him before she was scolded by her older sister for shouting at a younger child in that way.

    “What do you want!?” Misty shouted at Daisy as she caught sight of a pokeball in her hand.

    “Relax little sis, I just, like, wanted to tell you that I plan on keeping this Psyduck that we like, accidentally cloned the other day!” She responded happily as she kissed the pokeball in her hand.

    Misty’s eye quivered unsurely as she watched Daisy.

    “What are you up to?” She questioned.

    “Well like, watch this.” Daisy said whilst releasing the Pokemon confined in the ball so that it was beside Daisy’s feet.

    Daisy adjusted the camera so that it focused on the Cerulean Gym pool, to which Misty was most familiar with, and instructed the duck Pokemon to use a ‘water blaster’. It looked up at her clueless before turning towards the pool and shooting a powerful spout of water that stretched the length of the Olympic sized pool. Misty’s jaw dropped in horror as she moved closer to the screen to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. She looked down at the pokeball still in her hand and released it with eagerness to see if her Pokemon would do the same. Psyduck looked up at her as she released it and held its head with its perplexed expression as Misty commanded it to use a ‘water blaster’. May and Max flinched and covered their heads as Psyduck faced them. It closed its eyes and concentrated hard before opening its mouth. A small trickle of water flowed out and on to the carpet before it held up a peace sign and walked off to Misty’s bag.

    Misty’s legs buckled beneath her and she fell with tears to the floor – pounding the ground while crying out how unfair this was. Daisy bid her farewell and clicked off as Misty was left in a crumpled state on the floor.

    “It’s too early in the morning for this.” She wailed against the floor and crawled all the way to her room and shut the door.

    “I’m going to get ready.” Ash stated as he placed his plate by the sink and walked off to his room as if nothing had happened.

    “That’s weird.” May said quietly as she watched Ash close the door behind him. “He didn’t react at all to what just happened with Misty.”

    ”Should have he?” Max questioned intelligently. “What were you expecting him to do…”

    “You’re as clueless as Ash is.” May sighed solemnly.

    “Not if you’re suggesting that I’ve noticed something between them deeper than friendship.” Max stated knowingly while cleaning his glasses.

    May looked down at her brother in shock and was impressed by the knowledge beyond his years. He explained to her that he had been fully aware of their relationship from the start and was surprised by how neither had admitted to liking the other. As he finished his sentence, a white light emitted from Misty’s bag and a small heart-shaped Pokemon appeared before them. LuvDisc cooed its name affectionately and looked around to see a clueless Psyduck staring at it. It hopped over to the duck and communicated in its natural tongue to which, surprisingly, Psyduck happily responded to.

    May and Max watched them closely until LuvDisc was rolling on the floor laughing with Psyduck also in fits of amusement. The Pokemon looked up at the two siblings staring at them and LuvDisc hopped over to May whilst squealing at the top of its voice – trying to communicate. May apologised that she couldn’t understand it so LuvDisc pushed Psyduck in front of them and began using Psyduck for its body gestures. LuvDisc headbutted Psyduck’s arm so that it pointed to Misty’s room and nudged the other so that it indicated Ash’s room. It then was able to position Psyduck’s arms so that they came together and LuvDisc danced around Psyduck.

    “I’m totally lost.” Max muttered and sweat-dropped.

    “We need an interpreter.” May pondered thoughtfully and grabbed both Psyduck and LuvDisc and ran out of the door.

    “Where are you going?” Max yelled as he followed her.

    May didn’t answer him but knew that she had to find out what both LuvDisc and Psyduck were now aware of. She ran out of the hotel, her heart pounding in her head, why she did not know. Something had happened to make LuvDisc this happy and if it was related to Ash and Misty then it might explain the awkwardness of this morning.

    Could it be to do with Brendan? Her mind echoed.

    Her eyes widened and she ran faster. Misty’s words of reassurance that there was nothing between her and Brendan whispered through her head but something wasn’t convincing her to believe it. Her mind was in doubt, it must have been Brendan who phoned her this morning, but why? Why had Misty been so evasive to talk to him in front of them? Why had Ash reacted strangely to the phone call? Her mind continued to buzz with questions as she ran through the streets towards the market and glanced past all the stalls – searching for someone. Her attention was caught by two lone figures lazily leaning against their stall and talking to a cat-like Pokemon. They had no customers and May determinedly ran up to their stall and placed the two Pokemon on the counter.

    “I need you to do me a favour.” She said tonelessly.

    The group looked down at her and flinched.

    “It’s the twerp’s friend!” Meowth cried out in alarm.

    “Shush! She might recognise us.” The blue-haired man whispered. “Act like normal.”

    “I’m sorry, young miss, but we’re on our break at the moment, would you be able to come back later?” The red-haired woman asked politely.

    “Oh, please, you’re always on a break because it’s impossible for you to get any customers.” May replied airily. “Besides, your costumes don’t do you any good and it’s not hard to figure out that you’re Team Rocket.”

    Max caught up with her, panting and seemed surprised at who she was talking to.

    “Huh? We’re not Team Rocket, young miss. We specialise in selling our homemade Pokemon cookies! Would you like to try a free sample?” Jesse continued.

    “If I did I might be committing suicide.” May stated with narrow eyes.


    “Save it! Meowth, I desperately need you to translate LuvDisc’s words for me.”

    “Why?” The Pokemon asked perplexed.

    “Please, I’m begging you! Ash and Misty’s friendship could depend on LuvDisc’s words!” She pleaded with tears shining in her eyes.

    Meowth frowned at her but was taken aback by the tears she was shedding for her friends.

    “Alright.” He sighed.

    He hopped down in front of LuvDisc and asked it what the problem was. LuvDisc’s dialect came flowing out like the water gun from its mouth as Meowth nodded his head in understanding.

    “OK, twerp. The Pokemon says dat when her master was back at her Gym, Psyduck popped out at an awkward moment between Misty and this other guy who said he liked Misty. But a purple-headed gurl who liked baseball managed to get it out of the red-haired twerp that there was ‘someone else’ that she liked so dat’s why she didn’t like this other guy. When Psyduck got out of its ball, it had overheard what they said and coz Psyduck knew who it was, it started laughing and Misty got really embarrassed. Heh! Who’d have thought?”

    “Who was it? Did she say who she liked?” May asked intrigued.

    “May, this really is none of your business.” Max interrupted.

    “Max, Ash and Misty are destined to be together – you weren’t there when LuvDisc told me, you don’t understand. Something’s happened that’s causing a problem for both of them – one minute they’re fine and the next they are so cold to one another. It’s like this morning, Misty got a phone call and Ash was really cold to her. We have to help them.”

    “Nope, she didn’t say who it was.” Meowth translated after Psyduck began talking.

    “Jess, do you remember what Butch and Cassidy said before we had a fight with them when they briefly came to Houen?” James asked his partner.

    “About the twerp’s friend in Cerulean?”


    “What!” May exclaimed. “What did they say?”

    “Oh, they were talking about how they had overheard that conversation you were talking about before they attacked them with their Pokemon and they said that they heard the red-haired twerp talking to the other girl, Casey wasn’t it? Anyway, Casey was trying to force it out of her and all the red-head said was ‘he’s tall, dark and handsome and always brings a smile to my face’.”

    “She must have meant Ash!” May cried gleefully.

    “No, they said it was someone else, didn’t they, James?” Jesse pondered.

    “Yeah, apparently the Casey girl asked if it was someone called ‘Stacee’.”

    “It wasn’t Stacee, it was Tracey!” Jesse corrected him angrily. “He was the tall twerp who went round the islands with them.”

    “Oh no.” May said as the colour drained from her face. “Did Misty say it was him?”

    “How should we know? By then we were in a fight with Butch and Cassidy because they started boasting about how the Boss liked them more!”

    “What? You guys are hopeless!” May shouted.

    LuvDisc was jumping up and down in front of Meowth to get his attention and ordered the Pokemon to start translating again. Meowth explained that LuvDisc knows that Misty has no interest in Tracey otherwise it would be protecting those two but instead, it is protecting Ash and Misty. Therefore, Misty must have been referring to Ash but the problem, it said, was the guy that Misty always seemed to be with a lot when Ash wasn’t around. Apparently, LuvDisc couldn’t work out the deal between those two at all – whether they are in love or just friends, Brendan and Misty’s relationship was too complicated to work out.

    “So Misty and Brendan might like each other?” May questioned breathlessly.

    LuvDisc nodded.

    “The only way to find out,” Meowth continued to translate. “is by asking them and truthfully getting them to admit if they have feelings for one another. If either one of them answers ‘yes’ then there is nothing that can be done for Ash and Misty. Fate itself will be the decider and then destiny will follow.”


    Ash leaned against the wall of his room by the door, thinking. The sun filtered through the open window and illuminated the bunk beds and slowly crept up the wall as the time past. Ash’s upper half remained in shadow as he stared at the floor and put his hands in his pockets. He pulled out a small handkerchief and smiled at it. It was the handkerchief that Misty had given him before they had departed and he had made sure to keep it with him since. It was the only thing that he had from her, except for a few photos but this had been special to him – since it was the only thing he had been able to keep of her to help preserve a memory when they had been away for so long.

    It’s strange how one little thing can bring back a lifetime of memories… a voice echoed in Ash’s ears.

    He looked up, expecting to see someone but there was no one there. The breeze dancing with the curtains from the open window caught his attention. He frowned.

    Wasn’t that window closed before? He pondered.

    Pikachu startled his thoughts with its cries as it pointed to the clock on the wall.

    “Woah! It’s nine already? We’d better get going, right, Pikachu?”

    “Pika-chu.” The Pokemon replied and nodded.

    The agile Pokemon pointed to a small bottle on the bedside table that contained the medicine, which Nurse Joy had given him to help with his recovery. Ash stared at it and smiled.

    “I’ll be OK.” He replied confidently. “I’m feeling fine now and I haven’t taken any of it this morning – I’m back to my old self.”

    He once again pocketed Misty’s handkerchief and walked out of the room with Pikachu following. It stopped in the doorway and looked back at the bottle unsurely.

    “Where is everyone?” Ash questioned aloud. “Misty? May? Hey, Max?”

    Misty emerged from her room in response to Ash’s call and when he asked her where May ad max were, she replied that she did not know and hadn’t heard them leave the room. She suggested that they might have gone to the stadium already but it seemed strange that they had left their bags behind.

    “Hey, Pikachu, what have you found that’s so interesting in my backpack?” Ash asked when he saw half of his Pokemon’s body hanging out of his backpack.

    Pikachu looked up innocently and hopped over to Ash with a photograph in its mouth. Ash bent down to take the picture from it and stood up straight so that he and Misty could observe it. They both beamed at the photo, which had been taken just before they had all separated, on the bank where they had asked the local fisherman to take their picture. Everyone had happy smiles and it dawned on the two how closely they had been sitting next to each other when it was taken.

    “I love this picture.” Misty sighed happily by Ash’s shoulder. “I’ve got it hung up on my wall back home.”

    “Yeah, I remember when Brock sent it to me and I’ve kept it ever since. It turned out to be a really great photo.”

    Misty smiled when he looked at her.

    I’m so happy that he got it. At least he thinks the same way about that picture as I do. She thought quietly to herself.

    “Pika! Pika-chu!” the Pokemon cried out in alarm and pointed to the clock on the wall.

    Ash and Misty both gasped and grabbed their backpacks – Misty grabbing May’s and leaving Max’s on the floor as they both dashed out of the room in a panic.


    Brock stood with his arms folded outside the stadium doors as he waited patiently for his friends. He consulted the clock tower in the square to see that they were all running late.

    “Brock!” a voice called and disturbed his thoughts.

    “Hey, May! Max! Where’s Ash and Misty?” He greeted his two companions warmly.

    “We thought they’d be here with you. Haven’t they arrived yet?” May panted.

    Brock shook his head.

    “Why have you got Psyduck and LuvDisc?” He frowned and looked at the small Pokemon perched on May’s shoulder and the round duck she was holding under her arm.

    “Oh, would you mind returning them to Misty when you see her?” she laughed unsurely and thrust Psyduck into Brock’s arms as LuvDisc hopped onto Max’s head.

    Brock told the siblings that they really should sit in their seat but May insisted that she would wait for Ash in the changing rooms. Brock appeared to be taken aback by her words but did not question her further as he directed Max inside the stands. May waved them off as she quickly ran around the back to the changing rooms entrance. Her face was set. Since it was the quarterfinals, the changing rooms had been personalised so that the contenders’ names were on paper cards, stuck to the doors. She spotted Ash’s and kept moving. Further down the corridor, she found the door she was looking for and grinned. She knocked on the door and waited for a reply. The door opened and Brendan smiled at her.

    “Hey, May.” He greeted her warmly. “What’s wrong?” He asked when he witnessed the slight coldness and determination on her face.

    “I need to talk to you.” She said firmly. “It’s about Misty.”


    Ash and Misty had run the whole of the way from the hotel and were now panting in front of the stadium. Misty had collapsed on her knees and was trying to regain her breath with Ash beside her, resting on his knees.

    “I’m-so-glad… we… made it.” He panted and fell back on to his behind and looked up at the sky.

    Misty laughed beside him, now sitting up straight.

    “Now you’ve got to battle.” She teased and winked at him. “Hopefully your stamina levels are up for that.”

    “I hope so.” He laughed as he stood up and helped Misty to her feet.

    “How come you didn’t want us on the coach’s bench this time?” She questioned as she brushed herself down.

    “Well, I thought that I wanted to do this battle on my own. Since it’s against Brendan and he’s a friend of ours, it might be better that I do this one by myself and with less distraction as possible.”

    Misty laughed.

    “Oh, we’re a distraction to you are we?” She questioned playfully.

    “Well… urr… that’s not what I meant…”

    “I know what you mean.” She said with a smile of understanding.

