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    I thought I'd try my writing hand at this. This is my first Pokemon/shipping fic ever, so please be gentle. For these of you who don't know, Palletshipping is the relationship between Ash and Gary. This story is rated R, and although it's not evident yet, I know it will be.



    This takes place after the Battle Frontier Saga. All the Pokemon championships and challenges, besides gyms, are temporarily halted. This is because even though there are 386 Pokemon known, only 203 have been properly researched. Exploration and other similar issues are forbidden by the government until all 386 have been properly studied. This would prevent an overwhelming amount of new Pokemon being discovered and being used by people with unsavoury intentions. Knowing every detail of the current Pokemon would help neutralize such threats.

    Investigating Pokemon means that they must be captured, of course. And the ones notoriously difficult to contain in a Pokeball are the Legendary Pokemon. A Hoothoot and a Ho-oh could not be captured by the same person. A new breed of trainers are needed.

    This is how Ash and Gary got to be employed as Investigative Capturers.

    Chapter 1: Some Things Never Change

    Indigo League. Orange League. Whirl Cup. Johto Silver Convention. Hoenn Championship. Kanto Battle Frontier. 36 badges. Countless battles. One dream.

    Ash stopped at the sign on the side of the road. Pallet Town. His humble beginnings, his home. He smiled. It had indeed been a while. He knew he would have to leave again soon on his new quest, but he planned to make every second count.

    “Ash! You’re home!“ Delia, his mother, ran out with Mr. Mime onto the porch. Ash ran up the walk and into her arms. Nearly as tall as her, he was able to hold her in a large hug. When they broke apart she let him in the house. He stopped on the doormat and breathed in.

    “Ah, yes. My favourite foods. You’re been busy as always, ma.“

    “Only for my son. Come on, your friends are in the living room with Professor Oak.“

    They entered the comfy room where Tracey, Misty, Brock, and the Pokemon Professor were seated. The first three were on the long couch while Oak was seated in a small chair. Misty jumped up and embraced Ash.

    “It’s been so long! How have you been doing?“

    Brock and Tracey acknowledged him with cheerful nods, while Ash bowed to Oak.

    “Great to see you all.“ Ash hesitated. “I thought Gary would be here…“

    Everybody chuckled and Oak said, “He’s running a bit late. Apparently the lab he works at just captured a wild Metagross. You know how rare they are wild, so he had to make the initial report immediately.“

    “All right, then. How’s everybody been?“ Ash fell onto the lone armchair and listened contently as Brock explained excitedly how he had opened his first breeding centre. What was so unique about it was that the public could bring their Pokemon to mate with others and hatch Pokemon that suited their needs. Only a few days ago had he hatched an unusually-coloured Trapinch.

    “I think it may be a genetic thing with Pokemon, similar to albino humans. It may be the same with your Noctowl, remember him? I was hoping you’d let me borrow him for some research. We will take the best care of him, of course.“ The ex-gym leader looked at Ash expectantly and was apparently delighted when Ash agreed.

    The rest had little to report about their day-to-day lives without Ash, but they listened eagerly as he told them how he wandered into an odd land with many Pokemon he knew for certain were unrecorded in Kanto, Johto, or Hoenn.

    “The people there called it Shinou. Funny thing is, right after I met the first real government authority there, I got a call from the Kanto government asking me to return, since they had an assignment for me.“

    “Must be coincidence. But, Ash, it’s so cool how you’re going to track and catch Legendary Pokemon!“ Tracey commented. “I really hope I get the chance to draw them.“

    “You will, if I know you,“ Oak laughed. The rest joined in and the cheery atmosphere was broken when there was a knock at the door. Delia jumped up and exclaimed,

    “Oh, I hope that‘s who I think it is! I’ll be right back, everybody.“ She disappeared into the hallway, then swiftly reappeared with a tall, young man. Everybody gasped in delight,


    Loudest was Ash, however, and he bounded across the room. Gary caught the lively individual in his arms and brought him close. The two adults smiled fondly while Brock and Tracey grinned, and Misty sighed. She remembered the day when she had asked Ash out, only to be stunned by the answer.

