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Thread: Misty's day with Ash alone. (Pokeshipping) PG-14

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    Post Misty's day with Ash alone. (Pokeshipping) PG-14

    i'm try my best i hope this will be good this time okay, so i hope you enjoy this fic.
    Chapter 1.
    At Pallet town it was morning Deila is up cooking some breakfast for our heros,
    but wait where is Ash and now he is asleep and is having a Dream about something. looking into the Dream as we see Ash standing there doing nothing
    and waiting for what.
    some dark figuter appears out of nowhere a girl and ash doesn't know who it is.

    A voice Call his name: Ash! Asssssssshhhhhhhhh! AAAAAssssssssssshhhhhhh!
    Ash: who's that yelling my name you'll wake up Wesley(his older who is marry) he'll be mad and who is it Misty or May or even My mom or what who
    is It?

    Deila(Ash's & Wesley's Mom)with a angery look on her face) AAAAAsssssshhhh! get up it's 9:25 so honey please because i have to go somewhere for awhile.

    Ash was aweaked up by his mother & Wesley was as well.
    Wesley: Every signle morning i have to hear this!, so mom where are you going today?

    Ash: yeah mom.

    Deila: well Wesley you have to come with and this place is between here And hound town.

    Ashhe laughs off) Hound town, hehehaahahahha!
    Wesley: unnn, what is hound town.

    Ash keep on laughing about it.

    Deila:hound town- she was about what hound town was she look at ash and say.

    Deila: Ash don't you think this will funing but hound town is about All audits do is well audit stuff okay.

    Ash: Hey mom what time do you and Wesley leave?

    Deila: 1:35 why Ash.

    Ash: just wondering mom.
    Deila: well okay why what's wrong honey.

    Ash: well I jsut need to talk to you it important it's a starge dream i had while i ketp sleeping i saw.
    ash stop right when he that what he saw in his dream to tell his mom, so he
    said to his mother.

    Ash: i saw Misty she was in my dream and she was telling me something okay.

    Deila: Ash did she hmmmmmmmmmm?
    Ash: no just kidding never but lucky it was a dream mom so there no point of argue about it so okay that was clear up.

    Wesley: hmmmm, Ash & Misty sitting in a tree kissing.
    he was teasing Ash about that but he got ****** off all about it so he hit him
    in the face hard, but that didn't work on him so got hit back he said.

    Wesley: thats what you get for to picking a fight with me, Ash so there you boy don't fight like that dude so let's eat breakfast so we could go, hey mom what did you cook this time i hope it's good this time.

    Deila: umm, well some eggs, waffeles, pancakes, bacon, and more.
    Wesley: okay come on Ash let's go eat, last has to work out for a 2 year
    thing okay.

    Ash: okay you're on Wes.
    Wesley & Ash: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 go!
    they race down the stairs until Ash & Wesley stops and sees Misty and she

    Misty: hi Ash what are you and Wesley doing race to get breakfast hmmmmm.

    Ash: yeah why, oh by the way you look beautiful today Misty will you do Training with me please after breakfast.

    Misty: why thank you Ash you're always sweet to me and i will do Training with you okay. once after Breakfast was over Ash and Misty start to do Training.

    Ash: actally misty where go to work out so i'll be you're sopter Misty okay.
    Misty: okay are you sure about this Ash i think is be a good work out between me and you Ash.

    Ash & misty started to lift Wieghts and doing reps.
    they have been working out for until it was 1:25 so they Training Ash was looking at Misty with a look while she is still sweating with sorts yellow sorts and red t-shrit on her so Ash ask misty something.

    Ash: hi, Misty my mom And Wesley are leaveing in ten minutes so what do you want to do hmmm?
    Misty: i don't know either Ash you what let's take a nap together please.
    Ash: where at?
    Misty: in you're room okay Ash so.
    Ash: Okay after My mom And Wesley Leaves alright then Misty.
    Misty: Okay i just wanta tell you that okay.
    Ash: Why?
    Misty: Because Ash It's none of you,re bussiness it's very very sceret well okay alright.

    Ash: Well Alright keep you're scerets then Misty at fine!
    Mistyshe laughs at him) oh Ash you're so cute all the time hahahaha. she blished. so did Ash as well from hearing that because Ash has a feeling about
    Misty thinking of him so Ash walk up to and got close to the face and Ash's mom And Wesley walk out the Door Ash back up from Misty and didn't realise Ash doing to her.

    Deila: okay Ash & Misty me and wesley are going right now so be good you two okay be back Tomrrow bye here a Kiss.
    Wesley: like mom says be good you guys alright.
    Ash& misty: okay we will.

    To be conuited................

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    0o You posted it twice? What? *closes*
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