    “Pika!” Pikachu cried out in agreement after finally catching up with them.

    “Oh yeah, Misty, would you be able to look after Pikachu for me? I want to use it for my last battle, so if you wouldn’t mind looking after it until then, that would be great.” He asked with a smile.

    “Sure, no problem.” Misty laughed as Pikachu hopped onto her shoulder – understanding why its master wanted to save it for the last battle.

    “Well, I guess I better get going downstairs to quickly get ready.” Ash said confidently and turned around to make his way to the changing rooms.


    As he turned to face her, he was alarmed to find that her arms were around his neck and she was hugging him. If a picture could have been taken at the moment, it would have been to highlight the shock and colour of Ash’s face as he looked down at the top of Misty’s head in surprise at the gesture she was making for him.

    “Good luck.” She whispered and let go of him and ran to the doors of the stadium.

    He glimpsed that the colour of her own face had also increased with his, but he smiled contently as he watched her go, the morning breeze whispered gently across his face, as he felt lighter inside. His confidence rose that he could win this battle and all of the gratitude he had coursed through his veins, to know how lucky he was to have Misty as part of his life and as his closest friend.


    “Right, since the usual commentator, Lugin Tahukan, has been diagnosed with a mysterious flu and the weather girl, Miss “I am the Queen of the Weather Pokemon” – Tracey “Traz” Hypershell, has decided to call an early vacation with some random person, I’m taking over.” The sarcastic commentator droned through the microphone.

    The audience looked puzzled and seemed to disagree with putting this arrogant man in charge of speculating the events of the anticipated match ahead.

    “I’m Brian Powell.” A large applause and cheering came from the stadium when these words were uttered against the microphone. “Oh please, spare me the cheers, you all hate me.” The crowd continued to applaud him as he sighed into the microphone. “I should have taken up talent hosting.” He grumbled as he watched a large group of fan girls fight their way up to the commentating box.

    Misty had taken her seat alongside Max and Brock with a smile on her face. It was only when Brock dumped Psyduck on her lap did she return to reality.

    “Psyduck?” She questioned.

    LuvDisc hopped onto her spare shoulder that wasn’t occupied by Pikachu. She asked Brock what was going on and he shrugged, saying that it was May who had had them and had dumped them both with him. Misty seemed even more puzzled when May had reportedly gone down to wait for Ash in the changing rooms. Trying to dislodge her curiosity, Misty indulged herself in a conversation with Brock about Cassie.

    “She’s the girl of my dreams!” Brock exclaimed with his famous brigade of hearts circling around him. “The tickets you gave us were for this beautiful restaurant that has a fountain outside and the food was amazing!”

    Misty sweat-dropped and frowned at Brock.

    “This restaurant wasn’t designed for couples was it? Next to the clock tower?” She questioned.

    “Yes! Do you know where it is?”

    Misty sighed and held her head in her hand.

    “That was the same restaurant that Brendan, Ash, Macey and I ended up going to.” She replied wearily as she recalled her Pokemon back to their pokeballs.

    “Wow. Small world, huh? Oh, and do you know what else? Cassie’s sister is the one and only famous breeder, Rene Bellosh!” He finished excitedly.

    “Listen, Romeo, only one girl at a time, OK?” Misty replied coolly.

    “Oh, sorry – kinda got carried away. How come you’ve got Pikachu? Doesn’t Ash want to battle with it?”

    “He asked me to look after Pikachu because he wants to save it for the last battle.”

    “Misty!” A voice called from the row in front of her.

    Misty bent over curiously to see the girl whom Brendan had been partners with in the water competition that they had participated in.

    “Aurora! It’s great to see you again.” Misty cried happily. “Are you here to support Brendan?”

    “Well, sort of. My brother, Derek, is battling in the match after Brendan and Ash in this stadium so I’m here to watch both matches.” She replied.

    A small Pokemon appeared on her shoulder as she talked to Misty.

    “Oh, this is my Horsea, Coral Eye.” Aurora introduced.

    “Ahh… it’s so cute!” Misty complimented. “I have a Horsea, too.” She said as she went into a discussion about her gym.

    “Well, ladies and gentlemen, it seems that both trainers are finally ready to battle.” Brian Powell started up again in an even duller tone that still received a deafening applause. “Oh, shut up. Right, well the rules of this battle are that there are two one-on-one battles and a double battle, so they do one battle with one Pokemon first, then the double battle, then if it’s a tie, they have another one-on-one. Who writes this script, I mean come on! My Goldeen could write a better script than this! What do you mean, ‘usually the normal guy does it with enthusiasm?” The commentator argued with the producer.

    The fan girls screamed against the glass of the box and demanded to be let in so that they could worship Brian Powell.

    “That commentator is really sarcastic isn’t he?” Misty pondered.

    “Yeah, but the girls seem to like it.” Brock said thoughtfully.

    “Brian Powell is so cool!” Max exclaimed excitedly as he stood up in his seat with the rest of the crowd. “If I can’t become a gym leader, I want to be just like him!”

    “You know who he is?” Misty questioned.

    Everyone in Houen knows who he is!” Max continued in his bubbly tone. “He’s one of the most respected commentators in the whole region! He’s so sarcastic but that’s what people love about him – he also seems to attract the girls a lot. This is great! This match is going to be the best!”

    Ash and Brendan emerged on to the field with a tremendous applause as they were introduced and Ash’s friends looked down at them happily.

    “Excuse me, sorry, come through!” May exclaimed apologetically as she made her way to her seat.

    “Where have you been?” Misty asked her as she sat down beside her. “And what have you been up to with my Pokemon?”

    May looked her in the eye only to receive a curious expression from Misty. May leant over to her and whispered in her ear. Whatever her words, they caused Misty to blush furiously and look down at the floor as she sheepishly gave her reply.

    Ash looked confidently across the field to his opponent who returned the playful grin. The referee signalled for them to released both of their Pokemon at the same time, which they did and quickly studied what had been released before the battle started.

    “Ready, Chibi?” Brendan confidently asked his Pokemon.

    “Chibi?” Ash asked himself as he got out his Pokedex.

    The Pokemon opposing him was small in size from what he had expected it to look like though still carried the distinct features that resembled a camel.

    “Huh?” Ash questioned aloud as he took out his PokeDex and pointed it at the Camerupt.

    “Camerupt, the Eruption Pokemon. It’s average height is 6ft3 and its average weight is 485lb. Despite the smaller size of this Camerupt, it has highly explosive power and is not to be underestimated in its power or ability.

    Ash grinned. He was now thankful that he had released Totodile onto the field against this unusual fire type that he has only had the opportunity of studying on a few rare occasions. Ignoring the advice his PokeDex had given him, he planned in his head how he was going to overcome this Pokemon with its obvious type disadvantage.

    “Chibi means small, Ash.” Brendan stated knowingly when he saw Ash’s perplexed expression. “But just because it’s small doesn’t mean that it should be taken lightly.”

    “GO!” The referee shouted and held up both of his flags.

    “Totodile! Water gun!” Ash immediately shouted and pointed at their opponent.

    Brendan lowered his head and grinned with confidence. He didn’t order his Pokemon to move or evade the oncoming attack. The force of the water hit Camerupt directly and sent it backwards slightly until its digging heels preventing it from moving any further. It looked up at Totodile persistently but didn’t flinch.

    “What?!” Ash yelled in disbelief to see that the disadvantaged type had taken on little damage.

    Both Totodile and Ash’s eyes widened with shock until Ash regained his focus again. Ash instructed his Pokemon to commence with a repeat of the previous attack as Totodile breathed in heavily.

    “I don’t think so, Ash.” Brendan said confidently. “Chibi! Use your Earthquake!”

    Chibi reacted quickly and raised both of its feet and slammed it with such a force that the entire field shook – sending Totodile’s directed attack off course and into the air. A number of the spectators screamed as the tremors worked their way up the stands and Totodile was knocked off its balance and onto its back. Thinking quickly, Brendan ordered his Pokemon to use a rapid Flamethrower that scored a direct hit and shot Totodile back towards a panicking Ash.

    “Are you OK, Totodile?” He asked his Pokemon with concern.

    The small Pokemon stood up and shook itself from its stun before carelessly dancing on the spot, much to everyone’s surprise.

    His technique is incredible. Ash thought in his head. I didn’t have any time to react for Totodile because his combination was so fast.

    “Not bad.” Brock commented randomly.

    “What’s not bad?” May asked.

    “Well, why Brendan didn’t react on the first move that Ash made. He waited for Ash to make the first move – knowing that he would repeat it because Brendan was giving him the perfect opportunity to react. With a brilliant combo attack on Brendan’s behalf, it’s already given him the upper edge.”

    Misty’s face displayed her concern. Pikachu watched her carefully – it hadn’t been able to overhear what May had said to her but it could tell that something was troubling its master’s best friend. Misty continued to watch the match with a distracted mind, thinking about what May had asked and questioning her response to it. Did Brendan feel the same way?

    May’s reaction to her reply hadn’t been quite what she had expected, though they had both spoken in silent whispers to avoid the boys overhearing the subtly of their conversation. Misty had been very evasive of the questions that had followed her main reply – to which she had promised to give her truthful answer. For now, May had been silent, intently watching Ash and Brendan’s battle.

    “Alright, Totodile, it’s time for a change of tactics!” Ash bellowed with renewed confidence. “Use your – huh?”

    Ash looked up to the sky after the field had darkened with a shadow to see…

    “Prepare for trouble, you little twerp!”

    “And make it double, before we land in the dirt!”

    Ash’s face displayed that of most disbelief mixed with a dash of sarcasm, followed by a sweat-drop.

    “Urr… hello!” He shouted up to them. “I’m kind of in the middle of a really important battle here!”

    Distracted by Ash’s calls, the trio peered over the side of the Meowth-shaped balloon and laughed.

    “To protect the world from devastation!”

    “To unite all people’s within our nation!”

    “To denounce the evils of –”

    “Oi! You people in that stupid looking balloon! Get out of here now! You’re blocking my view of the field!”

    Curiously, the trio looked in all directions to see where the voice had come from.

    “Urr… to your left. No, your other left. Now look down… down, down, down… up…right. I suggest you three idiots move out of the way before I pop your balloon with my microphone.” Brian Powell said as the group looked up at him in the commentating box.

    “James, who’s he?” Jesse asked in a small voice.

    “I think he’s a man.” James whispered in her ear.

    She narrowed her eyes at him.

    “Well done, Einstein.”

    Brian shouted at them again and this time received a response from the crowd who were in agreement with him.

    “Oh, shut up!” Jesse shouted heatedly. “We’re only here for the Pokemon and then we’ll be gone!”

    She threw a pokeball to release her Pokemon at the edge of the basket and her partner did the same. The silhouettes of Cacnea and Seviper appeared before the lights disappeared and revealed the Pokemon who called out their names. The thieves instructed their Pokemon to attack the commentating box, breaking the glass and leaving a disgruntled Mr. Powell on the edge of another dose of sarcasm.

    “If that is what you call Pokemon then I dread to think what you call Trainers.” He said airily.

    “How dare you!” Jesse shouted as James restrained her.

    He reminded her that they were here for the Pokemon to which she let off a smoke bomb that covered the entire field and rose up through the stands. The audience coughed and spluttered as they were choked by the fumes and could barely see through the billowing smoke.

    “Swellow, blow this smoke away with your Gust attack!” Ash coughed his command as he released his Pokemon out into the open.

    The extraordinary bird flew high into the sky, through the cloud, and was beating its wings powerfully to direct the smoke into a different direction and to diffuse it out of the way. As it cleared from the grounds, both Totodile and Camerupt could be seen suspended in a net below the balloon, crying down to their masters. Jesse ordered her Pokemon to attack Swellow while it was distracted and scored a direct hit with a poison sting. Stunned by the attack, Swellow fell to the ground and crashed heavily, sending up a cloud of dust as Ash ran to aid his hurt Pokemon.

    “Ash, look out!” Misty cried from the stands and jumped out of her seat.

    She quickly handed Pikachu over to Max as the Pokemon protested in his arms, wanting to protect its master until Max held it even tighter, trying to reason that Ash needed it for the last battle.

    Misty ran to the balcony that was separating her row from the below stage of seats. Cacnea had launched a set of pin missiles in the direction of the fallen Pokemon, to which Ash was now bent over. He looked up in shock to see them heading for him and shielded his Pokemon from the oncoming attack.

    Misty had leapt the balcony and was running down the stairs as she called upon a Pokemon from the pokeball in her pocket to help her friend.

    “Staryu, help us out!” She cried angrily as her Pokemon emerged and aimed a water gum at the attack that was heading for Ash.

    The attack was disintegrated within the flow of water and Staryu stood proudly in front of its master, who had now reached the bottom of the stairs and was beside the balcony that separated the stands from the field. Ash looked towards his friend and smiled his thanks as he looked back up to the balloon that was now trying to make its exit. Brendan called upon another one of his Pokemon, a Shiftry – shaped in a peculiar fuzz ball way with sharp features that stood prominent against the rest of its body. It maliciously grinned at the trio trying to escape and launched a “Shadow Ball” at the rope suspending the net below the balloon. The Pokemon were dropped on to the field, Totodile jumping about enthusiastically, as James ordered his Cacnea to use a spiralling Pin Missile. Wishing he hadn’t said this after he watched the consequences, his Pokemon span around on the spot and launched a number of sharp needles as it rotated – also inside the balloon. The crowd shielded themselves as a number headed for Misty who had been unprepared for the attack after ordering her own Pokemon to protect the audience by counteracting with a spiralling water gun. With her defence lost, she could only gasp in horror at the oncoming attack and hear Ash yell out her name. He reacted quickly and ordered Totodile to fire a spout of water towards her but was intercepted by Shiftry grabbing hold of Misty and jumping out of the way with her. As a result, Totodile’s attack soaked the displeased crowd. Shiftry placed Misty a little further down the balcony, towards Brendan’s end, as she said her thanks to it and it bowed its understanding before standing proudly before its master. Brendan shouted to Ash and Misty that they should combine their attacks together to form an all powerful attack to get rid of the trio of trouble-makers. Both nodding their agreement and Ash returning Swellow to its pokeball, Misty and Ash joined forces with their Pokemon to create a powerful jet of water that combined with the darkness of Shiftry’s shadow ball to form a liquefied black beam that headed straight for the screaming trio in the balloon and caused an explosion that sent them sailing off into the sky with the traditional “We’re blasting off again!”