    After several moments they came apart and crossed the room to sit in the armchair - Ash sitting sideways on Gary‘s lap. Mr. Mime brought some tea. It was quiet as all sipped the fine brew, and Oak looked at Gary.

    “How’s your research coming?“

    “It’s quite hectic, I’m afraid,“ Gary nodded seriously. “With the orders to capture and investigate every species of Pokemon, it’s been a flurry of work. I only got here because I’m a Investigative Capturer, so the government decided it would only make sense to partner me with Ash.”

    “Of course,” Brock chuckled. Ash smiled sheepishly, but then Misty suddenly gasped loudly.

    “Oh dear, did you burn your tongue?“ Delia asked concernedly. Misty only shook her head and pointed at Ash’s shoulder. It took a moment, but everybody realized at the same time, and a collective gasp filled the room. Ash rose his hand reassuringly.

    “Pikachu is fine. He’s with Team Rocket --“ Tracey spit out his tea, but Ask ignored it as the miming Pokemon set about frantically scrubbing the rug. “-- They came to me asking if I would lend Pikachu to Team Rocket for a special operation. You all know that the group has turned good and Jessie and James didn’t know it for a while. They needed Pikachu to charge a special battery that will power several towns in southern Johto. It’ll allow access to water, electricity, and heat for thousands. Plus, they’re paying me a lot and we all know that if they try anything Pikachu will give them a good Thunder and get out of there.”

    “Well, if you think it’s all right…” Brock said doubtfully.

    “I know it’s all right, “ Ash frowned. “He will return in two days, and they know if I don’t see him by then, I can bring Team Rocket crashing down.”

    “Let’s hope he gets home safely. It is quite a distance.” Oak set down his cup. “How about a little trip to my lab? I’m sure your Pokemon will be delighted to see you.”

    “That sounds good. Supper won’t be ready for a while, so you have at least a hour. I‘ll have to stay and help Mr. Mime, though,” Delia said. The rest approved the idea and left.

    Outside, Ash released his Ivysaur, Charizard, and Wartortle. They travelled with the group and when they arrived at the lab, the Pokemon headed into the giant holding area. Ash greeted his motley crew, getting smothered by Muk, tacked by his affectionate Bayleef, and mobbed by his wild Tauros. Gary greeted his Pokemon similarly, though they were slightly more well-behaved. His Blastoise dove into the pool along with Ash’s Kingler.

    “I think I’ll take a little walk. Anybody want to come?” Ash looked at the group. After a moment Gary stepped forward and was followed by an ever-clueless Tracey. Misty smoothly stepped on his toe, making him trip.

    The two left into the trees, glad to be alone for a while. Neither spoke as they walked amongst the flora. The Pokemon seemed to understand and whenever one came into sight, it stole away into the underbrush.

    Ash’s heart fluttered. He had been so busy with Pokemon, he had nearly forgotten his true passion in life. The thing that kept him fighting, helped him win his battles, and brought him to the top. He never realized somebody could be as happy as he was right then.

    It was Gary who spoke first. He sighed,

    “ It’s been too long.”

    “I agree,” Ash nodded slowly. Then they stopped and held each other close. “I’m so sorry about what happened to Umbreon.”

    “It was a foolish mistake,” Gary squeezed his eyes shut as he rubbed Ash’s back.

    “At least you have your other Pokemon,” Ash said, inhaling the sweet scent of Gary’s neck. “It won’t be the same, I know…”

    “ Enough of this depressing chatter,” Gary said, half-sternly, half-jesting. “We’ve got a lot to do in a couple of days. That‘s when things will begin to get serious.“ They kissed lightly before returning to the verdant field by Oak’s lab.

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    Interesting story and good plot. Ash is obviously older but not quite the adult yet (or is he). Does May or Max play a part? Dpesn't matter if they do. I would've preferred if Gary and Ash had a crush on each other and then as the story progressed, they u know. Make love. *shot

    I like your story. I didn't really take much notice of grammar or spelling but i don't think its a problem. One bad thing though:it was a bit short but it was just the first chapter, so don't worry.

    Thanks to Aurora Wish for making this card- totally awesome.

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    Thanks very much for the comment! May and Max will come later in the story, but not as you know them. Don't worry, Ash and Gary will get to that point soon, enough, and I'll include flashbacks shortly. In the meantime, here's Chapter 2!

    Chapter 2: Preparations

    The package arrived the next day. Ash brought it to Oak’s lab where everybody was staying, and found that Gary had received his as well. They both opened the fortified cardboard boxes at the same time., eager to find out what sort of gear they would be using.

    “Awesome! A Capture Styler!” Ash held up the gadget for all to admire, then fitted it onto his arm.

    “Coupons for unlimited Pokeballs, too,” Gary commented as he ripped off one of the tickets.

    “Yeah, capturing a legendary Pokemon will probably exhaust your supply in no time,” Brock said. “I hear Ultra Balls and Timer Balls are recommended.”

    The rest of the gear included a small projectile launcher that shot a chemical at the Pokemon, allowing it to be tracked for days; a set of climbing gear; specialized goggles that allowed one to see through trees and rocks while being aware that they were there; and a small glass canister that trapped the Pokeballs containing legendary Pokemon so they couldn’t break out, and deactivated the automatic transport to Oak’s lab.

    “Looks like you’re all set for catching some tough Pokemon!” Misty laughed.

    “We just have to wait for Pikachu,” Tracey added.

    “How about you two go choose your new team?” Oak suggested. The two young Investigative Capturers agreed and headed toward the back.

    Outside, they stood in front of their own Pokemon. The field stretched out before them, with a vast, sparkling lake to the left and a dense forest ahead and to the right. The early afternoon sun peeked from behind some clouds.

    “We’ll need a variety of elements to back us up,” Gary noted, “As well as some Pokemon with good endurance and weakening attacks.”

    It took nearly half a hour of deep thought since both trainers had to be extremely careful not to call out a Pokemon’s name and then have to reject it later. As time drew on more Pokemon gathered to watch the apparently important event. Even a rare captured Entei settled down by the lone tree on the lakeside, closely observing the two humans.

    Finally Gary called out, “Eevee, Blastoise, Seviper, Breloom, Altaria, and Typhlosion.” Six unique cheers rang out and were joined in by the rest. The appropriate Pokemon leapt forward eagerly, and Gary held out his Pokeballs to them. After the red flashes faded, Ash nodded approvingly and commanded,

    “Snorlax, Bayleef, Grumpig, Crawdaunt, and Scizor. Come on!” They leapt forward and were also swallowed by his Pokeballs. “Just Pikachu left. Then we can go.”

    The rest of the day they spent experimenting with their Capture Stylers. They were able to temporarily control various Pokemon and execute tasks with them - a very valuable ability in the upcoming challenges. As the sun set Ash and Gary went to a secluded bench on a small hill. Gary sat while Ash laid on the bench and rested his head on Gary’s lap. Ash took this opportunity to have a good look at the face he had missed for nearly a year. Gary’s hair was its usual bronze-red colour, but cut slightly shorter. He also wore trendy rectangular spectacles, a new feature which Ash found suiting to Gary’s new aspiration.

    “You excited for our new journey?” Gary asked as he ran his hand through Ash’s hair. Ash shrugged.

    “I guess so. It’s a great honour, to catch legendaries. But it’ll probably be the hardest thing we’ve ever tried. We might never complete this goal.”

    “Hey, don’t talk like that. We’re an unbeatable team, and you know that,” Gary laughed. Ash rolled his eyes. For a while they discussed their knowledge of their Pokemon team, and made up scenarios for each other to figure out. After some time Gary suddenly silenced Ash with a kiss.

    “You think we should celebrate this with something special?” He whispered playfully. Ash smiled, but shook his head.

    “No, not yet…I don’t think it’s the right time.”

    Gary was silent for a moment, then nodded. He would respect his love’s wishes. After some silence they got up and headed home for a satisfying, but lonely, sleep.