    The audience shouted and cheered their approval of the group’s efforts and even a positive word was said by the commentator on the splendour of the combined attack. As the crowd were distracted by this, Misty signalled to Brendan to come to the balcony as she crouched down as low as she could while he strained to hear the words she was whispering down to him. He frowned his response until he saw the look of concern upon her face and nodded as she smiled her thanks and wished Ash luck in the remainder of the fight as she recalled Staryu and disappeared back up the stands – a large applause following her as she went. Ash looked at her suspiciously as she went and was distracted by the secret talk she’d had with Brendan as the commentator and referee announced the continuation of the match.

    Totodile danced up and down readily as Ash focused his attention on the battle ahead of him, before his thoughts were interrupted by a sharp pain across his chest. Ignoring it and recovering from it quickly, he dismissed any worries from it and treated it as a random pain from his sudden movements.

    “Totodile, use another Water Gun!” Ash yelled out to his Pokemon as Brendan simultaneously ordered his own Pokemon to use a flamethrower.

    Both Pokemon obeyed the instructions of their respective trainers and launched their powerful attacks at the other. A forceful explosion resulted as they collided, leaving both Pokemon starring maliciously at the other. Without further hesitation, Brendan ordered his Pokemon to use one of its most powerful and destructive attacks once again – earthquake. Unsure on the true potential of this power, having only witnessed it once at the beginning of the match, Ash could only helplessly watch his Pokemon suffer the endurance as the opponent lifted its front feet high in the air and forcefully stamped them down on the ground.

    The force caused the earth to shudder violently as a shockwave was sent from where it stood towards Totodile, who was taken back by the abruptness of the attack and was sent flying backwards in pain towards its master. Screams and yelled echoed throughout the stadium as numerous amounts of spectators were dislodged from their seats.

    “Totodile!” Ash yelled out desperately as his blue crocodile hit the ground brutally.

    Totodile struggled to its feet and determinedly stood on its shaking stumped legs with high persistence to beat its opponent as Brendan was ordering Chibi to use another earthquake.

    “The force from that Camerupt is incredible.” Brock commented. “Brendan was right – even though its small, it makes up for it with its amazing power.”

    Misty remained silent next to him.

    “Brock, if Ash does lose this battle, do you think that it will give Brendan more of an upper edge?” May asked unsurely.

    “Have confidence, May, we’ve already seen Ash come out of worse scrapes than this in some of the gym battles we’ve seen him fight in.” Max replied knowingly.

    “Max is right. Besides, even if Brendan did win this match, Ash still has two battles left to make his comeback. Though double battle after this though, is what is really going to put him to the test. He hasn’t had that much experience with double battles before – he’s participated in a few but it will be interesting to see what Pokemon he’ll use together. I have a hunch that Brendan will have had a lot more of experience than Ash in double battling, so if Ash wanted to gain a some security on the winner of this match, he’s going to have to start by turning this one around first.” Brock replied with his wisdom.

    When the group turned to watch the match again, they gasped to see Ash commanding a weak Totodile to use a water gun – only this time aimed at the ground. Curious as to what his intentions were, the crowd watched Ash’s unusual tactics as Brendan smirked and ordered his own Pokemon to release its now fully charged earthquake – knowing that this would mean the end for Ash’s first Pokemon.

    Slamming down harder than ever before, Chibi released the full power of its attack as it was distributed around the arena. The stands shook and dislodged the majority of irritated spectators from their seats and to tumble down into the rows below. As the spectators regained themselves, momentarily dazed, they were surprised to see Totodile standing proudly, apparently unaffected by the sheer force of the attack.

    Responding quickly after seeing Brendan and Camerupt’s shocked faces, Ash bellowed for his Pokemon to use a Hydro Pump. Totodile breathed in heavily and let out a huge fountain of water from its mouth, hitting Chibi squarely in the body and causing it to be sent flying and slammed against the side of the stands and limply fall back to the ground.

    Fear crept across Brendan’s face. Even with the strength that he knew that his Pokemon would have suffered greatly from Totodile’s attack, especially since it was at a major type disadvantage.

    “Chibi!” Try to stand up!” He called out his encouragement as it weakly got to its feet but before it could regain its bearings, it had been hit with another strong fountain of water from which, this time, it was not able to recover.

    “Camerupt is unable to battle. The first round victory goes to Totodile!” The referee announced clearly and held up the flag closest to Ash.

    Ash celebrated his close victory with Totodile, spinning it around on the spot as he held it and continuously praising its tremendous effort. Brendan comforted his injured Pokemon on the other side of the field and recalled it back to its pokeball. Ash jumped up and down with his Pokemon but immediately held his side as a bolt of pain coursed across it. He dropped Totodile and tried to ease the pain as his Pokemon looked up at him with deep concern.
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    Default (Part 2)

    “I’m gonna be fine, Totodile,” Ash said in a reassuring tone as he took out his pokeball, returning his blue crocodile in the process. “Return.”

    “It looks like the wonderboy, Ash Ketchum, took a page out of Brendan’s book, with the ‘same tricks don’t work twice’ and all,” Brian Powell said noticeably, who was speaking from the commentating box. “Oh and next time, Mr. Brendan, I suggest you warn us before hand if you are going to use an Earthquake attack. Not all of us are comfortable with wearing tea on our shirts.” He moaned sarcastically and looked at the massive stains across his green shirt.

    Misty was looking at Ash with an uneasy feeling inside of her. It was only until she looked more closely at him did she notice the discomfort written across his side.

    “What’s wrong with Ash?” She asked in alarm as she moved forward in her seat.

    The others also looked more closely at his expression until he stood up right and no longer showed any signs of pain.

    “Maybe he’s got a stomach ache.” May said thoughtfully. “He did eat a lot of breakfast and he was jumping around with Totodile.”

    “Maybe…” Misty replied, still not convinced.

    “Release your Pokemon!” The referee shouted and held up both of his flags.

    Brendan threw two pokeballs at the same time as Ash to display four Pokemon facing each other on the field. On Brendan’s side, Shiftry and Aggron emerged, on Ash’s – Torkoal and Grovyle.

    “The rules for this match will be as follows.” The referee stated clearly. “When one Pokemon from either side has fainted, the match will end and the victory will go to the opponent. Begin!”

    “Pika!” Pikachu shouted out encouragingly to its fellow Pokemon from Max’s arms.

    “Do you think either of Brendan’s Pokemon can use Earthquake?” May replied worriedly as she was dabbing soda stains from her red top.

    “Probably not.” Brock stated. “But what we should be more worried about is how Ash is going to turn out in this match. After all, he’s not exactly experienced in double battling is he?”

    “Yeah, but he’s done a few and also his practice with doing a few tag battles with May should have helped him.” Max suggested knowingly.

    Misty smiled softly.

    “Ash and I used to do tag battles all the time.” She replied in a gentle voice as she recalled her memories. “Hopefully that will help him.”

    “That’s true. You two used to battle fluently together – you were very synchronised with your Pokemon which made you one heck of a great tag team.” Brock remembered.

    Misty looked down nervously at Brendan, who caught her eye and smiled at her. She returned a weak one that strengthened his curiosity as to know what was bothering her.

    “Hey! Would you focus on our match please instead of Misty!” Ash shouted angrily across the field to Brendan.

    Brendan smirked at him.

    “Relax, Ash, there’s just something personal that Misty and I need to discuss after this match that’s bothering me. I’m sorry.”

    “Huh?” Ash thought out loud as he watched Brendan with worry and curiosity. “What do you mean?”

    “Don’t worry, Ash,” Brendan replied smugly. “It’s nothing that you should affect you too harshly. That is, if the rumours are true…”

    Ash gave Brendan a bitter look.

    “Begin!” the ref yelled, holding up the coloured flags.

    “Let’s go guys!” Brendan yelled. “Shiftry, prepare your Solar Beam! Aggron, use your Headbutt on Grovyle!”

    The white fuzzy, troll-like pokemon crossed its arms and closed its eyes as it took in the solar energy of the light of the sun; increasing its power to use its devastating attack, while Aggron charged towards one of its opponents.

    “Too easy!” Ash yelled confidently. “Grovyle, use your Leaf Blade on Aggron! Torkoal, use your Flamethrower!”

    Both Pokemon followed their master’s instructions confidently. Grovyle leapt into the air as its leaf on its forearm glowed vigorously and dived down towards Aggron, simultaneously as Torkoal breathed in and shot out a huge lick of flame towards Shiftry.

    “Aggron! Withdraw your headbutt and use Protect!” Brendan yelled quickly.

    “What!?” Ash yelled in shock.

    Aggron immediately stopped its offensive attack and stood beside Shiftry while a glowing bright energy surrounded him. Both attacks collided with Aggron but it wasn’t even fazed, as Torkoal’s flamethrower was blocked and Grovyle bounced off Aggron – sending it flying towards Ash but retaliated by landing safely on the ground.

    “You got to be kidding me!” Ash yelled in disbelief.

    “Nice job, guys!” Brendan yelled. “Now, Shiftry, use your Solar Beam on Torkoal! Aggron, use your Headbutt!”

    Ash panicked and needed to think fast as he knew that Solar Beam would cause major damage to his Pokemon.

    “Guys, get out of the way!” he yelled.

    Grovyle was distracted and blinded by the light of the Solar Beam and was taken off guard by Aggron’s overwhelming Headbutt attack in the lower gut, causing it to be sent flying until it fell harshly on the ground. Somehow, it managed it get up quickly. As it returned to its senses, it noticed that Torkoal wasn’t recovering from the impact and was struggling to move after taking a full blast of Shiftry’s Solar Beam.

    “Ash isn’t prepared for this type of battling.” Brock said intensely. “I still can’t understand why he released Grovyle and Torkoal together – after all, they’re not exactly compatible with each other’s elemental types are they?”

    “But then neither are Brendan’s.” Misty pointed out quietly.

    “He’s got something up his sleeve.” Max said airily as Pikachu shouted down to its fellow Pokemon.

    “C’mon, Torkoal!” Ash yelled with encouragement. “Don’t give up!”

    Torkoal struggled to get to its broad feet and tried to shake away the dizziness of the blast that it had taken.

    Brendan saw this as an advantage and decided to end the match at that very moment. “Shiftry!” he yelled. “Use your Double Team!”

    The Pokemon replicated itself and surrounded Ash’s creatures. With Shiftry now circling the two Pokemon, neither was able to get a location on Aggron, whom they suspected that Brendan was saving for a surprise attack.

    Instead, Brendan shouted out his next orders for Shiftry to prepare a Solar Beam as all of the replicas focused on a small illuminated ball within their hands that was rapidly growing.

    Thinking quickly of how to escape from this predicament, Ash remembered what Totodile had done for him in the previous battle and a cunning grin appeared across his face.

    “That’s it!” He yelled. “Both of you, jump in the air!” He commanded.

    As he predicted, the Shiftrys did the same to keep in range of their target. A small s****** appeared on his face as he looked at the soft ground that the three Pokemon were suspended over.

    “Torkoal, aim a Flamerthrower at six o’clock!” Ash bellowed.

    Following his master’s orders, the Pokemon did so and its attack collided with the original Shiftry while the others disappeared after it was weakened. Shiftry was sent flying towards Ash’s end of the field, though instantly stood up after Brendan’s encouraging words reached its ears. While Shiftry was recovering, Ash commanded Grovyle to use a Bullet Seed.

    “I’m really impressed by Ash’s tactics!” Max said in awe.

    Misty looked towards him.

    “He knew that he was in trouble with Brendan’s cunning plan of combining Double Team with a Solar Beam but Ash must have known that Brendan might do something like this, so he took advantage of the soft mud that was left over from when Totodile used a water gun on the ground. And since Brendan had his Shiftry use a Solar Beam, Ash wouldn’t know where the attack would come from because of the Double Team. So Ash cleverly had both his Pokmon jump in the air so that he could see where the footprints from the real Shiftry were and could counteract Brendan’s attack before it had fully charged up. He really is putting on a brilliant performance!”

    Misty looked back at the match and grinned to herself. She hoped that Ash would come through but she knew that Brendan wasn’t going to give in easily.

    Brendan… Her heart sank. She desperately needed to talk to him to find out if the feelings she had for him were the same as her own.

    “All right, Shiftry and Aggron, let’s get this show on the road.” Brendan said confidently after a number of stalemate attacks had been enforced by all the Pokemon. “Combo Shadow Metal Sound Ball!”

    “What?!” Ash shouted out in surprise. He’d never heard of that attack before.

    Aggron let out an ear-piercing chorus of sound waves from its mouth to allow a black and purple sphere of Shiftry’s Shadow Ball to travel on top of it towards their opponents. With the attack travelling at the speed of sound, the two Pokemon were helpless to react and were forcefully repelled back towards Ash as they hit the ground heavily. Ash’s friends gasped from the stands.

    “Come on, guys, you need to stand up!” Ash called out with encouragement.

    Aided by Ash’s words, Grovyle immediately got its feet but Torkoal was struggling. Brendan noted this.

    “OK, Shiftry, aim a Shadow Ball at Torkoal!” Brendan yelled as his Pokemon obeyed his command.

    The eyes of the Pokemon glowed a deep puce as it produced a dark energy ball in its palms to throw at the struggling fire type. As the energy ball grew bigger and stronger, Ash saw this as a chance to make a comeback.

    “Torkoal, counter with your Flamerthrower!” Ash commanded his weakened Pokemon.

    By chance, Torkoal managed to let a powerful set of flames leave its mouth and head for the oncoming attack. The two attacks collided with such force that it caused a huge explosion that knocked both trainers backwards along with their Pokemon and resulted in a billowing dust cloud covering the arena.

    “C’mon! Get real, Ash Ketchum!” Brian Powell said airily from the commentating box. “Torkoal took a few hits and already it’s hammered!”

    “Well, I’m trying my best!” Ash retaliated angrily.

    “Humph, if that’s your best I dread to see what your worst is.” Brian replied coolly and folded his arms as he leant back in his chair.


    “Are you going deaf as well now?”

    “Hey! Who do you think you’re talking to?”


    They continued to bicker until the referee threatened to penalise Ash for wasting time, to which Ash protested furiously because it was the commentator who was distracting him.

    “Resume the match!” The referee exclaimed and ignored Ash.

    “OK, Shiftry, use your Giga Drain on Torkoal!” Brendan ordered and pointed at the fire Pokemon.

    The spiked up furball concentrated and released a large seed that flew in the air and landed on Torkoal, instantly wrapping it in powerful vines and stealing its energy.

    “Torkoal!” Ash exclaimed with concern. “Quick, Groyvle, use Bullet Seed on… that seed!” He said and pointed to the thing that was absorbing Torkoal’s energy.

    Before Grovyle could release its attack, Aggron had used another Headbutt on it and was standing defensively in front of Torkoal.

    As Grovyle opened its mouth to unleash its attack, Aggron dashed towards it and slammed its head onto Grovyle’s, knocking him dizzy and Aggron quickly stood in front of Torkoal to use his Protect move.

    “Hey!” Ash protested as Grovyle tried to move towards Aggron but was once again blocked.

    “Sorry, Ash.” Brendan smirked playfully. “Shiftry, Shadow Ball on Torkoal!”

    “Grovyle, take the hit!” Ash yelled out desperately but it was once again tackled by Aggron and was unable to defend its struggling partner.

    The dark ball collided full on with Torkoal who screamed out in agony and fell weakly to the ground as its energy was continuously absorbed. Ash cried out to his falling Pokemon, encouraging it to stand but Torkoal was unable to respond and remained on the ground.

    “Torkoal is unable to battle. The victory goes to Shiftry and Aggron!” The referee called and held up the flag nearest to Brendan to indicate the win.

    Ash collapsed on to his knees – but not in defeat. He was holding his chest and grimacing as Grovyle managed to release a distraught Torkoal from its bonds and hurried over to its master. Ash looked up at it weakly and smiled.

    “You did a great job out there, both of you,” He corrected himself as Torkoal hobbled over. “But now you deserve a nice long rest.” He finished as he recalled them back to their pokeballs, which he had just taken off his belt.

    “Is Ash alright?” Misty asked in a worried tone as she leant over the balcony to get a closer look at him.

    “What’s wrong with him?” May asked her. “I thought he bent down because he wanted to congratulate his Pokemon.”

    “No, there’s something else…” Misty pondered as Ash looked up at her and gave her a weak smile.

    “Hey, Pikachu! It’s your turn, buddy!” Ash called up to the stands and his furry yellow Pokemon eagerly wriggled out of Max’s arms and ran down the stairs.

    It jumped off the balcony and down to its master and ran up his arm to his shoulder. They both looked over to Brendan who was throwing a ball up into the air and catching it as he waited for the referee to signal the start of the match.

    “OK, Pikachu, we need to win this one.” Ash whispered to his closest Pokemon.

    Small sparks came out of Pikachu’s cheeks to display its determination but Ash didn’t flinch as the sparks came within millimetres of his face.

    “Do you think Ash can win this one?” Max asked Brock.

    “I have confidence he might win but Brendan is not going to be easily defeated.” Brock said cautiously.

    Misty watched both boys intently. She looked across to May sitting next to her and bowed her head in defeat.

    “May… I need to ask you something…”

    Under the referee’s instructions, Brendan released his chosen Pokemon on to the field as Pikachu hopped off Ash’s shoulder to stand confidently in front of him.

    “This will be the decider one-on-one match. Whoever wins will qualify for the semi-finals. GO!” The referee bellowed.

    “Marshtomp! Start off with your Take Down!” Brendan commanded as his Pokemon ran quickly at Pikachu.

    “Pikachu, Agility!” Ash shouted.

    Pikachu instantly disappeared from the spot that Marshtomp was about to attack and appeared behind it. The large blue Pokemon furiously tried to attack it until Pikachu evaded it once again and continued with its rapid movements to keep its opponent in confusion.

    “Marshtomp, use your Mud Sport!” Brendan commanded with confidence.

    The large Pokemon flicked up large amounts of mud into the air – and allowed them to fall back down to the ground with harming Pikachu in any way except for a few splatters landing on it. Perplexed by this unusual act, Ash had Pikachu once again use an Agility to confuse their opponent.

    “Great!” Ash congratulated. “Now, hit it with your strongest Thunder, Pikachu!”

    The sky above grumbled as the small mouse Pokemon yelled out a large battle cry as it unleashed its electric attack.

    “Ha! That should finish it!” Ash smirked boldly, knowing that the water Pokemon wouldn’t be able to survive the power of Pikachu’s attack.

    Marshtomp screamed in agony and when the attack ended, sparks flew menacingly off it as it remained standing. Ash laughed victoriously until he was cut short by a growing pain across his chest. He held himself tightly to ease the pain as he blinked back the tears of agony that were forming in his eyes.

    “Ash!” Misty cried out with concern from the stands.

    Ash’s legs buckled beneath him as he tried to focus on the match in front of him. His world was darkening as he made out the silhouette of the large blue Pokemon still standing on its hind legs. Pikachu called out to its master to urge him to fight through the pain, knowing that it couldn’t aid its master as leaving the field would be classified as a forefeit. Ash had doubled over in pain. The referee called out to him but Ash couldn’t concentrate hard enough to establish what he was trying to say.

    “What’s wrong with him?” May asked her friends with deep curiosity.

    “Ash! Come on! You’ve got to stand up!” Brock yelled down from the stands.

    May looked to the side of her to see Misty running down the stairs.

    “Misty! What are you doing?” May called after her.

    Misty ran down the stairs and jumped the balcony, fleeing down the next set under she reached was standing on the barrier suspended on top of the high wall that separated the arena from the stands. She disregarded the height of the jump and daring leapt down – causing her to land awkwardly on the dirt arena so that she fell on her knees. Abandoning the pain she felt from her careless jump, she ran as best she could to aid her friend.

    “Ash, what’s wrong?” She asked him urgently, a look of fear creeping across her face.

    Ash opened one of his eyes and looked to see her kneeling in front of him with her hands supportively on his shoulders – her emotional fear spreading further across her delicate face.

    “I’ll be alright.” He replied bravely but winced with more pain as he tried to move.

    “Oh, Ash, please tell me what I can do to help!” Misty pleaded with tears shining in her eyes.

    “We have to help him!” May exclaimed to her friends up in the stands but Brock caught hold of her arm when she tried to run down the stairs to the battlefield.

    “Wait a second.” Brock said unsurely.

    May could not understand why he was trying to stop her until she had caught sight of what had seized his attention. Pikachu was frantically crying out to Misty from the field – trying to put its message across with several paw signs. Brendan was attempting to aid Misty and Ash until he as stopped by the referee.

    “Wait until the medical team arrives.” He commanded Brendan.

    “Pikachu, I can’t understand you!” Misty cried as she wiped away her tears that were blurring her focus on the little Pokemon.

    One of Ash’s hands left his painful side and sought Misty’s, holding hers in his and squeezing it reassuringly. Her eyes widened in shock at his gesture and he playfully smiled at her before doubling over in pain again.

    “Misty…” He managed to say weakly.

    “I’m here.” She replied soothingly.

    “Pika! Pika-chu!” The yellow Pokemon interrupted them abruptly.

    Misty tried to concentrate on what it was trying to say as she held Ash’s hand and she felt him sub-consciously falling against her. Noticing this, Pikachu frantically pointed to Ash’s backpack lying on the ground, a few feet away from the two friends.

    His bag? Misty pondered in her mind.

    She struggled to lean over and grab it – still holding Ash’s hand as a sign of support. Se managed to grab hold of one of the handles and eagerly drew it to her so that she could find whatever it was that Pikachu was so worked up about. She rummaged through it, moving Ash’s possessions about to see if anything caught her eye that would trigger a response to Pikachu’s frantic actions. Her eyes widened. She pulled out a small vial that was half full of medication that Nurse Joy had made for Ash to ease his suffering from his injuries.

    Her mind fixed the puzzle pieces together. She hadn’t been imagining things when Ash was on the field and seemed like he was in pain and now she understood what was causing his problem. Quickly, she helped pour the liquid into his mouth and Ash bowed his head so that his cap was covering his eyes as he swallowed. He didn’t move.

    “Ash?” Misty asked unsurely.

    He raised his head up to her and smiled.

    “Hiya, Misty.” He said playfully.

    “Ash!” She cried again and happily flung herself at him with relief in the form of a hug and unintentionally sent him backwards on to his back with her falling on top of him.

    Blushing furiously, she rolled off him as he laughed and stood up on his feet and helped Misty to hers. The crowd applauded loudly to see Ash on his feet, no longer in any pain. With a broad smile on his face, Ash waved to his cheering supporters, which caused a louder applause and also many of the spectators to jump up and down in their seats. He turned to Misty.

    “Thank you, Misty.” He said to her with deep appreciation. “If you hadn’t come to help me, I might have had to forfeit the match.”

    A medical team approached Ash and Misty with a stretcher between them.

    “OK, what’s the problem?” The first one asked.

    “Oh well, you’re fast.” Misty replied sarcastically and folded her arms. “We could have lost Ash in the time it took you to get here!”

    “We were on our coffee break, miss.” The second said slightly apologetically.

    “That’s no excuse!” Misty bellowed at him. “Anyway, Ash is fine now so we don’t need your assistance.”

    Grumpily, the men left the arena, followed by the jeering and shouting from the crowd. Misty turned to Ash while everyone was distracted.

    “Don’t think for a second, Mr. Ketchum, that I’m going to let you off easy on this!” Misty said angrily to Ash, her hands now on her hips. “Why were you so stupid to not take your medicine this morning? You could have really caused yourself some damage and we might have lost you!”

    “What?” Ash yelled in disbelief at Misty’s immediate change of tone.

    “Well, I suppose we should be glad that you are alright now and can continue battling.” She finished airily with a sigh.

    She watched two men behind Ash set up a coach’s bench so that she could sit on it, rather than climb her way back up to the middle of the stands again. Perhaps they were worried that Ash might collapse again and they would need Misty to observe the problem if the medical team took too long again.

    “Well, I’m going to watch you from the sidelines.” She said and started to walk towards the bench.

    “Hey! Why don’t you go back up into the stands?” Ash matched Misty’s angry tone.

    Misty eyed him maliciously.

    “Well, unless you want to give me a leg up to the top of that wall then you are more than welcome to but I would prefer to rest my leg a bit after jumping down it to help you.” She replied coolly. “Still, I have a better view from over here.”

    “Of what?” Ash challenged.

    Misty didn’t reply but Ash thought he saw her ears tint pink.

    “Are you ready to battle again, Ash?” Brendan called from the other end of the field.

    Ash turned around to face him with a confident grin across his face.

    “You bet.” He replied and made a fist as Pikachu sparked electricity from its cheeks.

    “Resume the match!” the referee called and held up both his flags.

    “Marshtomp, use Mud Sport again!” Brendan commanded his strong Pokemon.

    The big blue Pokemon began kicking up mud again and allowing it to fall to the ground, a few more splatters landing on Pikachu though no damage was caused to it.

    “What is Brendan up to?” Ash thought. “How did Marshstomp survive Pikachu’s Thunder attack? I know Brendan’s up to something, but what?”

    Disregarding his curious thoughts, he ordered Pikachu to use a Thunderbolt. Pikachu let out another loud scream as he unleashed his attack and Marshtomp felt the zapping pain around his body and flinched as the attack hit it but did not show much signs of damage.

    “What’s happening here?” Ash yelled as Brendan gave a small chuckle.

    “You haven’t figured it out, have you, Ash?” He asked with a smirk. “Marshtomp, use your Earthquake!”

    The crowd groaned and prepared themselves for the attack that they knew would cause great devastation. The ground shuddered with forceful impulses as Marshtomp slammed down its foot. The stadium shook and a number of screams could be heard as people began tumbling down into the rows in front of them. Misty tried to keep her balance by holding on to bench but was dramatically thrown off and on to the dirt behind it. Pikachu stood its ground as best it could under a tremor that broke apart the earth before it collided with the Pokemon and sent it flying through the air.

    “Brendan!” Brian Powell shouted through his microphone, dabbing the freshly formed tea stains from his shirt.

    “Pikachu!” Ash cried out as his best buddy hit the ground with a sickening thud.

    “Now, Marshtomp, use Muddy Water!” Brendan shouted to his Pokemon.

    Marshtomp breathed in heavily and blew out a powerful spout of dirty water, which successfully collided with Pikachu. The small Pokemon coughed and spluttered but could find the energy to get back to its feet.

    “Come on, Pikachu, you have to stand up!” Ash encouraged.

    Renovated by its master’s words, Pikachu forced itself to stand on its shaking paws and to look maliciously at the opposition.

    “Pika!” It shouted out with renewed strength in a battle cry.

    “Let’s finish this off, Marshtomp.” Brendan grinned. “Use Take Down!”

    The large Pokemon lowered its shoulder and rapidly headed towards Pikachu in an attempt to hit it full on with its body.