    The next day began with Pikachu’s return. He came bounding through the kitchen window, giving Delia a bad fright, and leapt into Ash’s bed where he nuzzled against his master’s face. Ash woke with a joyous shout and promptly received a friendly Thundershock.

    “It’s great to see you! How’d everything go? Fine?”

    Pikachu nodded and made a positive noise. Ash quickly got dressed and ran to the Pokemon Lab where Gary, Tracey, and Oak were waiting. The others had left the night before.

    “Good to see you, Pikachu,” Tracey welcomed Pikachu into his arms. The electric mouse then leapt into Gary’s arm and settled there. Every since Ash and Gary had gotten together, Pikachu had somewhat taken over Umbreon’s role as his favourite Pokemon, a great comfort to the still-devastated trainer.

    “Today’s the day, boys,” Oak proclaimed. “I have instructions from Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn authorities on what exactly your mission is.”

    Gary rested his head on Ash’s since he was a whole head taller, and clasped his hands in front of the shorter one. Despite their cuddling, they were very serious. Practically nobody got this sort of chance. Oak took a deep breath and began reciting a memorized passage.

    “You, Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak, have been selected as Investigative Capturers, a customized rank designed only for the very best of trainers. Your roles will serve a vital part in the completion of our joint objective, to compile a complete archive containing detailed information on the aspects of each Pokemon known.
    ‘The Pokemon you must catch are as follows: Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-oh, Celebi, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Jirachi, and Deoxys. Ten legendary Pokemon all together. Each will be extremely difficult to locate, weaken, and capture. It is guaranteed that you will have to make several attempts on each Pokemon before you have a chance of throwing a Pokeball at it.
    ‘This is a very dangerous task as well. It is very likely, given the documented strength and violence of these Pokemon, that you may suffer injuries and possibly death. You may back out of this mission at any time and will be paid for any Pokemon you may have captured, even if it isn’t a legendary.
    ‘There are few, if any, leads on the whereabouts of these Pokemon. Visiting these locations are recommended: Ilex Forest, Ecruteak Town, Mount Pyre, and Sootopolis. There is no need to head directly to these towns and cities - it would be best to wander and cover as much territory as you can.
    ‘Remember, this is purely voluntary, and no political or personal grudge will be held against you in the event of your resignation. Go with our confidence and make history.”

    There was a moment of silence as the two beginner Investigative Capturers digested the information.

    “Wow,” Tracey remarked, “You’ve sure got a lot of responsibility.”

    “Well, everything’s packed,” Gary said. “If you’re ready, Ash, we might as well go now.”

    “I don’t see why not,” Ash shrugged. “I’m already itching to have some adventure. Let’s go to my house and leave from there.”

    Both bid farewell to the Professor and Tracey, and set off along the gravel path.

    “I think I know where we’ll be going first,” Ash winked. Gary tilted his head in thought, then realized. Ash grinned, “We’re gonna be saying hello to an old friend.”

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    That is a great Pokemon/shipping fic! If you don't know Takuta-Nui this is your cousin Danny and i finally became a member.=D
    I have seen many of your other writing pieces and expect many more like this!

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    Thanks for the comment. Good to have you on Serebii! Here's the third chapter as well.

    Chapter 3: The Philosopher

    Sea spray washed over Ash as he leaned on the railing. His pack was below deck along with his equipment, and Pikachu was with Gary. Officer Jenny was steering the small boat over some large swells. It was surprising how easy it was to get access to places like this, but having an Investigative Capturer badge helped.

    “How much further to New Island?” Ash called.

    “Just a few minutes. You can see it now,” the blue-clad woman answered. Ash darted to the stern and squinted. Yes, it was there - a tiny lump of land with a tower atop. Giant fans rotated slowly. Ash jumped in delight and shouted toward the open pothole.

    “Hey, Gary! We’re almost there!”

    Pikachu bounded out with Gary close behind. The Pokemon leapt onto Ash’s head while Gary followed Ash’s finger. He whooped and exclaimed,

    “We’re actually doing it! Almost one down and nine to go.” Then he hesitated. “You’re sure Mewtwo will go along with this? I can’t say I got the impression of him being cooperative when you told me about him. Seemed downright against humans, you know.”