    “Pikachu, dodge and use your Thunderbolt!” Ash yelled.

    Under Ash’s orders, Pikachu evaded the attack and followed it with another Thunderbolt. Marshtomp gave a yelp of pain but seemed unaffected by the attack.

    “What? I don’t get it!” Ash exclaimed. “Marshtomp should be lying on the floor by now with the amount of electric attacks it’s taken.”

    “Ash!” Misty called from the sidelines. “Mud Sport weakens electric attacks by half – Pikachu’s attacks are only inflicting a little bit of damage each time because Brendan has lowered its power!”

    “He’s lowered Pikachu’s power?” Ash repeated perplexed. “Alright, in that case, we’ll use different tactics.” He finished confidently. “Pikachu, use your Iron Tail!”

    Pikachu boldly leapt into the air above Marshtomp as it focused its energy for its attack. Its tail glowed a bright white and it slammed it down hard on its opponent. Marshtomp yelled out from the brutality of the attack. It grimaced and tried to focus on Pikachu with a dazed mind.

    “Hey! That’s not fair Misty!” Brendan called to her. “Now you have to tell me one of Ash’s weaknesses to compensate.” He teased.

    “He doesn’t have any!” Misty yelled back happily.

    “Oh yes he does.” Brendan replied knowingly and winked. “And now I’m going to prove it. Marshtomp, use Muddy Water again! This time cover the whole field!”

    Marshtomp breathed in until it thought that its lungs would explode and let a huge fountain of muddy water cover the entire field in a good few inches. Ash hopped up and down to try and stop the water going into his shoes. Misty lifted her feet up to her chest as the water flowed under the bench she was sitting on and slopped against the sides of the arena. Brendan grinned but didn’t move when the muddy water hit him. The water began to sink into the dirt and after a few minutes, the entire arena was transformed into a gigantic mud bath.

    “OK, Marshtomp, cover yourself in the mud!” Brendan called to his Pokemon.

    Ash watched confused as the big blue rolled in the mud until it looked like a deformed Muk.

    “Whoa, I’ve had enough of these games!” Ash bellowed. “Pikachu finish it off with your Thunder.”

    The little Pokemon leapt into the air and focused all its energy into forming a blinding shock of thunder that hit Marshtomp full on. Marshtomp didn’t wince – much to the shock of Ash and Pikachu.

    “The mud it’s covered in is acting like an insulator to your attacks, Ash.” Brendan smirked across the field.

    Ash gnarled his teeth in frustration.

    “Pikachu, use Agility!” He commanded.

    Pikachu began a course of rapid manoeuvres to increase its speed and to confuse its opponent. However, with all the mud on the field, Pikachu’s attack was less effective as it slipped and skidded in all directions. With Pikachu unable to keep control, Brendan ordered Marshtomp to use a Take Down on their opponent – scoring a direct hit and sending Pikachu skidding in the mud towards Ash.

    “Pikachu, are you OK?” He asked with fear.

    Pikachu stood up and nodded.

    We’ve got to think of another tactic to beat Brendan at his own game. Ash queried in his head.

    A plan formed in his mind as he saw Marshtomp panting.

    “I got it!” Ash exclaimed. “Pikachu, jump on its head and use a Thunder in its mouth!” Ash instructed with glee at his plan.

    Marshtomp, like a Vigaroth, frantically tried to shake Pikachu off as it landed on its head and was paralysed with shock and pain when Pikachu put its tail next to Marshtomp’s mouth and used its most powerful Thunder attack. The entire stadium was illuminated with the power of such an incredible move and as the light died, Pikachu could be seen standing on all fours, waiting to see how its opponent would react.

    Steam came off Marshtomp’s body and it cringed from the shudders of pain sweeping over its agonising form, until it could no longer bare it and collapsed brutally in the mud.

    “Marshtomp is unable to battle!” The referee yelled. “The victory of this match goes to Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town!”

    “Wow!” Brian Powell said, finally getting enthusiastic over a stunning moment. “After what I just saw, I’m not using my electric toothbrush again!”

    The television screen that showed the statistics of the match changed to show Ash’s face and Pikachu’s with ‘Winner’ written on the top and a small golden crown suspended over Ash’s head.

    “We did it!” Ash yelled out excitedly as he ran towards Pikachu and slipped when Pikachu jumped happily into his arms.

    “That was totally awesome, Ash!” Misty exclaimed joyfully as she ran towards him and skidded into him, knocking both of them over flat on their backs.

    “That was a great battle, Ash.” Brendan congratulated and first helped Misty to her feet and then Ash.

    “Yeah, but you were really good out there – you put up one heck of a battle!” Ash said positively to Brendan.

    “Ash!” May called as she, Max and Brock came running through the entrance to the battlefield. “That was amazing!” She congratulated.

    A deafening applause had erupted throughout the stadium as Brendan and Ash shook hands and Brendan wished Ash luck with the rest of the Tournament. As Ash was being congratulated and hugged by his friends, Brendan took Misty to one side so that they could converse without being overheard. Ash watched them as he was being mauled over by his comrades and saw Misty look sheepishly at the ground, blushing and muttering something to Brendan. He looked down at her sympathetically and smiled.

    “I feel exactly the same way about you.” Ash heard Brendan reply faintly.

    Misty looked up at Brendan in surprise and jumped into his arms, knocking him backwards and falling on top of him in the mud. Ash looked at them both with hurt and surprise.

    Misty and Brendan like each other? He questioned in his mind. Why didn’t she tell me?

    May caught sight of what Ash had seen and eyed Misty suspiciously.

    “Come on! Let’s go celebrate Ash’s victory by going to the beach!” Max proposed to the group. “Hey, Brendan do you want to come?” He asked as Brendan helped Misty to her feet.

    “Sure, I’d love to, if you don’t mind me intruding of course.” He replied happily.

    “No sweat. Let’s go get our stuff!” Max exclaimed as he shakily ran out of the stadium through the mud and headed towards the exit.

    The rest followed and were sent off with a mighty applause as the commentator congratulated the two contestants and remarked on how it was a possible blessing that Brendan had lost the match since his Earthquake attacks had caused so much disruption.


    “I go it, May!” Misty exclaimed as she jumped up to catch the beach ball heading towards her.

    The group were all in their swimming gear – Misty, May and Max were in the shallow parts of the sea, playing a game of beach ball with Misty’s, Brock’s, Ash’s and Brendan’s Water Pokemon joining in the fun. The rest of the boys were relaxing on the beach in the shade of some palm trees, generally talking. Seeing the boys not doing anything, Misty threw the ball at them.

    “Come on! Let’s go swimming!” She exclaimed as they slowly got up and headed to the water’s edge.

    Misty laughed at how tentative they were being and dived into the water and began swimming out to sea below the surface. May and Max followed her as the boys casually got used to the cooler temperature of the water. Pikachu splashed its way into the water and hitched a ride on Corsola’s back.

    Misty surfaced and noticed Brendan behind her who grinned and plunged her underwater. Seeing this, Ash’s eye’s widened and he shouted aggressively at Brendan to let Misty go.

    “I haven’t got hold of her, Ash.” Brendan smirked and held both his hands above the water.

    Ash frowned as he swam towards him.

    “Well, where is she?” He asked urgently. “What did you do to her? Wah!”

    Something had grabbed hold of his foot and pulled him underwater. He surfaced and coughed the water out of his lungs to see Misty laughing beside him.

    “Gotcha!” Misty cried happily.

    “You could have been hurt!” Ash protested and looked at Brendan. “I thought he was trying to drown you.”

    “Chill, Ash, Brendan was only playing! Don’t worry about it – you’re starting to sound like your mother!” Misty teased.

    “My mum?” Ash repeated with a frown as Brendan and Misty began splashing each other.

    “Hey guys, how about we go and grab some hot dogs and go for a walk through the Romantic Gardens after this?” Brock proposed as his eyes instantly turned into hearts when he saw Cassie.

    “OK.” The group replied in unison.

    When they turned around to see Brock, all they could see was a torpedo heading for the beach and kicking up a fury of sand before stopping in front of the information desk. The group laughed and each of them grabbed hold of a water Pokemon and raced each other around the waters. Ash, Misty and Brendan led the way with May and Max eventually abandoning the race. They floated opposite each other to form a finish line for their rapidly approaching friends. Fiercely racing each other, the three pushed their Pokemon to the limit with the outcome of Misty winning and Ash and Brendan tying for second place.

    “Yeah! Alright, Corsola!” Misty exclaimed, happily as she hugged her Pokemon.

    “Great race, guys.” Brendan congratulated Misty and Ash. “You wanna go diving?”

    “Yeah! That would be awesome!” Misty replied excitedly.

    “Brendan!” A voice called from the beach.

    A young female, holding a Horsea was waving to him to come to her. Brendan hauled Misty on to Marshtomp and they both sped off to the shore.

    “Hey, wait for us!” Ash complained as Totodile and Corsola pulled him through the waters to match Brendan’s speed.

    “Hey, Aurora!” Brendan greeted his friend warmly. “What’s up?”

    “Hiya, Brendan. I just wanted to say sorry about your match today.” She replied with a downing tone in her voice.

    “Nah, don’t worry about it. Ash put up one heck of a battle and he came out the victor – there’s nothing for you to be sorry about.” He assured her with a smile.

    “Speaking of Ash,” She started as Ash came walking up the beach towards them. “You’ll be facing my brother in the semi-finals.”

    “Who’s your brother?” Ash asked.

    “Derek. He was battling after you and Brendan.” She smiled.

    “Well, even though he’s your brother and you’re our friend, I won’t be going easy on him.” Ash joked and winked at her.

    Aurora laughed. They proposed that she join them in their diving expedition to which she accepted with delight and quickly disappeared off into the public changing rooms to get ready in her swimming gear. While she did this, the group hired out the equipment that they would need and began to put it on. Aurora joined them moments later along with Brock and Cassie, who said that she was on her break and would love to join them.

    “I think we’re gonna need a boat.” Misty said to Ash and looked towards the pier where she and Ash had competed I the water tournament the previous day.

    “Yeah, let’s go get one.” He announced and allowed Cassie, Brock and Aurora to sort out their diving gear while he, Misty, May and Max went to get a boat.

    “Looking for one of these?” Brendan asked as he pulled up along the shore beside them in a speedboat.

    The group laughed.

    “Alright, Brendan!” Misty congratulated as she jumped in the boat with him, followed by May and Max.

    “Come on, guys!” Ash called to his remaining friends on the beach as they ran down the sandy slopes to the boat.

    “OK, let’s go!” Brendan yelled as everyone set themselves comfortably in the boat and he sped off out to sea.

    He turned off the engines when they were quite far out to sea and told the group that there was a supposed secret tunnel around here somewhere that they could investigate for fun if they found it. Leaning back, they all dived into the water – along with Pikachu who was geared up in its own diving set – and breathed naturally as they gracefully made their way down to the depths.

    Brock held on to Cassie’s hand and let her down to a bank that was littered with beautiful coral and shells. May and Max stopped in the middle of the water and admired a swarm of Chinchou swimming past them. Aurora, Brendan, Misty, Ash and Pikachu continued to dive down into the depths, searching for the hidden tunnel that Brendan had spoken about.

    “It’s got to be around here somewhere.” Ash muffled through his mouth piece.

    Aurora and Brendan decided to go in another direction while Misty ventured a little way from Ash.

    Did you really think that your conscience is clear because you told him? A voice echoed in Misty’s head. You still haven’t made your sacrifice…

    Misty eyes widened in fear as she looked around her in a panic. Staryu and Corsola floated beside her and she jumped when she saw them.

    “Misty, what’s wrong?” Ash asked her when he noticed his friend’s unusual behaviour.

    “Something weird is going on.” She replied in a fearful tone.

    “What do you mean?” He asked.

    “That voice I heard when we fell off the cliff in the Romantic Gardens just said something.”

    Ash urgently swam over to her as Brock’s words of warning that they had to keep a close eye on Misty to protect her from whatever this thing was out to get her, echoed in his head. Together, they swam over to a cliff edge that had a small opening in it and as Misty was about to swim through it – a school of Remoraid zoomed out and caused Misty to instinctively grabbed hold of Ash’s arm and hide behind him.

    “Relax, Misty, it’s only a bunch of Remoraid.” He said soothingly.

    She opened her eyes and looked at the entrance in the cliff – only this time there was a different setting. Her eyes glazed over and a picturesque scene formed before her – the same scene that had appeared before her when she had been led off the side of the cliff in the Romantic Gardens. A sunset. The silhouette of a figure. A shadow behind.

    Remember that you must make your sacrifice before it’s too late… The voice whispered.

    “What do I have do?” Misty asked in her trance.

    “Huh?” Ash asked as he looked at Misty.

    He saw her eyes glazed over behind her mask and panicked when he suspected that whatever it was she had been fearful off had possessed her.

    “Misty, what’s going on?” He asked and shook her shoulders.

    She continued to stare at the empty cavern behind her. Ash looked at her in alarm when she didn’t respond. He surveyed the ocean around him to see if he could see any of his friends but they had all gone in different directions to find the secret tunnel. Misty moved past Ash and began to swim into the dark cavern – still in her trance.

    “Where are you going?” He cried and grabbed hold of her arm.

    “NO!” She screamed and tried to free herself of his grasp. “Let me go! Ash!” She called out to the empty cave in front of her.

    “Misty! What are you talking about? I’m right here!” Ash yelled to her as he tried to stop her from doing something stupid.

    “I have to help him! Ash is in trouble!” She shouted out – still resisting Ash’s grasp.

    “Huh? Misty, what’s going on?” Ash asked the back of her head. “I’m not in any danger…”

    “Let… me… go!” She cried out.