    “Oh, no,” Ash soothed. “I’ve communicated with him over the years, and he’s really calmed down. He’s very peaceful, and he always hopes I’ll visit. That hope will be apparently fulfilled now. But, you know how he is with laboratories, so I wonder if you could send a letter along with him explaining that to your colleagues?”

    “Of course. There’s an emergency door that leads to a small field. He can stay there while equipment is transported back and forth.”

    “Good. I don’t think we have to worry about anything.”

    Several minutes later they stood on the buoyant dock.

    “Try not to be too long. It’s never a good idea to sail in these waters overnight,” Jenny cautioned. The Investigative Capturers nodded and began the long ascend. The stairs carved into the cliff were thin lengthwise and tall, and it wasn’t helped by the damp moss. A surprisingly difficult fifteen minutes later they arrived at the giant front doors. Above, a gigantic propeller fanned them lightly.

    Ash hardly hesitated before knocking. Immediately the doors swung inward, and a warm glow met them. As they stepped inside, they could see it had changed little. The empty feast table was to the side, and several wall fountains still gurgled. Most impressively of all was the spiral slide leading up so high one had to crane their heads to see it - a large hole in the ceiling. The entire chamber was silent, but both jumped as a voice penetrated their minds.

    “Welcome, friend, welcome.”

    A familiar figure descended from the hole and approached. It was larger than even Gary. Its light mauve skin was smooth, interrupted by the deeply-set face and twin ridges on the head. A dark purple abdomen extended to its back where a long tail ended in a bulbous tip. The strange, almost majestic Pokemon bowed deeply, then fixed its gaze on both humans.

    “I have greatly anticipated you, Ash, my saviour. From the depths of darkness and corruption you brought me into a plane of enlightenment, and I have been eternally grateful. Your friend is also welcome, and I hope very much he is most comfortable.”

    “Thank you, Mewtwo,” Gary smiled. “I’m quite fine, thank you.”

    “I’m afraid we cannot stay very long--” Ash began, but Mewtwo interrupted him. He constantly gestured with his arms and odd, three-knobbed hands.

    “It is indeed regrettable that you feel you are under stress of schedule, but I feel I must insist you stay for a comfortable while - I am most curious about the outside world, and though the surrounding inhabitants have been kind enough to not disturb me, they have not come to understand that I am just as sentient, perhaps more sentient, and thusly subject to emotion. Most prominent being loneliness, I feel I must beseech thee to stay and keep me company for the night, and allow me to share my thoughts with yours. Do you accept this offer of hospitality?”

    He ended with his pseudo-hands clasped together. At the words “beseech thee” Ash and Gary had stole glances at each other, but both nodded.

    “But,” Ash said apologetically, “There is a boat by the dock with a woman. She would have to stay here as well.”

    “Any acquaintance of Ash’s is a friend of mine, if they so accept that bond.” Mewtwo turned and raised his hands. His body began to glow with a blue psychic energy. The far wall spun into nothing, revealing the evening sky, and a boat held aloft by the same aura. Jenny was by it looking very alarmed, but when she saw Ash and Gary unharmed, she calmed down. The sea vehicle settled onto the roomy floor and the officer joined the group.

    “Mewtwo,” she smiled. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

    “Be it negative or positive, the fact that my presence is common knowledge bolds my plans to join the outside civilization as an equal. Please, if you shall, let us enjoy a repast, and my curiosity is piqued by the reason for your visit. Do not fear, for I have no qualms about providing my services to Ash and company. Come and be seated.”

    The psychic Pokemon turned and waved his hands. Dust flew off the table and the chairs readjusted themselves. A smorgasbord of light finger food presented themselves, and Ash clapped delightedly. Mewtwo seated his guests with much ceremony and insisted that they satisfy themselves before speaking. A variety of warm drinks appeared as well, a remedy for the ‘bitter, but necessary weather’, as he put it.

    After several moments of eating, Mewtwo spoke again.

    “Now that we have satisfied our bodies, it is time to attend to our minds. What is it you need of me?”