    Misty focused on the silhouette that was slowly moving away from her into the distance with the shadow – disappearing into the brightness of the sunset. The vine that were holding her wrist refused to let go and she desperately struggled against its tight grasp to reach her friend.

    “Misty, stop it! I’m not going to let anything hurt you!” Ash promised as he managed to pull Misty towards him and embraced her to stop her struggling.

    Staryu and Corsola were watching the scene unsurely – debating whether to help their master or to allow her best friend to take control. Misty’s resistance began to stop and Ash loosened his grip on her to check if she was alright. It looked as if Misty was crying behind her mask.

    “Are you OK?” Ash asked her softly.

    Misty looked up at the Venasaur that was holding her captive.

    “What were you playing at?”

    Misty screamed and took advantage of the loosened grip of its vines to break away and to swim towards the sunset.

    “Misty!” Ash called after her.

    He desperately swam after her but as skilled as she was in water, he soon lost her in the darkness.

    “What’s wrong with her?” He asked himself as Pikachu appeared beside him with a look of confusion.

    Ash had an idea.


    I’m coming, Ash. Misty said in her mind as she raced towards the sunset.

    Her heart was pounding in her head. The shadow was floating impatiently in front of the silhouette, which looked as if it was tied to a tree next to a path. She ran along it towards him, knowing that she would be able to help him soon. A tree appeared in front of her and she ran full on into it.

    She was thrown backwards and fell against the ground, opening her eyes to see a stone cavern wall in front of her. She frowned. What was going on? Where was the sunset? The shadow? The person she had to rescue?

    She rubbed her throbbing head after realising she must have swum into the wall. Her stomach turned and she felt cold. Why? What was happening to her? She looked around her in a panic and all that she could see was darkness and the stone wall beside her. A number of red eyes stared at her from the shadows. Her eyes widened when she caught sight of them and they began to move closer to her.


    “Well, what way did she go?” Brendan asked Ash angrily.

    “I don’t know!” Ash retaliated just as harshly. “She just swam off and I couldn’t keep up with her!”

    He had ordered Pikachu to round up his friends to help search for Misty when he had investigated the surroundings of the cave from where she had disappeared with Corsola and Staryu.

    “Well arguing isn’t going to get us anywhere.” Brock broke in. “We’ll each take a different root so that we can cover more ground and we’ll meet back here after. Brendan, you go with Aurora to the left, May and Max – you go to the right. Cassie and I will go down the tunnel behind us and Ash, you go with Pikachu and Misty’s Pokemon down the one in front of us.”

    They all dispersed in their given directions, frantically looking for any signs of Misty and hoping that whatever it was that was causing her so much distress hadn’t got hold of her before they did.


    Misty fumbled for her pokeballs on the belt of her swimsuit until she remembered that they were all empty.

    I don’t want to cause you any distress, Misty. The voice chilled and sent shivers down Misty’s spine. But do you need to realise where your heart truly belongs and to make your sacrifice.

    A swarm of Carvanha eyed Misty maliciously. Knowing how lethal they could be when someone was invading their territory like she was, she fearfully backed against the wall and realised that she had no place to go when they decided to attack her. The largest one, who she suspected was the leader, emerged from a group of younger ones and grinned at her. It bared its teeth but Misty tried not to show her fear. It gave a sickening cry that all the other Carvanhas mimicked and charged at Misty. She screamed and huddled up to try and protect herself.

    “Ash!” She screamed out desperately – even though she knew that her cry wouldn’t be answered.

    The rough skin of the Pokemon harshly grazed against her swimsuit to reveal her skin – exposing it for another Carvanha to either bite or brush past. Her skin burned against the salty water as numerous Carvanha’s brushed their vicious, sandpaper scales against her.

    Ferme tes yeux, et crois en tes rêves, ma cherie...parce que j'y suis toujours...

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    Default (Part 3)

    “Corsola, use your Spike Cannon on them!” A voice commanded angrily.

    Enraged by the fact that these Pokemon where attacking its master, Corsola ferociously launched multiple amounts of sharp spikes at the Carvanha. Those who hadn’t been hit looked towards the newcomers and charged at them. While Staryu and Corsola were being chased, Ash took the opportunity to quickly swim over to Misty and to check over her. She didn’t respond to his soothing words but she had her eyes tightly shut and her hands holding her head.

    “Pika!” The Pokemon cried as the Cavanha headed towards Ash and Misty.

    Ash held on to Misty and shielded her with his body as he instructed Staryu to use a Whirlpool on the group of threatening Pokemon. Staryu zoomed around them as the Carvanha conveniently stopped in confusion as to what was going on, with Staryu successfully trapping them inside the vortex. Ash grinned as he watched them zoom around.

    “OK, Pikachu, finish them off with your Thunderbolt!” Ash commanded riskily, though knowing at the same time that the attack would be most effective since the water would conduct the electricity.

    He shielded Misty from Pikachu’s attack in case it went astray and attacked them and when the blinding light disappeared, he looked victoriously to see the Carvanha retreating in a dazed state back into the darkness.

    “Alright!” He congratulated the Pokemon. “That was awesome, guys!”

    He felt Misty stir beside him and he directed his attention back to her.

    “Are you alright?” He asked her concerned.

    She looked up at him with tears shining in her eyes.

    “What’s wrong with me?” She questioned fearfully as she huddled against Ash, trembling.

    He was shocked by her reaction but didn’t question it. She was scared and feeling insecure and he understood that she was desperately seeking protection. He reassuringly held her and promised that the danger had gone until she stopped shaking.

    “Oh, we’re not interrupting something are we?” Aurora asked unsurely when she and Brendan appeared with a torch.

    “Misty!” Brendan cried happily as Misty and Ash broke away from each other, blushing.

    He swam up to her and embraced her tightly – knowing how vulnerable she was feeling at the moment. The rest of the group appeared moments later.

    “Are you OK, Misty?” Brock asked her seriously.

    She peered over the top of Brendan’s shoulder and nodded.

    “Ash, are you OK?” May asked him softly when he watched Misty in Brendan’s arms.

    “Huh? Oh, yeah… I’m fine.” He replied when he realised she was talking to him.

    “Hey, guys, I think this is the secret tunnel we were looking for.” Brendan announced as he looked at the cliff wall and noticed a crack leading down to the bottom to reveal a small tunnel.

    “Are we going to fit through that?” Cassie asked.

    They followed each other through the narrow gap, Brendan leading the way with Aurora and Misty trailing behind him. The boys, Cassie and May followed after and as Brendan approached the end of the tunnel, he saw a large pool littered with pebbles and water plants along the bottom. At the end of the large pool was a continuous flow of foam, which when he surfaced, realised that it was the end of a waterfall. Aurora and Misty surfaced beside him.

    “It’s the place where the Shining Lapras is supposed to appear!” Misty exclaimed and removed her mask and mouthpiece.

    Ash appeared beside her. They began to remove their gear and gently moved to the shore where they casually sprawled out and enjoyed the view. Misty unzipped her wetsuit half way to reveal her bikini top underneath. She breathed deeply. She didn’t understand what was going on but any worries that she knew would invade her mind at that moment dissolved and she was left with a calming sensation of tranquillity as she looked out over the pool.

    May and Max were playing in the shallows of the pool. The boys had removed the upper half of their wetsuits and allowed it to dangle down over their lower half so that they could breath deeply without the restriction of the suits.

    Misty looked up at Ash who was about to join in the fun with May and Max and smiled. If it hadn’t been for him, she could have been resting at the bottom of that cavern… When Ash was being teamed up against and splashed to no end, he decided to retreat on the bank and sit next to Misty.

    “Ash… I just want to say thank you for what you did for me down there.” She said sincerely. “If it hadn’t been for you, I might not have…”

    “Misty, don’t worry about it. I’m just glad you’re safe now but what’s worrying me more is what was up with you before I found you. You were really out of it and didn’t even recognise me.”

    Misty bowed her head in depression.

    “Ash… do you remember when you saved me before when I fell off the cliff when I went to get the berries for you?”



    She finally managed to explain to him about the voice that kept popping up in her head and was torturing her about the ‘sacrifice’ she apparently had to make – and how she never got the time to finish the words it said to her before she passed out. How one sacrifice has been made and proven. Now it is your turn to repay the deed.

    “And when I was down in that cave, the vision I had before when I fell off the cliff appeared again, only this time it was a lot clearer and I could see who the figure was… that’s what scared me the most.” She finished.

    “Who was it?” Ash asked with concern.

    She looked up at him with tears in her eyes.

    “You.” She replied hoarsely. “You were tied to a tree and there was this shadow standing protectively in front of you – yelling at me to make a sacrifice. I didn’t know what to do…It was horrible…”

    “Wait a minute, you said that one sacrifice has already been made…”

    Misty nodded.

    “Well maybe this sacrifice isn’t as bad as we think it is.” He replied cheerfully. “I mean no-one’s passed away or disappeared, have they? Maybe you’ve just got to give up chocolate or something!”

    Ash smiled at her confidently to think that he had solved her problems.

    Misty smiled weakly back at him.

    He doesn’t get it – he doesn’t understand how hurtful and how serious this is. She said in her head.

    “Should we get a move on back to the hotel?” Aurora proposed after a while.

    The others nodded and gathered up their things and recalled their Pokemon as they made their way back through the paths of the Gardens. They laughed heartily with one another until they were interrupted by a tiny little LuvDisc who jumped in front of Cassie and Brock. It circled around them happily and then moved over to Brendan and Misty who were standing behind them. It danced around their feet and then danced around the feet of May and Max.

    “Huh?!” They exclaimed in shock.

    A larger LuvDisc, whom they presumed was its mother, hopped out of a bush and scowled its youngest for messing around. Listening to its mother carefully, it triedt to amend its mistake by first dancing around Brock and Cassie – and then dancing between Brendan and Ash’s feet.

    “WHAT?!” They shouted loudly.

    The mother LuvDisc smacked it’s child around the head with its nose and the mother danced around Brock and Cassie, then around Aurora and Brendan and lastly around Ash and Misty. Then it disappeared into a bush with its youngster and left the group in a state of bewilderment.

    “Well that was weird.” Max stated randomly.

    “Yeah, I mean how the heck could you and I be in love?” May said in disbelief.

    “Or me and Brendan.” Ash grumbled.

    Aurora and Misty giggled. The continued to walk up the path until Misty noticed the statue of the loving couple up ahead. She ran up to it and observed the elegant couple.

    “It’s amazing how much you can tell that they’re in love even though it’s a statue.” Misty commented dreamily as Brendan walked up beside her.

    Misty read the plaque again – Te amo – iam et pro semper…

    “I wish I knew what it means.” She sighed. “Too bad I never studied Latin.”

    “I did.” Brendan said simply.

    “Then you can read it?” Misty asked.

    Brendan nodded.

    “What does it say?” Misty asked curiously.

    He whispered in her ear and he caused her cheeks to tint pink.

    “Now do you see why loving couples say it to each other?” He grinned at her.

    “OK, Cassie and I need to go this way.” Aurora said to her friend as they reached the fork in the road.

    Brock romantically bid Cassie farewell and Brendan announced that he would escort the ladies back since he needed to go that way anyway and bid his friends goodbye. He gave Misty a farewell hug and Ash eyed then unsurely. May saw his uncertainty of how to react to the two. For Ash, May promised to question Misty on what was going on between her and Brendan when she got back to their room.


    “OK, we’re going to get the pizzas!” Max shouted as he and Brock closed the door behind him to get the takeaway pizzas they had ordered.

    Ash was busy in his room sorting out his things for his match and May saw this as her perfect opportunity to confront Misty while no one else was around. She grabbed hold of Misty’s arm, who had previously been watching the TV, and led her into their room and pushed the door shut behind her.

    “Alright, spill.” She said forcefully. “What is it with you and Brendan?”

    “What do you mean?” Misty asked perplexed.

    “When I asked him about what LuvDisc said, he told me that he wouldn’t say how he felt about you until he spoke to you first. Then when I asked you, you won’t tell me either and have to speak to him first! So what did he say to you?” She asked.

    “Well umm…”

    “Oh come on! You even asked me what he said when we were watching Ash’s match and I couldn’t tell you so the least you can do is tell me what he said! What’s going on between you two?”

    “There’s nothing going on between us! And when did I ask you?”

    May mimicked Misty’s voice. “ ‘May… there’s something I need to ask you…’ You were all depressed and everything after I asked you.”

    “Why are you so curious anyway? What made you randomly ask me that?” Misty asked with slightly bitterness to know why May was trying to snoop into her personal life.

    “That’s for me to know only.” May replied and folded her arms.

    “There’s nothing going on between us!” Misty said again.

    “Oh yeah? Then why are you two so friendly?”

    “Because we’re friends!” Misty retaliated angrily, feeling her temper rising.

    “So what did he say to you when you asked him? Misty, come on, everyone thinks that you’re a couple or something, why don’t you just tell us if it’s true instead of hiding it from us?” May asked in a gently tone.

    Misty sighed in defeat.

    “He said he feels the same way about me as I feel about him.” She said with a smile.

    They heard a cup smash outside. They looked towards the door and saw Ash turn in the door way and walk back to his room.

    “Ash!” Misty said in surprise.

    He turned to face her.

    “Why didn’t you tell us before that you liked Brendan?” He asked her bitterly. “You didn’t have to be so secretive about it.”

    “What? What are you blabbering on about now, Ash Ketchum?” She asked her friend suspiciously.

    He didn’t reply and shut the door behind him as he went into his room.

    “Oh, Ash.” Misty sighed.

    May watched Ash’s door sympathetically – understanding his hurt that his best friend was deceiving him.

    “So what does that mean? That you’re Brendan’s girlfriend now? Did he ask you out?” May questioned – determined to get to the bottom of this mess.

    “Huh? No! It means that we feel the same about each other because we are such good friends! We care about each other as friends and nothing else because we like other people.” Misty said in disbelief.

    “So who do you like?” May asked eagerly, trying to get the truth out of Misty.

    Misty frowned at her.

    “Do you know something I don’t?” She asked, her cheeks tinting pink.

    “No.” May replied hastily. “I mean, it’s good that you don’t like Brendan in that way because that clears a whole lot of things up but now you’re best friend is in his room feeling deceived because he asked you before if there was anything between you and Brendan and you told him no. Now, he’s overheard that part of our conversation and he now thinks you’ve been lying to him all this time.”

    “Well, it’s like I told him before – maybe he should listen to the whole conversation and not jump to conclusions when he only hears parts of it.” Misty replied angrily and sat on her bunk bed. “He’s acting like a complete baby.”

    May sighed and shook her head. She heard the door open again and Brock and Max call announcing that they had the pizzas. May walked out of their room to help them prepare the plates and such for their meal. She quietly whispered what had happened as Misty and Max set up the table and Brock nodded in understanding. He told the group to start without him as he walked into Ash’s room and closed the door behind him.

    The lights were off and the last remaining light of the day filtered through the open window. Pikachu was quietly patting its master’s shoulder reassuringly with it’s ears drooped down. It looked towards Brock and cooed its name as it jumped at him affectionately.

    “Heya, buddy.” Brock greeted the Pokemon warmly. “Pizza’s outside if you want some.”

    He opened the door for the little Pokemon, who scurried out, knowing that its master was in good hands with Brock and hopefully this problem could be sorted out. Brock moved over to Ash, lying on his bunk with his back to him. Brock sat on the bed opposite Ash and placed a plate piled with several slices of pepperoni pizza on the bedside table.

    “So what’s wrong, Ash?” Brock asked his friend cheerfully. “You haven’t got a stomach ache, have you?”

    Ash didn’t turn round.

    “Ash, you’re not asleep. You snore when you’re asleep.”

    “I do not!” Ash retaliated and turned to face his friend.

    Brock simply grinned. Ash sighed in defeat as he sat up on his bed and faced his eldest companion.

    “So, what’s the problem?” Brock asked again.

    Ash looked down at his feet.

    “Well… it’s to do with Misty…” he started.

    “Oh. Having lady troubles are we?” Brock teased. “That’s usually my department.”

    Ash grinned at his joke. “No, it’s not like that. It’s just… well, I asked her before if there was anything going on between her and Brendan and she said no but now, I overheard her talking to May about how she and Brendan feel the same way about each other.”

    “Are you sure there wasn’t another meaning behind what you heard?” Brock asked thoughtfully – knowing the true intention behind Misty’s words from his conversation with May.

    Ash shook his head. “How else would you interpret it? I just thought she trusted me enough to tell me if there was anything going on between her and someone else. I mean, we’ve been friends for so long that I tell her almost everything – I just thought it was the same way with her.” He seemed a little depressed.

    “Well, trust is a very important part in any relationship but neither of you have ever shown any reason to not trust each other. In fact, if you were blindfolded and one of you ordered the other to step off a cliff – you wouldn't question it. You would trust that there is a valid reason for them ordering you to do it and you would trust it. How many people can say that in their relationships as friends?”

    “I guess you’re right, Brock.” Ash said with a smile.

    “She cares about you a lot, Ash. Don’t underestimate her.”

    Ash didn’t say anything.

    “So why don’t you talk to Misty about how you feel?”

    Ash shook his head again.

    “I really don’t want to talk to her at the moment – we’d only end up getting into a fight.”

    Understanding this, Brock said that he would be outside if he needed him but he would make sure to tell the others to leave him alone while he sorted himself out.

    “Oh, and if you want anymore pizza, there’s plenty outside.” Brock stated happily.

    “I’m not really that hungry.” Ash replied.

    “You? Not hungry? What is the world coming to?” Brock joked and shut the door behind him.

    Ash lay back on his bed and looked at the pizza sitting on the table.


    A few hours later, the group, minus Ash, relaxed dozily in front of the TV watching the highlights of the matches. Misty seemed worried that Ash hadn’t appeared out of his room and fought against her will to see if he was all right.

    “Is there anything else on?” Max asked sleepily.

    Brock handed him the remote control and he began flicking through the channels. Pikachu had fallen asleep on his lap with its paw on its stomach, having eaten so much pizza. Misty stared at the door of Ash’s room.

    “All right!” Max exclaimed. “The Mutant Mightyena is on! Remember? That movie where a Mightyena bites that girl and she turns into one every full moon. I never saw the ending to this movie, mum and dad wouldn’t let me watch it.”

    “I’ve never seen it.” Brock said casually as he grabbed hold of a pillow in case he would need to hide behind it.

    “Popcorn’s ready!” May announced as she poured the crunchy white balls out of their steaming packet and into a bowl.

    She settled herself next to Max and pulled out her own pillow to hide behind. Misty looked at the distracted group as they asked her if she would turn out the lights and she did so though secretly moved towards Ash’s room as the friends focused on a girl skipping happily about in the sunshine.

    She opened his door carefully and shut it behind her. The room was dark and Ash had his back to her, though she smirked when she saw that all the pizza slices had disappeared from a plate on the bedside table.

    “Ash?” She said quietly.

    He didn’t respond. She moved closed to him and saw his eyes closed. She grinned.

    “I know you’re not asleep, Ash. You snore when you sleep.” She teased.

    “I do not!” Ash shouted back and then realised that he had fallen for the same trick twice.

    She giggled.

    “Are you OK?” She asked him.

    “Yeah.” He replied sarcastically.

    “What’s wrong? You wanna talk to me about it?”

    “Leave me alone.”

    “Ash!” She was taken back by his abrupt behaviour.

    “What? You don’t trust me enough to tell me when you like someone!” Ash said bitterly, now sitting up and facing her.

    “What are you talking about?” Misty retaliated.

    “You could have at least told me that you liked Brendan when we had our last disagreement rather than lie to me!”

    He stood up to face her, with Misty having to slightly look up at him now that he was taller than her. Her eyes were filled with rage and hurt.

    “I haven’t lied to you! There is nothing going on between Brendan and me! We’re just good friends! Can’t you understand that being my friend, Ash Ketchum?”

    Ash folded his arms in disbelief.

    “You’re such a big baby, Ash Ketchum! You can’t even believe your own friends!” Misty shouted angrily.

    “Me?! I’m not a big baby! You’re the one that won’t admit you’re going out with Brendan!”

    “I’M NOT GOING OUT WITH BRENDAN!” Misty shouted at the top of her voice.

    “This surround sound system is really great at picking out the argument between that girl and her boyfriend.” May remarked impressed as she continued to eat her popcorn while watching the TV.

    “Yeah, it almost sounds as if the argument is coming from our room, doesn’t it Brock?” Max said happily as he helped himself to more popcorn.

    “You’re so clueless!” Misty bellowed at Ash. “You wouldn’t know love if it came and smacked you across your dense skull! How to you propose you can tell when people are in love if you can’t figure out what it is?”

    “I know plenty about love!” Ash retaliated heatedly and held up his fist. “And I also know enough to know when you and Brendan won’t admit that you’re going out!”

    “What is your problem? Why are you so worked up about if I’m going out with Brendan?”

    “Ha! So you admit it!”

    “I didn’t say that!” Misty replied furiously and stomped her foot on the ground. “Why are you getting so worked up about this?”

    “Because I thought we trust each other enough to not keep secrets like this from each other!”

    “I do trust you and I’d tell you if I was going out with someone!” Misty shouted in Ash’s face. “And the reason why I’m not going out with Brendan and the reason why I don’t like him more than a friend is because I like someone else!” Misty cried out, her cheeks ripening with colour.

    “Oh yeah? And who’s that?” Ash challenged bitterly.

    Misty went quiet. She looked at the floor and at anywhere but him.

    “I can’t tell you.” She mumbled faintly.

    “See? You don’t trust me!” Ash fumed.

    “I do trust you!” Misty said desperately.

    “Then why won’t you tell me?” Ash asked her and turned his back to her and walked away towards his bed.

    “Because how am I supposed to admit to liking someone when they never show any feelings towards me?” Misty burst out.

    She gasped and covered her mouth. Ash froze. The room suddenly chilled and neither of them breathed or moved. Ash tensed but didn’t turn round to face her. Misty felt something crawl up her spine and caused the hairs on the back of her neck to stand on end. A harsh wind blew through the open window and surrounded the two people standing in the room. It died as instantly as it came.

    “Ash?” Misty asked quietly – tears forming in her eyes.

    He didn’t respond nor did he turn round to face her. She looked down at the floor and allowed two tears to trickle down on to the carpet. Without another word, she ran to the door and opened it, disappearing behind it and slamming it behind her.

    The group of friends outside screamed as a Mightyena appeared out of nowhere from the silent atmosphere in the movie and jumped at the TV screen – simultaneous to Misty slamming Ash’s door. May chucked the popcorn in the air and held fearfully on to her brother. Brock hid behind his pillow. Another door slammed in the aftermath of the horror – something that didn’t come from the TV screen.

    “I don’t like this movie anymore.” Max said in a scared tone. “There’s banging noises coming from it and they’re not on the movie.”

    May looked around and saw that hers and Misty’s bedroom door was shut – not what it was like before they watched the movie and there was no sign of Misty around. May frowned.

    “I think we’ve had enough of this movie.” Brock said and turned the TV off.

    “Yeah, that was a lot scarier than I remember it.” Max said, his eyes wide in fear. “I don’t think I want to see the ending.”

    “That’s because mum and dad covered your eyes through most of the film.” May replied slyly.

    She bid Max and Brock goodnight as they closed the door behind them and she disappeared into hers. Misty was asleep in her bed when May entered the room, she looked over her and saw her dozing peacefully. After finishing off in the bathroom, she climbed up the steps to her bunk on top and sighed happily as she snuggled down into bed, knowing that things would be going well with Ash and Misty in the morning when they had talked about their misunderstanding.


    Misty continued to stare at the clock on the bedside table. It was two in the morning. She hadn’t slept since she’d been in her room and had made sure that May was convinced that she was asleep when she entered and moved up to her bunk on top. Misty dabbed her tears in the pillow. She kept her hair low over her face to hide her emotional hurt. How could Ash have been so cold? Did he understand what she was trying to imply when she had shouted at him? She knew that tomorrow would be extremely awkward – that was, if Ash decided to talk to her at all. She couldn’t stay with her friends any longer. It would cause too much pressure on everyone and especially Ash – she didn’t want him to suffer because she was there to distract him in one of the most serious Pokemon battles of his life.

    “May?” She whispered quietly.

    All Misty could hear was May’s soft breathing as she slept deeply. Misty removed the quilt from her to reveal that she was still wearing her day clothes. She quietly put on her shoes and silently tiptoed around and started gathering all her possessions to put in her bag. She froze when May stirred. May’s arm dangled over the side of the top bunk but she didn’t move any further.

    Misty sighed and found a pad of paper and a pen in the bedside drawer and scribbled a note for her friends.

    “What are you doing?” May asked sleepily from the top bunk.

    Misty’s heart skipped a beat.

    “Urr… nothing. Go back to sleep.”

    Curiosity dawned over May as she rubbed her eyes and looked down at the clock.

    “Misty, it’s just gone past two in the morning.” May yawned. “What are you doing?”

    Misty chose to ignore her and continued to pack her things regardless.

    “Misty?” May asked unsurely.

    “I… I’ve got to go…” Misty replied evasively.

    “Can’t it wait until the morning?”

    “No… I can’t stay here anymore.”

    “Is something wrong?” May asked, now more alert and fearful that something had possessed her again.

    “No, I’m… OK.” Misty struggled to say but faced May and smiled. “Ash and I just came to an agreement that we’d be better off without each other and I don’t want to distract him when he’s got a really big battle ahead of him tomorrow.”

    “You’re leaving?” May asked her hoarsely.

    “Yeah…” Misty replied in a depressed voice.

    “Misty you can’t leave!” May protested as Misty gathered up the rest of her things and put them into her bag.

    “I’m not wanted here.” Misty said tonelessly as she continued packing, her fringe low over her face so that her eyes couldn’t be seen.

    “Yes you are! You’re our friend, you can’t just leave us!”

    “I’m sure you can manage just fine without me, you have done for so long.”

    “But you are part of our group, our family! And Ash needs you too!”

    Misty was surprised by what May said but she didn’t turn around to face her. May watched a tear trickle down Misty’s face as her next words came out emotional and heartbroken.

    “No. He doesn’t.”

    Misty put her backpack on her shoulder and headed towards the door with her hair still low over her face but May stepped in front of her way with a determined face.

    “I know that you care about him. When I was on the port, LuvDisc was trying to tell me something and I got Meowth to translate it, and LuvDisc said that it could sense the love between you and Ash and its job was to protect you two from anyone who it thought threatened your feelings. What’s it going to protect now if you’re leaving Ash?”

    Without looking at her, Misty removed LuvDisc’s ball from her bag and handed it to May and disappeared behind their bedroom door and out of sight. May was about to go after her but knew that she wouldn’t be able to persuade Misty to stay and when she heard the front door close, she knew that Misty was gone for good.

    She looked at the pokeball in her hand and sighed as she slowly walked out of the room and towards the kitchen. There was a small folded up piece of paper on the breakfast table. She knew that Misty must have left it for Ash, Brock and Max and she quietly read what Misty had written.

    May looked from the pokeball in her hand and back to the note and had an idea. She scribbled something on the bottom of the piece of paper and re-folded while placing LuvDisc’s pokeball next to it. Quietly, she crept back to her room so that she wouldn’t wake the boys and lay on her bunk bed – staring at the roof of the one above her and wondering if her plan would work.