    Ash explained their mission as Investigative Capturers, careful not to make it sound like a massive round-up of Pokemon, but more of a pursuit of knowledge. Mewtwo listened carefully, yet when Ash finished, he spoke sharply.

    “You dare? Do you not understand the sacredness of legendary Pokemon? They are a class above the rest, and to imprison them in a Pokeball would be the ultimate insult. I will not stop you from fulfilling your orders, but I must implore that you do not attempt to capture any of the Pokemon you are required to. They are just as intelligent as any present at this table, and can be reasoned with. To track and approach a legendary Pokemon would be a test, and they would be convinced of your worthiness. In the possibility that they may still flee, I will present you with the seal of Pok’Ma.”

    “Pika!” The yellow rodent on Ash’s shoulder seemed to recognize the name, but Gary frowned.

    “The Seal of Pok’Ma? I’ve heard of no such thing.”

    “Pok’Ma is the Pokemon God.”

    A stunned silence followed. Then Officer Jenny spoke weakly,

    “You mean there is a God of Pokemon? But I thought that was Mew…”

    “Mew is Pok’Ma’s lowly servant. Pok’Ma is the centre, the ruler, the source of all Pokemon. Pok’Ma is male and female and neither, all colours and none. Pok’Ma is everlasting, yet finite, an enigma and a fact. Pok’Ma is the beginning and the end of all Pokemon.”

    There was another silence. Ash was not too bothered, though, and said that they would happily accept Pok’Ma’s seal.

    “The deed is done,” Mewtwo declared. “Your souls are now branded with the blessing of Pok’Ma, and any Pokemon in the world will now trust you.”

    “Thanks for that,” Gary said. “It’s getting late, so I guess we better get to bed. Where will we sleep?”

    Mewtwo stood and guided the trio through a short passageway to two rooms.

    “I suspect it would only be proper for Jenny to sleep separately from Ash and Gary.”

    “I suppose so,” Jenny giggled. She bade the others good night and closed the door behind her.

    “If you have any need to be fulfilled, simply call me with your thoughts. I will be present immediately.”

    “Thanks, Mewtwo,” Ash bowed. “And good night.”

    Inside the dark, candle-lit room, Gary took several minutes to write the note Mewtwo would carry, then slid into bed with Ash and blew out the candlestick. A few moments passed before Gary rolled on top of Ash.

    “What do you think? Shall we?” He peered coyly at Ash. The teen could feel the bulge in Gary’s underwear, and understood how much he wanted this to happen. As a matter of fact, Ash did want it to happen too. But what if he said no? He didn’t want to think of the possible consequences.

    Ash quickly covered up his concern with a playful grin and reached down, sliding off Gary’s underwear. Gary did the same to Ash and they enveloped each other in passionate kisses, tongues dancing over lips. Pikachu simply lay beside them. Ash’s experiences were his own, thus he had a right be present.

    Gary disappeared under the sheets, and a moment later Ash moaned. How could anything feel this good?

    After a couple of minutes Gary rose and pushed his thighs toward Ash’s face. He did not resist, and once both were satisfied, they began touching and kissing again. When they rolled onto the floor with a thump, Gary gently rolled Ash onto his stomach and leaned in. Pain was soon replaced by pleasure. When Gary finished, he submitted to Ash, and afterwards, sticky with sweat, they cuddled under a light sheet on the rumpled bed.

    “I love you, Ash…” Gary murmured as he closed his eyes.

    “I love you too, Gary.”

    Together they slept.

    Storyline Notes: In my timeline Mewtwo remained on New Island and did not wipe their minds. Gary was also present. They were not together then.

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    Hey, this is a very good fic so far! The Palletshipping moments are awesome, and the storyline itself is very cool. I can't wait to see where you go with this! Great job!

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    I won't be able to continue this story, since I have barely had enough time to start chapter four. I'm not quite satisfied with this fic, either, so I shan't be continuing. Sorry for the disappointment. I may post one-shots, though.

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    oh no..thts a shame, i thought this fic was comin on pretty well.

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