    End Chapter 28

    Brian Powell
    Aurora Wish
    Queen Of Pokemon
    Rene Bellosh
    ShinyX a.k.a. Derek
    Stacee X

    Whew… well, at last this chapter has arrived and I sure hope it was worth the wait for you guys. There’s a lot to take in but hopefully it makes up for this taking so long to get up. Please read and review! ^____^ I would really, really appreciate it! *runs off to hide from everyone because of the bit that might cause people to come after me with pitchforks*

    Take care


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    YAY! I'm first to review!! SO GLAD!! ehehhe. Anyway, OMG! That was so short WS! I wanted more! ehehhe JK. That was SOOO long (50 pages for freaking sake!) but sooooo GOOD. I was on the edge of my seat at EVERY moment that occured!! I CANNOT wait for the next chapter! PLEASEEEE UPDATE SOON WS!

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    *peers round corner but doesn't see anyone with pitchforks yet*

    *jaw drops* You've read it all already!?!!??!?! Blinking heck, xspx, you're incredibly fast at reading!!! ^___^ I'm glad you enjoyed it though and let's just say that the two remaining chapters won't be anywhere near the length of this one. XD

    I'll see what I can do with the next chapter but first, I need to focus on my exams. ^___^ Thank you so much for your review!!!

    Take care


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    Whoa, that was a massive chapter, but of course, it was well worth waiting for. ^^

    First, to get bad things out of the way, I did notice some misspelt words, but they didn't ruin the chapter in any way. The grammar more than made up for that. I'd forgotten how great your writing style was because of the (well worth it) wait.

    The use of the names was really good in this one. I especially like how you used 'Brian Powell's' username for the commentator. It was hilarious. I also noticed how the personality fits Simon Cowell's with the criticism.

    Poor Ash. He just doesn't know what he is about to cause. First, he doesn't take his medicine confident that he is back to normal, before he starts getting huge pain on the field. Now, he's put his and Misty's friendship in a very tight position. I wonder what his reaction will be upon discovering that Misty has left. And I wonder what May has wrote at the bottom of that note (although I have a very big idea of what she might have wrote).

    A very good and detailed battle between Ash and Brendan. I seem to remember you saying that Brian Powell helped you with the battle scenes WS. Did he help in the final product of the chapter? Because if you did, Mr. Powell, then let me congratulate you on the good job you have done in helping Water Spirit. If both wrote the battle scenes, who was it who came up with the strategy ideas? They were pure genius. ^^

    I was on the edge of my seat when Misty went to care for Ash when he was in pain. It was very cute how she held his had and embraced him, although she had a go at him afterwards. There were also some other cute scenes for Ash and Misty as well.

    Once again, well done for how the chapter came out. It was great to read. Now, I'll be awaiting chapter 29 very patiently as I did with 28.

    Well done.
    Blazing Charmander
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    Woah... 50 pages... and 50 pages of nothing but Omfgness at that...

    My favourite part was the pokemon battle, I was biting my nails as I read it... I have never done that when reading before, WS gets the josh bites nails while reading award!

    But onto business...

    Fantastic could describe this chapter, its been worth the wait, and Im glad I was around for its premiere(sp?). Umm... I cant really say much else... see how good I am at this kind of thing... heheh... but I will say this... I cant wait for the next chapter to roll along, I never expected misty to give in to ash as badly as she did in the closing scene either, you did it perfectly though, keeping the essence of the stubborn misty we all love while giving her a really good emotional flair. well done for that, Im not sure many writers could bring such a stubborn character to turn out like that for a short part of her life.

    I loved the battle scene as aforementioned, you may not like writing them WS, but when you do write them, you do a good job of it, keeping it in line with some humour and some nasty situations helped that along greatly too.

    What else? Well, theres not much else I can say, so I'll leave you with one more note.

    I loved this chapter and I am REALLY looking forward to the next one (Which I beleive is the Penultimate chapter?)

    Also, Good Luck on your exams and all the best, if I know correctly then you should have an English literature exam this Wednesday? Good luck and all the best in that exam, and of course the rest of them.

    DMM, Josh x
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    It took me 30 minutes to read this, and I got up 30 minutes ago.
    - Lo, the man of many talents.
    Too many things....I hope I was able to follow it. o_O
    Now....let's see if I can wait for #29.

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    Wow! I have more reviews??? Yipeeee!!! Thank you so much!!! ^_____^

    BC: Hiya! Woah! You did write a detailed review! XD Aww... I'm so glad that it was worth the wait. ^__^ Yeah, I haven't actually read through the whole thing properly yet - at least not all of it together so I know that there's bound to be a good number of mistakes in there but thank you for telling me anyway. ^__^ Awww.... you like my writing style! *feels proud*

    The use of the names was really good in this one. I especially like how you used 'Brian Powell's' username for the commentator. It was hilarious. I also noticed how the personality fits Simon Cowell's with the criticism.
    Good old Brian and his sarcasm - I loved writing his character and I'm glad you liked him!

    Poor Ash. He just doesn't know what he is about to cause. First, he doesn't take his medicine, confident that he is back to normal, before he starts getting huge pain on the field. Now, he's put his and Misty's friendship in a very tight position. I wonder what his reaction will be upon discovering that Misty has left. And I wonder what May has wrote at the bottom of that note (although I have a very big idea of what she might have wrote).
    Yep - Ash has created a very difficult situation for them both and Misty is in a terrible state. Well, let's just say that Ash isn't going to be expecting what's going to hit him when he finds out. ^_^ You have an idea of what May wrote? Hmm... maybe I left the door open too much. ^_^ I'd love to hear what you think she wrote.

    A very good and detailed battle between Ash and Brendan. I seem to remember you saying that Brian Powell helped you with the battle scenes WS. Did he help in the final product of the chapter? Because if you did, Mr. Powell, then let me congratulate you on the good job you have done in helping Water Spirit. If both wrote the battle scenes, who was it who came up with the strategy ideas? They were pure genius. ^^
    Thank you very much but I'm certainly not going to take all the credit for them. ^__^ Yes, Brian did help me with the battle scenes between Ash and Brendan but he didn't know about what else was happening in the chapter. In fact, I even cut half of the off-battle scenes out so that he didn't know what was going on! XD I thought it would spoil it too much for him. I'm not very confident in writing battle scenes and I never think that any of them that I write are that good.

    Basically, what happened was I wrote the battle scenes with the strategies etc. and Brian reviewed them for me, gave me feedback and made alterations on what I wrote - he is very talented and I very much appreciated his help because I learnt a lot from him. ^___^ But the funny thing was, he didn't even see the Team Rocket battle scene, did you Brian? XD (that's why it's the worst one and it was also the first one I wrote XD).

    I was on the edge of my seat when Misty went to care for Ash when he was in pain. It was very cute how she held his had and embraced him, although she had a go at him afterwards. There were also some other cute scenes for Ash and Misty as well.

    Once again, well done for how the chapter came out. It was great to read. Now, I'll be awaiting chapter 29 very patiently as I did with 28.
    Well now, the funny thing with that bit is I was worried about making it too mushy. I couldn't just have Misty and Ash get all lovey-dovey about it, so I made it emotional but back to the reality of the anime. ^___^ (I hope) Anyway, there were a lot of things that I really liked about this chapter and obviously, there were plenty of things that I didn't. But all in all, I am incredibly glad for your positive feedback because it has really made my day. ^___^ Thank you!

    -Dragon Master Mog-: LOL! I love that! "Omfgness" XD That's a classic phrase!

    My favourite part was the pokemon battle, I was biting my nails as I read it... I have never done that when reading before, WS gets the josh bites nails while reading award!
    XD I think some of that credit has to once again go to Brian there. ^___^ He's fantastic with the battle scenes and he should be very proud. Hope your nails are ok though...

    Fantastic could describe this chapter, its been worth the wait, and Im glad I was around for its premiere(sp?). Umm... I cant really say much else... see how good I am at this kind of thing... heheh... but I will say this... I cant wait for the next chapter to roll along, I never expected misty to give in to ash as badly as she did in the closing scene either, you did it perfectly though, keeping the essence of the stubborn misty we all love while giving her a really good emotional flair. well done for that, Im not sure many writers could bring such a stubborn character to turn out like that for a short part of her life.
    Thank you very, very much for you kind words. ^___^ *hugs* They mean so much to me! Aww... the final scene is what has been bugging in my head ever since chapter 3 - I knew it had to happen and I'm so glad that you think I did it 'perfectly'. I was really worried that I'd blown it with going out of character. XD I'm sure there are plenty of writers that could do it.

    I loved the battle scene as aforementioned, you may not like writing them WS, but when you do write them, you do a good job of it, keeping it in line with some humour and some nasty situations helped that along greatly too.
    I hate them! XD LOL I really do, they are the worst part of writing this fic but with Brian's help they seem to have been pretty popular. ^___^ Thank you Brian!!!

    What else? Well, theres not much else I can say, so I'll leave you with one more note.

    I loved this chapter and I am REALLY looking forward to the next one (Which I beleive is the Penultimate chapter?)
    Thank you. ^___^ Nope, there will be chapter 29 and chapter 30 left now. ^___^ Two more to go...

    Also, Good Luck on your exams and all the best, if I know correctly then you should have an English literature exam this Wednesday? Good luck and all the best in that exam, and of course the rest of them.
    O_O How the heck did you know that?!?!? Oh yeah, you're doing yours too! XD Duh! Yes, I do have it this Wednesday and I really hope it all goes well - I'm actually really nervous about it. :/ The same to you too - good luck in all of your exams. ^__^ BTW, how's your ICT revision going? XD Thanks for your review!

    DragonMaster: XD Aww... you didn't have to read it as soon as you got up! So I take it you liked the chapter?

    OK, I'm off to do some more last minute revising before tomorrow.

    Take care everyone and please keep reviewing! ^___^



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    That was basically 3 chapters! and took over an hour to read! so much for my revision for maths tomorrow! cool chap, couple to spelling mistakes, like writing Root instead of Route but no biggie

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    DragonMaster: XD Aww... you didn't have to read it as soon as you got up! So I take it you liked the chapter?
    Well, when I signed on, I got your PM, so....yeah.
    I loved the chapter(s)! I'll try to be as patient as possible with chapter 29!

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    I'm afraid you're going to have to wait for a few hours before I can actually speak. At the moment, I am too consumed with awe to say anything about your story.





    ...oh, well. Close enough. ^^

    Your story of realization of your talents was interesting...I was almost like that in math for awhile...then I started caring less about being first in math competitions as I had run out of them.

    *embarrassed by waffle* That sounded practically vebatim from some friendship-centered anime, like Yuugiou or something. Odd.
    gladdecease, it doesn't matter about what other people do, it's how you make improvements for yourself. That's what I learnt the hard way. You are incredibly talented and if you don't think essays are your preference then that's absolutely fine! You have so many talents in other areas. We all have our strengths and weaknesses but we've just got to remember to make the best of it for ourselves despite what the person next door is doing. ^_^
    *sniff* Heartwarming, that was. You're always so positive about everyone else's talents, yet you seem to doubt your own so much, undermining them and belittling them whenever possible, and accepting compliments with grace and humility. It's like you're a Honda Tohru for SPPf!

    Once again, you are far too kind. I mean, if the entire world got together and voted, declaring me talented or something, I might believe it. Legendary is too much, even if all people of the world thought so. Maybe I brought a point or two into the open for discussion somewhere, but I'm nothing special.

    Now, onto reviewing...

    The battles were ingenius, Brian was hilarious, and Max idolizing him makes Max almost seem like a Brock; wanting to be just like Brian with all the fangirls screaming and shouting and clinging to him. ^_^

    Misty's concern seemed real enough to me, and the answers Misty and Brendon would have for May was mysterious through the chapter. Ash acted a bit dense about taking care of himself, though he did a good job of taking care of the dehydrated crowd and Misty. May's automatic discovery of Team Rocket through their disguises was completely un-anime-like, but in the best possible way; someone's gotta have enough of a brain in their head to recognize those three for the Rockets they are eventually. Poor Misty; the sacrificial daydream seems frightening, and being surrounded by Carvahna when snapping out of it would make the daydream a daymare, if you ask me. It was cute how she cried out for Ash, not even knowing if he was in the area.

    Issues of trust were constant through the chapter, as they have been since much earlier. Max is much more observant than he lets on, no? I figured he wasn't that dense...Hoorah for Brock and Carrie. I have a feeling something awful will happen because of May's interference with Misty's decision, but it will turn out better soon enough. At least, so I hope.

    Grammatical and spelling errors were minimal, though some added slight confusion to the chapter. Using "Though" instead of what may have been "The" when Brock spoke of the double battle ahead, as well as forgetting the word "not" when Brock was talking about Ash and Misty's incredibly powerful trust of each other were the main confusion points caused by the misspelling. Otherwise, excellent job this chapter.

    I am now eager to read more! I suppose I will have to wait a time for this story's climax [though it seems rather short to end the story just as it reaches the climax; makes for a short exposition, no?]. Anyway, I will wait as long as necessary to read this story to the end! Ja!
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    ehhehe...naw I didnt read it that fast. I had over 30 minutes but I really am a slow reader. It would normally taken me over an hour or two to finish it if I REALLY read it carefully cause I usually go back and read the parts I liked over and over again before moving it would usually take a long time. However, this time I was really anxious and so I skimmed through and read the REALLY good parts and then reviewed before going back and reading it once again carefully. Anyway, I hope you do well on your exams and dont worry....I'll wait till you update with chapter 29. I dont want to rush you through it cause then it would be over quicker and then I would be truely disappointed. So, I wish you the best of luck on your exams and I'll wait (probably not patiently but all works).

    I agree with everyone about the battle scene. It was amazing. Great job WS and Brian! I also cant wait till the next chapter so I can see Ash's reaction and find out what this "plan" of May's is.

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    That chapter was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! it pains me when you leave us with cliffhangers at the end :P Can't wait for the next chapter

    BOO @ Exams!!!!! *burns all exam papers*

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